Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by lowfn on Wed Jan 20, 2016 1:28 am


"..God..Is it me or am i hallucinating?.." Undyne thought, staring at the Toaster. "Its a talking toaster! Made by...someone.." Vault Boy shouted out.


"How do you think I felt when I met you guys," remarked Trashcanhead in response to Undyne.

"I'm sure you felt really freaked out," Undyne replied. "Like..What world did you come from, anyway?"

"Sheeeeit," Trashcanhead said before explaining, "We didn't have none of this crazy shit, or any cool fish chicks walkin' around, naw. Instead our shit was full of everyone tryin' to kill everyone. Every moment and shit you were scared you were gonna get shot in the head. It sucked ass, and still does. That's why we made the militia. And even then, look at this shit."

"Seems worse than ASGORE, honestly.." Undyne mumbled. "I can't imagine a world where everything wants to kill you.."

"I CAN!"

"ASGORE used to be a guy who stole human souls. But we found a way through the barrier and now we're free! ASGORE is now just a normal nice guy."

"Just to emphasize and shit, you can tell we're supposed to be the most friendliest with each other than anyone else, since we're supposed to be a team or some shit. Watch," Trashcanhead said before walking up to a random militiaman and asking, "Sup dude, how was your day?"

In response the man turned around, "The fuck you talkin' about!? Get the hell away from me 'fore I pop a cap in yo ass! Sheeeit! I ain't 'bout that life! I..." He then trailed off into a rant about literally everything. I'm not even joking. He's going to continue ranting to himself until he dies.

Trashcanhead turned around back to Undyne. "See? Now imagine how people who aren't supposed to be your friends would treat you back where I'm from. Hell, I gotta say these past few hours have probably been the best of my life, not even jokin'."

"Ouch..Seems like me when i'm angry. I remember when i first met Frisk! I was battling him and i was teaching him how to block those projectiles. And uhh..I don't remember what happened next.." Undyne scratched her head.

"I wish we had a Frosk in our town," said Trashcanhead, looking out at the camp they were in. He never seemed to realize how much everything sucked until he met these new guys. He just supposed that his life was normal.

"It's Frisk, not Frosk.." Undyne corrected.

"Oh.. I wish we had a Frisk in our town," said Trashcanhead, looking out at the camp they were in. He never seemed to realize how much everything sucked until he met these new guys. He just supposed that his life was normal.

"Anyway, what we doin' now?" Undyne asked, while suplexing a huge boulder.

"Sheeeeit. I dunno. Usually we would be shooting terrorists or some shit right now," said Trashcanhead, not really sure what to do. "I think some guy has a VHS or some shit we could use. Maybe even a movie from this decade."

"Wait wait wait, a movie?! I'd love to watch one man!" Undyne shouted, throwing the boulder far away.

"Sheeeeit! Alright!" Trashcanhead said happily, gesturing for Undyne to follow him to an RV not too far away. "We just gotta be stealth and shit."

"Why? Is there someone in there?" Undyne asked, while following Trashcanhead. Meanwhile Vault Boy fell asleep for some reason.

"Yea, real fat tub of lard in there owns a portable TV and shit. We go in, borrow it for a lil' bit, and then put it back before he wakes up. Easy peasy," Trashcanhead said, now standing in front of the RV door.

"Uhh, okay, what movie are we gonna watch anyway?" Undyne questioned Trashcanhead.

"I dunno. I never stole this guy's TV before," said Trashcanhead before opening the RV door real slow like and motioning for Undyne to follow him in.

Undyne follows inside very quietly with Trashcanhead. "I'm only here because i want to watch a movie, because right now i'm bored!" Undyne whispered.

Just then, a large fat man on a bed a few feet away let out a large snore that filled the RV with sound, causing Trashcanhead to have to stifle a laugh as he mucked about, trying to find the TV.

"God, that fat guy over there is gonna see us.." Undyne thought to herself. "I swear, this is a bad idea.."

"Found it!" Trashcanhead said loudly as he held the TV in both arms.

"Maybe i should hold that for you.." Undyne said, she grabbed the TV with one arm instead perfectly fine.

"Dayum," whispered Trashcanhead, digging the womanly strength before slowly sliding the RV door open and slithering his way out of there.

Undyne followed and then begins to run back to where they were, she throws the TV down and looks at Trashcanhead. "Man..I thought we'd be caught, and we'd be dun goofed!" Undyne remarked.

Trashcanhead had followed, laughing as he said, "Please! Trust your ol' pal Bartholomew here! Now, let's see what goodies he left in the TV.." He bent down and opened a compartment in the TV, revealing two VHS tapes. Both had their original labels worn off, instead pink sharpie was the identifier of what movie was inside.

"Let's see... We got... 'Scary Shit'.. And we got... 'Cartoon Shit'," said Trashcanhead as he read the labels, he showed them to Undyne, letting her choose what movie shall be the one they soak into their eyes.

"Uhh, the 'Cartoon'?" Undyne guessed. "Actually, maybe the scary stuff.."

"Alrighty," Trashcanhead said, turning back around and stuffing the "Scary Shit" into the attatched VHS player. He then scrambled away for just a moment to push over some somewhat comfortable scrap for them to sit on just as "Nightmare on Elm Street" began to play on the TV.

"ELM STREET? NO! NOT THAT MOVIE!" Undyne shouted, covering her eyes.

"Okay! Okay!" Trashcanhead said, dashing to the TV to take the movie out, "I get it, some peeps are scared of this shit, it's all good." He fished around in the compartment to get the "Cartoon Shit" VHS out for them to watch.

"Okay, let's hope it's not that crappy elmo stuff.." mumbled Undyne.

"Sheeeeeit. I'd smack that fat tard upside the head if it ends up bein' that," Trashcanhead said as he slooshed back over to the 'seat' just as One Punch Man began to play.


"Alphys loves this stuff.." Undyne said.

"The hell are they saying. Is this in Spanish?" Trashcanhead asked, peering at the animosity on the television screen.

"I think thats Japanese. Wish there were english subtitles.." Undyne replied. "I think anime is a kind of documentary made from Japan.." as Undyne said this, Vault Boy was staring and giggling at Undyne again because of the cute 'couple'. "I still love anime though.." Undyne thought.

Just then, the TV burst into flames. Likely from One Punch Man's immense punching power.

"Holy shit this is like 3-D," Trashcanhead said, trying to make light of the situation. It would seem returning the TV was out of the question.

"I think its real man..SOMEONE GET WATER!" Undyne shouted. "I LOVE THAT SHOW! WHY MUST THE TV BE SET ON FIRE?! NOOOO!"

"THE PUNCH WAS TOO INTENSE!" Trashcanhead screamed to the sky. It was then that a man dressed as a firefighter came over, threw up on the TV to put out the flames, and then left.

