Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by Mr.H on Wed Jan 27, 2016 12:25 am

Locust Horde

The Locust had all but a few escaped the crashing of the fortress, as the Reaver to which Karen dangled by a giant chain from, along with all the others, flew down into a giant sinkhole, probable big enough to fit an entire subway train without making it curve. on another Reaver, with even more chains, was RoboCop. he had tried to stop crime, but in the end, crime stopped him.

A single locust stood up in the Fortress. "What is Nnn, smart man?" asked the incompetent drone. For once, a locust had a thought, and to the drone, it was glorious.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Wed Jan 27, 2016 3:26 am


"Si, senorita," Explozevo said, grinning while relaxidly holding up a thumbs up. "I've had more than my fair share of sneaky missions. So what's this plan that will lead to the big ka-boom?"

"I say we go in guns blazing!" exclaimed Codsworth, raising an arm as he spoke. The DodoRex roared happily to that.

"Robin said that we're gonna get in one of those ships, then as they fly to the Death Star, we'll get in there and beat em' up! I think.. Well, I guess we're actually staying stealthy. I'll get in my silent mode then." Vault Boy replied to Explozevo, before his color suddenly turned into black and white, like those old cartoons in the 50's. He can't talk in that, nor can he really make noise..

Robin shook her head. "No, no, no. We get ourselves captured, then beat the stuffing out of them, then we fly it to one of the larger ships (but not the Death Star just yet), then steal the schematics of the Death Star from them. If we can, we will also commandeer one of the larger ships, and perhaps get a fleet of our own going. After all, tactics can only get you so far against extremely advanced technology and numbers. After we get the schematics, I'll draw up a sub-plan based on those, and then we make the big thing go ka-boom."

"Woah amigo! Are you part chameleon or something," Explozevo said with a smile, moving around Vault Boy to look at him. Explozevo had to admit, this was pretty cool.

Vault Boy attempted to speak, woops, he forgot that he couldn't speak. There was no sound simply, uuuhhhmmm.. Apparently he forgot how to return back to normal..

"Do you know sign language?" Explozevo asked, with a somewhat concerned look on his face. This was the only time in his life he was glad he used to work with a deaf scientist.

Vault Boy responded with a side to side shake with his head. which means "no".

Explozevo quickly went through the sign language alphabet with Vault Boy before signing with his hands, "D-O Y-O-U U-N-D-E-R-S-T-A-N-D"

He replied with "Y-E-S" with his hands, that's good to know. Now he just needs to find a way to get back to normal.. Woopsie doopsie.

Now Explozevo could ask his important question. The most important one that would ever be uttered from a man's mouth... "A-R-E Y-O-U P-A-R-T C-H-A-M-E-L-E-O-N"

Vault Boy then signed out and giggled "N-O I T-H-I-N-K I-T W-A-S A-L-W-A-Y-S P-A-R-T O-F B-E-I-N-G A C-A-R-T-O-O-N"

That was when Explozevo realized he himself did not need to use sign language, only Vault Boy did. "I forgot amigo... You can still hear me." He did not feel like a very smart Mexican at that moment.

Suddenly, Mettaton just busted into the scene. "WHY IS IT SO QUIET AROUND HERE? IS SOMETHING WRONG?" Mettaton shouted. His voice was so loud, everyone could hear it very clearly.

"Our amigo here is part chamele- I mean. Part cartoon? And he forgot how to talk," Explozevo said, scratching the back of his head before coming up with an idea, "Wait! amigo I got it!"

Vault Boy facepalmed, it was too hard to explain in sign language before nodding about what Explozevo said.

"If you're a cartoon, amigo, then all we need to do is color you with some paint or something!" Explozevo said, finding no flaw in this plan.

P-Paint?..Doesn't that..Break the fourth wall for me?.. Vault Boy thought, worrying about what would happen if he did actually manage to find paint.

"I bet one of our loco amigos has some paint.. H-HEY! AMIGO!" Explozevo shouted to a militiaman, who stopped and ran over to his idol.

"Yes sir!?" said the excited individual, who had a rotted possum taped to his left forearm.

"Do you know where we can get some paint?" asked Explozevo. "Our cartoon amigo here needs it."

"O-Of course! Just head over to the hoopdie van over there!" replied the man, pointing over to a van that was obviously inhabited by hippies.

Explozevo suddenly got a disgusted look on his face, glaring at the van through his goggles as he muttered, "Hippies..."


"Ehhhhhh, maybe we don't need the paint," Explozevo said, turning around to face Vault Boy while letting out a nervous laugh, "I mean c'mon! Talking is overrated anyway, right Vault Chico?"

Apparently, Vault Boy was missing, again. "I THINK HE JUST POOFED OUT OF EXISTANCE, I DON'T KNOW WHERE HE WENT." Mettaton muttered.


"But... Hippies," Explozevo retorted to himself, looking at the van with a worried glance.

Turns out, Vault Boy was inside the van with hippies.. Maybe he was trying to hide?

"Sheeeeeeit, duuuuuuude," said a hippie, very slowly pointing at Vault Boy, drawing... the... slow... attention... from.. the... other.... hippies...

"Wooooah, maaaaaan," said... another... hippie...

Then, Vault Boy just broke out of the window. And he was perfectly fine, but he was faceplanted on the ground. "WAS IT FUN, VAULT BOY?" Mettaton asked, not bothering about the situation.

Explozevo saw this, and knew what he must do. He mustered up his courage and and mached towards the van. He would do this. He must save Vault Chico! No matter how horrible hippies were!

Explozevo busted down the door to the van, despite it being a sliding door. Right away his nostrils were attacked by the smell of burning organics for vibes or whatever else it was.

Robin pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head. "Good grief," she muttered.

"Duuuuuuuu-" said a hippie, before Explozevo forcefully moved the man's head out of his way, grabbing their paint, getting out of there, putting the door into a permanently sealed position, and taking a deep breath as he let the paint cans rest onto the ground.

"I fucking hate hippies," Explozevo muttered, this being one of the few times he has ever cursed.

Vault Boy noticed that Explozevo somewhat got the paint. He quickly got up to his knees and attempted to crawl away. Doesn't paint hurt when it gets in his eyes?..

Explozevo was about to go after Vault Boy, when he noticed something... Peculiar on his coat... Something... Strange.... Something... Oh no..

"THE HIPPIES STUCK A TEMPORARY TATTOO OF A PEACE SIGN ON ME!" Explozevo screamed in rage. He was having flashbacks to when he was captured by a squad of hippies in his youth.

"Wash it off with oil," Big Band said, leaning over at the peace sign tattoo. It was a very kiddy-looking tattoo, with sparkles and a rainbow gradient, and a yellow smiley face in the middle. Big Band offered Explozevo a small tube of trumpet valve oil. "You don't need a lot-"

Explozevo snatched the valve oil, dumping it onto his arm before rubbing it with a conviently placed rag until his skin turned a bright red. When the tattoo was gone, Explozevo slowly returned his breathing to normal. As his blood pressure lowered as well, Explozevo thanked Big Band with ragged breaths.

Vault Boy was just watching, maybe Explozevo had a bad time.

If one listened closely, they may hear the snickering of Jericho in the distance.

Explozevo looked up at Vault Boy, awaiting for the cartoon to slather himself in paint so he may speak once more. The paint that Explozevo went through horrible, evil flashbacks to get, for someone he barely knew.

Vault Boy looked at the paint, before dumping his hand into the paint bucket. Maybe it worked?.. His hand was slowly rising up, before apparently, it's colored. His hand made noise again!

"We did it..." Explozevo mumbled, before letting out a weak eExican victory cry. He was clearly still shaken up about the whole hippie event.

Then Vault Boy dumped the whole bucket onto himself, he was fully colored. "Maybe I should use that only rarely," muttered Vault Boy.

"So did you catch the full plan?" Robin asked.

"Si, señorita," Explozevo responded, taking a seat on a piece of rubble nearby.

In the rubble lay the Toaster, laughing to himself maniacally. " Soon, the world shall tremble in the name of.... THE TOASTER!!" he exclaimed as he continued to laugh.

Explozevo let out a loud yelp as he jumped from his spot of sitting, about to scream something about hippies before realizing how idiotic that would sound. Hippies wouldn't make this toaster in the trash start to talk... Or then again... Maybe they would.

"What? are you scared of my power, puny mortal? MUAHAHAHA!" mocked the kitchen appliance, yet again laughing maniacally.

Robin shook her head. "Ignore it, Explozevo," Robin sighed. "We've got to get going as soon as we can. If we can take away the Neo-Empire's leverage, we can pull the odds of surviving long enough to stop Makuta back towards our favor."

Robin whirled around on her heel and walked back to the hut, gesturing for Big Band, Explozevo, Vault Boy, and Undyne to follow.

Vault Boy and Undyne did indeed follow, along with Explozevo, who seemed to be regaining his cool now.

"I think I've got a team assembled," Robin declared to Whenua. "So, how do we get back to the surface of the island?"

"You already know about the tunnel network; I will send Onua to escort you to the area between Onu-Koro and Ko-Koro.


Of course, Sans heard that.

Sans followed Robin into the hut and said "hey, robin, some evil toaster came by and blatantly said he was gonna ruin your plan."

"Man, what the hell! Toasters ruin everything. First bread, then a perfectly good plan," Big Band complained.

"That toaster just follows us everywhere, pretty annoying honestly." Undyne commented.

Sans winked. "don't worry. I got a shortcut," Sans offered.

"What, one of your teleportation shortcuts again?" Undyne guessed, glaring at Sans.

"sssshhhhh. don't spoil it," Sans said with a wink.

Undyne sighed. "Fine.. Where is this 'shortcut'?"

Sans motioned for our heroes to pass around a rock. Robin, Big Band, Toad, Explozevo, Undyne, Trashcanhead,DodoRex, Codsworth, Percy Jackson, Uriel Septim, and Vault Boy followed.

The next thing any of them knew, they were standing in a hallway on a Star Destroyer. "fast shortcut, huh?" Sans asked, smiling at our heroes.

Slight whispers of a manical laugh could be heard in the distance.

"Seriously, are you breaking the fourth wall or something?" Vault Boy asked, looking at Sans before noticing the laughter.


Vault Boy just stared at him, he has some strange feeling about him. But he shouldn't focus on how weird Sans is right now.

"I don't like the sound of that, amigos," Explozevo said, looking around to see where the laugh had come from.

"Me neither.. But we should just carry on so we can get this over with.." Undyne replied to Explozevo. "And it seems it's getting worse!"

About 30 feet away from the group, lied the Toaster, his laughing quickly intensifying, "YOU FOOLS!! I ALREADY ALERTED A PASSING STORMTROOPER!!!! MUAHAHAHA!!!!"

"TO SURVIVE WAR, YOU MUST BECOME WAR!" screamed a familiar, manly voice.

"new einherji guy?" Sans asked. "dude, pipe down a bit, we don't wanna get caught."

Asian Rambo floated down, with two valkyries dresed in US Army uniforms by his sides, his chest hair seemed to increase the manliness of everyone in the room.

"Wh-..What.. What the fu-.." muttered Undyne, obviously weirded out by Asian Rambo.

"ah-ah-ah. language, undyne," Sans chided. "we already know what kinda influence you are on frisk."

Trashcanhead's muscles busted through his clothing, causing tears in his hoodie as his bisceps and abs were too much for the weak, non-manly clothing.

Robin stared at Asian Rambo, then glanced over at Trashcanhead.

Big Band was already quite manly since he was a 7'7" walking jazz instrument (and ain't nothin' more manly than a little smooth jazz), however, one of his tubas grew chest hair.

Big Band stared at the tuba horn. "Damn it. I just waxed this thing," he muttered.

"Seriously.. What is happening right now-" Undyne said, before getting interrupted by Mettaton. "OOOHHH! YOU LOOK VERY STYLISH, THAT CHEST HAIR IS VERY DISTRACTING!!" Mettaton shouted, getting very close to Asian Rambo.

"GOOD GODS, KEEP IT DOWN!" Robin hissed.

Asian Rambo lowered his voice to a yelling whisper, "TO SURVIVE WAR, YOU MUST BECOME WAR! Hopefully that was quiet enough.

"Seriously, like what the f*ck is happening right now?!" Undyne mumbled, staring at Asian Rambo.

"That's better," Robin whispered.


The DodoRex roared at full volume.

Robin flinched. "Oh, gods, we're so screwed," Robin squeaked.

"hey, hey, look, i got another plan. also, light-chum, can ya not boo, since it's kinda distracting and we want to make a killer space station go ka-blooie."

"Who are you talking to?" Robin asked.

"a friend."

"DON'T WORRY!" shouted Asian Rambo, before leaping to the DodoRex and using his chest hair to tie its beak shut, making sure the chest hair rope was tied in the manliest knot of them all. The man knot.

Even with its might, the DodoRex could not open its maw and whimpers slightly. Zomdodos around it begin to sqwawk quietly.

"Seriously.. Can we just move on now? Honestly this is really looking like i'm just hallucinating right now." Vault Boy said, obviously having a awkward moment.

"Now you know how I feel," Trashcanhead remarked, his voice deeper due to Asian Rambo's presence.

"look, everybody, just follow me," Sans said. "i got another shortcut."


"ok, we lost the toaster, and i think there aren't any stormtroopers around to shoot us up."


The DodoRex roared once again, as the Zomdodos sqwaked loudly, flapping their bony wings back and forth.

"I think I'll need my weapons back," Robin said to Toad.

Toad gave Robin her weapons back.

"So amigos, when are we going to make this place go ka-boom? Obviously we would need to sabotage the power supply by overloading the fission reactors likely located within the center of this ball. It shouldn't be too hard, just gotta disable the cooling units with a few explosives. Maybe a grenade or two," Explozevo said.

"As soon as we steal the schematics of the-- wait, wait, you already know about the Death Star's schematics?" Robin asked. Clearly she didn't watch Star Wars.

"Chica, I've grown up on Star Wars and explosive devices," Explozevo said with a smile.

"Well, this changes everything. How do we get into the Death Star?" Robin asked.

"don't look at me. i'm not suited for space travel. i only got ya into the atmosphere."

"Dag nabbit," Toad muttered, snapping a finger.

Robin scratched her chin. "Well, is there a way that maybe we could... you know... commandeer this ship?"

"Well, I would say we go through the front door. That's how I go into anywhere!" Codsworth said.

"The front door?! I don't think there is a freakin' front door here!" Undyne shouted at Codsworth. "We're in a spaceship!"

"DO NOT WORRY, EVERYONE. I HAVE THIS HANDLED!" shouted Asian Rambo, before punching a hole in the wall of the vessel they were on, before punching the air to stay in place and not be sucked into the void outside.

"Oh my god, why did I choose myself to be included into this?.. These annoying guys are everywhere!" Undyne mumbled, facepalming. "This guy is following us everywhere."

"Um... Well, I was planning on commandeering this ship, but okay, I suppose that works as well," Robin said awkwardly.

Asian Rambo ripped open the hole even wider to fit the size of the DodoRex. He than began punching the air continuously until a tube of air stretched from the hole to the Death Star. He then ripped a large chunk of his chest hair off of his body and smashed it into the ground, forcing it into the shape of a boat.

As the hole was ripped open, sirens began to go off.

"Look what you've done, fancy shirtless pants! Now you just ruined our stealthy plan!" Undyne shouted at Asian Rambo, obviously completely angry at him.

"I think the toaster did that a long time ago," Big Band pointed out.

Outside, The Guardian slowly rose past, the hum going through space, as it shone a bright blue.

"Like.. What is happening.. I thought this was a better plan!" Undyne said, looking at the bright blue light.

"I had an LSD trip just like this once," Trashcanhead remarked, unimpressed by the randomness of the situation.

The bright lights of Valhalla opened up once more, and several triumphant platoons of einherjar emerged. "Brother! We shall hold off the enemy while you and your comrades escape!" one of them boomed.

Undyne was so annoyed, she just faceplanted into the ground and fainted. "ARE YOU ALRIGHT, UNDYNE?" Mettaton asked, poking her. Robin sighed and ran over to Undyne, before picking her up in a fireman's carry and slinging Undyne's limp-fish body over her shoulder.

Asian Rambo signaled for everyone to climb into the chest hair boat in order to ride to the Death Star... God, imagine saying this out of context. Trashcanhead and Explozevo both made manly dives into the boat.

Robin jumped into the chest hair boat, as Toad waddled in, saying, "Eh, as a comic relief character, I've seen weirder."

"You've seen weirder?" Big Band asked.

"Same here," Trashcanhead replied, though referring to his acid trips.

"Woo, high five," Toad said, putting up his palm, which grew chest hair. Trashcanhead delivered a manly highfive to Toad, laughing as he did so.

Codsworth bedgrudgingly floated into the hair boat as the dinosaur beside him stomped into the vehicle.

Vault Boy dived into the boat as well, as Mettaton just turned into a rocket toward the Death Star. That's whats good about being a robot!

The giant forerunner machine continued to rise slowly towards the Death Star, showing the immensity of the machine as it passed, its humming getting more and more loud.

Asian Rambo ensured everyone was inside before turning around to face the hole, he then let loose a mighty punch, actually moving the entire space vessel in order to propell the chest hair boat towards the Death Star at immense speeds. Asian Rambo quickly shifted himself to the front of the boat before extending his fist forwards, allowing the boat to violently drill through multiple walls before coming to a stop.

The Guardian rose up to the death sphere, ignoring any turrets firing at it. suddenly, several other Guardians appeared around the Death Star, basically surrounding the megaweapon.

The sheer randomness of the situation allowed Donnel and Isaac to spontaneously teleport into the Death Star, however, they grew manly chest hair upon entry. Boy, if tyrannolodon could see us now...

Robin was quite unsure what to make of the entire previous situation.

Stitch had been climbing on Isaac's arm. He was inside the Death Star now. Isaac looked down at the strange chest hair he grew. He cut it off and looked at it. Stitch grabbed the hair and threw it away.

Asian Rambo turned to the others before declaring, "EVERY CHAMPION WAS ONCE A CONTENDER THAT REFUSED TO GIVE UP!" With that, he began to float away in a manly manner back to Valhalla. He had done what was needed.

"Um, okay," Toad said.

DodoRex ignored the burly man as it lumbered out of the ship.

"Convenient," Big Band muttered. The chest hair fell off the tuba.

Trashcanhead's muscles deflated back to their normal size as his clothing repaired itself to remove the manly tears. "Sheeeeit," he muttered in dissapointment.

"Okay, we're going to pretend like most of the weird stuff didnt' happen," Robin said, putting up her palms.

"What weird stuff?" Big Band asked.


"Oh she was talking about the chest hair boat thing and that Rambo guy," Trashcanhead said, thinking Big Band's question was genuine.

Over the intercom, a voice maniacally laughed, "OH YES!! MY DREAMS HAVE FINALLY COME TRUE!! I AM A GOD!!"

"AHHHH, SHADDAP!" Toad shouted, throwing a brick into the dimensional nether and smacking the toaster figuratively into deep space.

"MUAHAHA-OWW!! WHERE THE HELL DID THAT BRICK COME FROM?! REALLY MAKES BY SERVOS SPARK!!"" exclaimed the Toaster, seemingly getting Toad's little gift.

Toad turned back to the others. "So, 'Splody, how do we blow this joint up?" Toad asked. "You said somethin' about a cooler?"

"Well my mushroom amigo, we just need to head down towards the center," Explozevo replied.

"Wait, you talkin' about the fourth movie or the sixth?" Toad asked.

Explozevo shrugged and said, "It doesn't matter, amigo. Either way the power supply is located near the center. Makes sense since the way gravity works and all it makes their ka-booms more energy effecient." Explozevo relished in the opportunity to show off his knowledge of making things explode.

"So yer just say in' we gotta get ta the center of this here ship?" Donnel asked Explozevo

"It's more of a giant death weapon," Toad pointed out.

"SO WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW?" Mettaton asked, obviously still loud. Oh, and Undyne had woken up.

"SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHeit," Trashcanhead said to Mettaton, hushing his loudness.

"SORRY!! I JUST LOVE TO TALK!" Mettaton said, before Undyne busted into the scene. "We blow stuff up! Yeah!" Undyne shouted.

"Now, we blow this place up," Robin said, before realizing that Undyne had jumped in and stole her line. "Oh, gods dammit Undyne, you stole my line."

Explozevo groaned and said, "How can you expect to make entertaining stealth scenes when you're being louder than my grandmother on Easter?"

"Your grandmother raves to the resurrection of Jesus Christ?" Toad asked. "I mean, I know modern gospel music is peppy and cool, but I didn't think churches worshipped with death metal."

"She was a huge religious nut," Explozevo muttered to Toad. Thankfully she was not blood-related.


"Booo. Get off the stage."

"STOP IT, BOO!! YOU'RE JUST ANNOYING ME!" Mettaton shouted. "Who is he talking to?.." Undyne asked, whispering in Trashcanhead's ear.

"I think he's high as fuck right now," Trashcanhead whispered back, holding back laughter from his own statement.

"Guys, focus," Robin said. "Blow up space death ball first, chit-chat later."

"But what do we have to do to blow this thing up?" Vault Boy asked.

"Okay, so I have an idea," Explozevo said, looking down at his feet, "I can blow a few holes through the floors until we get to the center. It'd be fast but we would probably lose a lot of stealth points that way."

"We're totally going to get caught," Robin said. "Not going to work. I'm going to guess that since this weapon is a majority of the Neo-Empire's leverage, it's going to be heavily manned. We would basically be asking to get screwed."

"Sheeeeit," Trashcanhead said, "Why don't we just like... Hold the leader of this thing hostage or some shit. Get our own leverage. Or get him to blow it up."

"What if we just split up?" Vault Boy recommended. "We should all be stealthy, and we'll go our own ways."

Robin nodded. "Vault Boy, you might be on to something," she remarked. "Explozevo, is there any way to get to the core of the Death Star through--"

"--maybe a conveneintly-placed exhaust port that is easy enough to drop bombs down after deactivating some sort of shield or power source?" Toad asked, interrupting Robin.

"On to something? I'm not planning anything.. I'm just trying to help."

"We don't wanna straight up copy the movies, amigo," Explozevo said."Besides, I doubt we have the element of surprise on our side since we drilled into this thing." He then pointed to the fist-shaped hole above them where their chest hair boat came through.

"well, i think i can fix that really quickly," Sans said, listening to the annoying alarms.

"Please do, it'd be helpful." Isaac remarked.

"alright, guys, follow me."

The world went black, and suddenly, everybody was in another corridor, away from the blaring sirens and the manly hole in the side of the space station. "ok, problem solved," Sans said.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by WeLurkInTheShadows on Wed Jan 27, 2016 4:40 am


Merrymaking was at the extreme in Po-Koro, the band's music was heard all throughout the small sandy town, meanwhile the three heroes were in a medical hut being treated for the various wounds, sustained from the homicidal roboticular rampage.

A Po-Matoran, held a needle and thread and was stiching Tentaquil's Ax wound closed.
It was the same Rider from eariler who had threatened to disk the group.

The Matoran refused to make eye contact with the Fakemon, probably because the Fakemon and crew had risked their very lives to, save their dusty little town.

Once the robot was done he bowed and awkwardly shuffled out of the room.

Tentaquil glanced over at Donnel, who's hands were f**ked up from getting smashed with an ax.

A generous ammount of bandages were covering the farmboy's smashed hands and fingers,

"This might help." Isaac cast his Cure psynergy on Donnel to try and heal his hand injuries.  Donnel unwrapped one of his bandages a bit.  The injuries were beginning to heal.

"CONGRADULATIONS TEAM!" Sounded Milburn as he strode in, wearing a long necklace of MartiGra beads, and gold sunglasses

"Where did you get all of those from?" Isaac asked.

Mister Monopoly chuckled, "Oh you know..." he said trailing off.
He was prevented from answering the question when Turaga Onewa walked in.

"Great heroes of faraway realms, You have saved Po-Koro from the possesed Rahi and that Cyilinder beast!"

The Turaga slammed down the base of his hammer, "Truely you have proven yourself not only our allies but as heros as well!"

"Whowee!  Now that's settled we're gonna be able ta help ya!" Donnel exclaimed.

"Ah yes, with all the tribes of Mata Nui united, We will repel this unnatural affront to nature!" Onewa cheered

"But how, exactly, are we going to attack that thing up there..."  Isaac looked up at the space station high in the sky.

"I'm not entirely sure.....though we'll think of something!"The Turgara replied

"I reckon we could steal one' them ships those guys fly!"  Donnel suggested.

"Or we could you know not try the thing that will probally kill us?"
Tentaquil mumbled rubbing his new wound.

"But how do we fly it?"  Isaac didn't think that Donnel, for as eager and determined as he was, would be able to fly some strange machine composed of such advanced and unknown technology.

"I'm sure it can't be too difficult!" Monopoly cheered, spinning his cane.
"On what knowledge are you basing this on?
Tenty snarked

All of the suddenly, something small and blue jumped out of Isaac's pack.  It was Stitch, and he looked at the company he found himself with.

"My word!" Milburn gasped stepping back.

"Gah!  What is it!"  Donnel exclaimed.  It didn't seem outwardly aggressive, so he didn't attack It.

"Wait, I remember this creature.  He was at the fight between us and these Empire fellows...  Maybe he snuck in my bag during that fight."  Isaac recalled the memory of that battle which had broken out between him and the Stormtroopers led by Darth Vader.

"Interesting" commented Owena as he stepped forward eying Stitch "This is not a Rahi beast I'm familer with".