"..God, this is weird.." Undyne mumbled.

"Sheeeit.. Now what're we gonna do?" Trashcanhead said, looking at the mess that was once a portable television before looking up at the night sky. It was quite the sight considering how few stars were visible back in New York City.

"..Not sure, maybe we should get to sleep though." Undyne declared. "It's night anyway, I'm getting tired."

"George is on the case," Trashcanhead said, using yet another name for himself as he dashed to a pile of scrap, dragging back a moderately clean, large mattress with a few tattered blankets on top. "Man this shit is deluxe!" Trashcanhead exclaimed as he set the mattress down next to where their seat is.

"Uhh, i'd rather not get in that.." Undyne said, she laid down on the ground instead, which was covered in snow.

"You sure? Ain't the snow cold and shit?" Trashcanhead asked, picking up most of the tattered blankets and offering them to Undyne.

"But aren't those filthy? I don't want to smell like trash the next morning.."

"Nah, I stole these from some germaphobe's car that got shot awhile back. He kept his shit real clean," said Trashcanhead, smelling the clean but tattered blankets.

"..Uhh, alright then." Undyne responded, she takes the blankets and then covers herself in them. She then lays down and closes her eyes, Vault Boy did the same as well.

Trashcanhead on the other hand sat down on the mattress and kept his assault rifle ready in his hands, prepared to defend his friends from any potential nasty folk. He could sleep another time.

CR Militia

"EEEEND TIIII-" screamed the crazy one before the mysterious man covered his mouth.

He then took a megaphone out of a convenient pile of trash nearby and pointed it up to Liberty Prime while Trashcanhead was flipping out, "Don't worry, amigo! They were uh.. Talking bad about communism! Loudly!" He would rather these people not get harmed simply because they yelled at him.

Vault Boy

"Wait wait wait! Its a misunderstanding! That guy seems to be suspicious!" Vault Boy shouted. "Believe us! He seems suspicious about what he's doing! Don't hurt us.."

"Seriously! Believe us.." Undyne said.


He didn't know anything about verification, so he simply yelled in the megaphone, "Amigo! If those two are harmed then the communists will spread their propaganda!"

"Uhh.." Vault Boy trembled and shivered.

The Robot's head quickly jerks downward. "EXPLAIN VERIFCATION, OR FORCE WILL BE USED ON ALL TRAITORS."

He sat there for a quick moment trying to think of his next line. He quickly blared into his megaphone, "These two were just yelling about their passion against communism! Right guys?" He hoped that they would get the hint and go along with what he was saying.

"..Uh..I guess?" Undyne replied, sweating and worrying that something will go wrong. "And i'm not Chinese either!" Vault Boy exclaimed.

The Patriot-bot looked back on Undyne, greatening its grip, "VERIFY ANTI-COMMUNIST ACCEPTION."

"Umm..I..I don't know what to do man!" Undyne shouted. "I just want some sleep!"

The unknown man below simply facepalmed harder than he ever had in his life while silently muttering multiple curses in Spanish. Meanwhile, Trashcanhead continued freaking out.

"VERIFY ANTI-COMMUNIST ACCEPTION." it blared in her face, bringing her right up to his visor, showing the glowing laser.

The two were nervous and confused, Undyne doesn't know because she is from the underground and Vault Boy has never heard of such thing, they stayed quiet while thinking for a moment.


"You guys hate communism... RIIIIIGHT?" said the man below once more into his megaphone.

"UHH, YES I HATE COMMUNISM!" Undyne yelled out, worrying even more with the 10 seconds left. Vault Boy began to facepalm slightly.

Liberty Prime crouched down, and set Undyne down, before rising up again, staring at Vault Boy.


"Uhhh, UHHHH...I hate communism too!" Vault Boy shouted.


Vault Boy began to have the most terrifying moment, 6 seconds remaining kept repeating in his head.

"I-I'm honest! I hate communism!" Vault Boy yelled.

The man below continued pinching his brow in frustration. He tried thinking of a way out of this considering how poorly the plan was going so far.


"I-I don't know anymore! I'm dead!" Vault Boy said out loud, worrying even more than ever. Undyne was thinking about trying to attack the Liberty Prime but knew it would just fail.

"PASSWORD!? COMMUNISMSUCKS1234!?" the man below screamed in his megaphone.

A loud beep comes from the machine's head, as the laser dims, and Liberty Prime lowers to let Vault Boy down, before standing up. "AUTOMATIC PATROL MODE ACTIVATED. HAVE A NICE DAY KILLING THE REDS!" Liberty Prime said as he walked away, through the militia camp.

Trashcanhead quickly came over to tightly hug Undyne, worried that his friend would have almost died just in front of him. The unknown man simply let out a breath he did not know he was holding.

Vault Boy stood for a second, finally then fainting but relieved, what a terrifying moment for poor Vault Boy.. "You're hugging me a little tight there.." Undyne said, attempting to get out of Trashcanhead's grasp.

"Sorry," Trashcanhead said, letting go of Undyne, panting from all of his freaking out he did, "That scared the fuck out of me." Never before had he been so afraid.

"Man, same..I thought we were both gonna die!" Undyne replied.

"Well amigos, I'm just glad nobody got killed," said the unknown man as he tossed the megaphone behind him, placing his thumbs in the pockets of his coat.

"Now who are you?..I've been wondering for awhile now." Undyne asked the unknown man.

"Well mi amiga, my name is Explozevo," said he with a grin as fire light reflected off of his opaque orange-tinted goggles. Trashcanhead simply stared at the Mexican in awe.

"Explozevo.." Undyne remarked before Vault Boy suddenly getting up after hearing the name he recognizes. "Explozevo! Where have you been?!" Vault Boy asked.

"Sheeeeit dude! I can't fuckin' believe you exist!" yelled Trashcanhead, laughing.

"Well mi amigo, I'm not sure where I've been. I was in that weird Wookport place and then I ended up here just in time to hear that guy talking about making things go ka-boom."

A small, yet growing crowd had seemed to gather around the group, whispering to one another while looking at Explozevo.

"Well then, I'm Undyne!" Undyne said, introducing herself. "This is Vault Boy..If you still recognize him.."

Liberty Prime stomped by, shouting "COMMUNISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!"

"Wheres my megap-" Explozevo said, before someone from the crowd handed it to him. He nodded in appreciation before speaking up to Liberty Prime, "No worries amigo! No communism here! All the communists are hiding really far away... Underground!"

"Wait, that means there's communists in the Underground?!" Undyne said. "Thats where i used to live, man!"

"...There's lots of undergrounds, amiga," Explozevo said to Undyne with a smile.

"..Okay then.." Undyne replied.

"Sheeeeeeit," said a few more in the crowd, still looking at Explozevo. The crowd continued to grow.


Explozevo spoke into his megaphone once again, "They're underground, amigo! Really far away! Doing.. Evil communist plots!"

"I don't think you're gettin' through that thick skull." said Nick Valentine, strolling up with a cigar in his mouth.

"Definitely not.." Vault Boy replied to Valentine. "We were just worried, and then it just grabbed us and almost killed us!"

Explozevo thought for a moment on how to shut the machine up, before getting a brilliant idea. He clicked the megaphone back on and said, "Robot amigo! You need to stay quiet! Or else the communists will hear you! With their evil communist spies!"

Liberty Prime ignored the spanish man. It knew that somewhere in this sprawling hooverville, lied communism.

Nearly 20 feet away, loud Russian dancing music began to play as five men danced in the moves of their people. Covering the van they danced in front of were, you guessed it, hammer and sickle symbols. "да, comrades! We dance very good!" exclaimed one of the dancers.

Liberty Prime noticed this vile act of treason against America, quickly stomped over, grabbed their van, and slammed it down on the 5 men, exploding as it hit the ground. "BETTER DEAD THAN RED' yelled Liberty Prime as he rose dramatically from the smoke of communism, and saluted.

Undyne and Vault Boy facepalmed, I think they've had enough of the Liberty Prime.

The crowd at this point has gotten even bigger and thicker around the group, a few even tentatively coming foward to get a closer look at Explozevo.

"Do one of you amigos have a fan club or something?" asked Explozevo to his group as he looked around at all the people surrounding them. This may be one of the few times they have ever gotten in this close proximity without hitting one another.

"Sheeeit man, it's you!" said Trashcanhead. "You're a fuckin' legend and shit! I think there's even a cult or some shit about you somewhere here."

Suddenly, a figure was watching from a distance, it was completely black and shadowy. The appearance barely visible. This figure was Diablo, who was watching the group. The figure was very still, as if it were a statue.

"Explozevo, are you like a really popular guy or something? I swear, you're on the Internet!" Undyne shouted. "I'm popular there!"

"Undyne, I don't think I've heard of the Internet, could you explain?" Vault Boy asked. "WHAT?! YOU HAVEN'T HEARD OF THE INTERNET?! I NEED TO TELL YOU RIGHT NOW MAN! YOU'VE MISSED SO MUCH!" Undyne shouted, then there was this long conversation with Undyne and Vault Boy about the internet that i was too lazy to type.

At this point, the crowd began converging on the group, wanting to speak with Explozevo and those who they assumed were his friends.

"Holy shit you fuckin' died and shit!"

"Will you sign my tits?"

"Did you ever touch Explozevo? What did it feel like? I heard his skin is smoother than babies."

"Is it true you blew up the sun and that's why it's bright?"

"I want to have your children."

And then another guy simply fell on the ground and began foaming at the mouth. Many more questions came from the large crowd, considerably close to Explozevo, Undyne, Vault Boy, Nick Valentine, and Trashcanhead.

After that long conversation, Vault Boy nodded. "What is happening.."

"I don't like this amigos, is there somewhere around here we can relax?" Explozevo said, before someone got real close to him screaming, "OH YES EXPLOZEVO! YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS CAN STAY IN MY TENT!"

"WHAT? FUCK YOU! THEY'RE GONNA STAY IN MY RV!" said a rather familiar fat man. It would seem this is the same fella Undyne and Trashcanhead stole a TV from.

"SHUT YOUR SHIT BEFORE I POP THAT FAT ASS OF YOURS! THEY OBVIOUSLY WANT TO STAY IN MY TRAILER!" screamed a woman who gestured to a trailer attatched to an obviously poorly modified pick-up truck.

"Duuuuudes. Let's let them decide, man..." said a hippie. Upon hearing this, the once blaring crowd went silent, all eyes on Explozevo, Undyne, Vault Boy, Nick Valentine, and Trashcanhead. Their staring was intensifying every second as they awaited an answer.

"I'll go with the Trailer." Said Nick, walking towards it.

"I guess i'll go with the trailer as well." Vault Boy agreed with Valentine. Undyne also agreed.

"HA! FUCK ALL OF YA'LL!" screamed the woman who owned the trailer. The crowd seemed to part, allowing a path from the center of the mob to said trailer.

"Well let's get in there amigos... Before things get.. Weird.. Er," said Explozevo, walking through the path, following the estatic woman who eagerly opened the door to her mobile home, gesturing for them to come in.

"Sheeeeit... Now this is deluxe," said Trashcanhead as he began entering the trailer with a goofy grin. There were two bedrooms, a master bedroom, a kitchen, a livingroom/ dining room, and a bathroom. It was actually quite impressive compared to most of what the militia had in terms of living space. There seemed to be a locked door near the master bedroom door that had a big paper heart glued to it.

"This is a nice place.." Undyne remarked. "What we gonna do in here?"

"Oh whatever you want!" said the obviously happy woman as she shut the door once everyone was inside. "I have this nice television here and a bunch of CDs! I have like, every movie! And and there's plenty of food in the kitchen!" Most of her attention seemed to be focused on Explozevo, who was obviously an idol to the members of the militia who quite a few of seemed to just be standing outside of the trailer, unable to see through the windows past the curtains.

"We could try watching a movie again," Trashcanhead suggested to Undyne.

"WAIT WAIT WAIT! I WANNA WATCH ONE PUNCH MAN! ONE PUUUUUNCHHH!" Undyne shouted, obviously a huge weaboo with anime.

"I don't know what that is.." said the woman, unhappy that she may be dissapointing a friend of Explozevo's. She did her best to keep a smile though to ensure everyone was comfortable.

"Man! It's an awesome anime show! But its alright if we don't have it.." Undyne explained. Vault Boy was sitting on the floor for some reason.

"Well you guys can rumble through the CDs! I might have it! Uhh.. Explozevo! Could I maybe talk to you? In the master bedroom?" asked the woman nervously. Explozevo shrugged and followed her in, leaving the group alone in the living room.

"Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit! Big guy is gonna get some!" exclaimed Trashcanhead quietly with a huge smile as the master bedroom door closed.

"Where can we sleep?" Undyne asked, darting her eyes around for anime CDs.

"Sheeeeit. Well I'ma look around a bit, see if I can't find any bedrooms," said Trashcanhead, going down a short hallway containing two bedrooms and a bathroom. He walked back into the living room as Undyne was looking for anime and said, "Sheeeeeit, there's only two beds. Peep's are gonna have to share."

"I'm not sharing a bed with you..But, I...I don't really know what to do right now, i know i should share a bed." Undyne said as she was walking to one of the bedrooms.

"Hey, hey, that's all good. I can just.. Sleep on the couch," Trashcanhead said. He was glad that he wore this trashcan over his face at this moment.