"Hi," Stitch said.  He stuck out his paw and held it towards Onewa.

"It speaks!" the robot was a bit shocked but nonetheless he took the creature's small paw in his metallic grasper and shook the creature's hand.

Brotherhood of Steel

Somehow, the Prydwen and the Vertibird fleet had escaped the clutches of the Locust airforce. "Good job, Brothers. Now, we shall-" Elder Maxon is cut short as something quickly zoomed by, with booming rocket thrusters, and loud shouting. Nobody could make out what it was, since it was moving too fast.

The USS Constitution

"Mr.Navigator," yelled Captain Ironsides, driving up and down the ship's deck, as several Protectrons quickly shamble about,"How long until our landing?"

"about 30 seconds." said the damaged Mr.Handy, holding on at the front of the wooden warship, which was quickly descending towards Po-Koro. "Steady out, men! We don't want to end up as roadkill!" exclaimed the Sentry Bot Captain, as the ship slowly made a better angle to land.

The Ship hits the sand, quickly heading towards the village. "Steady, Men!" yells Ironside as a Protectron somehow falls off, landing headfirst in the sand. The ship begins to decelerate, but still crashes at an immense speed.

"What is that?!" yelled Owena as he stumbled out of the hut.

The villiagers, in the middle of their merrymaking were quite ill prepared for the this sudden sky ship approaching from out of the blue, nevetheless they yelled and grabbed their disk launchers mounting their beast and going out to meet the threat, while the others ran for cover shutting their doors and huddling inside.

The Ship  continued to approach, the thrusters fixed in the opposite direction, basically a brake. But the Constitution did not stop, as it slowed very slowly. "Why is this thing not slowing!" exclaimed Ironsides as he drove up and down the deck once again. "I fixed it, sir!" yelled Mr. Navigator as the Ship slowed down to a halt in the center of the village.

"Land Ho!" yelled Ironsides as he hoisted an anchor with no rope overboard, hitting the ground with a lound clunk. He comes down to the ground by an elevator that is made out of a fishing boat at the back of the frigate.

Tentaquil lurched up behind the elder with a look of dread on his face, "I'm gonna take a guess and say these aren't your friendly trading buddies"?"

"I'm afraid not Tentaquil, Have the sky invaders brough a ship to invade us?"
Owena slammed his hammer down in anger "Po-Koro will not fall victum to these invaders!", the Turgara, strode up to the metal men flanked by four riders disks at the ready.

A Protectron, stuck head first in the sand, tries to walk. only its legs are visible. Ironsides rolls over to the helpless bot and drags it out of the sand. "Oh First Mate! What have you been doing?" he said in his colonial accent. "Nothing much, sir." said the Police Protectron, its police light broken. Ironside turned to the Turaga. "Hello, fellow people! it is such a pleasure to meet you all! My name is Captain Ironsides, Grand Captain of the US Navy!" greets Ironside, slightly lifting his arm to the extent it could, like a salute.

The elder was slightly confused, expecting a more hostile reaction,"Um greetings I am Turgara Owena, and before we go any further are you with the invaders?" Turgara gestured to the large spaceship visable in the sky.

Ironsides laughed, "I did not notice those two glorious vessels, but No, we do not know anything about those magnificent ships!"

"I see......and what are your intentions for Po-Koro?"

"None! We just crashed here. Am I right, men?" Ironsides says, turning to the Ship, as the crew of the USS Constitution comes up to the top deck side, saying assorted "yes sir"s and "correct captain"s coming from the robotic crew.

"I see....So you bear no ill intentions to us?"Turgara could'nt be too careful, after all a planet just blew up.

"None at all!" exclaimed Ironsides, "I only bear the right of freedom!"

Owena eyed the wooden ship, it didn't seem like the metal vessels that he had seen flying around, and these beings did not seem to be of the same shape and size, that they had recieve reports about.

"Very well....men lower your disks"

The riders stood aghast and many of them began to argue questioning the elder's logic.

"We have already judged our past allies wrongly and these men do not bear the mark of the invaders, we will not live in fear and suspicion! That is what the enemy wants!"

The riders looked slightly ashamed and lowered their weapons.
"Now Captain Ironsides, welcome to Po-Koro, you and your crew are free to dismount, however I must warn you.

The Elder looked the robot in the eye, with a gaze that could cut steel, "If you hurt or endanger any of my people, your bodies will be destroyed and buried under the scorching sand, never to feel the light of the sun again".

With that slightly unsettling threat. The former Toa gestured to Captain, "Come we have much to discuss and I'm sure your men need rest".

"Why yes, they could always need a good charge. Come on down, men!" yelled Ironsides as the machines toppled off the side of the ship, and crawled out of the sand, walking over to the Sentry Bot. "Aye aye, Captain" a few Protectrons said as they meandered over. "Where to, Captain?" asked the armless Mr.Handy known as Bosun. "Just wait, Bosun, the kind man was about to show us the way."

The Po-Matorians peeked out of their huts hesitantly observing the newcomer, As their elder led the ragtag gang of sailors, to the medical hut.

The Fakemon took notice, scrambling behind a nearby chest and making a few terrified gurgling sounds.

"Steady your fear Tentaquil, these beings hold no ill will". The elder advised the fakemon.


"And whats wrong with machine men?" Owena shot back squinting his eyes.
"What! thats not, I mean....."Tentaquil apparently found something very interesting to look at on the floor.

"I see nothing wrong with automatons like myself, sir. But you are entitled to your views, and I will respect that." said Ironsides as he tried to drive into the hut, but was too big to enter the doorway, his body clunking on the hut multiple times.

Mister Monopoly, strode up to the robotic captain, "Oh I'm sure you anphibious friend meant no ill will, you mush excuse him, a smaller metal creatre tried to chop him to bits".
Milburn said this casually as if this sort of this was a minor inconveinence.

Pennybags tapped his cane on he floor twice, "Well lets start with introductions, I'm Milburn Pennybags founder, owner, and benefactor, Of Monopoly, real estale, Industries and subsitiaries.......

The group began to tell their various stories who they were, where they were from, what they've done, and how exactly they ended up here, and most importantly of all why there were giant spaceships in the sky, The elder translated Tentaquil's speech so everyone else could understand.

"But these three were somewhat injured by this attack and had to be patched up here".Owena finished.

The Turgara was shocked as Donnel and Issac suddenly dissappeared.

"What!"Tentaquil gasped


The Po-Matorian were very troubled by this sudden and unexplained apparate, that had claimed three of the newcomers, but they had no time to question it as they had to prepare for battle.

Owena walked towards the robotic ship captain"You and your crew may stay here if you wish, however I can offer no assurance hat none of you will not come under any harm".

"Yes... With the events that have befallen Mata Nui, with Makuta's rise and the coming of the sky-voices... I fear the worst for not just you and your fellow dimensional travelers, but for the people of the island as well. As Toa of this wahi, I shall do my best to protect you; that, I promise," Added the Toa of Stone.

Suddenly, a huge surge of manliness transported Tentaquil to the Death Star as well.

Tentaquil blinked, then blinked again then he let out a highly annoyed groan that seemed to emanated throught the entire ship.

He ripped off the chesthair and walked forward figuring if he didn't he'd run into some trouble.

He soon found Donnel and Issac, along with a cast of everyone else he had met(and a few he had'nt).

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by SBR23 on Thu Jan 28, 2016 3:22 am

"Only the finest Dimensional Hopper Police around!" said Follower he he walked up to the Locust. "You see my friend, while you and your friends were wandering about burning forests, the greatest threats to all universes were right under your noses." Follower took out a more accurate depiction of the Dimensional Clashers. "These are the ones you need to worry about..." he said. He then pulled out a picture of Vic. "And this, is their leader. A Nephilim, one of both unholy and holy blood." Follower put the pictures back in his pocket. "If they run rampant through multiple dimensions, they'll cause an altar in the space time continuum, ultimately resulting in the destruction of all our universes, and even universes that they haven't even hopped through yet!" explained Follower. "There's only one possible way of stopping them, by taking the soul of the Nephilim and destroying those clashers so we may have harmony within the universe, and I'm the only one with technology to do such a task, but I cannot be alone....perhaps you might help?"


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by Mr.H on Thu Jan 28, 2016 6:00 am

Locust Horde

"YES! I must go get my brethren, and we will kill this nefilm!" exclaimed the drone as he ran off and jumped down the sinkhole.

A few minutes later.....

"Wait a minute. You say that they got guns?" asked a particular drone, "How big are guns?"

"BIG!!" yelled into the crowd, which began to whoop and shout, before going silent by a piercing screech. A Kantus walks up to the drone, staring viciously at the foot soldier. He turned back to the army "LETS GO KILL THE CRIMINAL!!" He screamed, raising his staff to the air.

Another few minutes later....

"We want to help." said the drone, somehow promoted to a general, as the entire locust horde surrounded the fortress, whooping and shouting still.

"Oh, and here is computer back." said the now-general as a reaver landed, with Karen chained onto a tentacle. A few drones ran up and unchained the computer, as several reavers headed towards the desert.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Fri Jan 29, 2016 1:35 am

Emperor Palpatine

An Imperial Shuttle with a hypderdrive of high power flew into the Death Star. It had come straight from Imperial Center at Coruscant, carrying a man of great importance. Only one other person held as much power in the government as this man. This man was Emperor Palpatine, founder of the Empire as well as a major helper in the creation of the Neo-Empire.

The shuttle landed in a special hangar of the Death Star and the hatch on the bottom opened up. Out walked two Imperial Guards in their red robes with Palpatine behind them in his pitch black robe.

And suddenly, the entire hangar went just as black as a voice boomed throughout the room, "LADIES AND GERMS! BOYS AND GIRLS! MAY I PRESENT TO YOU... THE EMPEROR!" A long spotlight shone down on the man as the voice called out once more, "LET'S GIVE HIM A BIG HAND, EVERYBODY!"

Stormtroopers that were guarding the room looked around frantically, looking for the source of the voice.

"Stop." Palpatine commanded. The Emperor could feel Mol through the force and knew where he was. He was throughout the entire room, being made of light and the such. "I suggest you speak to me in a way where I can see you."

More spotlights shone, going around the room as Mol spoke once more, "And now... Presenting your master of ceremonies.... MOOOOOOOOOOL!"

With that, the other spotlights stopped on Mol's usual facade form, which was displaying himself in open arms as he casually walked towards the emperor with the intent of shaking his hand, uncaring of the many guards within the room.

The emperor didn't return the shake.

"You must be quite confident in your abilities to appear to me like you did." Palpatine noted. "How strong they actually are may be shown soon enough."

Mol shrugged and continued smiling as he said, "Well I do got this whole 'God' thing going for me. But enough about that, let's talk about why I gave you the whole red carpet entrance just then. You seem like a pretty straight-to-business type of guy and all." As expected, a red carpet rolled out from the shuttle and fazed through the emperor and his guards' feet upon being mentioned.

"God, you say?" The emperor asked before chuckling a little bit. "That may be proven otherwise if things to do not go very well for you."

Mol jumped up about a foot before landing on a bed of air, relaxing as he said, "Well things are going according to plan so far. Just like your visit, right on time. How 'bout we take a step into my office. A bit more privacy from all this riff-raft, amiright?"

With that, a door sprung up from the ground beside the two. There was nothing behind it, but when the door opened, one could see a cozy looking office within.

Two Imperial Guards began to walk into it with Palpatine following behind him. Two more guards followed the emperor.

Mol simply teleported into the room, now sitting in an office chair on one side of the mahogany wood desk. On Palpatine's side was a single chair, to which Mol politely gestured for him to sit.

Palpatine pulled the chair down and sat. Two guards walked over to stand next to Palpatine while the other two guarded the dorr into the office.

Mol looked at the guards and could not help but smile. "These guys are so serious, I love it. Anywho, down to business. As I'm sure you are aware, there's a little... Situation with your Death Star. A few explosions, some drills... Made out of chest hair, Insane Cheese Gods. Crazy stuff."

"Now, I can take care of your pest problem with a literal, snappa ma fingers. I just require a liiiiiitle favor in return."

"What sort of favor?" Palpatine asked.

"Oh nothing much," Mol said waving his hand, "There's just a planet right below us that'd I'd love to see this thing fire a big ol' beam of death at. I do love a good show after all, as I'm sure you've figured out by now."

"Perhaps we can come to an agreement if you allow me to extract the people I need to from this planet." Palpatine replied.

"Sounds good to me. You got an ETA on how long that'll take?" Mol replied.

"As soon as we overcome some... dificulties." Palpatine explained. "There has been some unforseen enemies, such as some locals we had not known of until recently as well as a traitor."

"Trust me, pal, I know all about how much of a pain treachery can be," Mol remarked, "We both know how to deal with those guys, amiright. Anywho, you're a smart guy, so I'ma be 100% honest with you. I just want this thing to fire. Doesn't have to be a planet, could just be off in a random point of space. As long as it happens soon, I'm all good, and your pest problem will vanish sooner than you can say 'Mol.'"

"Why do you need to have the Death Star fire?" Palpatine asked.

"Why do guys like you and I need anything? Power," Mol said, leaning back slightly in his chair, his hands clasped together. "So what do you say? Goodbye to the pests in exchange for a light show?"

"One more term. You may not harm anyone who belongs to the Neo-Empire or interfere with our plans using the power you aquire from this." Palpatine added.

Mol nodded, "Very well. I won't use this power to 'Screw things up' as the kids say. Do we have a deal?" A disembodied hand appared in front of Palpatine, awaiting to be shaken for the deal to be struck.

Palpatine shook the hand. He would remember how this being felt in the Force for future use.

"Alrighty, I'll be waiting for that lightshow with my 3D glasses on, Mr. Emperor," Mol said, snapping his fingers, causing the office to vanish, revealing they were in the hangar the whole time, and that Palpatine was actually sitting on top of a small crate. Mol stood up now, smiling at the emperor before snapping his fingers, causing himself to vanish. He was well aware of the emperor's ability to detect him. Good thing light is everywhere.

Death Star Raiding Party

Tentaquil tugged at Robin's robe""Where am I?" he said with an incredibly weary tone, "And if the answer is 'in the giant spaceship' please lie to me"

"Oh, yer here! Everybody look, it's... Now what's yer name?" Donnel didn't even know Tentaquil's name despite travelling with him this entire time.

Robin turned to Toad and shrugged.

Toad glanced up at the text above, then waved his palm. "Don't worry, I got this," Toad said. "Alright, here's the lowdown. We're on a giant space station of death with a killer death laser, and we're trying to stop it from firing said killer death laser at the planet and killing everybody on it, so that we can return back to the planet safely and stop some other Hakuna Matata dude from killing everybody on the planet. But, judging by the other parts of the in-chara--"

Robin clamped her hand over Toad's mouth.

"Sorry, I ramble," Toad said, pulling Robin's hand off his mouth.

The fakemon sighed "I'm going to f***ing die" he said for the thrid time.

"Nah, not as long as your writer doesn't want you to. Dude, you sound like you've been through a lot. Trust me. So have I. And quite frankly, I'm a little sick of huge armies appearing everywhere and wreaking absolute havoc with little to no chance of survival. So think about it this way. If we make this place go ka-boom, then that's one less giant army to worry about, and therefore, one heck of an easier time surviving," Toad explained. "Of course, this doesn't really help with the swarm of giant evil bugs, or the hordes of giant evil lizard-men."

"Kaboom?" A voice asked. "Oh, how I love kabooms."

"Marvin the Martian?!"

"I'm thinking he's probably Sheogorath." The voice said. A man in nice clothing appeared in front of the Champions.

"Shoe graph? What?" Toad asked.

Tentaquil rolled his eyes"k" he annoucned before walking past the man, already annoyed by the other guy with horns that kept bugging him.

Robin approached Sheogorath. "Listen, sir; I hate to cut short another dramatic entrance, but it does seem like we do not have much time to idle about. This massive weapon we're standing in right now poses a huge threat to the world below, and I'd like to get rid of it as soon as possible," Robin apologized.

"Preferably with an earth-shattering ka-boom," Toad added.

"You mean this Death Star here?" Sheogorath asked. "This is quite a fine invention, but if you must, I guess we can destroy it. That sounds pretty fun too."

"A fine piece of work, indeed; a shame its purpose is sheer destruction," Robin remarked.

"You are forgetting something important if you want to destroy this place. Cheese!" Sheogorath exclaimed. A large pile of cheese appeared in the hallway, but it quickly disappeared. "Wait, no, not that."

Dafuq? Tenty ribbited slightly confused

"This had better not be one of those YouTube Poop or Machinima characters," Toad muttered, leaning over to Robin.



"Wait, I know! We need nothans to steal the Death Star's location for us!" Sheogorath shouted with glee. A portal appeared and a strange furry creature was pulled out. This was actually the bothan Borsk Fey'la.

"Many bothans died to bring us this information." Sheogorath said, immitating Mon Momtha,

"What?" Fey'la exlaimed.

"Actually, nevermind." Sheogorath said. A portal appeared and Sheogorath pushed the bothan back through it. "Back to the Provisional Council with you."

"Dude I swear to God I had an acid trip exactly like this," remarked Trashcanhead, tentatively bringing a finger forwards to try and poke Sheogorath. Maybe he was hallucinating?

"Seriously?.. Where are these guys coming from?.. A guy that loves cheese. Yeah, that make sense."[i] Undyne thought.

the fakemon announced, "STOP IT WITH THE DANK MEMES!" cried the anphibian, shuddering from past memories.

"I feel like this is becoming some sort of parody in itself," Toad remarked.

Big Band leaned over. "Word of advice? Drop the meta comments," he said. "We get it."

Sheogorath stood thinking for a second before snapping his fingers as he came up with an idea. "I know what we need! Ewoks! They were the ones who flew the Millenium Falcom and blew up the Death Star II!"

"There's a second one?!" Robin groaned.

"No, no, no. There was a second one in the movies, and--"

"Never mind. This is getting very, very confusing."

"Ugh, I'm gonna go vomit on something important looking maybe I'll get lucky and the ship'll fall" Tentaquil snarked. Plodding down the hall.

"Amigo? I don't think the Ewoks blew up the Death Star," Explozevo said. He was not an expert on Star Wars, and actually did not know of the second death star, but either way.. He was somewhat sure those guys did nothing important.

A portal appeared and a large group of furry creatures were forced thourgh.

"Here, I give you the majestic fighting force known as the Ewoks!" Sheogorath excalimed before teleporting away.

"You seem like a fun guy to smoke a jo-," Trashcanhead said before Sheogorath vanished...... "Sheeeeeeit."

"....What?" Robin asked.

"This is just like that asian Rambo-lookin' guy," Toad said, rolling his eyes.

There was a disturbance in the force... A lack of proper manly capitalization!

"Let's just keep moving..." Robin said uncomfortably. The others felt like this was a good idea.

"Not this thing again.." Vault Boy muttered.

Meanwhile Tentaquil had wandered off, not wanting to deal with whatever weird s**t cheese wheel man had in store for him, he walked for quite some time before getting lost(I mean this was a spaceship the size of a moon).

Then three troopers rounded the corner,immediatly all present paused as they saw each other.

".........." went Tentaquil, "......BLAST IT!" Went the troppers as they opened fire, The fakemon turned to run only to step on a roaming mouse droid, Tentaquil stubled to the ground.
PEW,PEW,PEW!" went the stormtroops tried to shoot the frog, somehow managing to hit everywhere but the intended target.

Tentaquil picked up the sparking Mouse droid and chucked it at one of the troopers, smashing him in his head,the trooper wavered then fell.

His comrades were unsuprisingly not happy about this as they fired even more, scorching the hallway with blaster marks.
Tentaquil however ran away, the troopers giving chase.

Vault Boy had wandered off as well, obviously bored. He thought this would actually be a good plan, no.. It's just a plan full of randomness and annoyance. It was absurd, so he wandered off to see if he could find something. Well, he got lost.


Robin whirled around. "Oh, gods damn it, Vault Boy got lost!" Robin snapped.Robin whirled around. "Oh, gods damn it, Vault Boy got lost!" Robin snapped.

"HE JUST WANDERED OFF, I DON'T KNOW WHERE HE EXACTLY WENT!!" Mettaton commented, looking around the area for Vault Boy.

"Explozevo.. Did you see where Vault Boy went?" Undyne asked.

Explozevo looked around for Vault Boy, unable to find the Vault-Tec mascot. "No, amiga," he said with a concerned tone.

"What if he's in trouble though?" said Undyne, still looking around the area.

"Sheeeeeit. Should we head back for him?" Trashcanhead asked, looking around as well.

"But where did he even go? Which directio--" Undyne said, before getting interrupted.

"MAYBE HE WENT OVER THERE!!" Mettaton remarked, pointing to a hallway at the left side.

"What if he went over there?" asked Trashcanhead, pointing in the general direction of a wall.

"Sir, that's a solid wall," Robin said to TrashCanHead.

"Sheeeeit, you never know. There could be secret panels and shit here, little cubbie holes where they can hide people," Trashcanhead replied, putting his ear up to the wall and knocking to hear if it was solid.

It was, in fact, a solid wall. Trashcanhead cleared his throat a little before walking away from the wall, his shameful expression hidden by his trashcan.

"It's okay, TrashCanHead," Robin said, reading his body language and patting him on the shoulder. "You can never be sure."


A terrifed gibbering sound was heard, as Tentaquil bolted down the hall followed by two Stormtroopers

"Great, i got myself lost. At least i'm not in that randomness anymore.." Vault Boy mumbled to himself, before hearing the gibbering sounds. "Is someone there?" he asked.

Tentaquil met Vault Boy,actually he ran into Vault Boy ramming into the cartoon, unaware in his panic

"H-Hey! Watch where your going!" Vault Boy shouted, before realizing what was happening. "W-W-Wait! Wait for me!" he yelled, before running along side with Tentaquil.

"We've got two hostiles one anphibian,one human requesting backup!" Went the trooper on his communicator.

"I knew i shouldn't have just wandered off by myself! H-How are we even going to get back?!" said Vault Boy, still running along with Tentaquil.

"WHY ARE YOU RUNNING YOU HAVE A GUN!" Tentaquil gibbered pointing at Vault boy's blaster.

"Oooohhh! Right.. But i don't have much ammo left.." Vault Boy replied, before grabbing out his pistol which was thought to be a blaster. He flipped it around, before the loud shooting noise was heard from the trigger. A few bullets shot the Stormtroopers.

Luckily the cartoon was a far better shot than the soldiers, and a few bullets managed to wing one in the helmet while one was shot in the leg, he cried out and dropped his blaster.

Tentaquil was quick, scambling towards the fallen dup and grabbing the blasters before tossing them to Vault Boy.

Vault Boy began to use two blasters, dual wielding them. "Nothing like new weapons!" Vault Boy commented.

Then Tentaquil grabbed a helmet off one of them and urgently tossed it to the Cartoon.
He jumped up and down pointing at the helmet.
"Trooper SE43G, those reenforcements are inbound, request for your location" spoke the helmet.

"Uhh.. I don't know where we are.." replied Vault Boy, obviously nervous.

There was a lull on the line, "Who is this, SE43G is there something wrong with your voice?"

"DON'T LISTEN TO THEM THEY ARE THE INTRUD-" The injuried Trooper was cut off as Tentaquil smashed him on the head

"No! We're fine.. I'm trooper SE43G! Don't believe that guy that was interrupted! He is the intruder!" Vault Boy telltaled.

Tentaquil dragged the dead trooper towards the Boy, and began removing his armor tossing it at Vault Boy.

Meanwhile the sound of Troops running was very close.
Tentaquil looked around then mimed at the cartoon "PUT.IT.ON!"

Vault Boy quickly put on the suit, luckily his blue jumpsuit can fit behind any piece of armor. Quickly putting on the helmet, and then mimicing a stormtrooper.

As the soldiers rounded the corner Tentaquil fell to the ground mimicing death.

"I just killed the intruder for you guys. Nothing to w-worry about here!" Vault Boy said in the armor, he obviously looks more cartoonish this way and has a bigger head than the others. That completely kills the disguise, but hopefully they won't notice. That's the downside of being a cartoon, OVERSIZED HEADS!

The Troopers first checked their fallen colleeges, a few picked up the unconscious one, and escorted him to the medical bay.

Vault Boy trembled and shivered, he hoped that he wasn't going to be found out.

A trooper walked over to the Boy standing at least a few feet taller, "Aren't you a little short to be a stormtrooper?"

"M-Maybe it's just illusions.. M-Maybe your just t-tired?.." Vault Boy said, with a tremble in his voice as he shivered.

"And maybe your just wearing the gear of a dead trooper, maybe you think that we wouldn't notice the fact that a comrade was stripped of his armor and left, not five feet away from you.". The trooper answered leveling his blaster to Vault boy's chest

"W-What do you mean?.. I didn't do anything! I think the intruder stole the armor! But then he escaped.. You know.. That short, blond haired guy? Yeah! T-That guy.. He stole the armor and ran off.." Vault Boy lied, hoping that it would persuade the trooper.

The trooper smashed his blaster across Vault Boy's face causing the cartoon to fall.

"First you kill my fellow men, then you insult my intellegence, and now your just wasting my time". he raised the blaster.

"Time is a tool, you can put on the wall or wear it on your rizt!", The trooper paused "Oh now we're playing games?"

"It's just a misunderstanding!.." Vault Boy said, once again trembling extremely heavily.

"Misunderstandingsl, like taking and handling" echoed a voice

"Ok stop that kid!" the trooper demanded.