Undyne then grabbed Vault Boy by his neck, again, and walked to the bed. "Vault Boy, sleep in that bed. I'll sleep in this bed." Undyne declared, letting go of Vault Boy.

"Alright alright.." Vault Boy replied, walking to the other bedroom. They both laid down on their beds and went to sleep.

Trashcanhead laid down on the couch after taking off his signature helmet. While it was very comfortable compared to a lot of other things he's had the displeasure of sleeping on, he couldn't help but feel as if something were missing from his sleeping situation. Being this close to the master bedroom, he could faintly hear noises coming from inside. He did his best to ignore it, and go to sleep.


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by SissyGamer on Wed Jan 20, 2016 2:44 am

Collab Post written by SBR23 and SissyGamer


All of a sudden, out of absolutely nowhere, a motercycle appear in the sky, landing towards the group. It was SpingeBill. He had a bag of cocaine in hand, along with some AK47s as well. "ALRIGHT MOTHERFUCKERS! HANDS IN THE AIR, OR ELSE I'LL START SHOOTIN!" he yelled.

Vault Boy and Undyne woke up to the yelling. They immediately went outside to see SpingeBill, the eyeless sponge. "Who are you?!" Undyne shouted, bringing out her spear.

SpingeBill pointed his AK47s towards Undyne. His eye was twitching like crazy and he could barely hold the gun. "I SAID HANDS IN THE AIR GODDAMMIT!" he screamed.

Undyne stopped. "I-I..I'm not scared!" Vault Boy had his hands up, terrified by looking at the insane Sponge.

"BACK AGAINST THE WALL! NOW!" yelled SpingeBill.

Vault Boy did as Spingebill said, still extremely terrified. Though, Undyne didn't do anything.

"YOU TOO FISHLIPS! Unless you wanna be fish food, I suggest you do as I say." said SpingeBill.

"FISHLIPS?! WHAT?! NYAAAHHHH!" Undyne shouted, she leaped onto Spingebill attempting to impale him with her spear.

SpingeBill cleverly dodged Undyne's spear however, and shot her right in the knee.

"AGH! C-CRAP!" Undyne yelled, she fell down. Vault Boy stares in fear, running up to Undyne. "No..Not again!" Vault Boy said.

"BACK TO THE WALL CARTOON BOY!" yelled SpingeBill. "And take your girlfriend with you!"

"C-Cartoon boy?...Why you little.." Vault Boy brought out his Fat Man, aiming at SpingeBill. "..You..Y-You did that..Why? WHY?! WHY?!!"

SpingeBill put his gun down. "So that's how you wanna play it, huh?" said SpingeBill. He ripped his clothes off, revealing he has a bomb stuck to his chest. "I have a bomb and I'm not afraid to use it, you shoot me we'll both go 'Boom'! Now back to the wall!"

Vault Boy, slowly walking up to SpingeBill with a rather crazy appearance says "NO! N-NO! I'M..I'M NOT AFRAID!" Before Undyne grabbed Vault Boy's leg. "Man..Don't sacrifice yourself, we should probably do what he says.." Undyne said. They both went to the wall as Undyne was limping with her bleeding knee.

"Alright assholes! I came here for one thing and one thing only....I need to find a child by the name of 'Victor Purple'. This guy named Follower said that he needs him for some shit, I dunno...but whatever it is it must be important. So tell me where he is, or else I'll start shootin again!" said SpingeBill.

"V-Victor?.. I know him..But i can't tell where he is! You plan something suspicious.." Vault Boy exclaimed.

SpingeBill cocked his gun and aimed it towards Vault Boy's head. "I said, tell me where he is or I'll start shooting." threatened SpingeBill.

Suddenly, Amalgams appeared out of the ground. Melted monsters that were terrifyingly distorted, with multiple voices, they slowly walk toward SpingeBill as drips of their melted bodies fall.

SpingeBill looked back, spotting the horrifying creatures. "WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE THINGS?!" screamed SpingeBill.

"Amalgams! Monsters that were injected with Determination..Which was a expermient that failed!" Undyne shouted. The Amalgams come closer, one of them looked like many fused Annoying Dog's together that had a hole for a face. Another had multiple heads with no arms or legs. The third was an undescribable appearance that looked like a ghost. The Dog Amalgam then summons a small annoying dog that had it's face missing and it began to shoot bullets out of its missing face.

SpingeBill grabbed a flamethrower from inside his butt (Don't ask.) and started burning the Amalgams. "GO BACK TO HELL WHERE YOU FUCKFACES BELONG!!!" screamed SpingeBill as he flamed the hellish Amalgams.

The Amalgams simply began to melt, becoming even more distorted. They continue to attack, getting closer to SpingeBill.

"AAAH! Not even hell has beasts this ugly! I should know! I've been there!" yelled SpingeBill.  All of a sudden, a giant green ray wiped out a fraction of the Amalgams. It was Weegee. He had gone to the Chew-Market for a few minutes and no one had noticed. "Nah, I've seen worse." said Weegee.

The Amalgams melted into puddles, still alive but then burrowing into the ground. Vault Boy and Undyne stare at Weegee.

"Weegee! Thank Harkinian's hairy asshole you're here! C'mon, let's fry these fuckers real quick! " said SpingeBill as he aproached his old friend, pointing to Undyne and Vault Boy. "SpingeBill, why are you trying to hurt them? And why the hell do you have a fucking bomb strapped to your chest?" asked Weegee. SpingeBill froze. "Oh. These are YOUR friends?" asked SpingeBill as fear entered his voice. Weegee nodded. SpingeBill stood there, shocked, unable to move for the longest time.  Then he got back on his motorcycle and drove off. "LATER!" he yelled back at them as he drove off. Weegee looked towards Undyne and Vault Boy.

"Man..Thanks!" Undyne walked toward Weegee. "You saved our freakin' lives!"

"No problem.  It's what I do best." said Weegee. He looked at Undyne's knee. It was bleeding.  "Oh god. He shot you." Weegee said. He dropped his bag of groceries and stared at Undyne's knee.

"Yeah..He hit me pretty hard.." Undyne exclaimed.

"Don't worry, Doctor Weegee will fix you up." beamed Weegee as he transformed into his doctor counterpart.

Weegee shot a green laser near an opening. Within a second, a doctor's office appeared. "Step into my office and I'll see what I can do!" beamed Weegee as he straightened his stethoscope.

Undyne stood still, waiting for Weegee to see what happened.

Weegee carefully examined Undyne's bloody knee. He then grabbed a magnifying glass to see if a bullet was stuck in from when SpingeBill shot her. There was, in fact, a bullet lodged in the knee. Weegee carefully took it out with some tweasers. He threw the bullet in a trash bin. "Okay, here's my analysis. Your knee isn't in as critical condition as you think it is. What I reccomend you do is this..." said Weegee, grabbing an ice pack from his cabnit. "Dab your knee with this ice pack for at least fifteen minutes. As long as your knee doesn't touch anything infected,  you'll be fine, and the pain pain should go away in a few days."

Undyne took the ice pack and thanked Weegee. "Thanks.." Vault Boy helped pick Undyne back inside to sit on the couch.


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by lowfn on Wed Jan 20, 2016 2:58 am

Collab Post by EropsToad, Lowfn, and Mr H

CR Militia

Not too far from where everything was happening, there was a group of somewhat normally dressed folk playing a card game, with a corpse nearby, seemingly fresh killed and covered in its own cards. It would seem cheaters are not appreciated amongst this group.

"HAH! FUCK YOU BILL!" screamed one of them, scooping up the winnings on the table towards himself. Said winnings seemed to include a few syringes of heroin, some packaged food, a few crumpled up dollar bills, and a dead squirrel.

There was a collective "Sheeeeit" from the losers of the game, throwing their cards on the table in defeat. One stood up, screaming at the winner, "FUCK ME? FUCK YOU ERIC! YOU'VE BEEN CHEATIN'! I CAN TELL! I PASSED HIGHSCHOOL WITH ALL C's!"

Eric stood up at that point, considerably taller than Bill, now screaming in anger rather than victory, "YOU SAID YOU WOULDN'T BRING THAT UP, ASSHOLE! IF YOU'RE SO SMART YOU WOULDA WON A GAME!"

One member, obviously the hippie of the group based on his clothing, simply left the group due to the 'bad vibes', leaving an opening in the game for someone else to join.


*You notice that several of the militiamen are playing cards.

Frisk wandered over to the folks, some of which stopped their bickering to look at the child.

*You ask what they are playing.

The two easily angered ones sat down as Eric explained in the gruffest voice he could muster, "Only the manliest of all manly games: Go Fish. This shit ain't like that pussy-ass poker."

Frisk nodded. Poker was way too tough. Frisk pulled from their pocket a clump of Dog Residues and threw it in the winnings pile.

*You ask the men to deal you in.

Before Eric could collect the cards, Bill was quick to snatch them, deciding he would be the one to deal this round. "Let's see... Fuck, Eric how many cards do I give everyone.."

Eric smacked Bill upside the head and took the cards for himself as he muttered, "This is why I deal the cards, dumbass." He then dealt five cards to each player, six players in all including Frisk.

Frisk ignored the badmouthing and sat at the hippie's spot, which is to the left of Eric, thus it is Frisk's turn.

*You ask Bill if he has any threes.

"Uhh...." murmured Bill as he looked at his cards, taking his sweet time before saying, "Go Fish!"

Frisk took a card. They sorted through their cards, then looked pointedly at the next player.

"Lets see.. D-" said Bill before someone smacked him upside the head and screamed, "DAMNIT BILL! YOU GOT A THREE RIGHT THERE!"

"Oh... I thought that was an fifteen..." said Bill, turning his three card sideways in his hand. He handed his three to Frisk, ashamed of his inability to count properly. Most of the other players groaned, muttering things such as, "God damnit, Bill."

*You put the card back and hold your hand out to Bill, and accept the card.

*You ask Eric if he has any sevens.


A toaster appears on the table.


Meanwhile, Captain Nemo was watching from the deck of his ship right now as the people below played some card games. A toaster jumped up onto the table. The appliance started screaming about gambling.

Nemo pulled up a chair and sat down to see what this toaster was about to do.

*You tell the captain that you feel kind of crowded.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I am just curious as to why you people are wasting your time on this." Nemo sighed. These strange men were trying to corrupt an innocent child...

*You say you know how to play Go Fish already.


"Dude, seriously. Calm the fuck down. Why is it that you and nearly every single individual in this damn militia acts like they're brain damaged fucktards?" said one of the players of Go Fish, who was promptly shot in the head by Eric.

"LETS GAMBLE, GODDAMNIT!!" yelled the Toaster, ready to dominate its fellow players.

"Fine, Toaster. You get that dipshit's deck," said Eric as he sat back down, referring to the deck of cards, now unowned.

"I will leave you people to this. But you are wasting your time." Nemo slid his chair away and walked back into the submarine.

"YES!! YOU WILL RUE THE DAY YOU CROSSED THE TOASTER, KID!!" The Toaster yelled at Frisk, its cards face side up, on the ground.

*You put on your best poker face.

"Oh, we got a wise guy/gal here, huh? Well, how would you like to LOSE!"

*You tell the toaster that you don't intend to lose to a sarcastic kitchen appliance, and if you did, it would be very embarassing since the toaster does not have hands to take cards or organize matches.

"Uhh....Uhhh..... COMEBACK!!!" The Toaster says, slightly more meekly.

Frisk asked Eric once more if he had any sevens.

"Dude... This kid is raping you right now," said Bill with a cheeky grin as Eric handed over two sevens.

Eric simply pointed to the small number of corpses on the ground to keep Bill quiet.

Frisk calmly put down a set of four sevens in front of them.

"Wow, Eric. I don't think I've ever seen you l-" said another player who was promptly killed by Eric's sawed-off.

Frisk stared at the dead man.

*You ask if this means you get to see what cards he had in his hand.

Eric stares Frisk down, holding his cards in his right hand as he uses his left to click on his lighter and set his hand of cards on fire. "You don't get to see shit."

"Damnit, Eric, this is why mom said you weren't allowed to play checkers," Bill grumbled, remembering the time Eric placed a grenade on the checker board out of a fit of rage.

*You point out that without a full deck of cards, the game was rendered quite unplayable.

*You blow out one of the cards and start folding it.

Frisk put down their cards face-down, then began to fold the half-burnt card with an elaborate series of creases. Their fingers twitched and fiddled with the card fot a bit. They folded a little origami flower out of the playing card and gently tossed it onto the dead man's corpse.

it filled them with determination.

"Aw, that's actually pret-"

"THE FUCK IS THIS GAY SHIT!?" Eric screamed, interrupting Bill.


"Can you seriously calm down. Sheeit man.." Bill grumbled, pinching his brow.

"YOU KNOW WHAT? THAT TOASTER IS FUCKING RIGHT! I'M SICK OF YO BULLSHIT KID!" Eric screamed, pulling out his sawed-off, aiming at the child and pulling the trigger just as Bill began screaming multiple profanities at Eric.

Frisk immediately died in a gory mess.


Frisk put down their cards face-down, then began to fold the half-burnt card with an elaborate series of creases. Their fingers twitched and fiddled with the card fot a bit. They folded a little origami flower out of the playing card and gently tossed it onto the dead man's corpse.

it filled them with determination.