Vault Boy began to run, shooting the blaster he has along way. "You're not gonna catch me! Hahaha-" Vault Boy laughed, before bumping into a wall.

"What a dumblittle, fellow he needs to mellow"
"Oh here's a thought!, A lesson to be taught!"

Tentaquil at that very moment reaized the voice's intention.
One of the trooper's screamed in pain as his armor began to yellow and decay, like old newspaper, but the armor was not all that suffered, his blaster rusted to bits, his flesh decayed at a unnatural rate, soon the trooper fell to the floor a pile of bloodied bone shards.
"Oh this pleases me very much, time ages you to ashes, ashes to dust!"

"W-What is that?.. Who is doing that?" Vault Boy asked, sitting down because he hit his head pretty hard.

"KILL THEM!" the Trooper cried as he attempted to aim his blaster, only to cry out in pain as his bones collapsed from decay.

The other troopers were not free of this affliction, eyeballs popped out of eyevisors, limbs simply fell off, organs pushed their way out of open wounds that were forming.

Tentaquil got up and started to run as Vault Boy attempted to as well, when Tony appeared grabbing him by the arms.
"Now its not the time for mucking around, lets not prance around like foolish clowns!"

The fakemon kangaroo-kicked the Puppet in his timeface, Tony rocketed back smashing into a wall.

Tony reappeared as the fakemon ran.
"Its harder to kill me than that I'm afraid, Oh come now don't look so dismayed!"

Luckily the duo ran into a squad of troopers, and the Storms blasted at the Clock as they ran through.


Tenty didn't care, as the sound of perishing stormtroopers got faint putting himself and VB as far away as possible from that thing.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Fri Jan 29, 2016 6:05 am

Collab post by Erops, Jawlord, and SissyGamer

Big Band

Big Band heard shouts and shooting from downt he corridor. "You think that might be Vault Boy?" Big Band asked.

"Definitely," Robin replied.

Big Band shuffled down the corridor and saw Tentaquil and Vault Boy running in panic.

"Tentaquil?" Big Band asked, recognizing the frog. "Wait, wait, whoa, whoa, you two. Calm down. What're you runnin' from?" Big Band asked, grabbing the two as they passed and hoisting them into the air.

"We're running from Stormtroopers, and they have.. Guns! And.. Guns!" Vault Boy responded, running along with Tentaquil. His little Vault Boy legs cycled in mid-air as he hung from Big Band's grasp.

"BAD TIME!, BAD TIME!"Tentaquil squealed semi deleriously

"Figures," Big Band said. "I bet they also had guns."

"And they have.. Like, these lasers! And the armor! And Tentaquil tried to make me disguise as one! That didn't end up too well.."

"No kiddin', shortstack," Big Band remarked.

"Who are you calling 'shortstack'?" Vault Boy glared at Big Band.

"I'm 7'7". Most people are 'shortstack' to me."

"I'm probably not going to go by myself again, atleast Tentaquil was with me!"

"Yeah, not doing that would be a good idea," Big Band agreed. "Alright, we gotta find a way to blow this place up, and quick, since it looks like we've got our cover blown. Several times."

"Wasn't really as a stealthy plan as i thought." remarked Vault Boy, right before Undyne was shuffling past Big Band. "God, where the heck were you?!" Undyne asked, looking straight at Vault Boy.

"Okay, but that wasn't Robin's fault. We didn't ask for the fanfare. We got that from that Asian-lookin' Rambo dude," Big Band reminded. "Anyways, we gotta keep movin'. No telling when those stormtroopers are gonna find us. And I don't wanna have to give 'em the horn crush."

Big Band turned to Undyne. "Poor Vault Boy and Tentaquil nearly got nabbed by Stormtroopers. We ain't got time to see which way these folks wandered off; we gotta move."

"And quickly," Robin added, as sirens blared. Again.

"oh my god. will those sirens ever shut up?" Sans asked.

"Not 'til we're dead, I think," Big Band replied.

"Maybe we should rather, just go ahead and start moving now!" Undyne shouted.

"Where!, In case you havent noticed this thing is the size of planet!" Tentaquil shoot back, fully knowing that noone understood him.

Toad glanced up. "Wherever we can find the schematics of this thing and see if we, I dunno, can blow it up without blowing ourselves up as well."

"shortcut time?" Sans asked.


"ok, it's safe to say we lost 'em," Sans said, huffing and puffing. "god, i really shouldn't be doing so much of this, especially after that overnight bone zone. these old bones are getting tired."

"I thought you were twenty-odd years?" Toad asked.

"eh, give or take."

Sans had whisked them right to a room where a floor plan of the Death Star was conveniently on display on a screen.

"Well, well, well," Robin tutted, putting her hands on her hips and glancing up at the Death Star map. "It looks like our job is a lot easier now that we're here."

"Hey, what's this 'tractor beam'? Does it fire farming vehicles or something?" Toad asked.

"I don't think so, Toad; if anything, it may be a laser or somethin' designed to pull stuff and crash it into the surface of this space station," Big Band replied.

Toad exhaled. "Oh, boy. No wonder our chest hair boat went flying straight through the ceiling."

"That was through sheer power of manliness (apparently)."

Robin looked over the map, memorizing its paths and its corridors (it was admittedly hard, even with the aid of her tactician's eye). She caught sight of a long tube that led to the power source of the Death Star. "Perhaps, if we had the means to fly, we could drop something volatile down that chute and destroy the Death Star from within?" Robin suggested.

"Isn't that what happened in the movie?" Toad asked.

"You think of something else that won't get us all killed in the explosion," Robin back-sassed, putting a hand on her hip and raising an eyebrow.

Toad tried to think of something, but couldn't. "Okay. But they'll just try to sic that tractor beam or whatever on us if we fly, right?"

"Right. Which means we've got to get rid of it," Robin replied. "So perhaps we should take care of that device, then steal some of their ships and fly across the surface of the Death Star and throw something explosive down the chute."

"Sounds like a plan," Toad said.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by SissyGamer on Fri Jan 29, 2016 5:45 pm


"WELL, I CAN FLY! I CAN TURN INTO A ROCKET, AND IT'S VERY STABLE!!" Mettaton shouted, waving out his hand.


"Seriously.. I don't have a good feeling, man! You're just gonna crash us into a freakin' wall!" yelled Undyne.


"A cooking show?! Since when did we ever have time, to do a freakin' COOKING SHOW?! I hate your television show! You just brainwash people to make them love your show!" Undyne ranted, stomping the ground with anger. "Don't get me started on that EX form you have!"


"Not to say that your voice is obnoxiously loud--"

"Undyne.. Mettaton, just stop! Will arguing get us anywhere?!" Vault Boy interrupted.

"No it won't, but i have so much anger for this tin can!" Undyne said, pushing Vault Boy away.


"Guys, STOP!" shouted Vault Boy. "Seriously, is this going anywhere?! NO! No it isn't going anywhere! Is there even any time for a argument when we're trying to do a plan?!"



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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by Mr.H on Fri Jan 29, 2016 7:44 pm


The huge machines shined a bright blue, before they let off a huge wave of electromagnetic waves, directly at the surface of the Desth Star. The blasts had quite a force, coming from at least 5 Guardians surrounding the space station. A toaster floated next to one after the blast. "How the hell did I get out here?" asked the Toaster, floating weightlessly through space.

Locust Horde

The army began to sweep the island with a few squadrons of reavers, as giant gas barges surrounded the fortress, which was brimming with ugly, white reptilians, some uglier than others. The reaver riders continued to search for the "Nefilm", as pronounced by the locust horde.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Fri Jan 29, 2016 8:00 pm

Erops, Zandoo, Leonir, and Sissy wrote this. Together. WE'RE ALMOST THERE, FOLKS!


Our heroes dashed through the corridors of the Death Star, descending deeper and deeper into the heart of the Neo-Empire's power. They came across a particularly long hallway.

As the group came down the hallway with Robin in the lead, a door shut between Robin and the rest of the group. The controls would not work. Robin abruptly drew her Levin sword and turned back towards the door in surprise.

Toad's loud banging echoed behind the door. "HEY! WHO SHUT THE DOOR!"

A loud crash (Big Band) and the sound of a laser (Sans), before the area behind the door went silent.

Robin pivoted back around, her sword sparking in her hand.

"Ah, so this is the tactician I have heard so much about." A voice said. A chair had appeared in the hallway. A frail old man was sitting on it.

"Then no doubt you have heard that I tend to be quite violent with villains who spout too much drivel before a duel," Robin said, raising the point of her blade.

"WAIT," Toad shouted, muffled from behind the door. "IS THAT THE EMPEROR PALPITOAD OR WHATEVER HIS NAME WAS?"

The Emperor smiled and said. "You will not talk to your friends." The voice was filled with the power of the force, trying to get Robin to obey his command.

"I think so," Robin said, leaning back towards the shut door, not noticing that Palpatine was trying to mind-control her or something. She turned back to Palpatine. "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

"I have come to offer you a choice."


"toad, you're not helping the situation," Sans chided, also muffled by the door.

Three more doors shut, muffling the voices even further.


Just then, Stormtroopers began to surround the group at the door, but they did not fire.

"I have an offer that you may find appealing." Palpatine continued, ignoring the sounds on the other side of the door.

As long as it's better than your face, Robin thought. I doubt it, however. She said nothing out loud, still holding up her Levin sword.

"Your thoughts betray you." Palpatine said. "Now, here's the deal. I can give you the power to end all war and I will not limit your use of it. Here's something you to try."

Palpatine reached out his hand and felt for Robin in the Force. He felt her presence and raised her force sensitivity three times, just a bit below that of a normal Jedi's.

Robin did feel the disturbance of the Force around her, but she did not lower her blade. "You have caused immense grief for the people of Mata Nui, and for the ethereal citizens of Dreamy Wakeport. You work to harm my friends and fellows. What would you want to give me power like this, the power to end war, if you are not looking for control? You operate by fear, iron power. That isn't how war ends, only how it perpetuates.

"And besides," Robin added, "I've already got a special sort of perception. Why would I need a substitute?" She was referring to her tactician's eye.

"The Force can do far more than you think." Palpatine replied, careful not to say dark side. "As for my desire for control, I believe you are mistaken. If everyone is unified as a single body under a single leader, there is no conflict. Everyone is working together, not against one another."

Robin considered this for a moment. People working together in harmony, not against each other... She harkened back to Chrom and Emmeryn, then to the Mad King, Gangrel. Two very different sets of royalty. Gangrel ruled by fear and anger, ruled by sheer power, while Emmeryn... She governed through love. Understanding. Kindness. Chrom had told Robin of the times of the previous Exalt, who drove fear into the hearts of the people of the continent of Ylisse.

"Yes, everyone may be working together," Robin said, lowering her sword tip a little bit. "But if that is due to the overbearing force of will of an oppressive leader, of a destructive philosophy... then the only outcome of union I can see is one that rises against its subjugators."

"If there is no show of force, what stops someone from thinking they can rule better than the current leader?" Palpatine asked.

The sound of munching popcorn permeates the room. Mol and Sheogorath sat off to the side.

"darn it, mol, we've got a serious conversation here. what is this, a movie theatre?"

"Hey Gathy, want some popcorn?" Mol said quietly whilst wearing the classic red-and-blue 3D glasses, offering his bucket to the Daedra of madness. "Oh wait, I think the show's about to get good."

"Thank you." Sheogorath said simply before taking a handful. Though the popcorn did not seem to really exist, Mol knew Sheogorath likely did not care about that little bit of logic. As a few pieces of the light popcorn went into Sheogorath's mouth, it turned into real popcorn. This pleases the Mol.

Robin pulled her sword point up. "Let me make myself clear," Robin said fiercely. "I'd probably consider your offer better if you weren't the dastard that leads the empire that A. blows up planets, B. threatens and bullies people, and C. seems so hell-bent on conquering everything that you'd send a literal community of mechanical men to crush people who have done no wrong. But seeing that your little dictator pow-wow has done all three of the aforementioned acts, I can safely say that--"

"YOU'RE A REALLY, REALLY BIG DICK!" Sans shouted, cutting Robin off and yelling as loud as he can.

"This monologue is lasting forever," Mol remarked, his face leaning on his left hand.

"Don't worry, I think it's over. I'm not one for long speeches," Robin said. "Wait, who am I talking to...?"

"eh, don't worry about it."

Mol waved his hand, revealing Sheogorath and he to Robin. They were sitting on one side of the room, munching on popcorn. "Don't mind us."

"Very well." Palpatine said to Robin. His chair moved up out of Robin's reach. Sitting where he was before was a little white rabbit. "Kill this rabbit and I'll let you try to defeat me." Palpatine's chair floated out through an escape hatch at the top of the room.

Robin stared at the rabbit. "I have a very, very, very bad feeling about this."

The rabbit regarded Robin for a second. Without warning, the rabbit flung itself from the ground towards Robin's neck. "YAAAGH!" Robin shouted, throwing her sword into a guard position and sparking it quickly to repel the rabbit's strike and possibly electrocute it.

"I shan't risk a frontal assault! That rabbit's dynamite!" Robin muttered, throwing the killer rabbit off of the Levin sword and blasting it with a thunderbolt.

The thunderbolt stopped the rabbit mid jump, but it didn't seem to do much damage to it.

"ONE POINT FOR TEAM EWOK!" Sheogorath shouted.

Mol snapped his fingers with a smile as two cheerleading squads cheered on the two different teams. Team Palpatine, and Team... Ewok.

The bunny stood still for a moment before jumping up in the air. On his legs were rockets that allowed the rabbit to fly anywhere it wanted at will. It flew circles around Robin's head before feigning another attack on her neck.

"Oooh, it would seem Team Palpatine is going with a sneaky sneak strategy on the field here. I'm joined by my co-corrospondent, God of madness, Sheogorath here. Sheogorath, what is your take on the game here today?" Mol said with a sneer towards the seriousness of the battle as headset appared atop his head as if this were a football game or something of the sort.

"It looks like this will be a great game!" Sheogorath replied, ignoring (or not noticing) the sneer. He summoned a cheese wheel and began to eat it.

Robin dropped to the ground and did a kickslide as the rabbit pounced. A flying rabbit? Are you kidding me? Robin thought, before getting up in a wide ready-stance and blasting another bolt of lightning at the rabbit.

One of the rabbit's rockets seemed to be damaged, causing the rabbit to fly around the room lopsided. After a few seconds, it ran into a wall and fell to the ground, hurt. The rabbit turned to look at Robin with a pleading look, as if asking for her to help it.

Robin softened up a bit, but still was quite irked by the fact that this thing was trying to kill her just moments prior. "I don't know why you were created, but your existence... It's wrong, and somehow, I can feel that you feel it's wrong, as well."

Robin raised her tomebook and cracked open her Arcfire tome. Either that or it's trying to fake me out, the tactician side of Robin's train of thought said.

"What a heartfelt moment. I'm taking bets on trickery. No way our magician's bunny is giving up," Mol said, already knowing the true outcome of this little scuffle.

"For your sake, I shall end your misery," Robin said, hurling a fireball at the killer rabbit. It's probably safer if it was in fact trying to trick me.

As the fireball hit the rabbit, a mechanical voice came from some sort of speaker in the rabbit's fur. "ACTIVATING SELF DESTRUCT. 3..."

"Wait, what? That rabbit is... literally dynamite?"

Mol could not help but fall out of his seat laughing, hitting the floor before teleporting back into sitting position, wiping a tear from an eye. "Oh boy, what a plot twist!"

Sheogorath grinned at this. "I better save this for my scrapbook."

"You two are NOT helping!"

"She's right Gathy," Mol replied in a serious tone, before looking at Robin and shouting, "GO ROBIN! YOU CAN DO IT! I'M PROVIDING MOLAL SUPPORT!"

"Robin? Don't you mean Team Ewoks?" Sheogorath asked, a little irritated.

"You can't call a single person a 'team,'" Robin remarked, before shaking her head. "Oh, gods, what am I saying? That rabbit is going to explode!"

"Have you not heard there is no 'I' in team? Well that's wrong. I found a place where they spell it T-I-M. So there," Mol said simply.


"Well, actually, I think I can provide a team." Sheogorath pointed out. A portal opened and several confused Ewoks were coaxed through.

"Geeze, these are a long three seconds," Robin remarked.



"GAH!" Robin yelped, comically pressing herself before the door, aiming to get as far away from the rabbit as possible. The ewoks who had just come through the portal were blasted back through it.

"Well, at least you had a team at one point." Sheogorath provided helpfully.

"Well it seems Team Palpatine won by default due to Team Ewok cheating," Mol said, giving a stern look at Robin before breaking into laughter.

"What? I didn't ask for that!" Robin shouted. "And who put you in charge?"

"I did," Mol stated simply.

"I seconded it." Sheogorath pointed out. "(Although it was agreed I was only .0000001 percent less important than Mol)."

Robin threw her hands into the air, choosing to ignore the duo. "Okay, Emperor, I beat your little abomination.

"Nah. Your team lost because you cheated," Mol said, covering his mouth as he held back giggles.

"Moly, good friend. How did Robin cheat?" Sheogorath inquired. "We can't just have 'she cheated' in the records."

"Well you see Gathy, if you'll take a look at this plasma screen TV here, we can see when Robin cheated." Behind the duo appeared a TV, displaying a video of Robin eating a pumpkin. "As you can clearly see, Robin is a cheater cheater pumpkin eater."

"hey, you can do anything with cg these days! i call foul on the referees!"

"And here we can see Sans' pants hanging from a telephone wire, clearly indicating he is lying to us at this moment," Mol said with a giggle.

"do you want the gaster blasters or not?"

"Ooooh, I have no idea what those are, but they sound fun!" Sheogorath said excitedly."

"Oh come on Sansy, where's your funny bone?"

"i can't say i find your bullying very humerus, mol."

"Okay fine, have a video of Palpatine eating some pumpkins as well. Now it's not bullying," Mol said, the television displaying Emperor Palpatine enjoying a big heaping pile of pumpkin.

"then it's called saturday night live. at least that last video's actually true. and with this, folks, we see that we've squashed any possibility of you trusting the emp' anytime soon?"

A muffled ba-dum tss sounded from behind the doors, followed by some canned laughter.

"And now we cut to commercials," Mol said, winking at the camera.


Undyne and Mettaton were sitting in the background. They didn't know what was happening, but it was strange. Of course they had to get back to helping very soon. As soon as that door was opened. Which it didn't look like it was gonna be anytime soon.


"I am worried too.. I'm hoping she's alright. And i've been wondering where Vault Boy is, haven't seen him in awhile.." Undyne replied, looking visibly worried.


Robin ignored the commentary and shouted to Palpatine, "Like I said, I defeated your abomination."

"So you have." Palpatine said, his chair flaoting back down. "Unluckily for you, our scientists are starting to have a better idea on how these Clashes work. So that means I don't need you alive anymore. Mol, you can take care of the other pests. I'll deal with this one."

Robin's sword sparked. "We cannot allow your empire to continue to strike fear into the hearts of every universe you plague," she said. "But I'm not one for monologuing, so..."

Robin flung a lightning bolt straight at Palpatine.

The lightning was deflected back to Robin as Palpatine unleashed a current of Force lightning towards Robin, laughing the whole time.

Robin parried the lightning strike with her Levin sword, channeling the electricity through the blade and then, with a yell, blasting it in an arc back towards Palpatine.

"that better not be a tennis match going on in there," came the muffled shouts of Sans.

Palpatine simply just sent off another round of lightning this time, holding it for almost a minute. Robin attempted to parry the lightning, holding her sword tightly as the lightning ran up and down her blade. She gritted her teeth, then abruptly thrusted her blade to the left and sent electricity coursing that the way.

"What an exciting day in tennis history, isn't it, Gathy?" Mol said happily, as the walls of the room seemed to have vanished, all within seeing a massive stadium surrounding the fight which looked as if it were taking place on top of a green rectangle that somwhat resembled the ground of a tennis court. Of course, the net was missing however.

"Before we go any further, I'd just like to point out there is a severe lack of lightshows coming out of the Death Star, thus preventing me from fulfilling my pest control duties," Mol said, winking on the Jumbotron.

"Then you shall get it." Palpatine said while playing the tennis game. He activated a hypercom on his chair. "Tarkin, prepare the Death Star for fire."

"oh, mol, i thought we were buddies," Sans said, winking and shrugging, still smiling knowingly.

Mol turned to Sheogorath and said, "You mind commentating on the game for now, Gathy? Gotta go take a cosmic 'bathroom break'"

"Don't worry, Mol. I'll let you watch the highlight reel." Sheogorath said, a little off topic. He snapped his fingers and a bipedal bear appeared as a camera man.

"Thanks pal," Mol said with a wink, before vanishing in a burst of confetti, before reappearing in the vacuum of space, chillaxing in front of the Death Star's 'shooty end', awaiting his light show with red-and-blue 3D glasses on like he said he would.

Meanwhile, inside the Death Star, Tarkin stood in the command center, preparing the firing of the Death Star. He did not worry for the troops on the ground, for they were expendable.

"Death Star ready for firing, sir." A operator said.

"Fire." Tarkin said.

Outside the Death Star, the indent where the laser came out of began to light up and fired straight into Mol. The laser seemed to just shrink once it got near Mol, as if it were being sucked into a single point into the palm of his hand, creating yet another heavily dense orb of energy that only grew more dense and chaotic with more of the laser that was sucked into it.


Robin changed tomes and blasted a stream of wind blades around Emperor Palpatine, creating a green twister that swirled around and around the emperor. She heard the rumbling of the Death Star as it shoop-da-whoop'd right into Mol's grasp. "What the-- No!" Robin cried out, realizing what was happening as Palpatine jumped out of his seat, activating his lightsaber and avoiding the attack before it reached his seat.

Robin quickly drew her sword once more, cloaking it in electricity, seeing that Palpatine had his own sword drawn.


Tarkin turned to look directly at the person in charge of firing the Death Star. "What is happening out there?" He demanded.

"I... I'm not sure, sir." The voice said nervously.

"We'll worry about this later. Prepare the laser for a second attempt." Tarkin snapped.

Mol popped into the room, bouncing the ball that contained all the energy from the Death Star beam between his two hands ever so casually whilst laying on top of what was likely something important. "Hey buds. Thanks for the lightshow out there! Really appreciate the energy," he said with a smile.

"I hope you have a good reason for doing that." Tarkin said, not knowing about Palpatine's deal.

"Oh? You didn't hear? Me and Palpy made a lil' dealio. He gives me a lil' of this, and I kill off some pests," Mol said, casually sliding off of what he was laying on top of and walking about.

"Calling my emperor what you just did would normally get you in a lot of trouble." Tarkin said simply. "But if you are here to get rid of our problem, I suggest you get right to it."

Mol smiled, chuckling silently to himself as he slowly walked closer to the men, really dragging it out for dramatic effect. "Well you see. I'm here to 'get rid of some pests' and by definition... A pest is a minor annoyance, irritance, etc. And... I feel as though you're acting quite a bit like a pest at this moment.." Mol ceased the comical bouncing of the ball, instead twirling it above on of his fingers, looking Tarkin dead in the eyes.

"So how's about... You and I... Make a deal," Mol said as his smile grew.


"my bad time senses are tingling," Sans said. "this is gonna be good."

Back to Mol and Tarkin...

"I don't believe you're in a position to be making these deals." Tarkin said.

Mol scoffed, waving a hand as he said, "Oh you are adorable. You know that?" With a snap of his fingers, a cage of red lasers collected from the Brotherhood surrounded Tarkin, a few bits of energy teasing their captor by getting just a wee bit close before snapping back into place.

"So... Deal, or no deal?"

"What sort of deal?" Tarkin asked. He turned to look at a flight engineer and made a hand signal. The engineer quickly pressed a button on the Death Star control panel.

Mol sees all the light touches. The flight engineer too was ensnared within yet another laser trap. "Tsk tsk, Tarky. Now you just wrapped your old pal here into the mess as well. And here I was gonna make sure the rest of your crew didn't have to suffer..."

Mol's head turned completely around to face the newly ensnared engineer as he asked, "So what did Tarky here have you do that just signed your death certificate?"

"He, um." The engineer started, before pulling a pill out of his pocket and swallowing it. He had taken a suicide pill to avoid information falling into the enemy.

As soon as the pill entered his mouth, Mol brutally sent a laser through the engineer's gut and slicing down to below his crotch to ensure maximum pain. "You guys are really bad at making good choices, you know that?" he said with a chuckle, twisting his head back to Tarkin.

"What do you mean?" Tarkin asked, obviouslly stalling for time. Meanwhile, another engineer acitvated the alarms. The sirens began blaring throughout the Death Star.

Mol raised an eyebrow at the sound of the most annoying noise in the universe. "I am curious. What do you think sounding the bell accomplished? Do you really think anyone on this tin can can do anything to harm the guy who just drank your laser beam?" Mol said with a laugh.

Just then Darth Vader walked in with his lightsaber drawn. He looked at Mol, not sure how to use the force on a person made out of light.

Mol glanced at Vader out of the corner of his eye. "Well if it ain't Luke's daddy, Anakin Skywalker," Mol said with a cheeky grin.

"Anakin Skywalker died years ago." Vader said coldly. "I'm afraid you're going to join him."

Mol's smile (somehow) grew even bigger as he turned to face Vader completely as the laser cage surrounding Tarkin sliced him into cubes before said lasers vanished. "Hit me with your best shot," Mol said, spreading his arms out, enticing Vader to strike him with his lightsaber or attempt to use his magic. Mol knew it was called 'The Force' but he preferred to call it magic just to spite Star Wars fans and those who used The Force.