"Aw, that's actually pret-"

"THE FUCK IS THIS GAY SHIT!?" Eric screamed, interrupting Bill.


"Can you seriously calm down. Sheeit man.." Bill grumbled, pinching his brow.

"YOU KNOW WHAT? THAT TOASTER IS FUCKING RIGHT! I'M SICK OF YO BULLSHIT, KID!" Eric screamed, pulling out his sawed-off, aiming at the child about to pull the trigger until,

*You attempt to tell Eric that toasters are a bad influence.

Eric looked over at the toaster.


Eric looked back at Frisk, screaming, "YEA! THE TOASTER IS THE ONLY ONE THAT MAKES SENSE AROUND HERE!"

*You tell the toaster that you have an EMP with its name on it if it doesn't shut its vocoder. You're totally lying, of course, but the toaster can't tell.


"OH FUCK I DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT IS!" screamed Eric, squeezing the trigger on his firearm while aiming at the child while Bill screamed multiple profanities ar Eric, who was not a fan of whatever this EMP thing was.

Frisk ducked out of the way, panicking. They knew that the shotgun could kill them.

*You ask Eric to calm the f**k down. Not in those words exactly, but the situation warrants profanity on the part of the narrator.

"YES! LISTEN TO THE KID, ERIC! FOR FUCKS SA-" Bill said, before losing his life to Eric's outrage as well. That got Eric to calm down however.


"Oh Jesus Christ..." Eric whimpered as he looked at his dead brother. What has he done?



*You fold your hand. You place the origami flowers on Bill's corpse.

Eric now understood the respect behind Frisk's action. He continued staring at his dead brother, tears forming in his eyes.


That brought Eric's rage back. "OH YEA! I'M GONNA SHOOT A LITTLE MOTHERFUCKING BRAT ALRIGHT!" He raised his shotgun and aimed at the toaster.. But wait!

By the time he turned around, the toaster was gone, with a distant, "Fuck you, Eric! FUCK YOUUUUUUU!!!!!"

Eric did some kind of weird growl as he stared at the empty space where the toaster once was, before his anger simply just flew away, being replaced by sadness. He ooked over at Frisk, no longer wanting to kill the child.

*Eric is sparing you.



YOU WON! Earned 0 EXP and 0 gold.

"Hey kid.. I'm sorry I tried.. You know.." Eric said, sitting down while staring at the gun in his hand.

Frisk walked up to Eric and gave him a hug. After all, Eric just accidentally shot his brother... He needed the comforting, which was something these folk are not used to, causing Eric to simply break down and cry as he hugged Frisk back. Frisk kindly patted Eric. They didn't want him to think himself merely as a dirty brother killer.

From somewhere, the Toaster watched. What pitiful beings, he thought, turning to the Death Star, They have no idea what's coming..., and he whispered a maniacal laugh.

When Eric slightly opened his eyes, he could see others watching the scene. He quickly cleared his throat and did his best to stop the tearflow, but that did not change what he felt inside. He stood up, looking down at the child.

"I want you to have this, kid. You'll.. Use it a lot better than I have," Eric said, doing his best to keep his cool in front of the other militiamen as he handed Frisk his sawed-off. Was it a good idea to give a child a gun? In Eric's mind it was. While he had plenty of other guns, he would rather not have this one remind him of this moment.

*You got the Sawed-off Shotgun.

Frisk put the old shotgun into their inventory.

"I'm gonna.. Head off back to my car.. Thanks for being the adult," said Eric in a surprisingly mature manner before walking away.

Frisk was quite surprised, indeed.

*Your RESPONSIBILITY increased!

Frisk turned to the remaining player who hasn't died, telling them that the game was done.

"Fuck man I'm outta this sheeeeeit!" said the frightened individual, crab-walking away from the scene as fast as he could.


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by Mr.H on Wed Jan 20, 2016 8:49 pm

Locust Horde

Outside the well protected crevice, the ground began to burst, as the Locust Horde st up camp around Ko-Koro, as the brutes set up artillery (Seigebeasts and Seeders), and many groups sat in wait, waiting for the wall of bones to fall. Reavers flew above, screeching as they rocketed by, followed by a plethora of gas barges. Larger drones carried huge cages of tickers, ready to explode, as they prepared to finish the enemy, here and now.

Zer0 watched from a nearby rock as the reptilians set up their fortifications. "That looks bad." He said aloud, as he ran off, trying not to be seen by any scaly eyes.

Inside the zone of bones, The Brotherhood of Steel prepared for tomorrow's battle, as several hundred knights began to make their way to the entrance, passing through the militia camp with out carefulness, as they stood guard at the entrance of the crevice.


"Oh my..." exclaimed the robotic cleaner as he looked out the window of the windmill to see the two armies preparing for battle against each other. It was a sight to behold, Codsworth thought, before getting back to work on the burnt floor.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by WeLurkInTheShadows on Wed Jan 20, 2016 9:56 pm

Billy Marrows, was having quite the productive day he had gone all around the camp, selling his wares to the odd assortment of absolute madmen, he had also bought a few things from them, 20 syringes, three bags of Heroin, a stop sign fashioned into a club, chain mail made entirely out of pogs, pogs made entirely out of chainmail , and Twenty two soup cans fashioned into explosive devices.

It had gone pretty good except for a moment when Billy had to beat a man off with his lower jawbone, when the man in question had attempted to broil Foamy in a large pot.

And then he had the good luck to stumble across some new customers, they were quite large lizardlike ogres.

"Heyyyyyyyy" He started sautering over to them, "You folks seem like a good mob but you know what would make you better?, Torches, and luckily I got a deal for you...."

These twisted abominations crafted in the likeness of those of power and popularity, their presence will not be tolerated

A red hot beam of light smashed into Spingbill's front tire, causing the bike to veer and slam into a rock.

A large silhouette floated towards the Sponge.
Finally it came into view, a massive disembodied head of a very angry woman, her dark grey hair like thunderclouds, her white pearly teeth bitten down in a hateful frown.

Her eyes alight with the power to scour the fraks from the earth.

"I AM FADKILLER" Her voice emanated like the clap of thunder.
She turned her scorching gaze upon SpingeBill

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by Mr.H on Wed Jan 20, 2016 10:16 pm

Locust Horde

"It's a little bone!" yelled one of the Drones, as a crowd of them surrounded Marrows with rocks and wood as currency for the torches. they were too dumb to realized the price of torches, and continued to try to buy torches.

The Rest of the horde continued to ready for the onslaught, as the seeders began to jam all electronic connections, like phones. Drones began to load the Siegebeasts with flammable spike balls.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by lowfn on Thu Jan 21, 2016 3:38 am

Collab post written by Lowfn and Erops. Oh, and those two lines by Mr H

Big Band

Big Band found it mighty suspicious, indeed. Mostly since the murder was very, very thinly veiled. And so, he followed Vault Boy out to the fire.

As VB left for the trailer, Big Band stood and stared at the fire.

Big Band released three trombones and emptied their spit valves onto the unassuming fire that happened to use organic fuel.

"Sheeeeeeeeeeit," mumbled the folk who had surrounded the fire for warmth beforehand, walking off to find new sources of heat. Though a few likely just enjoyed the sight and smell of burning corpses.

One corpse, while heavily burnt, could be recognized as one of the gentlemen, the three others had bullets through each of their heads.

"I think we oughta have a word with our friends the golfers," Big Band muttered.

An old man carrying far too much firepower for comfort while wearing rags and paper bags happened to be walking by while closing on eye, "Aw sheit! You must be talking about those crazy guys who live in the mindmill! They sure are a riot to listen to!"

He then scampered off to eat some trash out of a pile of garbage bags. The trash was not even food. It was just cardboard covered in old mustard.

Big Band sighed.


BANG! went the door.

"Raise your hand if you killed a man," Big Band barked, holding out two bugles like pistols. He had on a pair of shades.

the gentlemen simply stood there for a moment, one of them about to raise their hand before the leader smacked him on the back of his head. "By Jovy! There was a fly on the back of your head there ol' chap!"

"Now, y'all realize that you can't just be offin' each other like that. Saw one of your gentleman friends charred in a campfire. There was blood on the floor and wall. Any good cop can put two and two together. And I think the answer may be 'fore.'"

The leader ignored the pun, shrugging in defeat as he kept his smile facade. "Well ol' chap it would seem you've got it all figured out. By George, I don't seem to understand however, is why you believe I cannot order my own men to kill each other? Why they're more expendable than these golf balls." To emphasize his point, he held a golf ball in his hand and looked at it, chuckling slightly.

Big Band lowered his bugles a bit. "Why would you waste lives? I can understand death in the heat of battle, but..."

"Because ol' chap, they don't matter. If one were to speak out of character, well I don't bat an eye to their loss, no sir I don't," the leader replied, looking at his followers. Despite what was being said in front of them, they kept up their facade as well. They know the consequences of breaking character. "Look at those ruffians outside ol' sport, only two of my men have ever died. Meanwhile, hundreds of them die a month! Heh, is this not better for them? Look how orderly they are, obedient. Isn't that right ol' chaps?"

Every surviving gentleman nodded their head in unison, unspeaking.

Big Band rubbed the bridge of his nose with his tongs. "Good lord. But do you really have to kill 'em?" he asked. "If they break character, break from this seemingly elite establishment you've got, then they're certain to end up like the other dead folks in your militia."

"Death is the best motivator ol' chap. Out of my many years of service, only two gentlemen have ever broken character. I honestly don't see the problem," said the leader, laughing some at the end of his reply.

Big Band realized that wherever these men came from... Their law was broken. Perhaps not their personal codes, but the laws if their land itself. The rules of the game were different.

"Alright, clearly you operate on a different moral code. You govern by your own law, your own rules, and quite frankly, this doesn't fall under my jurisdiction. I don't like seein' folks get killed--"

"Oh no no no," said the leader, interrupting Big Band, "Don't think of them as people, ol' chap. They're metaphorical golfballs. Part of the game, so to speak. Correct, men? Or should I say, golfballs?"

His words were met with another silent nod and a happy facade.

Big Band groaned. "Ugh. It's too late for this," he muttered. "Look, do as you will with your own men. I don't like it, but I can't change your mind about this. Just... Remember if you play your balls wrong you're gonna get penalized. Once you're in the bunker, it's tough to get out."

"I'll keep your advice in mind, ol' sport," the leader replied, "I do hope this does not soil our good relations, no I don't. Those beds on floor two are still open, yes they are."

The policeman muttered "I need an aspirin" and lumbered downstairs.

The leader snapped his fingers and said, "By george, would one of you chaps go to the medicine cabinet and get our friend here some asprin? The rest of us will stay up here and make more mmunitions, yes we will."

With lightning speed, a gentleman dashed from the third floor to the first, opening a cabinet near the fridge and produced an asprin, ready for Big Band's consumption. He seemed to stay completely silent, moreso than the others. Likely, he was incapable of doing an accent that met his leader's expectations.

"Thanks," Big Band said, taking the pill in tongs. "This is a regular aspirin, right? Not like your colleagues' cocaine deal?"

The man simply nodded, before realizing that he could be nodding yes to it being cocaine. He held up a one and then nodded, then held up a two nd shok his head, hoping that made what he was trying to say more clear. He kept smiling.

"Sayin' something might've been less complicated," Big Band remarked. He consumed the aspirin.

The man thought for a moment before asking, "Would you like anything else, ol' chap?" However, it would seem he accidentally did an Australian accent. He quickly covered his mouth and looked upwards, listening for if the others had heard him.

"You doing alright?" Big Band asked.

That was two rules he had broken. He broke accent and the happy facade. Though he was determined to recover, giving Big Band a nervous smile and a thumbs up.

Big Band eyed him strangely, then closed his eyes. "Alright, then. You take care of yourself. And if you think there's a problem, speak up."

The gentleman looked over at the stairs, before gesturing for Big Band to get closer. He kept glancing towards the stairs as he let his smile shtick fade away, biting his lip.

Liberty Prime stomped by, promoting his anti-commie propoganda as he took steps toward the edge of the zone of bones.

Does that thing ever shut up? Big Band thought. Big Band got up and lumbered towards the poor gentleman. "Alright, what's up?" he asked.

With a few more glances towards the stairs later, the gentleman finally whispered in his normal, American voice, "Our leader is insane." Upon saying that, he quickly looked at the stairs, paranoid that the brigade dictator could somehow hear such quiet whispers.

"I can kinda tell," Big Band replied, in an equal whisper. He gestured for the gentleman to be quiet for a bit, and then pulled from his coat a large half bell that he placed around the gentleman, for privacy.

"Why does he make you guys do this? Doesn't he see you're human? Elite, yes. Expendable? That's debatable."

"He knows full well that we're human," said the still nervous gentleman, "He just doesn't care..."

"No kiddin'," Big Band replied. "You know, you oughta voice your concerns to the other guys. Not your leader, though. He's nuts."

"He lied to you when he said only two have died..." said the gentleman, visisbly sweating at this point, "We're the third brigade he's made... Nobody goes against him."

"Why am I not surprised? Well, I'm not insinuatin' anything, but I feel like the way things are, it might be his last." Big Band's milky eyes looked straight into the gentleman's. "What do you think?" he asked.

"I... I don't know... There were ten gentlemen in the last brigade.. They all tried taking him down.. We couldn't try that!" cried the gentleman.