Just then a huge fleet jumped out of hyperspace. Huge as in hundreds of ships, Star Destroyers, dreadnaughts, cruisers, capaital ships, and so on. On the largest ship, a Super Star Destroyer was a large symbol on its hull. A red eye.

"Cute," Mol said in response, before turning his attention back to Vader. He quickly flung up a laser wall around the two to prevent any running away or the such. "So let's do this thang," Mol said, his arms still spread out as he awaited for Vader to strike.

Vader regarded Mol for a second. He doubted he could actually harm the being, but he had to do something to keep it here until back-up arrived.

Meanwhile outside, the Super Star Destroyer stopped next to the Death Star. It was far too big to fit inside the normal Star Destroyer hangar, so it just docked its hangar next to the Death Star's hangar. Out marched orcs in Stormtrooper armor. Behind them, a dark presence followed. The dark being quickly moved through the Death Star, ignoring the Stormtroopers who quickly tried to salute him whenever he passed them.

Mol could see this due to.. Well.. Mol. But he kept his dialogue focused on Vader. Everything surrounding the two became darkness, only he and Vader were visible as Mol got real for a moment, "Lemme get real for a moment here, Vader. I'm having trouble thinking of any possible reason why I should keep you alive. I cannot think of anything I can use you for. I mean sure, maybe get you to do a little monkey dance or something. But even still... What do you have that I could want? And answer quickly. I've been patient for far too long."

A timer appeared behind Mol, set to 30 seconds, showing Vader how much time he had to answer the question. Mol honestly did not fear this overhyped Sauron figure or anything, he simply just did not appreciate the constant stalling he has been receiving so far.

Just then, Sauron, the Dark Lord, entered the room. The laser wall opened to allow Sauron in, even though it would have done nothing to harm him in the first place.

"Being of light, if you want to survive the next few minutes, I suggest you explain to me what you're doing here." Sauron's voice boomed.

Mol fell backwards onto a lawn chair as he got rid of the laser wall entirely, looking up at Sauron. He knew of his abilities, and did not fear him. "Listen pal. I know full well what your capable of, and lemme tell you this right now. You're only gonna be a pain in the keister. So let's drop the edgy act for the sake of seeming somewhat appealing." Mol would answer his question, but only after seeing how the dark lord would react. Mol had to get entertainment out of this after all.

As Mol said those words, a large shadow fell over the sun of Mata Nui. All of the artificial lights in the Death Star turned off as well as in all of the ships outside. All fires on Mata Nui turned off spontaneously.




Mol continued relaxing in his lawnchair, looking somewhat bored. "I don't think you know how entities such as I operate. I don't feed off of light, chum. I am light, nice try though. Block out every sun. I honestly could care less. I was genuinely hoping for a surprise, but alas."

The floor below Mol's lawn chair became a hole to the floor below it. Though his lawnchair simply floated, unmoving from where it was before. Mol yawned in response to this. "Seen it," he said boredly, before snapping his fingers to make the lawnchair vanish, causing his figure to fall through the hole out of sight before he reappeared in another chair by Sauron's side.

"You seem to be able to resist us quite well, so what's stopping you from killing us all?" Sauron asked.

"That wouldn't be as fun. now would it?" Mol said, floating his chair in front of Sauron, smirking as he did so whilst taking a sip from a cup of Molbucks coffee. "Death is so boring, especially without real consequences. Like drama or the such. I mean honestly, not to sound rude, but nobody would cry if you died. So where would be the fun in off'ing you so soon?"

"Then what is your purpose here?" Sauron asked. He hadn't met a being quite like this before. And he had literally just returned from an expedition in the Omniverse researching the unknown.

Mol shrugged with a smile as he said, "I thought perhaps you and I could make a deal. Also, I was trying to figure out if Anakin Skywalker here was useful at all. Having trouble with that one." As Mol said this, his 'body' casually grew to Sauron's size. He took another sip of his coffee.

"What sort of deal?" Sauron asked.

"Real simple," Mol said, throwing a deck of cards behind him. "You gimme a lil' useful magic, and in return, I ensure your Life isn't cut short."

"I don't believe I will be arranging that." Sauron replied.

"I see. Confident in your ability to not die, I presume? Or is there another reason?" Mol said, before taking another sip of Molbucks brand coffee.

"I doubt you'll be able to damage me, light spirit." Sauron said.

"Oh yea, your jewlery there," Mol said, vanishing before popping in a relaxed floating position right next to the ring, fazing his fingers through it. "I've seen the movies you've been in bucko, which may or may not make much sense to you. But I know all about you and your lil' ring and the such."

"I'm not worried about the fact you know it exists." Sauron replied simply.

"Oh I know lots of things...Lots of things ," Mol said whilst winking to the fans of a particular cartoon show before floating up to chillax on Sauron's right shoulder. "You wouldn't believe how easy it is to learn how to defeat a guy by stalking some fat kid who's on the Lord of The Rings wikia."

"And what are you trying to say with that?" Sauron decided to not question the wikia thing.

"I'm straight up saying that I am offering you a deal. You give me magic, or I rip your Life apart into little pieces," Mol said in a very straightforward manner before taking another sip of his coffee.

"That would be interesting to see you try." Sauron said.

"It would be rather easy. Step one: Remove the ring via laser hell," Mol said simply, showing a little hologram of Sauron's finger falling to the ground before it sprouted wings and flying through a wall.

Behind his helmet, Sauron smiled humorlessly. "Try it."

Mol had a genuine smile then. "Well, Sauron. You've done it. You surprised me," Mol said, chugging down his coffee before crushing the cup into nothingness whilst continuing his smile. "Obviously, you have found an error in my plan? A variable I had not accounted for?"

"Perhaps." Sauron said, not giving any hints.

Mol just looked at Sauron before letting out a loud laugh and delivering a pat n the shoulder and a whoop to the skies. "I love this! Oh you got me! Ya really got me there! Haha! Oh it's so refreshing to not know everything! To be surprised like this! You know what? I don't usually do this, like.. Ever. But I'ma cash in a coupon for you just because of this moment here. No death threats for now, as a token of appreciation."

"What do you plan to do instead." Sauron inquired. This meeting had been rather informative for Sauron so far.

"Oh man, I'm in such a good mood right now. I think I might blow up all of those starships out there just for the hell of it!" exclaimed Mol, truly excited by the mere fact of not knowing something right in front of him.

"It would probably be best for you if you don't." Sauron said with little expression in his voice (not that there was much to begin with).

Mol giggled a bit, looking at Sauron as he asked whilst shaking his head. "And who's gonna stop me? There is literally nothing keeping me from going out there and having fun."

"I think I am capable enough to stop you." Sauron replied.

Mol snapped his fingers and pointed outside as an Imperial-class Star Destroyer suddenly split in half before exploding due to the fact it was sliced in half. "Woops. My finger slipped."

The attack Mol used was not what Sauron expected. "You are going to regret that."

Sauron began to try to cast his shadow over Mol, trying to kill off his light.

Mol simply was no longer visisble, his light particles incapable of reaching Sauron's eyes. "You never passed highschool did you? That's not how light works, you silly goose," Mol explained, "Still here, but now you can't see me. We got a sort of science vs magic thing going on here. It's funny in a way, isn't it?"

"Not for you, it isn't." Sauron said.

"Oh nooooo. I think my finger is about to slip again...." Mol said, doing an obviously fake attempt at fear at the idea of his 'finger slipping' once again.

"Try it." Sauron said. He was prepared for whatever it was this time.

Mol allowed his fingers to snap as another Imperial-class Star Destroyer got a good dose of Mol just like the one before it, but something was different this time. Sauron held the matter in place, not allowing any part of the Star Destroy to crack open.

"Impressive I suppose," Mol said. "Let's see what your limits are."

Whilst Mol continued his attempt at breaking apart the same Star Destroyer, he set his sights on ten more at the same time. All Sauron did was simply make sure the Star Destroyers didn't break open. When they were about to, he would quickly manipulate matter to seal the cracks again.

"I love pushing boundries," Mol said as he amped up his target count to see just how much Sauron could do at once as Mol barraged nearly 50 victims at once, not satisfying himself with a single slice. Sauron, tapping into the One Ring for extra power this time, continued to hold the Star Destroyers together.

"You're forgetting how old I am, Sally. I have far more experience with this than you do," Mol mocked as he ramped it up to 75 at this point, before letting loose a barrage of lasers at Sauron's ring hand as well. If Sauron did falter, Mol would likely only ensure the destruction of one Star Destroyer. Wanna save the fireworks for later if he can help it.

Sauron extended his grip to all of the Star Destroyers before focusing on the lasers going after his ring. If they were actually going to damage him, they're probably either energy or plasma, both of which Suaron could deal with. These ones seemed to be energy. Sauron quickly created a wall to block the lasers by turning some of the oxygen in the air into solid steel.

Seeing this, Mol split the laser beam in half, sending the two halves back towards himself as they rejoined and orbited him. "Clever," Mol said before snapping his fingers, rendering his energy based projectiles invisisble. "Let's hope the eye of Sauron is as good as they say it is." With that, invisisble energetic scattered lasers came at Sauron from all sides.

Feeling the beams coming towards him, Sauron turned the whole air around him into the same material the Death Star itself was made out of. He turned it back into oxygen once that barrage was done.

"Nicely done. Nicely done," Mol said. Then he got a bright idea. He used a power Diablo had bestowed upon him, which was dubbed 'Hell Spike', which encased its victim in some magical bs Mol didn't 100% understand. All he knew was that it kept people from doing things. He'd figure out this form of magic in more detail some other time. He was just glad to have found a moment to finally use this again.

"You know what I find really funny? There are so many contradicting laws of physics at play here. I mean, a billion different forms of magic and science. It's crazy. Like this weird magic cage thing, amiright?" Mol said looking at the cage with a smile.

A cage grew around Sauron, causing him to be stuck where he stood. The cage itself seemed resistant to his influence, but the ground below him was still very much Death Star. He began to open a hole below him. Below him, under the floor, he found more bone.

Mol laughed slightly as he looked into the cage. "Oh don't worry, Sally. I won't ruin everything while you're stuck in there right now. I mean.. I could. But this was moreso to prove a point. I am better than you in every way possible. That's not me being arrogant or anything of the sort, it's simply fact. And I hope you keep that in mind. Because next time, if you reject a deal or, God forbid, attempt to break a deal with me?... Just remember I'm not always so merciful."

With that, Mol vanished, as well as the cage of bones. Wheather or not Sauron had the lesson engraved in his mind or not did not matter to Mol. He had more important matters to tend to.

"Well that was something." Sheogorath said, walking through a portal. "What was I doing here again?"

Sheogorath shrugged and walked back through the portal, leaving a wheel of cheese in his wake.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by SBR23 on Sat Jan 30, 2016 12:58 am


Harkinian leaned over to Weegee. "Hey, Weeg, when are we gonna tell them?" he whispered. Weegee looked back towards Harkinian, who had a facial expression that Weegee had not seen from him before. This expression was fear. "Not yet." he whispered to Harkinian. "Once we get through with this Death Star business, we'll tell them the whole thing about the new NNN."

"What's the NNN?" whispered a voice just behind the two. It was Headdy, chewing on some bubblegum of which he had in his pocket. "Uh......uh........uh......" Harkinian said. He couldn't get his words out. "It's this." said Weegee as he showed Headdy the ad he received via email. Headdy snickered at the hilarious visuals of the MS Paint Sans, Papyrus, Toad, Sonic, Marionette and Victor. "Looks like someone's not good at drawing." Headdy whispered. "Those Slaugher Me Street Fools still buggin us?" "It's getting worst. They're turning the whole universe against us." explained Weegee in a whispery voice. "They even got they're own website."

"When we gonna tell the others?" asked Headdy very quietly. "We'll spill when the Death Star is destroyed." whispered Harkinian. "I'm looking forward to seeing this trash heap explode. I'll film it and everything!" Headdy chuckled a bit. "Me too! I got my camera to take a picture with!" whispered Headdy. "Focus you two." whispered Weegee angrily. "Headdy, just please don't tell anyone. If you do, they'll be freaked out." Headdy gave the "I won't tell a soul" sign to Weegee and Harkinian. They all nodded in agreement and took their attention back to blowing up the Death Star. Hopefully, no one heard them.

Slaughter Me Street Gang

"Perfect! I'm glad we could reach agreement! With your help, along with many others, we shall end this 'Dimensional Clash'!" declared Follower. Plankton ran up to Karen, praying that she way okay. "Karen! Are you okay, honey?" asked Plankton. "I'M FINE." she said in an aggravated tone. "Okay Sheldon, call back your slave." said Follower. Plankton equipped his headsets and proceeded to contact SpingeBill through his Bucket Head headset device. "Report back to base! I repeat, report back to base! Our new members have accepted our alliance. You may return to base." said Plankton. SpingeBill returned back to the now grounded fortress. He gave a four fingered salute to the group. "Now we must reason with the floating head." said Follower, looking towards the entrance of the fortress. "Everyone wait in the lobby. I'll take care of this." Follower walked inside the fortress. Plankton and Karen soon joined him, heading towards the lobby. "Gentlemen, follow me if you please!" said Plankton politely.

The inside of the fortress was military styled as well. For an evil fortress bent on the destruction of interdimensional heros, it sure looked good doing it. "All minions and members of the NNN, please report to the lobby for a special presentation." said Greeter on the PA system. Penguins and muscular bloopers were walking to the same destination Plankton, Karen and the Locusts were.


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Sat Jan 30, 2016 3:59 am

The Cast of Dimensional Clash 7.5 Brings You:


"hey, robin, the planet didn't blow up. hurry up and kick this guy across the room so we can get outta here, blow the thingamajiggy up..." Sans started.




Big Band stared at Toad. "Wait, how do you know that? There aren't any windows here!"

"Fourth wall shenanigans. Don't question it or why it works."


Robin and Palpatine crossed blades, the constant sparking electricity of the Levin sword keeping the plasma blade from cutting clean through the metal. Robin, over the spark of electricity and the hum of the lightsaber, could hear Big Band slamming into the door once more while Sans was warping and Toad was... doing who knows what, but Robin thought she heard a rubber chicken.


"I'm...trying!" Robin called back, before abruptly shifting to the side in an attempt to throw Palpatine's weight off and catch him with a quick slash that transitioned well into a guard.

Sans had created a diagonal wall of bones between his group and the Stormtroopers, while Big Band was busy punching into the door with his tuba-fists. Toad was helping out in every way that he could, yelling an ululating battle cry while waving a rubber chicken.

"i'm not even gonna say the line," Sans said, summoning Gaster Blasters and blasting several Stormtroopers down the hallway, before swinging two bones around to strike any others left behind. "if you're all lookin' for a knuckle sandwich, then..."


"[b]bone[/i] appetit!" Sans finished, swinging a bone like a baseball bat and whacking a Stormtrooper clear down the hallway.

"You'll never stop with those, won't you?" Toad asked.

"nope. the pun train stops for no one."

"You know, I think there are drainage pipes somewhere around here." Percy suggested.

"You wanna do your pee thing again?" Toad asked. "Maybe that'll get the doors open."

"Of course it had to be pee..." Tentaquil sighed.

"Hey, whatever it takes to get past this door," Toad said. "It looks like Big Band's worn down the door a bit, so I think with enough pressure you should be able to punch through it, Percy."

Below the hallway, pipes began to burst open. The ground begun to crack and urine torrented out of the ground and broke open the door. Big Band dodged out of the way, realizing that the product of the human excretory system was kind of gross and would not be a very good thing to get on his coat.

"HEY ROBIN!" Toad shouted. "DUCK!"

Robin immediately hit the deck as a torrent of urine identical to the one on the old Star Destroyer burst comically through the door, blasting over Robin's head and into Emperor Palpatine's chest. I bet Tentaquil had never seen a Hydro Pump like that before! Robin glanced upward at the pouring stream of urine and decided that it was probably best for her health and safety to move out from underneath the geyser. Probably. Maybe a little bit.

Robin stood up. "Come on! We've got to get to that tractor beam!" she ordered, running past the dazed Palpatine. Sans, Toad, and Big Band ran past (Toad kicked Palpatine in the head once) and through another set of doors.

"we should be able to follow the signs. what kinda idiot wouldn't put up signs in a big place like this?" Sans remarked.

The fakemon would have opened his mouth to complain but he did not desire to swallow urine, so he shut up as he plodded after them.


"Yeah, maybe that could be useful. Considering these doors are pretty tight. " Vault Boy remarked, attempting to push the door as Undyne did as well.

"Now i've always wondered what was with the urine thing, where is it even coming from?.. I don't want to know.." said Vault Boy.

"The doors are already open, dingus," Toad said, whacking Mettaton upside the head (body?) as he passed. "Don't step on the pee, by the way.

Down the corridors they went, following the signs, Sans making sure, looking back, that nobody was hot on their tail.

"OH, IT WAS? MAYBE I JUST CAN'T SEE WELL ANYMORE!!" Mettaton said, as Undyne and Vault Boy were slightly laughing at Mettaton as they did their sarcasm. "What we doin' next?" Undyne asked.

Trashcanhead managed to not step anywhere that idd not have urine, muttering multiple, "Sheeeeeit"s with each step he took. Explozevo on the other hand, had a very mild amount of fluids on his boots before throwing back a few bean mines behind the group. Not only were these explosive, but they tasted delicious.

"I love these things, amigos," Explozevo said, tossing back a fifth and final bean mine. "They're just bursting with flavor!"

"you sure beaned those guys back there, eh?" Sans asked, huffing and puffing, but still winking at Explozevo.

"SANS! JUST STOP IT WITH THE FREAKING PUNS! THEY ARE NOT FUNNY!" Undyne shouted, obviously irritated.

"oh, you're starting to sound like my bro," Sans said. "maybe he shouldn't hang out with you so much since your'e getting into some real fishy dealings."

"Oh come on amiga, his joke was pretty humerus for a bonehead like himself," Explozevo said with a laugh.

"thanks, boomer. you've got some pretty bomb-bastic puns yourself."

Undyne sighed, trying her best to ignore what is happening as her face was getting red. "F*ck me..* Undyne quietly muttered.

"ah-ah-ah, there are kids watching this program," Sans said, putting a finger over his lower jaw.

Trashcanhead heard that loud and clear, a big smile beneath his trashcan helmet. "Sure thing Undyne, anytime," he said, silently chuckling.

"oh god. isn't that an expression?"

"W-Wait! I didn't even mean to actually do that!.. Don't take it seriously.." said Undyne, backing away from Trashcanhead. Vault Boy chuckled. "Actually, i think i've had a experience like that before, it didn't end well, but at least it actually worked! I'm now a uh.."



Trashcanhead gave Vault Boy a glare that was a mix of disgust and concern as he shook his head and looked forwards as he let out a, "Sheeeeeeeit..."

"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that," Big Band said.

"Sounds like a badly written fanfiction to me," Toad said.

Dave Chappy's writing skills are offended in the distance.

"Don't worry! I'm joking, of course fanfiction is just fanfiction, after all!" said Vault Boy, giggling at how they reacted. Undyne was relieved.

"Let's just keep moving," Robin chided, rolling her eyes. "Come on, I think we're almost--"

Big Band horn-crush'd through a set of locked double doors and blasted into a large chamber. An octagonal prism jutting from the floor shot vertical beams of blue light into a series of portholes.

"Uhh.. What is this now?.." Vault Boy asked.

"Well amigo," Explozevo said, strutting forwards whilst digging around under his coat, "What we have here is something that is about to go ka-boom!"

"It's the tractor beam," Robin clarified. "And yes, it's about to go ka-boom. Explozevo, would you do the honors?"

"As if you needed to ask, amiga," Explozevo said with a smile, before pulling out his most vile food-related explosive creation yet. If one looked at it from the outside, it would just look like a set of chili beans, wires, and tubes of colorful liquid. "I'll need a minute to set it up for maximum ka-boom-icy."

"OOOOHHHH!! I HAVE CHILI BEANS, WIRES AND TUBES OF COLORFUL LIQUID!!" Mettaton shouted, waving his hand out as usual.

"I think Explozevo can handle it," Robin said, putting a hand on her hip and smirking at the Mexican demo.

Explozevo gave Robin a smile before turning to his ingredients. He took off one of his shoes and poured some of a green liquid into it, carefully measuring how much he put in before pouring the liquid into a bean can. It would seem he was using his shoe as a measuring device.

All of the sudden, Isaac, Donnel, and Stitch re-appeared within the room.  Isaac's pants were torn apart.  Donnel's pot hat had a scratch in it.

"whoa, you guys alright?" Sans asked.

"No... Something was coming down at us...  I don't know what happened..." Isaac began to brush himself off.

"Sheeeeit, at least you're all good now," Trashcanhead said, looking at the newcomers up and down.


"must've been bad," Sans remarked, glancing at Isaac's heart boxer shorts which he somehow has despite being from a game where boxer shorts probably wouldn't exist.

Explozevo hummed a tune whilst mixing his chemicals into the correct order, seemingly in his own little world of explosion-related chemistry. This would be one of his best shanty bombs yet, if not the best shanty bomb ever.

Appropriate Listening:

Just then, a white rabbit walked into the room. Followed by a dozen rabbits. Followed by countless more.

"Something tells me we ain't in Wonderland," Toad muttered.

Robin drew her Levin sword. "Damn, they've got more of those abominations," she growled, her sword sparking with electricity.

"We have to protect Explozevo as he mixes his chemicals!" Big Band shouted. "God, I can't believe I just endorsed homemade bomb-making!"

"Since when did we have rabbits in here? Are these tricks?!" Undyne said, staring at all of the swarming rabbits.

"Tricks are for kids," Toad said, pulling out a red cereal box and shaking it around a bit, before putting it back.

"Rabbits?  Now, where'd they come from?"  Donnel asked.

"MAYBE SOMEONE USED A MAGIC HAT TOO MUCH.. DON'T YOU THINK?" Mettaton remarked, standing next to Donnel.

"Er...  No, I don't think."  Donnel recalled the fight he had gone through in the last room.  Something had ambushed him and the others, a shadow of sorts.

"These are no ordinary rabbits; these rabbits are dynamite! Don't risk a frontal assault!" Robin ordered.

"Didn't you already use that reference in the last fight?" Toad asked.

"Yes, but it clearly applies right now!" Robin replied.

"I got this," Trashcanhead said as he threw a knife into the fray of rabbits with a pathetic grunt. It merely scratched one of the rabbits, further emphasizing how poorly Trashcanhead executed that plan of his.

"10 out of 10, would kill rabbit again," Toad remarked, leaning over to Trashcanhead.

"DO WE KILL THE RABBITS, OR DO WE JUST STAND HERE?" asked Mettaton, as suddenly Vault Boy was on the floor, sitting down with the rabbits, wishing to become one of them

"alright, you little demons," Sans said, clenching his fist and pointing at the crowd of ravenous bunnies, his eye glowing blue. "i'm gonna send you all back to hell where you belong."

Two Gaster Blasters appeared next to Sans's shoulders, opening their mouths, a laser glowing within the recesses of their jaws.

"aaaaaAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!" Sans roared, pouncing at the rabbits as the monstrous white storm pounced towards him. The Gaster Blasters' mouths fired their lasers into the crowd of bunnies.

Isaac cast some powerful Gaia psynergy upon the rabbits.  An inexplicable fissure opened up in the floor and the might of the earth came bursting through, exploding as it engulfed the already dynamite rabbits.

"OOOHHH!! MAY I HELP?" Mettaton offered, as Undyne grabbed Vault Boy by the neck once again and put him somewhere safe. Undyne took out her spear, preparing to attack.

Trashcanhead was going to go all assault rifle on these rabid rabs, but... He felt his guns were not as effective as massive laser beams or holes in the ground. He decided to lob one of the few grenades he kept in his underwear at the rabbits.

Explozevo continued humming the Mexican tune, bouncing very slightly to the music as he continued the creation of his WMD (Weapon of Meaty Destruction). He carefully pouredan exact amount of light grey powder into a can, before grabbing a second can to create the second alternation mix.

sudenly shia lebuf cam ans ed "DO IT! JUST DO IT! MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! JUST.. DO IT!!"

Mettaton pointed out a finger, before the finger started to shoot out laser beams at the rabbits. Undyne threw simple spears at them.

Toad, on the other hand, swallowed a Mega Mushroom, and instantly swelled to twenty times his size. "BEDTIME FOR BUNZO!" Toad boomed, before stomping on the crowd of rabbits. (Sans was careful not to get caught under Toad's foot.

"Since when could mushrooms grow so large?.." Undyne muttered, before focusing on trying to kill the rabbits.


"I know that game!.. I think.." remarked Undyne.

The rabbits jumped up into the air and activated the rockets on their legs, sending them flying towards everyonesn ecks.

Robin raised her sword and, like a bug zapper, fired lightning bolts at the flying rabbits, souring their flight paths. Big Band, on the other hand, shoved his head as far into his collar as possible and threw forward his brass bell, capturing a large number of the rabbits. But more rabbits just continued to keep coming.

A dull BOOM! rang the bell within Big Band's grasp.

The rabbits self-destructed within the bell, as Big Band opened up his coat and revealed his set of timpani drums. He banged on them furiously, their jets flaring and repelling the rabbits.

"I could literally just be doing LSD and I wouldn't notice a difference," Trashcanhead muttered referring to the events of the Clash. He whipped out a shotgun to attack the rabbits with, it'd be far easier to hit a small target with a weapon of such sexy spread.

Just then, all of the rabbits froze. Timed to seem to have frozen for everyone except the Champions.

"What?.. W-What happened?.." Vault Boy asked, nodding with the frozen timeline.

Trashcanhead saw this and kicked a frozen rabbit as hard as he could, finding that it would not budge and that time-frozen rabbits really hurt when you kick them.

"I see you have a rather hairy perdicament right now." A voice said, coming out from a portal. Sheogorath had arrived.

"i never knew why alphys didn't like furries until now," Sans said.

"She does like Manga though, and Anime!" Undyne said, looking at Sans and Sheogorath.

"i meant the crap you see on furaffinity and stuff. yikes. i get the gross sexual stuff but hot dang, these animals are vicious."

"Halfway done amigos," Explozevo yelled out to nobody in particular. He seemed to not notice any events ocurring at the moment before a small electric shock zapped his finger, causing him to waggle it for a second before standing up, looking back at everyone with his hands on his hips as he proudly proclaimed, "Welp amigos! Bon appetite!"

"Is it done?" Undyne asked.

"you forgot to preheat the oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit," Sans said.

"Oh trust me amigo, we're going well above 350," Explozevo said with a short laugh.

"that was a joke, by the way. alright, let's bake this thing," Sans said, glancing up at the Tractor Beam.

"Explosives?" Sheogorath asked. "Those sound fun!"

"YES! EXPLOSIVES!! AND IT'LL BE GREAT TO LOOK AT!" Mettaton mumbled in response to Sheogorath.

Big Band acted quickly and jumped into the middle of the group of heroes, before throwing a brass bell around them. Explozevo leaped out at the last minute, shouting to those inside, "I'LL BE GOOD AMIGOS!"

"Sadly, I can only freeze time so long, so I probably should explain my offer to you all." Sheogorath said.

"I think we're good," Big Band shouted.

"What about those fun rabbits that are around here? There are alot more coming." Sheogorath said.

"Bell's gonna keep 'em out. And when the thingamajig goes boom, they go bye-bye. Then we dip."

"Well, if you think you can handle it, I won't stop you from doing it yourself." Sheogorath shrugged.

Explozevo hopped back over to his homemade bomb, admiring it for just a moment before pulling out a match, lighting it and bringing it slowly down to the explosive.


"EXPLO..disco?" Big Band started, before lowering his voice a bit.

"Explozevo," Robin corrected.

"EXPLOZEVO! THROW THE BOMB!" Big Band ordered from within the bell as time unfroze.

"Well, before I go, here are the ewoks you all left behind!" Sheogorath said, popping out of existance as Ewoks appeared in his place.

"What's an 'ewok'?" Big Band asked.

"Small furry creature. Quite adorable if you ask me. Though they all appear to be outside of your bell, and... uh-oh," Toad explained.

"Anyone asks, the Empire did it."

Explozevo held up the bomb in his hands, turning around looking at the rabbits leaping towards him with a crazed expression. Before they could get within a foot near him, everything went, as he said... "Ka-boom." Everything within a 100 foot radius heated up to nearly 1000 degrees Kelvin whilst charred chili caked the walls.

Somehow, Big Band survived. Why?



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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by Leonir on Sat Jan 30, 2016 4:25 am

Collab. Post by Erops and Leonir

TraitorCrix Madine

"I believe it is time to strike back at the Empire." Crix said to Tahu. "And while it won't stop the Death Star, it will be a start. We're going to steal a Star Destroyer."

"You mean one of the massive ships that the sky-voices pilot and use to strike fear into the Matoran?" Tahu asked.

"Yes." Crix replied.

Tahu nodded, then bowed to Crix. "Forgive me, for as patron Toa of Ta-Wahi, I must stay on the surface and defend Ta-Koro in case any more forces come to conquer or destroy. But may the Great Spirit guide you in your mission, and save us all from the wrath of the sky-voices."

"Perhaps I could find several volunteers to help me." Crix suggested.

A brilliant light burst before Tahu and Crix, admitting several Nordic warriors with axes and broadswords. All of them were burly and scruffy, but bore heroic expressions. "How does a platoon of einherjar sound?" asked the one in the center.

"Einherjar?" Crix asked. In all his time as a high ranking Imperial commander, he had never heard of einherjar before.

"Warriors who died bravely in battle, got sent to Valhalla in the realm of the Norse gods, blah, blah," said another einherji. His companion smacked him. "What? He seems like he's in a hurry, and I just gave him the short version."

"Did you really have to add the 'blah, blah' though?"

"Well, admittedly, no."

The einherji in front ignored his companions. "We have been tasked to protect the island's citizens; to fulfill that task, we shall fight alongside you to slow down the Neo-Empire. One of our fellow einherji has already helped turn the tide against our adversaries."

"Okay, here's the plan." Crix began. "The Empire is probably going to send more Stormtroopers down in greater force to capture this village. They'll come down here in shuttles. Most of us will steal one of the shuttles once they come down while the rest remains behind to deal with the rest of the Stormtroopers. We can probably fly it straight to one of their Star Destroyers."

"I shall dutifully defend Ta-Koro, as I said before," Tahu said, thumping his chest. "You have already witnessed my power; I shall not let Mata Nui's village fall so easily.

Right then, five shuttles carrying Stormtroopers began to fly down, as Crix predicted.

"We need to get off to the side of the area they're landing in, now." Crix said urgently, running to the right of where the shuttles seemed to be landing.

The einherjar followed Crix, as Tahu drew his magma swords. "I will cover for you. You focus on executing your plan," Tahu called, as his swords began to glow.

The five Imperial Shuttles soon landed. Their doors opened and Stormtroopers came running out, firing into the village. Tahu's Kanohi Hau activated, protecting the village as he raised four pillars of smoking magma into the air, sending spires of molten rock cascading towards the Stormtroopers like the snaking tentacles of a fiery octopus.

Crix, seeing this as their chance, gestured for the einherjar to follow him. He ran into one of the shuttles, took his blaster out of his pocket, and shot the pilot. The einherjar followed Crix's suit, running in, yelling, their burly arms swinging their blades clean through Stormtroopers' armor and slaying their adversaries. Crix closed the door to the shuttle, and started to fly the shuttle away.

Crix directed the shuttle towards a Star Destroyer and began to fly into a small hangar off to the side.

"Imperial Shuttle 412, why are you back so soon?" A voice asked through the hypercom of the shuttle. Crix had flown the shuttle right back to the Star Destroyer it had came from.

"BECAUSE WE'RE ABOUT TO BUST YOUR HEADS!" shouted one of the einherji.

"Imperial Shuttle 412, could you please repeat-"

The voice was cut off as Crix shot the hypercom.

"Be prepared to meet resistance when we land." Crix said.

"We are always prepared!" declared the einherji, thumping his battle axe on the ground.

As the einherji said that, the shuttle landed in the hangar of the Star Destroyer.

Rolling straight up into the shuttle was a pair of droidekas, blocking the exit of the shuttles. Behind them, a dozen Stormtroopers began to fire into shuttle.

"FOR THE GLORY OF ASGARD!" shouted the einherjar, somehow instantly destroying the droidekas, barging out of the shuttle, their shields forward and their various bladed weapons hoisted into the air. They ran down the platform and rushed the stormtroopers, swinging their blades with deadly precision in an attempt to clear the path. Stuff happens when you're blessed by Asgard.

The einherjar managed to cut through all resistance on the Star Destroyer without getting a scratch. They then met up with Crix at the bridge of the Star Destroyer.

Crix looked over the group of einherjar. He then realized that they were several men short of being able to somewhat fly the Star Destroyer.

"Something wrong?" asked one of the einherji.

"I'm afraid we're going to need a few more people to barely fly this thing. And a lot more to fly it optimally." Crix said, frowning.

"Say no more!" said another einherji, heroically posing and snapping his fingers, as two rifts of light opened up and Palutena's Centurions began to pour forth. "Odin and Palutena have banded together to aid the heroes of the Omniverse, for their numbers are small while their hearts and will are massive!"

"This will work." Crix said, looking at the new arrivals.


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Sat Jan 30, 2016 6:41 am

The Death Star Raiding Par-Tay!

The dust cleared, and Big Band retracted the bell back into his trench coat.

"huh. wrong sound," Sans teased "gosh darn it, explozevo. where's the kaboom?"

"Not all explosions make the same sound!" Undyne said.

"he promised a kaboom," Sans said with a wink. "alright, since the tractor beam's gone, we gotta split before more of those bunnies decide to drop by. don't worry, i've got a shortcut. as usual."

"What, another teleportation thing? You always have that! And apparently, you break the fourth wall a ton!" Undyne remarked, as she then sighed.

"me? no, no, no, you're confusing me with someone else."

"Yeah. Fourth-wall breaking is MY schtick! So don't talk about it," Toad added, putting his hands on his hips. Toad had shrunken down to size (comically within the bell).

"You both break the fourth wall, man! And it annoys me!" shouted Undyne.

"Then pretend we don't," Toad replied.

Robin placed her hands on Undyne's shoulder and Toad's head. "Please calm down. I don't want any arguing or infighting between us," she chided.


"You stay out of this," Robin said, jabbing her index finger at Mettaton and glaring at him, before turning back to Toad and Undyne. "Now can we calm down for a bit?"

"yeah, i think i hear those killer rabbits a-coming." Sans added.

"I've been trying to tell those two for awhile.. They just won't snap out of it! Mettaton and Undyne just keep arguing.. And really, what does it lead us to? Nothing! So.. Maybe we should just move on." Vault Boy commented.

Sans abruptly took everyone's hands and said, "stay close."

For the short moment everything went black when Sans did his fancy teleporting shtick, a middle-aged voice called out humurously and feigned arousal, "Ohhh Sans!"

"um, mol, you can cut the sexy act," Sans said. "we could end up halfway to albuquerque if i get distracted."

Sans and the group wound up in the Death Star's hangar. "alriiiiight, who's ready to par-tay?" Sans asked, rather loudly.

"Yeah! I'm ready to party!" Undyne shouted, as Mettaton obviously was speaking about partys. "OOHHH! I'M ALL ABOUT PARTYS!"

Explozevo pulled out some tequila from under his coat and was about to take a swig before realizing something.. "Oh... You didn't mean that party thing... Literally.. Did you..."

"well, it could be a spaceship-jacking party," Sans suggested with a signature shrug and a wink.

Explozevo gave a shrug of his own before downing a few gulps of tequila. He quickly stuffed the bottle back under his coat and clasped his hands together.

"Alright, Undyne, Mettaton," Robin said, "we need to go in, guns blazing, so I need you two on the front to make sure that we're clear for takeoff!"

"Whatever you say, Robin! And i'll make sure Mettaton isn't too loud!" Undyne said.

Toad rummaged through his back pocket. "Hey, Big Band, I got an idea," Toad grunted, before pulling out a cartoonish space helmet. "Put this on."

"Are you crazy?" Big Band asked. "Don't you know how space travel works?"

"Hey, when you're with me, anything can happen," Toad said with a sly smile.

Big Band rolled his eyes and threw the helmet on. "Here goes nothin'," Big Band replied.

"Mettaton, don't you dare even speak! It'll just attract things around here!" Undyne shouted at Mettaton. "WILL DO!!!" Mettaton replied, well, that didn't work.

Undyne sighed and facepalmed.

Just then when Undyne made it clear to be quiet, Trashcanhead let out a loud burp, holding a bottle of tequila in his hand.

"Where the- HEY!" Explozevo shouted, grabbing his tequila from Trashcanhead and stuffing it back under his coat.

"Can't you make a Molotov cocktail with that?" Toad pointed out.

"Amigo, I'll make a bomb or combustable hooba doobaloo out of almost anything, but tequila? That's something precious in its own right," Explozevo said, cherishing the life-blood of his people.

"Isn't tequila a type of drug?.." Vault Boy asked, as he was sitting in the background.

"You know, the stormtroopers are doing a conveniently terrible job of guarding these ships," Toad said, climbing into the hatch of one of the TIE fighters.

On cue, Stormtroopers who had been on the other side of the room came running over. Obe of them seemed to be carrying a rocket launcher. The one with the rocket launcher noticed Toad and sent a rocket flying towards the TIE Fighter Toad was getting into.

"Uh-oh! Busted!" Toad yelped, throwing the engine into high gear and comically rising into the air in the TIE fighter before... slamming the craft into the wall. CRUNCH! "Whoops, had it in reverse," Toad said sheepishly.

Explozevo quickly jumped in front of the rocket, literally punching it and absorbing the resulting explosion in a very cool manner that would look amazing if someone were to draw it.

"SHEEEEEEEEIT!" Trashcanhead yelled as Explozevo was quick to whip out his signature grenade launcher in order to fire at the Stormtroopers. He let loose 'nade after 'nade.

Undyne brought out her spear, threatening the Stormtroopers. "You stay outta this! Or i'm gonna hit ya really hard!"

"Don't just stand there, throw 'em!" Big Band said, before jumping up, thumping into the ground, then opening all the ports on his body to let loose a quick burst of sound upon a crowd of Stormtroopers.

Undyne did as Big Band said, and then started throwing spears mixed with normal and blue. "Hah! Take that--"

Undyne was interrupted when suddenly Mettaton had been making loud buzzing noises with his laser. "MAYBE YOU SHOULD'VE JUST RUN AWAY, SO STAY HERE, OR DIE!!"

Robin pointed to another wide-open TIE fighter. "Tentaquil," Robin called, "get into that thing and start firing at whatever looks like a Stormtrooper!"

As Robin said those words, Vader entered the room.

"here comes another one of them dark lords," Sans said.

As Vader entered the room, Mol slowly floated up from the ground in front of him, in a comedically psuedo-seductive pose. "Hey Anakin, did ya miss me?"

"Oh, great, it's that black armored guy again!" Undyne complained, aiming her spear at Darth Vader.

Lazers erupted from the TIE figher, Tentaquil didn't need to be told twice, as he wrapped his claws around the controls and zappped at the white armored troops.

Mol kinda just shooed Vader, "Go away. Shoo. Quit being a plot device. Go find your son and cut off his hand or something. Go on now."

Vader responded by picking up Tentaquil's TIE Fighter with the force and moving it towards the wall.

Which earned him a horn crush from Big Band. WHAMMO! Big Band's French horn body slammed right into the Sith lord from behind, sending Vader flying,

"SURPRISE LASERS!" Mol screamed as a flurry of red went towards the flying Vader, as Big Band skated away on his clarinet legs.

Vader held up his hand while flying through the air to deflect the lasers back towards Mol.

Mol used a little 'force' of his own to try and keep the lasers moving forwards whilst creating another beam behind Vader. Did this mortal seriously think his 'force' could beat Mol's will?

The fakemon was unsuprisingly upset, as he attempted to climb out of the fighter

Undyne began to throw spears at Vader, once again mixed with normal and blue. "I'm not gonna stop until you're DEAD, PUNK!" Undyne shouted.

Vader continued to deflect all projectiles flying towards him with the Force, although it could be seen that he was concentrating harder than normal.

A stray projectile smashed into the open door slamming Tentaquil inside.
The fakemon stumbled back into the craft, and began smashing at the closed ship trying to get out

Mol had a brilliant idea. He sucked up a nice amount of light before letting the particles loose on Vader's eyes in order to temporarily blind him with a nice flash. Not that kind of flash you pervert.

Luckily for Vader, he didn't need to see to use the Force. Maybe Mol never saw that one scene in A New Hope where Luke had to use the Force with his eyes closed,

Yet he did, Mol just blinded Vader to be, as the kids would say 'a dick'. He continued his laser barrage, sending them from many different directions in different frequencies and sequences, almost like a song. In fact, the lasers did match the rhythm of a classic by the humans, the culturally enhanced song that was, "Smoke weed, get bitches."

Undyne's spears were building up as the projectiles were getting difficult to prevent. "This is fun! I'm having fun when i'm beating up a punk like ya'!" said Undyne, grinning.

"I'M NOT HAVING A FUN TIME!" Tenty cried as the Ship began to hum as it started up.

Toad quickly translated this for Undyne. "Well i am! And seriously if you try it, it's actually entertaining!" Undyne commented, still throwing spears.

Toad threw the lever to his own hijacked TIE fighter and activated the thrusters, only to find that the vessel was, in fact, chained to a post. "Figures," Toad muttered, as the craft's engines strained against the chains.

Explozevo lobbed an explosive back at the post before returning his attention to fighting. "De nada!" he shouted out to Toad in advance to the thank you that would come.


"there we go!" Sans said, satisfied.

"THAAAAAAAANKS!!!!!" Toad hollered, as the TIE fighter lurched forward and immediately dropped erratically to the ground, flattening a bunch of Stormtroopers and steamrolling over a bunch of others.

"When is this gonna go kaboom?" Undyne asked, who has stopped throwing spears.

The thrumming of huge engines escalated in the hangar as a Star Destroyer's signature quadrilateral shape began to loom through the gap.

"I don't know amiga, I suggested I just go down to the core myself and get things going, but hey. As long as we get a ka-boom, I'm good," Explozevo said to Undyne.

The hums grew louder and louder, as the Star Destroyer crept into view, its turrets turning towards the Death Star's hangar.

"INCOMING!!!" Toad hollered.

Of course, no one heard him, so Robin shouted "INCOMING!" for him.

"Wait, what-- HO-LY---" Big Band started, then finished as the Star Destroyer came a-careenin' into view.

A bright light shone from one spot on the Star Destroyer, as several Centurions streamed through the hangar and began stringing arrows of light and striking down the Stormtroopers.

"Heroes of the multiverse! We don't have time so I'll skip the theatrics! Come to the big diamond-looking ship! We're about to make this Death Star go boom!"

"Now that is an explosion!" Undyne commented.

"What explosion?" Toad asked. "All I see is a big ship."

"Oh, that explosion that happened behind me! I think Mettaton accidently hit himself with his own bombs." Undyne replied.

Tentaquils TIE strained on its leash threatening to break off

"Lemme help you out there, pal!" Toad radioed, before turning around and rising about a foot into the air, firing his TIE fighter's guns at Tentaquil's chains.

The Fakemon screamed very loudly as the tie kicked off smashing into the wall before spinning in a circle.

Toad launched a tow cable at Tentaquil's TIE fighter, latching onto it and pulling it out of its loop. "Who-o-o-o-a!" Toad shouted, his flight pattern somewhat erraticized by the presence of that other weight.

The smell of manliness filled the vaccum fo space and the hangar containing many of our heroes as Asian Rambo's chest hair flowed through the solar wind. Despite space being a vaccum, his manly voice was easily heard as he shouted, "NOTHING IS OVER!"

Trashcanhead felt the urge to throw something. And so, he found a nearby Gonk Droid, and threw it at a Stormtrooper.

"..F*ck.. Not that guy again.." muttered Undyne, as she tried to distract herself by suplexing 10 gonk droids.

Asian Rambo descended into the hangar, punching the air and causing a shockwave to ripple, cracking the armor and bones of a large amount of Stormtroopers in front of him.

Sans thrust his palm forward and a wave of bones cleared a path through the Stormtroopers, as Big Band skated through. Robin dashed after and grabbed onto his coat, while Sans teleported onto Big Band's shoulder.

Meanwhile Tentaquil gripped the controls trying to regain control.

"Hey, buddy," Toad radioed to Tentaquil, "you think you can right yourself and start firin' at 'em? I'll take care of the directions."

The fakemon gibbered, and righted himself and then mashed the firing button.
Scorching beams of heat seared through the air and swiss cheese'd the troopers as they poured in.

Asian Rambo let out a manly screech before punching a Stormtrooper's skull in so hard, that every atom within his head collapsed into a black hole for a few seconds, only long enough to cause the Stormtrooper to be sucked into nothingness before the miniature black hole imploded in a itsy bitsy explosion that could not be seen without a itsy bitsy microscope.

Suddenly, Undyne was so angry at Asian Rambo that she leaped at him and said "DA DA DA DA DA DA DA! DA DA DA DA DA DA! DA DA DA DA DA DA! DA DA D DA D A DA DA!"

Asian Rambo ooked at Undyne, whos strength was incapable of causing even a dent in the titanium that was his muscle. He simply ignored her and continued the manly massacrew of Stormtroopers whilst shouting out random Rambo quotes.

Sans was suddenly next to Undyne, grabbing . "alright, calm down, undyne, why don't you go grab a tie fighter and follow the others to the star destroyer."

"But what IS a tie fighter?" Undyne asked.

Sans pointed at the signature H-shaped ships.

"Man! Those look great!" Undyne remarked, before jumping into one.

Sans warped away back onto Big Band's shoulder, just before Big Band encased himself, Robin, and Sans in a brass bell and released rocket boosters from his bottom. "Hang on tight!" Big Band shouted, before blasting off and flying straight for the opening.

Seeing the focus of battle shifting to the cosmos, Asian Rambo took a deep breath and leaped out of the hangar, ready to punch whatever enemies that dared to threaten the balance of the universe into manly particles of dust.

You could hear Undyne's screeching as she was shooting lasers from the TIE fighter, maybe she was having too much fun.

"TURN YOUR RADIO OFF!"Tentaquil shouted as he blasted some mooks.

"YEAH!" Toad shouted. "TURN YOUR RADIO OFF!"

"I'm not playing a radio! It's my beautiful voice!" Undyne replied.

Trashcanhead had gotten a hold of a fighter at some point as well, driving around space in wobbly circles as he replied over the radio, "Beautiful is right. Keep it going, Undyne!" Trashcanhead is the flirt master 9 billion.

Tentaquil smashed his head onto the control console out of annoyance.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, another TIE fighter was flying around. Two of them, in fact.. Ooohh, i wonder what it could be?

"DARLINGS!! SPACE FIGHTING IS MUCH MORE BETTER THAN I THOUGHT!" Mettaton mumbled. The second one was.. Vault Boy, of course!

"Fuck I keep going in circles," Trashcanhead groaned, "I think mine is broken or something."

"I'm sure yours isn't broken.." Vault Boy said. "I think it's you and the controls!"

"We're all going to f**king die Tentaquil sighed before getting back to lazering.

"Sheeeeit! When I figure out how to stop going in circles I'm gonna bumper car you so hard!" Trashcanhead said in reply to Vault Boy, obviously kidding as he pushed a few buttons, now casuing his fighter to not go in circles, but simply spin around in one spot very quickly.

"Well, there goes my spaceship.." muttered Vault Boy, as he then focused on helping the others.

Trashcanhead continued mashing buttons as he spoke over the radio once again, "Hey Undyne, what happened to that voice? Was enjoying listening to that!" Finally, his fighter started going in a straight line as he did a little victory dance in his seat.

"Uhh.. I'm j-just getting my voice a little tired.." Undyne replied over the radio, obviously, having this face: http://41.media.tumblr.com/1840cdb2b9760d99b55966d63a468ecd/tumblr_inline_nv00jwMbaM1qeiu0z_250.png

"This is neither the time nor the place for your fanfiction!Tentaquil hissed, smashing into a platoon of troops.

"Fanfiction! I forgot that i had some fanfiction!" Vault Boy said. "I even have memes! In which, Undyne did introduce me to!"

uggggghhhhhh Tentaquil sighed.

Trashcanhead's fighter then began doing loopdy loops whilst spinning and firing lasers in random directions. Banging could be heard through the radio as Trashcanhead began hitting the controls, unsatisfied with his inability to fly this thing properly.

He eventually stopped and just allowed his vessel to do as it pleased, deciding to just provide moral support over the radio.

Once again, Undyne is just weirded out by what Trashcanhead previously said. And the banging is freaking her out. "Aww, come on Undyne! You'll get used to it.. Eventually.." Vault Boy remarked, saying this over the radio.

"..It's just.. Is Trashcanhead trying to.. Seduce me?.." Undyne asked.

"Is it working?" Trashcanhead simply stated over the radio while turning some knobs he just found on the ceiling of his fighter, causing some smoke to temporarily fill the inside. Did these fumes think they could make him cough? Hah! Nonsense.

"..Uh..Kinda?.." Undyne replied.

"Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit!" Trashcanhead exclaimed. Not only did this increase his mood, but now he finally figured out how to fire the lasers when he wanted them to fire, only doing so when his vessel spun in the direction of the enemy.

"Now we should rather focus on trying to kill these things, instead of seducing!" Undyne shouted, as she began to shoot lasers at the enemy.'

Trashcanhead did it... He finally figured out how to turn the fighter in the direction he wanted it to go in! "SHEEEEEIT! I'M A PILOT NOW! FUCK YOU DAD I TOLD YOU I WOULD DO IT!" Trashcanhead happily exclaimed as he flew around the void of space, shooting enemies. What he did not know was he left his blinker on the whole time.

Suddenly, a loud voice, rather sounding more human like was heard. "DARLING, WOULD YOU QUIET DOWN? OF COURSE I'M LOUD, BUT YOU SEEM LOUDER THAN ME!" Mettaton said, apparently he secretly turned into Mettaton EX.

"God.. Apparently he has turned into that second form of his again.." Undyne muttered, but obviously being clearly heard through the radio.

"Wait is that the thing where he got robo-tits or something," Trashcanhead asked, trying to remember back when Mettaton transformed into his EX form.

"Robo-tits?! I clearly remember he just had fancy legs!" Undyne shouted.

"Can we please stop taling about metal boobs, and get back to ya know not dying" Quil spoke knowing full well noone was listening.

Trashcanhead ignored Tentaquil's complaints and continued the conversation, "No yeah, there were the legs, but I could swear there was some bumpage on the chest."

"Are you talking about his shoulder blades? Or his heart?" Undyne asked.

"I don't even know, I didn't get the best look at him. I think we were busy doing some fighting stuff or whatever," Trashcanhead replied before taking down an enemy fighter.

Somehow, Mettaton had entered Trashcanhead's spacebuild, very clearly in his EX form. "OOOHH! WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO, DARLING?" Mettaton asked.

"..Wait, is Mettaton with you in there?!" Undyne asked again.

"Wait, what the!? How'd you get in her- HAH! There are robo-tits!" Trashcanhead exclaimed, having a good view of them from his current angle.


"Well they're small titties," Trashcanhead said with a shrug, speaking of the convex curve that was Mettatons EX's chest.

A crash was heard. "WELL, I THINK MY SPACESHIP JUST CRASHED, I HAVE TO GO NOW!!" Mettaton said, before entering out of Trashcanhead's spacecraft.

"Seriously.. Was he in there with you?!" Undyne asked.

"Yeah, I dunno how. His robo-tits were like, right in my face," Trashcanhead said before doing a few barrel rolls whilst firing at an enemy fighter, flying through the aftermath dust cloud all cool-like.

"Seriously, since when did he have boobs?! I don't remember him having those! I wouldn't even like to see them.."

"Eh, they were decent. Yours are way better though," Trashcanhead said whilst stifling a laugh as he flew about, firing lasers, the usual.

Undyne didn't respond.. She was again, weirded out by the conversation.

"Good grief, guys, can we stop talking about boobs for just one second and fly into the freakin' ship that the centurions asked us to fly into?" Toad shouted.

Trashcanhead did a few spins before making a dash to the location Toad was speaking of. He did a double take and noticed Asian Rambo was swimming through the void of space, holding his breath.

"AND HE SAID THAT I HAD ROBO-BOOBS!! HOW INSULTING, HONESTLY!!" Mettaton shouted, as Undyne, Vault Boy and Mettaton began to fly towards the destination.

"They're like.. A-cup," Trashcanhead commented, holding back more laughter.

"Oh.. For god's sake, can we PLEASE stop talking about this?" Vault Boy said.

"I dunno, fer a machine, yer very attractive ta me." Donnel remarked to Mettaton.


"What is with this conversation?.." Vault Boy quietly mumbled.

"-crophone bullshit can't be found anywhere. Goddamn instruction ma-" came Explozevo's voice, cutting out before coming back in once again, "-n't even talk because of all the.. Wait... OH! Hola amigos! I found the microphone button in this thing! Apparently mine isn't an automatic radio!"

"..Were you just talking to yourself?.." asked Vault Boy, who had Undyne's face when she was being seduced.

"I was.. Mumbling," Explozevo said, unsatisfied with the fact that his microphone was turned off yet everyone else's was turned on when they went in theirs. Of course he just had to get the one with the microphone that was turned off. He steered his fighter to the location, having spent most of the previous time screaming into his microphone and wondering why he was being ignored before figuring out his microphone was flipped to the off position.

The Star Destroyer's hangar opened up and the tractor beams guided the TIE fighters (and Big Band, who was thankfully spared from all of the above conversation) into the massive vessel.

Asian Rambo's strength overwhelmed the tractor beam, his simply continued swimming until he arrived into the hangar. He had held his breath the entire time.

Big Band landed on the tarmac, smoke billowing from his engines, before his clarinet-legs touched down like landing gear. "So, uh," Big Band started, releasing Sans and Robin from his bell. "What now?"

"Now we get out of the way before the other ships careen into us," Robin pointed out.

"Good plan," Big Band said. The three of them scampered away as Toad's TIE fighter smashed into the tarmac, rolling a complete 360 degrees before coughing out Toad. Tentaquil's ship clanged against the ground, skidded for a bit, its chains rattling, and stopped when it collided with Toad's TIE fighter.

"Phew. Where are the airbags?" Toad asked, not noticing a blooming lump in his rump.

"What about the big ka-boom?" Explozevo asked whilst stumbling out of his TIE Fighter. Trashcanhead seemed to flop out of his, embracing the ground for a moment before jogging over to be near the others.

Undyne's ship landed first, Vault Boy's next, Mettaton caught up with the group. "We still need to get this to go ka-boom man! I really wanna see that explosion!" Undyne commented.

"It would seem that we'd have to make the thing go ka-boom by driving this thing," Robin replied, glancing around at her surroundings. The Star Destroyer had quite the accomodations, though the Death Star significantly dwarfed the vessel in size.

"Ya know, Robin, you've got a point. Most of us can't fly these things," Toad said, rubbing his head. "I think I got a bit of airbag stuck in my pants." Toad plucked the airbag from his butt, and it deflated with a "pppptthhhllppphpbbbh."

"Today, I became a master pilot," Trashcanhead said proudly, one of his childhood dreams having come true.

"Good for you, buddy. You get a gold star," Toad replied, handing Trashcanhead a Super Star. The Star's eyes blinked once.

"Heeeeeeell yeah," Trashcanhead said whilst nodding his head, he touched the star, suddenly feeling a rush overtake him. It was like no drug he had ever taken oh my god this was amazing everything was so slow but he was fast he was god the universe is within his fingertips he fourgegokp

Trashcanhead ended up running around the room at immense speeds, punching a few holes into some TIE Fighters as he did so, screaming random gibberish as he did so.

"You sure that isn't a drug?.." Undyne asked.

"No, it's a Super Star. It'll wear off in about fifteen to twenty seconds," Toad said.

And wear off it did. Trashcanhead suddenly found himself flying into a crate at 40 cocaine per hour (CPH). Thankfully, he hit arm first onto the ground, causing him to skid before the back of his helmet slammed into the box. He let out a a quiet, "owwww."

((end listening))

Toad ran up to him. "You alright, man?" he asked.

"I think I broke my arm.." Trashcanhead whined. Explozevo walked over and handed the lad some tequila, though Trashcanhead could not pick up said tequila because his arm was broke.

"Well, that's why i'm not gonna use that star.." muttered Undyne, staring at Trashcanhead. "You alright?"

"You gotta be careful running around like that," Toad said, handing Trashcanhead a Shroom Shake. "Here, drink this, you'll feel a lot better."

Trashcanhead realized the Undyne was watching, quickly standing up and leaning on his bad arm against the crate, slowly and casually grabbing the Shroom Shake with his other hand as he winced beneath his helmet. "Yeah, I'm all good, Undyne," Trashcanhead said as he took some sips of the shake.

"You sure? I think you have a broken arm.." said Undyne, eyeing Trashcanhead's broken arm.

"Do you want your mommy, too?" Toad asked. Sans walked up and smacked him.

Trashcanhead would feel really bad about Toad's uncalled for and rude comment later, he took another sip of the shake before replying to Undyne, "I eat broken arms for breakfast... No wait..."

"You a cannibal?" Big Band asked. Sans smacked Big Band.

Undyne slapped Sans, before going back to Trashcanhead. "Uhh.. Okay?.. I guess that's totally not cannibalism.."

"No, I mean we break our arms and shit all the time in the militia.. Not that I eat arms," Trashcanhead explained, finishing the shake, not really liking this situation.

Explozevo lobbed a grenade at a wall, causing a loud and distracting explosion, noticing a certain someone's discomfort.

"Well, you okay th-" Undyne got interrupted by the explosion. "What are you doing?!" Undyne asked.

"Woops, it slipped," Explozevo said with a shrug. "Now, amigos, let's figure out our game plan, no?"

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

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Locust Horde

The Reaver search parties returned, dropping down into the fortress' courtyard, as the area brimmed with Locust, as there were too many to fit in the base. Drones were, by far, the most numerous 'minions' attending in the crowd. "Why you interrupt my cook time?" yelled a Drone in a very torn up rag with a heart painted in blood emblazoned on it, "MY KIDNEYS WERE ALMOST DONE!!!"

The new general strolled in front of the army, carrying a very large shotgun. "CALM DOWN YOU SHALL GET YOUR KIDNEYS AND LIVERS!" he yelled at the overly angry cook, "JUST LET NNN MEN TALK AND WE SHALL GET BACK TO KILLING THE NEFILM!" To which the crowd whooped and cheered over.

From a distance away, a Brotherhood scribe watched from behind a few bushes, taking notes as the brutes went on yelling. He was most intrigued by the whooping over this "nefilm", as the illiterate beasts said.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

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Robin strode across the tarmac, standing upright with an air of authority. Two Centurions floated down to meet her. "The einherjar and centurions have successfully commandeered this vessel," the Centurions declared with a salute.

"I guess that makes our job a lot easier," Robin remarked, looking around. "Fancy ship. You guys taking care of it okay?"

"Of course," the Centurions said.

Robin nodded. "Okay, I've gotten the schematics of the Death Star down pat, I think. Across the surface of the weapon are several trenches, some of which converge at one point: an exhaust pipe leading to the ship's means of propulsion," Robin explained. "In order for us to not get killed in the resulting explosion, we need a way to competently fly through the trenches and guide an explosive, provided probably by Vault Boy or Explozevo (or both, if we're feeling like it), into the pipe."

Big Band lumbered up to them and stood behind Robin. "I can carry them both, but I'm gonna need cover," Big Band offered.

"Which we would be perfectly willing to provide," said the Centurions, "as the Centurions have been figuring out this ship's weaponry, as well as fitting it with our own cannon.

As they said this, two Strongarms carrying a large catapult marched across the tarmac and headed up a flight of stairs.

Robin nodded. "We may also need to edit the ship's aesthetic so that the folks below don't freak out when this ship lands near them."

"Simply changing the emblem may help," said one Centurion. "Maybe one of the eyes on your sleeves?"

Robin glanced at her robes. For some reason, she felt like... that wouldn't be a good idea. "No," Robin said. "Perhaps something a little less... I-see-you-ish?"

Robin sketched out the mark of the Exalt, the birthmark on Chrom's shoulder and within Lucina's left eye, and gave it to the Centurions. "Perhaps that would work better?"

The Centurions pored it over.

"Right now, the important thing is to make that weapon go ka-boom," Robin reminded.

"Yes, yes! Of course. As soon as you're ready to deploy, just say the word and we'll drop you off!"

The Centurions fluttered next to the exit to the hangar, as Robin turned to Big Band. "You think this'll work?" Big Band asked.

"I think so," Robin replied. "Like, 87% sure."

"What about the other 13%?"

"You've got to take into account the unexpected."

Big Band sighed. "Alright. We doin' this."

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by Mr.H on Sun Jan 31, 2016 3:11 am

Brotherhood of Steel

The Prydwen flies over Po-Koro, spotlights flashing on the village, as its speakers blared,Do not be alarmed. Our intentions are peaceful. We are the Brotherhood of Steel." several Vertibirds landed, letting several Knights begin to survey the area. The Vertibirds carrying Liberty Prime lowered, dropping the anti-communist automaton onto the dunes, where it landed gracefully for being a giant war machine.

A single Drone layed in the sand, watching through a spyglass. It had to learn how to kill his enemies. It slowly shifted back, but broke a randomly placed twig behind it. Liberty Prime did a full 180 in about two seconds. "COMMUNIST ENGAGED." it yelled as it flung a nuke right at the single Locust troop. The following explosion left a pile of slightly glassed sand, bones, and yellow blood.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Sun Jan 31, 2016 7:21 am

Collab written by EropsToad, lowfn, SissyGamer, Leonir, thecardiackidofdcvii, and Jawlord. Warning, if you are easily affected by feels, you may suffer a leaking of the eyes whilst reading this post. You have been warned

Time to Go Boom!

Big Band lumbered over to Vault Boy and Explozevo. "Hey, you two," he said. "You up to finally make some things go boom?"

"Yeah! I'm ready to make things go boom! Ka-boom, la-boom, ka-boom.." mumbled Vault Boy happily.

"Nothing better than a good ka-boom, amigo," Explozevo said to Vault Boy before nodding in response to Big Band's question.

Tentaquil, rolled his eyes and walked away.

Big Band turned his back towards them and motioned for them to hop on. "Alright, you two, get on my back. Things 'bout to get real hairy."

Vault Boy gets onto Big Band's back, saying "What do you mean things are about to get 'hairy'? You mean some of that Rambo guy's chest hair?"

"Somethin' tells me that was filler dialogue," Big Band replied. "Man, I'm spending way too much time 'round Toad."

Explozevo reluctantly hopped onto Big Band's back, finding this position to be rather awkward. However, Trashcanhead had his priorities straight when he told nobody in particular, "Man I'm hungry as fuuuuuuuck. Yo Undyne, wanna see if they got some hotdogs or some shit somewhere on here?"

Big Band clamped a bell around them, then prepared to blast off. "We're gonna need backup, like Robin said," Big Band added, "so anybody that can fly one of those TIE fighters better come with us."

Toad scampered up to Vault Boy and Explozevo, before shoving space helmets onto their heads.

Suddenly, a TIE fighter was indeed flying in the air, it was Mettaton! "DID SOMEONE WANT A TIE FIGHTER?" he asked.

"I have some people here who would like to volunteer for that." Crix Madine said as he approached the group with a  large group of einherjar at his side.

Big Band nodded to Crix. "Oh, hell yeah. This explosion's gonna be epic."

Asian Rambo did not need these 'TIE Fighters'.. More like 'Stuff that babies with no muscles need'.... Good thing he only said Rambo quotes, because he was not very clever. He jumped out from the hangar and into the void of space once more, growing wings from out of his chest that wrapped around to appear to come out from his back that were made completely out of.. You guessed it, chest hair.

Hotdog Squad

"I'm not sure why they would even sell hot dogs though, all i know is that Sans has a stand where he sells Hot Cats and Hot Dogs." said Undyne.

"Just food in general is what I'm looking for. C'mon, we haven't eaten if a billion years," Trashcanhead said, gesturing for Undyne to come with him in a quest for sustenance .

"Maybe i am a little hungry though, but are you really sure that there even IS some food around here? We're in a spaceship, I wouldn't know if they actually had a lunch room or something. That'd be weird." Undyne chuckled.

"Whaaaaaat? Man, they gotta have a food place on here. How else are they gonna eat when they're goin' around in space and taking a long-ass time?" Trashcanhead questioned. IF he designed a space vessel, he'd make sure there was plenty of food. And bathrooms at every corner. And a strip club with a-... He was getting sidetracked in his thoughts.

"Alrighty, let'sblow this popsicle stand!" he said, gesturing for Undyne to follow him.

Undyne followed Trashcanhead. "Where are we even gonna look first? It'd be great if we could bring back tons of food for our friends, they have to be hungry, ya know?" Undyne remarked.

"Easy as sheeeit. If we came in through there, then obviously they keep the food close to the center of this thing so everyone can get to it quickly.... At least... That's how I'd do it," Trashcanhead stated, as they started walking down a hallway.

"You better not get us lost though.." Undyne shouted as she walked into the hallway.

"Please, I'm the fucking navigation king up in here," said Trashcanhead with pride as the duo continued their exploration in the mighty quest for hotdogs.

They eventually came across Sans, who was sitting at a wooden stand, leaning on the counter. "you guys lookin' for some 'dogs?" Sans asked. "yeah. apostrophe-dog. short for hot dog."

"I told you there were hotdogs here," Trashcanhead said with a smug grin under his helmet.

"And that's what i meant by Sans selling some 'dogs.." said Undyne. "Trashcanhead said that he was hungry.. Maybe he'd like some 'dogs."

Trashcanhead looked around, realizing she referred to him and Sans in third person. "Who're you talking to, Undyne?"

"I was talking to you first, and THEN i was talking to Sans." Undyne explained.

"looks like you guys are carrying too much. so here's what i'll do. i'll give you these 'dogs on the house," Sans said, leaning over and holding a sausage in hand, before placing it on top of Trashcanhead's helmet. "here ya go. have fun."

Undyne chuckled at Trashcanhead, looking at the hotdog on his helmet.

"Holy shit, put another up there. I wanna try that crazy shit where they put the books on their heads... But with hotdogs," Trashcanhead said, looking up with his eyes.

Meanwhile, Undyne had ditched Trashcanhead and went back to the area she once was.

Big Band

Robin saw Big Band getting ready, and gave the Centurions the signal. They pressed the intercom and said, "WE'RE MOVING!"

Their Star Destroyer turned to move towards the trenches of the Death Star, lurching over the space station as its hangar door opened.

"You need to cover Big Band, since he's holding onto Vault Boy and Explozevo, who have some very heavy explosives on their person," Robin explained.

"We'll cover him as well as we can!" bellowed an einherji in a TIE fighter.

"LIVE FOR NOTHING, OR DIE FOR SOMETHING!" Asian Rambo shouted at the top of his lungs as he flew through the void of space using his new wings made of chest hair whilst holding two assault rifles in each hand.

"Alright, we're back on the beat," Big band said, smoke billowing from his engines as alarms began to sound, signaling that it was time to drop.

"ALRIGHT, EVERYONE, ON THREE!" Robin shouted over the roar of engines. "ONE... TWO...."

Big Band blasted off, Explozevo and Vault Boy in tow. Big Band had on the space helmet. "THREE, FOUR!" Big Band bellowed, like a count off.

"OH YEAAAAHHH!" Vault Boy shouted, obviously excited about what's happening right now.

"Alright, we headin' down to those trenches," Big Band said, barrel-rolling into a trench and streaking over the Death Star's structures and paths. "No doubt we're gonna run into trouble."

"I got guns ready, just in case." Vault Boy commented.

"Yo, Mettaton, you got my back?" Big Band asked through the space helmet's radio.


"A'ight, good. Keep it that way. Just in time too, looks like we've got company."

"So, music amigo," Explozevo said, looking around at the scenery of the Death Star rush by as Big Band rocketed magestically over its surface, "How're we gonna do this thing?"

"We fly over the exhaust pipe. You toss one of your bombs down the hole as Vault Boy goes nuke-crazy. We fly outta there before the thing goes boom-boom. We profit," Big Band explained.

"Wait, nukes!? Vault amigo! Hand me one of those, por favor!" Explozevo exclaimed, getting a bright idea.

"They're mini-nukes, in fact. I'll give you a few, but i don't have much.." Vault Boy offered, giving Explozevo 4 Mini-Nukes. "Careful with them.. They could blow up any second! I've had a situation like that before, it didn't end well."

"You make sure you don't blow 'em up with me right next to 'em, we don't have any problems," Big Band warned.

Explozevo only grabbed one of the mini-nukes, quietly laughing to himself as he carefully opened it up as he exclaimed, "A nuke is a nuke amigo! Pretty much every nuke only uses a very small bit of its uranium or the such for the explosion, but your ol' pal Explozevo knows exactly how to make these use it all!" Oh yeah, that was how he made that one bomb that blew up all of Mexico. It only had half as much radioactive material.

As Explozevo said this, several enemy TIE fighters flew in V-formation through the trenches to meet Big Band. "Alright, get ready, folks," Big Band said to the radio. "It's time to lay down the jams."

The TIE fighters began to blast lasers at Big Band, the einherjar, Asian Rambo, and Mettaton. Big Band rolled out of the way and blasted his rockets, pulling out a trombone slide and thrusting it forth like a lance. "Glissando!" Big Band shouted, smashing a hole in the TIE fighter's cockpit (he had quite a lot of momentum) and knocking the TIE fighter into the ground, causing it to explode noiselessly on the surface of the Death Star.

Mettaton began to shoot lasers out of the TIE fighter at the enemy TIE fighters, attempting to dodge the projectiles as they flew by. "IT'S NOT AS EASY TO TAKE ME DOWN AS YOU THINK!" he shouted.

"Shoot 'em!" Big Band shouted to Mettaton.

Asian Rambo was quick to fly down before landing on top of a TIE fighter, spreading out his massive wings in a 'badass' fashion and smashing both of his fists into the vessel before ripping its pilot out and crushing his skull between two fingers. He then jumped from the fighter to continue his offensive defense.

Explozevo however, was busy modifying the mini-nuke. He placed a wad of paste between the activator and the seperate halves of the inside of the device before getting to work rearranging the formation of the isotopes within, ensuring every last atom would be used.

Mettaton did as Big Band said, shooting the enemies as he passes by. "Explozevo.. What are you doing?" Vault Boy asked.

Big Band screeched to a halt, letting two of the TIE fighters zoom by, before blasting forth again as two einherjar used their tow cables to snag the TIE fighters and swing them around, then into each other. Big Band saw a TIE fighter coming and lifted a brass fist above him and delivered a nasty hammer fist into the cockpit, sending the fighter spiraling into the ground.

"NOW THAT'S VIOLENCE, BIG BAND! I FIND IT TO BE A GREAT TRAIT THAT YOU HAVE!!" Mettaton commented, before continuing to shoot the enemies.

"When you're a beat cop, you learn a few things."

Darth Vader

"Lord Vader, it seems we're under attack by captured TIE Fighters."  An Imperial officer reported to Darth Vader. "We have already deployed our own fighters to take care of them Do you want any changes to be made to the plan?"

"No." Vader said. "I will assist them in this."

Vader then walked off to his personal TIE Fighter.

Death Star Prison Block

Explosions could be heard and felt all over in the Death Star and this was no exception in the prison section of the space station. More specifically, the two prisoners in that section of the Death Star could feel and hear them. These prisoners had been on the run since the Dimensional Clash before this one and the Neo-Empire had finally caught them.

"Come on Chewie, here's our chance." Han Solo said to Chewbacca in their prison cell. The Wookie roared in agreement and busted the door out of the cell open using his own brute strength. As Han had expected, hardly anyone was there to guard them due to the attack. There was only one Stormtrooper.

"Hey, what are you doing!" The Stormtrooper, starting to raise his blaster, but Chewbacca got there first. He grabbed the blaster out of the Stormtrooper's hands, shot him, and then tossed it to Han.

"Let's go find the Falcon." Han said. Chewbacca roared in agreement as they ran off to the nearest hangar.

Trench Runs

"We got more coming!" said an einherji, radioing Big Band.

"I know," Big Band replied. "Y'all get ready for some turbulence."

Explozevo was glad he put the paste in front of the activator, or they'd all be in one nasty ka-boom right now.

"How are you even going to keep us safe from that?.." Vault Boy questioned Explozevo, looking at the bomb. "Wait, does this bell keep us safe?"

"We don't drop it 'til we need to, then we fly the hell outta there," Big Band replied. "I don't think the bell will survive the core of a nuclear explosion, so Explozevo, you'd better be careful with that.

"No worries amigo, I disabled the activator. This thing's a dud until I remove this paste," Explozevo said, continuing his rearranging of the insides of the mini-nuke, soon to be the creation that will dwarf the Tsar Bomba with ease.

"What if we can't escape in time when the nuke drops though?" asked Vault Boy, becoming worried about what would happen.

As Vault Boy said those words, a TIE fighter began to fire at Big Band. But Mettaton used his TIE fighter to shoot at the one that was shooting at Big Band. The TIE fighter quickly flew off to the side, avoiding it. Inside the TIE was Darth Vader. He slowed down, let Mettaton get in front of him before going forward again and targeting the robot.

Big Band pulled back and dipped to avoid Vader's fire, before pulling out his trumpet-fist again and blasting straight upward, attempting to throw an uppercut into Vader's TIE fighter. "GIMME A HIT!" Big Band shouted. Vader simply flew upwards to avoid the punch, but Big Band did manage to scratch the bottom of the fighter. Big Band pushed on the throttle and soared above Vader before extending a horn bell from under his coat and spinning around like a wheel to smash Vader from above. The horn hit Vader's fighter just as he attempted to fly away, denting the top of the fighter.

"YOU'RE MUCH HARDER THAN I THOUGHT.." Mettaton remarked. He recovered and began to target Darth Vader again. He once again, attempted to shoot at him.

"That's what she said." Big Band shouted.

Asian Rambo adjusted his chest hair wings to send him towards the elusive TIE Fighter. He was not the best at pioliting himself however. He was made of brute strength and aiming guns, not this sort of advanced dexterity. He could only hope that his manliness would guide him to Darth Vader's TIE Fighter. Vader's TIE fighter moved to the left a little and avoided him because Asian Rambo was too manly for him.

"Anyway, Vault Boy, from the diagrams it looks like it's a long way to the Death Star's core, so we'll be fine, I think," Big Band explained.


"Look, if we don't get out of here alive, then you can yell at me as much as you want in the great fallout shelter in the sky," Big Band replied.

Explozevo couldn't help but  snicker as he continued making his modifications to the hyper-nuke as he  now called it. "Hey Vault amigo, you oughta watch me do this in case  you need to at some point," he said to Vault Boy.

Vault Boy's little stupid head thought of that, yeah, he imagined getting completely destroyed from a nuke before responding to Explozevo. "I guess i could, maybe it would be useful." he said, carefully watching Explozevo modify the nuke.

"We're gettin' close," Big Band said. "Robin, we need cover!"

Robin had manned another radio on board the Star Destroyers. "First the bus... now this..." Robin muttered. "I can't figure this thing out..."

She heard Big Band's voice. "Hey, someone tell me how to use this thing?"


"If she can't hold down the button to talk to you, she can't ask for help, dingus!" Big Band shouted.


There's a button? Robin thought. She pressed a button, and an annoying alarm blared from all of the radios.

"God dammit, Robin, wrong button!" Big Band barked. "No, no, don't press the red one, press the green one!"

The green button? Robin thought, before pressing the green button.


"Hold it down!" Big Band barked.

"Oh, like th--s?" Robin asked (her finger slipped once).


"That's what she said," Big Band said again, eliciting more snickers from Explozevo.

"What?" Robin asked.

"Nothing. Call for backup!" Big Band shouted.

"Backup! OK, Big Band!" Robin acknowledged, before turning to the Centurions. "Man the turrets!" Robin ordered.

"Turrets manned! Alright, Centurions... Load the Juggernauts!" the Centurions barked.

"Testing, testing... One... Two... Three," came a meek voice over the radio group that could only belong to Dave Chappy, yet he was not piloting a TIE Fighter. So how was he speaking over the radio right now?

"WHO IS THAT TESTING VOICE?" Mettaton asked, his loud voice can be heard extremely clearly through the radio.

"Oh shit, it works!" exclaimed Dave, if one listened closely, they may be able to hear his movements as he did a little victory dance.

"Hey, how'd you get on our radio feed?" Big Band asked.

"Hacked it with some militia equipment I stole. At first I was trying to look for tunes, but ended up hearing you guys blabber on earlier about robotic boobs or something. Then I spent a bunch of time trying to get this microphone set-up to work," replied Chappy.


Big Band glanced back at Explozevo. "Uhh, do you know anything about this?"

"Nah, amigo," Explozevo said with a shrug. He had never met or heard of the stalker before, but Dave knew plenty about our favorite Mexican terrorist.

The Star Destroyer above began to rain turret fire upon the enemy TIE fighters, as the Juggernaut catapults flung huge explosive boulders at the Death Star.

"Careful 'round those things. Friendly fire is no fun," Big Band shouted.

"The centurions are doing their best to avoid striking you. Just don't make too many sudden movements," Robin radioed.

"I wish I was up there, what the hell are you guys doing anyway?" Dave Chappy asked.

"We're 'bout to blow this giant death weapon up," Big Band replied. "It's gonna be hella."

"Big ka-boom, mystery amigo!" Explozevo yelled with a short laugh.

"Yeah! Explozevo is making a really powerful mini-nuke to destroy this giant moon-sized ball! It'll be epic to see the explosion!" Vault Boy chided.

"Oh, like that one he made that blew up Mexico? That thing was nuts," Dave Chappy commented, not realizing how that sounded coming out of his mouth.

"Wait, Explozevo blew up Mexico? I thought China blew up all of the United States." Vault Boy said.

"United States!? Amigo! Mexico is its own country!" said a very confused Explozevo, "And I did not blow Mexico up! I was framed! I mean.. It was my bomb, but still!"

"Guys, we gotta focus," Big Band snapped. "The exhaust pipe's comin' up."

"Let's focus on the mission, guys!" said Star Fox, flying down in an Arwing and randomly appearing next to Big Band, before flying off.

As Fox left, a large group of TIE fighters approached Big Band considering he was the one holding the person with the explosives. Mettaton attempted to fight them off, when they shot lasers he kept dodging them by going side to side and many other directions.

"I have a feeling that they ain't here for tea-time," Big Band said of the TIE fighters approaching him.

"NOOOO!" Asian Rambo yelled as he missed his target that was Vader's vessel,  untangling his chest hair from its wing formation and attempting to  shoot it upwards to latch onto Darth Vader's TIE Fighter. If Asian Rambo  were to fail at this, Sylvester Stallone would never forgive him!

Darth Vader simply flew by before Asian Rambo could grab on, not even noticing his attempt to latch on via chest hair.

Asian Rambo every so slowly fell to the surface of the Death Star as his target went past him. Time for him seemed to slow down... He had failed in what was likely a crucial moment in this war... How could he go on knowing he had failed his idol?

Just then, Sylvester Stallone appeared to Asian Rambo one last time, the hallucination somehow catching our muscular hero. Asian Rambo looked distraught, and doubting his abilities. "I.." was all Asian Rambo could say before Sylvester Stallone gently shushed him.

"Nothing is over," said Stallone's angelic voice, echoing in Asian Rambo's mind. That quote alone seemed to fill Asian Rambo with a great feeling. Stallone vanished, but this feeling did not. His wings reformed themselves, Asian Rambo propelling himself forwards, was filled to the brim with determination.

Big Band shook his head. "Alright, they ain't movin'. So we gotta plow through 'em!" Big Band extended his French horn mechanisms from his trench coat, as thrusters nestled in his bell and mouthpiece flared purple. "RrrraaaAHHHHH HORN CRUSH!!!!" Big Band bellowed, rocketing at top speed at the TIE Fighters in formation, attempting to blow them all out of the way.

Big Band managed to slam right through one of the fighters, ripping a hole through it and sending the pilot flying.

"I wonder if i could get some space helmet and then go out there to make some spaceships go boom-boom.." Vault Boy wondered.

"You already got a space helmet," Big Band said.

"Am i wearing it?" said the obviously braindead Vault Boy.


"Amigo, pay attention. This is the most important part," Explozevo snapped to Vault Boy, gesturing for him to watch this most crucial moment in the modification process.

"I'll watch, after you're done i'll be making some spaceships explode!" Vault Boy replied.

The group of TIE fighters attempted to flip around to go after Big Band, but lasers from another spaceship stopped them, blowing several of them to pieces.

"I have no idea who all of you are, but we better blow this thing before it does something we don't want it to!" A voice shouted over the hypercom. A growl could be heard shortly after the voice said that.

"Who are you, though? I'll introduce me and the others if you introduce yourself!" Vault Boy chided.

"We don't have time for introductions right now." The voice replied.

"Amigo," Explozevo said, looking at Vault Boy with a slightly annoyed expression.

"I know I know.. It's just that these things are distracting me a lot!" said Vault Boy, attempting to ignore what is happening and focusing on Explozevo's modification.

Explozevo very carefully rearranged what looked to be hundreds of miniscule triangles inside of the mini nuke, placing them in rows before very gently placing straightened paperclips in front of the tips of the triangles. He then slathered some paste to the seperator and the paperclips to attatch them. "Done!" Explozevo exclaimed, before closing up the mini-nuke.

"Agreed!" Big Band said to the voice. "And it looks like we're comin' up to the finish line, anyhow!"

And surely, they were; the exhaust port lay before them. "Alright, Explozevo; get ready! We're goin' in!" Big Band barked.

"Finally!" shouted Vault Boy. "I'm still worried.. Are we still going to be able to escape this?"

"We're gonna be fine!" Big Band insisted. "We're not flyin' into the exhaust port! We just give the Neo-Empire a little 'present' and we'll be on our way."


Big Band began to circle around the exhaust port. "As soon as we're in close range, you lob the bomb into the exhaust!"

"You got it, amigo!" Explozevo said, holding the bomb in one hand, ready to throw it into the exhaust pipe. This is his greatest explosive ever created, and it was so small. How ironic. He waited for Big Band to get at 'close range' as he called it. He did not want any variable to interfere with this explosion.

"Now, you SURE you didn't forget anything?"

"I'm positive amigo! Get us in there quick before the bad guys get closer!" Explozevo said, ready to cause a big ka-boom.

"Alright!" Big Band acknowledged, before pushing the throttle, running straight towards Darth Vader's TIE fighter. "Aw, come on!" Big Band complained.

"TO SURVIVE WAR!!! YOU MUST... BECOME WAAAAAAAR!" screamed Asian Rambo, louder than he ever had before, propelled towards Darth Vader's TIE Fighter by pure manliness, chest hair, and determination. He had been following the space craft since Stallone had spoken to him and filled him with newfound vigor. Asian Rambo slammed right into Vader's fighter, sending it spinning away through space with Asian Rambo holding tightly onto it with both hands and many strings of chest hair.

"You ready to throw that nuke, Explozevo?" Vault Boy asked, as Mettaton was getting ready to flee with the others.

Big Band dove towards the exhaust port as Asian Rambo sailed towards Darth Vader. "NOW, EXPLOZEVO!" Big Band shouted.

Explozevo threw the bomb down into the exhaust pipe, letting out a laugh before coming to a horrific realization. He forgot to remove the inhibitor....

Explozevo scrambled and leapt from out of Big Band's protective bell after the bomb.

"Explozevo, what the hell are you doing?!" Big Band shouted. "You're gonna implode!"

"Explozevo! No! Don't..He's gonna die.. Isn't he?.." said Vault Boy.

"JUST GO!" Explozevo managed to scream before the vaccum of space ripped out more air than he intended to let out, he was quick to shut his mouth tightly as he sailed after the bomb.

"EXPLOZEVO!" Big Band cried.

"What's going on down there?!" Robin asked.

Big Band's eyes disappeared under the shadow of his fedora. "The... Death Star... is going to explode," Big Band replied.

"What the fuck is happening!?" Dave Chappy said over the radio,

Explozevo was just barely going faster than the bomb through the exhaust pipe, tapping it with one of his fingers and causing it to go even further from his grasp. He did not have much air in his system, and the zero-pressure of space threatened to tear his body to shreds, but had had to make sure the others left as quickly as possible.

Big Band turned 90 degrees upwards towards the Star Destroyer. He did not look back. Goddess-speed, Explozevo, Big Band thought.

Explozevo managed to get a good portion of his fingers onto the bomb to bring it closer to him, quickly scrambling to take off the cover, yet methodically. He could not risk messing up the arrangement of the insides. And the fact that he started seeing blackness in his vision did not help with this.

"Is Explozevo gonna die?! No.. H-He can't.." asked Vault Boy in fear.

Big Band was silent. A soft funeral dirge played sadly from one of his horns.

Vault Boy sighed, before looking away from Big Band. I'll miss you, Explozevo.. Vault Boy thought, before sadly sighing again.

Explozevo was going as quickly as he could to remove the inhibitor, the lack of oxygen causing him pain and attempting to force his mouth open to let in air that was not even there. After struggling for what seemed like ages to him, he had successfully removed the inhibitor.

With only Carbon Dioxide left within him, he let out his final words as he slapped the front of the hyper-nuke, "Ka-boom...."


An explosion that would destroy both of the Americas went off within the Death Star, before causing the enormous death machine itself to erupt in its own explosion that dwarfed the light of the sun.

Big Band's tiny form, silhouetted against the glowing Death Star, soared into the Star Destroyer as it began to ascend. Big Band tumbled onto the tarmac. "OOF--ACKPTH!" he grunted, rolling on the ground as the fleet of allied TIE fighters landed alongside him.

Vault Boy watched in terror, he knew that Explozevo seemed to have sacrificed himself to destroy the Death Star. He sighed again, and put his hand on Big Band's 'kinda shoulder'. "..I-I'm gonna miss him.." he muttered.

Big Band pulled up a tong and patted Vault Boy. "He was a hero," Big Band replied.

Vault Boy let down a tear very slightly, before wiping his face with his arm and looked away from Big Band.

"You need one of these?" Big Band asked, handing Vault Boy a cloth that would normally be used for wiping down a piano.

"N-No thanks.. I'll be fine.." Vault Boy quietly said.

Robin and Toad ran up to Big Band. "You did it!" Robin exclaimed. "Big Band, you... hey, Big Band?"

Big Band stood up, releasing Vault Boy from the bell. He didn't look up from under the brim of his fedora.

"Big Band," Robin asked, her voice growing quiet. "Where... Where's Explozevo?"

Big Band extended a tong and pulled his hat off of his head, revealing his short, receding black hair. "Explozevo..." Big Band replied. "He sacrificed himself to get his modded bomb into the Death Star safely."

Robin's eyes widened and she cupped her hands over her mouth. "W-what?" she asked.

"He died a hero, Robin," Big Band said. "His explosion... He ensured that we would stand a chance against this Makuta threat on Mata Nui without the Neo-Empire harrying us from above. Explozevo destroyed their only source of leverage against this world."

Robin nodded, then turned to the hangar's clear door. "Then it is our duty to make sure Mata Nui is safe, for Explozevo's heroic deed to be worth something."

Sans ran down, his smile absent, his jaws somehow contorted into a frown. "explozevo didn't make it back?" Sans asked.

Toad wiped his eyes with a handkerchief. "It doesn't seem like he did," Toad whimpered.

"Yeah.. He sacrificed himself to get the nuke to destroy the Death Star correctly.." Vault Boy said, his voice being not as audible and jolly as before.

Tears welled up in Sans's eyesockets. "that... that crazy bomb-lobber... he sure had a heart, didn't he?"

"And we've got to make sure his sacrifice wasn't in vain," Robin said. Sans nodded in agreement.

Trashcanhead very slowly waltzed into the room with about 20 hotdogs on top of his head, carefully balancing them as he yelled out, "Hey guys, look! I did it!" Since he just arrived, he was unaware of what had happened to Explozevo. Big Band glanced at Trashcanhead from under his fedora, before going silent again.

Undyne was ignoring Trashcanhead, as she was quietly focusing on what the others were saying about Explozevo's death. "..Even though I barely knew him.. He seemed like a nice guy.." Undyne muttered, before patting Sans's shoulder.

Big Band pulled out a trumpet, and put it to his lips.

"A nice guy? What, wh-" Trashcanhead said, before counting the nu the number of people in the room, realizing Explozevo was missing. "Wait.. No..."

"I'M VERY SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS.." Mettaton said, who seemed actually sad about what had happened. "YES.. TRASHCANHEAD.. SADLY, EXPLOZEVO DID NOT MAKE IT.."

"No. Everyone said that before, they had his body. And yet he was here. No, he is not dead," Trashcanhead said firmly with a tone of anger in his voice.

"Trashcanhead... I'm sorry," Big Band said, not looking up. "He was a hero."

"Trashcanhead, you have to admit it.. He was literally turned into nothing from a hyper-nuke. There is no way he could've actually survived that." Undyne said, before walking away from Sans and walking toward Trashcanhead to confort him. Vault Boy was sitting in the background, not looking back at the group.

Trashcanhead allowed Undyne to comfort him as he did his best to minimize the tears from his eyes. Explozevo was an inspiration to him, to all members of the militia. It was bad enough that Explozevo had died before, but to have him back again only for him to be ripped away?

Robin clenched her fists. "Those dastards are going to pay for the life they took from us. For the security they stole from Mata Nui. For the peace that they are so bent on collapsing."

"And they deserve what they get, for killing one of our best heroes.." Undyne said, as Vault Boy was walking back to the group. "And we'll give them more than just blowing up a giant ball." He said, being confident.


"...we're gonna give them a bad time," Sans muttered, his smile weakly creeping up his face. "Every one of those dirty Mexican-killers."

"We're gonna fuck them up... Big time," Trashcanhead said with a few shaky breaths, nodding his head whilst clenching his own fists. He wanted to punch something, but he decided to save his anger for later.

Robin turned back towards the Centurions. "We're setting course back for Onu-Koro," said Robin. "Prepare for landing."


As the explosion faded away, a figure remained floating space, seemingly unharmed. Sauron had survived the blast. The only problem was that he was stuck, floating in space with no way to move around.

"Well you seem to be in a bit of a pickle," said Mol, materializing in front of Sauron. "Funny huh? The whole death star brought down by a few guys and some bombs," he said in a mocking tone.

Sauron could not respond, considering he was in the middle of space an all, so all he was able to do was look at Mol coldly.

"Cat got your tongue?" Mol said, knowing full well that Sauron could not speak, "Eh, doesn't matter. Lookie here, I can get you moving, all I require is a teenie weenie bit of power in return. You can go back to doing whatever it is you do, and I can go around screwing with this newfound power. Win-win. So what do you say?.. Or.. Just shake your head yes or no."

Sauron was about to answer, but then he was caught on the tractor beam of his personal Super Star Destroyer.

Mol smiled at Sauron. "Looks like it's your lucky day, Sally. I wonder when that luck will run out," he said before vanishing.

Billy Marrows

"GET YER TORCHES,Why be blind as a bat when you can see and all that!?"
Marrows peddled his wares to


"I don't play baseball... FUCK, I DON'T WANT TO BE BLIND AS A BAT!" screamed a militiaman, clutching another man in terror before running over to Marrows. It is very likely this man was high on potions purchased from the same skeleton.

"Never doubt a good sales pitch, Papyrus"

"Perhaps i could take one, since it is quite dark after all." remarked Toriel, as she walked up to Marrows. "Could I have one?" she asked.

"I don't see why not" Billy said handing her a lit torch.

"Weapons!, Get your stabbers and smackers here!"Marrows continued

The man who had purchased a torch ran off, giddy before tripping and landing atop his new light source, thus putting it out. He began convulsing on the ground and screaming nonsense about baseball bats.

"Could you calm down? You just dropped your torch, maybe you shouldn't run with it." said Toriel, looking down at the militamen.

"YOU'RE NOT MY MOM!" shouted the man, before he went back to convulsing in fear of transforming into a tool used in sports games. Would he be made of weed or metal!? Oh the horror!

"It's not like it's the end of the world, you know." Toriel attempted to explain. "You could always get another one."

"Well......"Marrows began about to explain that the world could very well end.

Suddenly, came another voice not too far away from the windmill as a member of the Golfers Brigade yelled out, "Weapons for sale! Top quality and low prices found nowhere else! Don't settle for what your high tells you, get what'll make your enemies nonexistent!" The man who was yelling his advertizement gave Marrows a quick glance, smiling as Militiamen scrambled to purchase ammunition and firearms, despite having plenty already.

Billy straightened his hat, "Looks like I've got some competition, but can they compete with MAGIC!" Billy pulled out a glowing jar that floated as if it had a will of its own

Toriel shrugged, before walking back to Frisk and leaning down to them. "Do you need a torch, my child?" Toriel asked.

Frisk pointed out the numerous light crystals already illuminating the cavern quite well.

"In some areas it is dark though, so perhaps you can carry this torch with you when you need it. It does need to be lit up again, though." said Toriel.

"Hey don't you worry man, all I gotta do is tell them they'll turn into baseb- Wait... HOLY FUCK THERE ARE LIGHTS IN HERE! I WON'T BE MAHOGANY!" screamed the elated militiaman, giving Frisk a tight hug before running off into the sunset. He actually ended up running into a wall that someone threw some pumpkins onto.

Marrows shrugged his shoulder bones, "Eh I've been meaning to replenish some stock", he slung his burlap sack over his shoulder and walked towards the windmill, "Whatya got in stock greensman?"

"Any and all methods for ensuring the death of any man you don't like! Assault rifles? We're loaded! Shotguns? We sell them in bulk! Explosives? Why we're drowning in them!" exclaimed the well-dressed salesman. Other members of the Golfer's Brigade were taking cash from militiamen and quickly handing out assorted weapons and ammunition.

"Well it a good thing I don't have lungs!" Marrows laughed good naturely, and took out some gold pieces, that instantly transformed into currency as he handed them to the golfers.

"Give me one of those crossbows, three of those shotguns, and and enough ammuntion to blow a hole in three elephants!"

The man turned around and shouted into the windmill, "HEY JEEVES! WE NEED A KIDDIE MEAL!" Within a few seconds, a member of the brigade rushed forwards and handed Marrows the requested weaponry as the salesman counted the delicious money.

"Wait, wasn't this shit free before?" asked a militiaman.

The members of the Golfer's Brigade looked at each other for a quick moment with nervous glances as the crowd stopped making noise, staring at them.. Awaiting an answer.

"....YES! BUT NOW IT'S EXCLUSIVE FLAVOR!" yelled a Brigadier, causing the crowd to return to its frenzy state of purchasing random weaponry and ammunition once again. He and another Brigadier did a quick highfive before going back to handling sales.

Frisk heard something: the rumbling of engines.

*You point up at the ceiling.

"Robin must have returned," Whenua said.

"Looks like they're back, i've been worrying about them.." Toriel mumbled to herself.


Meanwhile  underground, Dave Chappy had abandoned his radio set-up. Truthfully, he  had not stolen the equipment, instead having bought it from a  militiaman. He only said that to sound cooler.

He  managed to make relations between him and the soldiers less hostile for  his own sake, making what he was about to do far easier.

"Yo Stalker, what's up," said a few militiamen with beers in their hands, "Whatcha got goin' on with yer radio and shit?"

"I was connected to a radio setup between some fighters in orbit... Explozevo was with them," Dave Chappy said solemnly.

"Sheeeeeeit!"  said more militiamen, as a small crowd gathered to hear what their idol  had done in space. "Fuckin' give us them details man! Did he fuck some  alien hoes or somethin'?"

The  militiaman who said that got a few playful bro shoves from others  before they all settled down, their ecitement very slowly ebbing away as  Dave Chappy stayed silent. "Dude you there? Earth to Stalker..."

"We're not on Earth, dumbass!" said a militiaman.

"Then why the fuck are there trees a-"

"He's dead," Dave quickly said, interrupting the stupidity of the militiamen.

The group around Dave had no amount of playfulness in them now. They all seemed to stare at him, some glancing at each other.

They seemed to disperse from Dave, most going to tell others in the camp of the bad news. It was not long before the entire camp was strucken with terrible grief.


Once the Death Star demolition team was safely back in Onu-Koro, Big Band explained everything.

Kiki and Dawn were speechless. Frisk couldn't look Big Band in the eye.

"...I'm sorry," Big Band whispered, his eyes invisible under his hat. "I watched the man leap from my bell. I watched him fly into the exhaust pipe, in an attempt to correct a crucial error, just... just so that we would have a chance to continue fighting. To give us a glimmer of hope in a sea of despair."

Toriel sighed, "I am very sorry for your loss.. I just wish i could've seen him one more time.. But at least he did it for all of you, to give us all a chance to survive..And we shouldn't forget about him.. Ever.." Toriel explained, looking at Frisk.

Frisk had pulled out a marker and now began to write an epitaph on a lightstone.

*In Memory of ExpoldiskoExplozevo
*Gave his life to inspire hope.
*A true hero.

*You set the lightstone in the center of the plaza.

Toriel looked at the lightstone, and read what was on it. She began to slightly bring down a tear with a slight sob.

Near the tank in the militia camp, nearly every member was gathered around a small shrine dedicated to the hero that inspired the creation of the militia. The man who went up against every military on the planet to clear his name. A man who killed, but was seen blessing those he caused death to. This was one of the few times the militia had ever came together in sadness like this.

Many men and women had candles, looking at the shrine with tears in their eyes. Even the still corrupted brigades were gathered in sadness. None of them would exist if not for this man.

Around the lightstone, Frisk reached up and grasped Dawn and Kiki by the hands. Sans and Papyrus held each other, and Papyrus wiped tears from his cheekbones, his toothy skeletal grin gone. He lifted his scarf to dab at his eyesockets. Toriel was next to the others, as she held their hands. Vault Boy and Mettaton held both of their hands as Undyne was holding Mettaton's hand.

Robin and Big Band stood next to each other. Big Band solemnly placed a xylophone mallet next to the lightstone.

Sans and Papyrus each put down a bone next to the mallet, as Robin folded a blank piece of aged paper from her notes and lit a candle, placing it on the paper and propping it up next to the lightstone.

Kiki and Dawn looked at each other and knelt at the lightstone, taking Frisk with them. Dawn placed a Poké Ball and two Gracidea flowers upon the memorial, while Kiki, who had nothing much, untied her bow, letting her hair down slightly, and placed it neatly next to the Gracidea flowers. Kjelle untied something from her lance and set it down at the lightstone.

Toad placed an unlit Bob-omb, sniffling once. He had nothing funny to say now.

Undyne put down a small spear, as Vault Boy put down a old weapon that he never used. Mettaton put down a Mini-Mettaton as Toriel put down an old necklace.

The leader of the Tank Brigade somberly climbed to the top of the tank, standing above the memoribilia and items dedicated to Explozevo. "Today, we lost someone who was more important to us than all of our weapons combined... Someone... Who always believed in what was right, and worked to do good when everything was against him..." He paused for a short moment to keep his cool, deeply affected by the events that had transpired.

Robin and the others nodded in agreement.

"For so long, he was only a legend to us. But then one day, he came back, the very reason we exist. Not just the militia, but without him, many of us very well may have not been born. When he came back, I saw something in this militia that I rarely have ever seen before. Everyone was happy.... He... He was more than a man.. Even before he came, he was a symbol of hope and strength. A reminder that no matter how terrible things are, no matter how the world treats you, you cannot give up..."

"And that is why, for his sake and ours and for the sake of all the good that is left in any world we find ourselves in, we will not give up either. The threats against our lives have taken away a man who willingly gave his away to ensure that those threats will not succeed. And we will do his memory honor and ensure that for the death of one man, they pay with the lives of all of theirs."

"His heroism ensures that we will have a chance to move on," Robin said. "That we can succeed, that we can bring light back to Mata Nui, and... perhaps, to the Omniverse. For in the infinite darkness that we find ourselves embroiled in, Explozevo's explosion symbolizes a brilliant ray of hope."

"He was brave, and kind-hearted. He was strong and he never gave up hope.." Vault Boy said out loud, as the rest continued. "He was never afraid, he was always happy for us, he sacrificed himself to keep us alive.. To continue our legacy." Toriel mumbled, letting Mettaton do the rest. "HE WAS ALWAYS A GREAT PERSON, AND OF COURSE HE WAS ALWAYS HAPPY, HE DID THIS FOR US AND WE SHOULDN'T FORGET HIM. EVER!" Mettaton finished.

"And no matter what we do, we shouldn't give up! No matter what, we should always be filled with hope." Undyne said.


"i'm... really gonna miss the guy," Sans sighed. He didn't have a lot of words to say.

Other militiamen said their own words to one another, some only letting out gibberish mixed with tears. The man atop the tank finished his time by saying, "I know, that while we are going through a terrible loss such as this, requests for labor seem immoral. But I ask, each and every one of you, to stand up now! And prepare to avenge Explozevo! WE WILL SHOW THEM THE PRICE THEY MUST PAY FOR THE LIVES OF ONE OF OUR OWN!"

The crowd of militiamen passionetly cheered on those final words of the speech, yet in an oddly orderly manner in comparison to how they usually acted, they were quick to silence themselves when...

Turaga Whenua placed his staff into the ground. "For the memory of he who you lost... We shall redouble our efforts to quell Makuta. And the sky-voices... no doubt, they will pay for what they have taken from you... from us. We stand in unity. We stand in duty. We stand in our ultimate destiny, together..."

"Oh, what a touching display of emotions," sneered an evil-sounding voice from across the caverns.

Robin's senses kicked into high gear. "What?" Robin muttered, placing a hand on the hilt of her sword.

"What--Who was that?" Undyne asked, bringing out her spear as the others brought out their weapons.

Maleficent, from a Corridor of Darkness, descended from the shadows, smiling wickedly. "A pity. You waste your time in your emotions, while--"

Robin yelled in fury as she whipped out her Levin sword and hurled a thunderbolt at Maleficent, knocking the dark fairy out of the air.

The militiamen did not take kindly to the mocking of their sadness, many quick to pull out rocks while others pulled out guns, aiming their assorted means of harm at MAleficent, some barely able to hold themselves back from letting loose on Maleficent then and there.

"You.." Vault Boy whispered, glaring at Maleficent. Undyne was threatening Maleficent with her spear, getting into battle stance.

"How dare you!" Robin roared.

"Yeah, you just hit an all-time low, lady!" Toad raged, pulling out a comically huge hammer. "You're about to get a real good wallopin' for that!"

Maleficent simply got up, somehow unharmed. She cackled, before summoning several Corridors of Darkness.

Onu-Matoran miners and engineers turned to face the threats, holding up their tools like weapons. It turns out that Maleficent had brought legions of Heartless with her, as well as Wizard Nobodies. Toa Onua whipped out his quake-breakers and glared with glowing eyes at Maleficent.

Undyne threw many spears at the enemies as Vault Boy began to shoot at them with a 10mm pistol. Mettaton started using mini-mettatons that shoot out hearts as Toriel was throwing fireballs. "People like you don't understand what emotions are!" Undyne shouted in rage.

"Have you no standards?!" Big Band shouted, glaring daggers into Maleficent.

The militiamen screamed in rage as they armed themselves with their highest caliber weaponry, firing upon the Heartless, seeming more unified than ever before. The militia had changed over these past few days, and for the better. There were even snipers who hid in multiple cars, most of which aiming for Maleficent's face, ready to wipe that expression of hers off the face of this planet.

Maleficent sneered as she pulled up a magic barrier that absorbed the bullets. The snipers that were hidden away hit whatever was near them in rage as they mumbled multiple curses and turned their attention to the wizards and whatever looked like it posed a bigger threat than anything else.

As the Matorans prepared to fight, a few of them began to feel a change take place inside of them. While most of the Onu-Matoran were wise enough to listen to Whenua's--and the other Turagas'--warnings of the bread, some... were still foolish. Their breathing began to slow, and their limbs began to weaken.

Whenua realized what had happened. "YOU FOOLS!" he howled. "I WARNED YOU AGAINST CONSUMING THEIR POISON!"

The glow in the infected Matorans' eyes flickered. "W-Whenua... We... are sorry..." mumbled the dying Matoran.

One Matoran crumpled to the ground, dropping his weapon. Two more followed suit. Onepu, another Matoran, reached to retrieve one of the fallen Matoran's dropped tools, but the Matoran abruptly looked up at Onepu and stared at him, a blank, sickly glow coming from his eyes.

"W-what?" Onepu gasped.

Other fallen Matoran began to rise, making hollow, rasping breaths and grinding joint noises. Though their armor did not decay, their minds had been broken by Arthas's plague.

The tank on the other hand, did not fire sniper rounds. The men inside aimed its massive barrel at Maleficent, quickly shooting out a large explosive shell towards the fairy, the men inside hoping it would break her shield.

Undyne had to go unfair, her spears became mixed with orange, blue and normal.

Maleficent cackled once more. "It is a shame that you made your sappy speeches of hopes and dreams, only for them to be crushed under our feet as we speak!" Maleficent bellowed triumphantly, as more Manas crabs, afflicted by Makuta's evil.

"No! We never give up.. We have Hopes and Dreams!" Undyne shouted. She began to get even more unfair with the spears at the Heartless.

"Bullshit! We ain't fuckin' givin' up! You bitchass nigga think you crushing shit? We're gonna die with hopes and dreams and shit! Go ahead and kill us hoe! But you ain't crushin' shit!" screamed a militiaman in response to what Maleficent said, using an automatic shotgun to fend of Heartless.

Malecifent simply continued cackling as more Heartless swarmed Onu-Koro, as more fell Matoran rose from the dead and shambled towards their former community. Onua raised his quake-breakers and prepared to defend, but the odds were stacked very badly against our heroes.

"You say that foolish Explozevo was a hero who sacrificed himself to give you hope? He was nothing but another cheap death."

"FUCK YOU!" screamed a militiaman, throwing a grenade at some Heartless which clared a path for him to run up to Maleficent. He did not care if there was a shield, he wanted to be as close to this filth as possible and strangle it.

"He was a hero! You're just trying to crush our hopes.. It won't work!" Vault Boy shouted.

"Oh..." Maleficent sneered, as a thousand Corridors of Darkness appeared before her, "but I already have!"

And a wave of shadow blasted forth from the Corridors of Darkness.

"SCREE-HEE-HEE-HEEEEEEE!!!!!!" cackled a voice all too familiar to Toad.

"IT CAN'T BE HIM!!!" Toad hollered.

A small bat soared into view and swirled into an imposing, nightmarish form. With a black face-mask and glowing yellow eyes, as well as a spiky purple body and flaming magenta cloak, the figure was none other than...


"SCROOOONKKK!!! That's right, you little mushroom-headed brat!" Antasma sneered. "I must say, I like vhat I am seeing here. You poor, sorry little heroes up against an infinite army of darkness?"

"S-shut up! You're not being fair!" Toad yelped.

A beam of light appeared and the einherjar and the Centurions appeared. "We shall hold them off!" the Centurions shouted. "You guys focus on making your escape!"

A flying figuring was in the air, descending onto the ground as it brought out a holy sword. It was Tyrael, helping the others fight back. "Whoever you are, you cannot go any further." said the angel to Maleficent.

"I need not go any further; you are trapped," Maleficent mocked.

Asian Rambo descended as well, grabbing a nearby Heartless and using him as a weapon to pulverize others into the ground

Tyrael slashed his sword, the extreme power causes large amounts of damage to the Heartless that surrounded the area. It was undodgeable, and couldn't be prevented. "I'm not trapped, anymore."

"Hola señorita," came an all too familiar voice, likely speaking to Maleficent.

Robin and Big Band turned towards the voice. "H--HUH?!"

"EXPLOZEVO?!?!?!" Papyrus asked.

Vault Boy, Undyne, Mettaton and Toriel nodded. "Could it be?.." Vault Boy muttered.

"I fuckin' knew it," said Trashcanhead with a big smile.

A small explosive came from nowhere, causing a squad of Heartless to go ka-boom in a disgusting mess of Heartless junk. In their place, was Explozevo, holding up his iconic grenade launcher and looking at Maleficent with an equally iconic smirk.

Maleficent's sneer faded. "So you returned... did that foolish god Odin recruit you into his pathetic army? You know they are doomed to fail--"

Toad threw a brick at Maleficent's head. It bounced off the shield, but felt good just the same.

"Muscle amigo, do your thing," Explozevo said as Asian Rambo let out a battle cry as he steamrolled any Heartless in his path, making a bee-line for Maleficent's shield, letting loose every ounce of his strength into a single punch directed at the shield.

Maleficent's cackle returned as the punch glanced off of the magic shield.

"What the hell? She couldn't do this before," Robin said, angrily pointing out Maleficent's complete unfairness.

"there are children here," Sans said to Robin.

Asian Rambo let out a loud grunt before smashing his fist onto the ground near the shield, causing the ground surrounding him to crack in a shockwave in order to try to disrupt the ground inside the shield.

With that, Tyrael had vanished.

"Um, guys?" Toad asked, pointing upward. "Do you not notice the literal giant wave of shadow magic a-comin' towards us?"

Robin stared up. "Oh, gods," Robin muttered.

Frisk burst into tears.

Explozevo looked upwards at the group of nasties. This was not a good situation for anyone.

Big Band pulled out his trumpet. "EVERYBODY HANG ON!" he bellowed, before blowing the first eight notes of the Luigi's Mansion theme into the trumpet.

Robin saw what Big Band was trying to do, and shut her eyes as a brilliant flash of white light illuminated our heroes' bodies. The einherjar and Centurions clashed with the Heartless, as Palutena's blessing upon them shielded them from the shadow-sky, but... the champions were nowhere to be found?

((This means that all of the heroes were teleported.))

LOCATION: Dreamy Onu-Wahi

Big Band blinked once, twice... then realized that it worked. "Ho-lee crap," Big Band said.

The dreamy version of Onu-Wahi, like Dreamy Wakeport, seemed to defy all laws of physics. Tunnels and caverns snaked through the sky itself, which was tinged with a gradient from orange to blue, like a constantly setting sun. Fractions of cave wall lined the sky like drifting clouds, as glowing lightstones drifted in the cavern draft.

A few of the militiamen were still firing their weapons at nothing, taking a few seconds for them to realize there was another location shift that had occurred.

"Did we win?" asked one militiaman, looking around in a very confused manner.

"No, we didn't win!" Big Band snapped. "We got curbstomped! Figuratively, of course!"

"We?  I wasn't even there.  Thankfully.  It sounds bad."  Isaac said.

"Yes you were, you just didn't say anything."

"I think I fell asleep."

"Well, you were lucky! It sucked ass!"

"The fuck are we gonna do, they got magic and shit," asked a man dressed as a clown. He was a very sad clown at this moment.

Robin looked around. "We will need to regroup and figure out a plan. If Maleficent and Makuta are working together, then things could end up extremely bad for us if we go back to the real Mata Nui."

Kjelle folded her arms. "Ya think?" she asked.

"Yes, I think," Robin replied.

Frisk had thankfully teleported to the dreamy version of Onu-Wahi with their three Rahi companions. The Muaka, Kane-Ra, and Manas crab shivered in fear.

The tank's floodlights slowly dimmed as the men inside crawled out, speaking with one another about what the hell had just happened. Most other militiamen were in a worse state, though they had some amount of hope within them. Seeing Explozevo come back to life for a second time left a good effect on them.

"Hello?" asked a familiar voice. Dreamy Luigi ran out from behind a rock.

"Luigi!" Toad said, running to him and giving him a big hug.

"Kind of," Dreamy Luigi remarked. "I'm-a Dreamy Luigi."

"Oh, OK," Toad replied. "You're still Luigi, though."

Dave Chappy came up from behind his own rock, looking around with a somewhat horrified expression before gulping and asking shakily and quietly, "What happened." It would seem that during the fight that had just ocurred, Dave was crying behind a pick-up truck in the fetal position.

"Whoa there, are you ok?"  Donnel asked Dave Chappy (not Chappie.)

"D-Does anyone have.. Spare pants," Dave asked, wiping some tears from his face.

Frisk walked up to Dave and pulled out a worn tutu, gently cutting off the frilly part and handing the rest to Dave.

"Thank you.." Dave replied shakily taking the cut-up tutu and changing behind the rock before slowly coming out from behind it, obviously shaken by the massacre. Trashcanhead came by to rest a hand on Dave's shoulder to comfort him.

"Guys, I saw something really, REALLY bad back there," Toad stammered, turning away from Dreamy Luigi for a second.

"What?" Robin asked. "You'll have to clarify. There were very many things that were really, really bad back there."

"SO. Mario and Luigi, they did this thing at Pi'illo Island, right? Saving the world and all? Well, guess what! The villain that they saved the world from... he's BACK!"

Dreamy Luigi panicked for a second. "A-Antasma's-a back?!" Dreamy Luigi gulped. "Mama mia!" he wailed.

"Mama mia, is-a right!" yelled out an Italian militiaman who was ironically not wearing some crazy outfit. He seemed to just have some good armor on over regular clothes.

Big Band looked around. "We can worry about his Ants-in-my-pants guy later."

"Heyyy, butchering villains' names is my schtick!" Toad whined.

Big Band ignored him. "For now, we've got to focus on doing whatever we can to help with the Makuta situation. Especially since that Maleficent is working for him. We've got double trouble."

Robin pursed her lips and tapped her chin. "Professor Gadd did say something about the dream world being the conglomerate of the dreams and subconsciousnesses of the world's residents," she mused. "Perhaps... tapping into their latent activation-synthesis dreams could provide an answer to our Makuta issue."

"Where are we gonna find intel?" Big Band asked.

Robin stood up. "Kjelle, Toad, Luigi, and I will go look for information. For now, you guys can set up camp," Robin replied.

Big Band picked up a nearby spatula and saluted with it. "On the job, Robin," he said. "Alright, you folks feelin' burgers or 'dogs?"

The militiamen nodded in Robin's direction, setting up their camp once again ,finding it much easier since most of it was already set up, as they were teleported here. All that needed work were some cars that got flipped over and the such.

"Sheeeeit, let's get some hotdogs up in here," replied a militiaman before he went off to help some others fix a car, which was unusual considering militiamen did not help each other often. In fact, every militiaman was doing their part to help one another, some even picking up trash and putting it all into a single pile.

"Hot dogs it is," Big Band said, before grabbing several packs of kosher links and placing them on the grill. They sizzled nicely.

Dawn sent out her Pokémon. Bronzong floated over to some of the militiamen and used its psychic powers to lift an engine block that a couple of the guys looked like they were struggling with.

"Sheeeit, thanks.. Man," said a militiaman, offering a fist pump to the Bronzong. Bronzong extended one of its teal arms and returned the fistbump, humming contentedly.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by SBR23 on Sun Jan 31, 2016 9:07 am


"Did you take the picture?" said Harkinian excitedly. Headdy smiled, holding out a picture from his camera. "Heck yeah I took it!" beamed Headdy. The picture consisted of Headdy and Weegee on a meteoroid-like platform, giving the piece sign as the Death Star explodes in the background. "That's goin in the scrapbook!" said Headdy. "Did you get the video?" Harkinian's arms fell like noodles as a sad expression appeared on his face. "No." he said sadly. "Oh." Headdy said, disappointed.

He then tugged Weegee on his overalls in order to get his attention. "Do we tell them NOW?" asked Headdy. Weegee was silent. "C'mon Weeg! I don't wanna keep this shit in any more than I have to! You need to tell them now!" screamed Harkinian. "Not so loud!" said Weegee. "No, he's right. I don't like keeping secrets any less than King does. You need to tell them." said Headdy. "Tell us what?" asked the Marionette, who had been behind the three the whole time, along with Victor. "Uh........Weeg, I think w--" said Harkinian, before he realized that Weegee had disappeared.

His face turned red and he ground under him started to quake before his anger as he screamed in anguish. "WEEGEE YOU FUCKING SON OF A BITCH I AM GOING T--" screamed Harkinian before he was silenced by Headdy, who had put his hand on his mouth to prevent him from blurting out any further. "What's going on?" asked Vic. The two were sweating buckets, not knowing if they should come clean or not.


The whole Lobby was filled with minions and NNN members, consisting of the Locusts and even some of Plankton's relatives and robots. The Lobby was set on "conference mode" according to Waiter, who'd he met as soon as he walked in. Millions of chairs were present, as well as a big stage for the presenters to present. There was only one problem, where could he and his wife sit? "Barnacles! They always take the best seats!" said Plankton. He looked around. Thankfully, there were two seats not to far from them they could take. "Karen, over here! I found us a spot!" yelled Plankton over to Karen. Karen followed Plankton over to the seats. They sat down and waited for the show to start.

Slaughter Me Street Gang

"We're on in a few minutes! Where's the boss?" asked Greeter, holding a clipboard and tapping her foot impatiently. "Duh, I dunno!" said Waiter, drooling and scratching his butt. "Duh, he said he was gonna take care of some biznass." "Biz-nass?" asked Greeter, confused by Waiter's pronunciation of "business." "Okay, we'll keep them waiting for at least....three....maybe four more minutes. But no more, got it?" scolded Greeter. "Yes ma'am!" exclaimed Waiter as he goofily walked out the room.


Follower slowly went down to the laboratory, where Fadkiller was last. The lab was much more bigger than last time, mainly because of the redesign. "Hello? Is anyone still here?" he yelled. The lights were not on, so Follower turned on the lights of the laboratory. He continued to look to see if Fadkiller had left or not.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by SissyGamer on Sun Jan 31, 2016 4:57 pm


"Where are we now?.." Toriel asked.

"We seem to be in some dream land again! And honestly.. It looks weird.." Vault Boy chuckled. "Are we gonna bust to any danger or what?.."


Undyne put back her spear. "Man though.. I really thought we were gonna die there.. That giant huge wall of shadowy stuff.. It was like the end, before we got teleported! Man, what a relief.." Undyne remarked.

"My child.. Are you alright? You did burst into tears, do you need any tissues?" Toriel offered. "And while at that.. Are you hungry, thirsty?"

"Man, finally some food.. It's been awhile and i'm starving!" Undyne commented.



Diablo had appeared once again to where Follower was. "Lost?" he asked.


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Sun Jan 31, 2016 7:10 pm


"HEADDY?" Papyrus asked, turning to the diminutive figure. "WHAT'S GOING ON? YOU CAN TELL US ANYTHING. ESPECIALLY IF IT'S IMPORTANT..."

"yeah. i think robin'd really appreciate the intel, especially if it affects us in any way," Sans added.



Frisk wiped their eyes and nodded to Toriel.

*You ask Toriel if you can have a hot dog.

"First few hot dogs ready!" Big Band shouted, sliding a few wieners onto a tray next to the buns. Big Band whistled a folk song while he cooked another batch of sausages, rolling them on the grill.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by WeLurkInTheShadows on Sun Jan 31, 2016 7:44 pm

The lab rumbled violently sending beakers crashing to the floor, two pinpoints glowed on the the metal floor before erupting into a massive steam of disintegration light.

Fadkiller having been buried by the sudden crash and reconstruction was quite peeved and justly so.

Pieces of rubble stock in her hairdo she began to violently burn through the walls and ceiling,(much like a certain pissed off  solo man) "FREAK HARBORERS!" she screeched her face contorting into an expression of unnatural hatred. Her eyes bulged comically out as she set eyes on the duo.

She cackled malevolently, as her eyes began to grow red.


Tentaquil had been through a lot, battle, the loss of a friend, a funeral, another subsequent battle, the utter realization that his friend was in fact not dead, followed by being forced into a dreamscape.

It was a lot to process so while everyone, was having munchies with Benald, Tentaquil slumped down on the ground trying to calm his conflicted psyche .

"A powder keg of feelings huh?", The fakemon turned his head to view the Skeleton Merchant who was peering down at the anphibian with a concerned expression.

"You get used to it" Tentaquil sighed.
"You do?, I can't imagine getting used to all of this" Marrows pointing a bony thumb at Foamy who had somehow manipulated, the physics of the Dream world, and was now flying around in the air before swooping down at the grill and snagging a few hotdogs.

"How did you?" Tentaquil began.
"Language options". Marrows replied pointing at a small blue screen hovering slightly above his head.

Billy reached into his inventory and pulled out a large vial full of reddish liquid "Here, on the house, can't promise it'll heal emotional scars but it'll heal cuts and bruises just fine".

Tentaquil vaguely recognized the bottle, "The...the big eye dropped these?"

"You fought The Eye?" Marrows said cocking a figurative eyebrow, he whistled.

"Geez kid, how'd you manage to survive this long?"

"Determination and a lot of help" Tentaquil gurgled as he took a swig of the potion.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by SBR23 on Sun Jan 31, 2016 9:56 pm


Headdy and Harkinain stayed silent for the longest time, making puddles on the ground from their sweat. Finally, Weegee showed up, arms crossed with an impatient look on his face. "Okay, I think that's enough waiting." "Wait, why'd you bail?" asked Headdy. "I wanted to see if you could spill on your own but after watching if I waited on you any longer we'd be here all day." said Weegee. He showed the heros the advertisement he was emailed. "The Slaughter Me Street Asshats made a new group to kill us, capture Vic and use his soul to take over the world." explained Weegee as he displayed the email via hologram. "He's sent this email to everyone in every universe ever."

"By god! This is terrible!" cried the Marionette. "My eyes look nothing like that! If they were any smaller I won't even see! And look at Sans and Papyrus, they look like cave drawings!" Harkinian snickered a bit as he saw the images. "Well skeletons are hard to draw if you wanna get those features right." said Headdy. "And they did'nt even TRY to draw Sonic!" complained the Marionette. "That's not the point. The point is me and Hark found out the hard way they have technology to travel from the real world to the dream world AND that they have armies of highly trained penguins and bloopers, so while they are dumb, they're a force to be reckoned with, and I wouldn't be surprised if they actually got a few members." explained Weegee. "We'll just have to keep a close eye on Vic so he doesn't wander off and get captured." Weegee used his powers to make an object appear. The object was a necklace with a Warp Whistle attached to it. He split it in two. "I've always wanted to use this." said Weegee. "Wuzzat?" asked Headdy. "It's a Warp Whistle Necklace. If me or Vic get far apart, either of us can blow the whistle and teleport back to each other." explained Weegee. "So basically, we're playing babysitter?" asked the Marionette. "Pretty much." remarked Headdy. "Well, I'm pretty sure all of you are perfectly willing to babysit today, as for me I'M OUT." said the Marionette as he walked away from the group. "Aw c'mon Pale Face!" yelled Headdy as the Marionette walked away. The animatronic was too stubborn to listen to Headdy, so he continued to walk. "Stubborn as a mule." said Weegee. "You said it." added Headdy.


"Now now, let's not result to violence." said Follower as he walked towards the floating head. "Now, you made quite the mess of the fortress a few moments ago, and I'd appreciate it if you hear me out and not destroy the entire base with your anger. The Sponge isn't the person you should worry about destroying, and it's not us either. The REAL people you should be worrying about are these filthy creatures..." Follower showed the picture of the Clashers to Fadkiller. "These creatures are the ones who need to be destroyed, along with this one as well, who is their leader." Follower said showing a picture of Vic. "These are Dimension Hoppers. They hop through dimensions for fun, not knowing the consequences. If they continue to hop endlessly, the universe and everything else in between will be gone in an instant." Follower continued to pace the floor, speaking to Fadkiller. "Now, I know, from an unknown source, you like to destroy creatures. Innocent or not. How are you going to achieve that goal if we have dimensional travelers hopping through dimensions destroying the fabric of time, space? Bottom line is this, you join me and I'll give you these pieces of filth to destroy so you may continue your rampage of destruction. I'd explain more on this issue in further detail but, it's a bit stuffy in here is it not? Come, I'll explain to you the entire plan in the fortress's lobby via presentation."


"Duh, the scouts are settin up the satalite thingy as we speak, uh, ma'am!" spoke Waiter. "Good. Now we just need Follower here to do the presentation." said Greeter and she checked something off on her clipboard.


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Sun Jan 31, 2016 10:34 pm


Papyrus read over the e-mail a couple of times, before making his judgment.


"um, pap, that's not the point," Sans said slugging his brother lightly, before turning to Headdy, Weegee, and The King. "now, thankfully, first of all, there's no internet on mata nui, and therefore, no e-mail, and probably nobody stupid enough to actually believe this spam."


"heh, that looks enough like a spam message for every smart e-mail site to immediately file it into the spam pile. except for yahoo. yahoo never filters that crap."

"AND THEY GOT SO MANY DETAILS WRONG, TOO!" Papyrus remarked, further commenting on the incompetence of the Slaughter Me Street gang's publicity team. "THEY AREN'T GOING TO ATTRACT ANY PEOPLE IF THEY CLEARLY STATE THAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR VILLAINS! EVIL IS SO OUT-OF-STYLE!"

"tell that to the fairy."


"papyrus, i think this is way worse than malware," Sans said. "if we're not careful, we can end up with--*snrrkkk*--a buncha angry donald trump supporters tryin' to kill us. scary."

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by SissyGamer on Mon Feb 01, 2016 1:56 am


Toriel brings out a box of tissues, giving it to Frisk before grabbing a Hot Dog and once again, offering it to Frisk. "Just tell me if you need me, my child.. I'll be here for you.." Toriel said, before walking away.

"Man, these hot dogs are delicious!" Undyne remarked, chewing up a hot dog. "Seriously.. How do you make such good hot dogs, Big Band?" she asked.

"Maybe it's a secret recipe.." replied Vault Boy. "I think i had one of these before, anyway, some Donald Trump supporters?.. I don't know who Donald Trump is.."

"Donald Trump is one of the people that is elected to be the 2016 President.. Honestly, he's pretty bad, i wouldn't want him to be a president. He has something against monsters.. And that's racism!" Undyne responded.



"I'm also worried about that evil fairy.. She could just pop out any second!" Undyne shouted.


Diablo disappeared from where the Follower was, going back to Plankton.

"As i was saying about those SOULs.. If you get enough, than you'll turn into a being that is extremely powerful.. And you get SOULs from killing humans." Diablo explained. "It's easy, just trick one of those milita men there.. They are braindead, and love cocaine.. So trick them with cocaine that are actually deadly weapons, and kill them."


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

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