"T-The other gentlemen and I... We talked about this before.. B-but we realized we can't win. He'd just get a hole in one in each of us.. Oh God, I'm making golf puns now!" That right there seemed to be the breaking point for the man, sending him into quiet sobs. Though he had no tear ducts, which made the experience of crying a very strange ordeal for him.

"Hey, hey, you all right?" Big Band asked. "Deep breaths, man!" Big Band put a trombone slide on the gent's shoulder and tried to reassure him.

"I hate it here.. So much.. But he won't let us leave.. Or we'll end up just like Harold!" cried the gentleman, letting out quite the audible sob before quickly silencing himself. Any amount of conversation from upstairs ceased.

"Who's Harold?"

Before the gentleman could answer the question, the leader's voice carried through the floors as he kindly yelled down, "Oh Terrance ol' chap! Could you come up here for a moment?"

"Oh god... What do I do!?" cried the gentleman, now known as Terrance.

Big Band gulped. He then slipped something into Terrence's hand. A small, confiscated revolver. "When you've got reason to revolt, you revolt," Big Band said. "When you see somethin' wrong, ya say somethin'. Ya do somethin'."

Terrance looked at Big Band, before sucking up his fear and nodding. He knew that sound he made was going to result in his death anyway, might as well go down fighting. Terrance went around the privacy bell Big Band had created and went up the stairs, newfound determination in his heart.

And Big Band didn't have fingerprints to leave.

The third door could be heard opening, before a flurry of gunshots rang out, followed by the cruel fake-British laugh of their leader. "My, my, ol' chap! That was a jolly good try! Now where could you have gotten such a shoddy weapon? And more importantly ol' sport... The gut to use it?" The leader seemed to be speaking rather loudly, ensuring anyone on the lower floors could hear his sneering.

Big Band tromped up the stairs and kicked the door down again. "I guess someone thought it was time you faced the music," the policeman snarled.

"My, my ol' chap. It really does pain me to lose the potential friendship we could have had, but with that look in your eye, I see only one way out of this, yes I do," said the leader, snapping his fingers and making a circle motion with one of his fingers. His men quickly surrounded him in a circle, acting like human shields while the leader poked his hunting rifle out between them. "Let's see how much you want to get this hole in one, ol' sport!"

Big Band placed one half of the bell in front of him like a riot shield. "Let's tango, bogey-man," he said.

"Clever one, ol' chap! Jenkins! Please take care of our house guest," the leader commanded, a gentleman leaving the group with a hunting rifle in hand, attempting to run around the bell to get a shot at Big Band. It was obvious he did not want to fight.

Big Band shifted the bell around and activated the other half, while extending a trumpet from his chest and playing a loud note to disorient the other men. His real target, however, was the leader. He felt the dull ping of the first man's bullet on the bell.

Big Band loosed a kickdrum pedal in between two men standing by, in an attempt to get them to scatter.

The note seemed to do the trick on most of the men, other than the one who was clearly enjoying the situation. Jenkins had slipped on the ground and hurt his head in the process while the leader quickly screamed for the meat shielf to rotate, allowing the kickdrum pedal to cause a gentleman to go kersplat.

This shockwave of the attack caused the other men to fall down, even the dictator stumbled some before tossing his hunting riffle and snagging a far more higher caliber sniper rifle to shoot at Big Band with while the others took their time to recover from the attack "C'mon ol' chaps! I wouldn't want to off you all for failure and get a new brigade! No I would not!"

Big Band whipped out a hi-hat and attempted to block the bullet. It ricocheted off the top cymbal, as Big Band skated up close, jumped in the air, and slammed straight down with the bell of a French horn.

The leader leaped out of the way of the attack, in his place was a gentleman who simply fired upwards at Big Band in hopes of getting a shot at him before meeting his end.



Big Band angled the horn slightly so that the worst that would happen was the man's trigger arm being broken. "Hiding behind your golf balls, huh? Is it 'cause ya got none of your own?" Big Band asked, before attempting to body check the leader, the keys on the flaps of his trench coat blasting soundwaves.

The leader attempted a clean dodge, but not before being smacked in his lower half by the wave of funky beats, sending him spinning in the direction he leaped towards and hitting the wall in a rather unfun fashion.

A gentleman was quick to come to his side and help him up, causing the leader to violently shrug him off and yell in his fake British accent, "By George get off of me! All of you! How hard can it be to get a hole in one!?"

Biig Band's flaps burst open and a set of four timpanis burst from underneath. "Hard as I'm hittin' these drums!" Big Band shouted, before rushing at the leader and performing a very loud, very hard timpani roll that caused the bottoms of the drums to flare and strike the leader. Each strike would elevate assailant and victim higher and higher.

"What in the!?" the leader shouted, gripping onto the gentleman that helped him up as he rose into the air with one hand. With the other he grabbed a shotgun and slapped it into the poor man's hands as he held his victim in front of him as the drums threw him upwards. Understanding what his leader wanted, the man tried firing at Big Band, despite the fact that bullets seemed to prove very ineffective against instrument cops.

Big Band's fists transformed into trumpets and he went flying at the man and the leader, uncaring of the bullets clanging against his trumpet fists. He clenched his fist and slugged leader and meat shield together. "You wouldn't be suffering this if your leader weren't such a son of a gun," Big Band muttered, referring to to the poor golfer who had to take desperate potshots.

The punch brutally smashed into the shield, pretty much ensuring that man wasn't going golfing ever again. The meat shielf smacked back into the leader, slamming him against the wall once again. He did not seem to be getting up so easily this time, what with being covered in blood from both is minion and his own and the multitude of bone fractures going on underneath his ruined suit. He seemed to be on his hands and knees after falling on the ground, spitting out blood and the ocassional tooth while the other gentlemen looked on from the opposite side of the room.

"I'm not a fan of police brutality. In fact, I hate it. But the injustice you've done not just these men, but to countless before warrants some kinda karmic retribution."

The leader's coughing and spitting changed to laughter as you looked up at Big Band, still keeping that British accent as he said, "And what makes you different from me.. Old sport? You've taken down a number of my men and injured the rest, yes you have... All you have is your justification ol' sport. At least I created order, yes I did."

"All you did was torture us!" yelled a gentleman at the leader, the sight of Big Band's actions filling him with bravey, resulting in the downed dictator dick frowning and raising a nearby pistol to try and shoot the golf ball that dared to question his methods.

"And why do you think I had to do that? Because you were the one shovin' 'em in my face!" Big Band shouted, before blasting a trumpet, not enough to hurt anyone, just to push the man in the crosshairs of the leader's gun away, causing him to fire at the wall.

"If you're going to get a hole in one, ol' chap... Then take your swing already," the leader said bitterly, lowering the hand holding the gun to support himself as he coughed up more blood.

"I think your 'balls' would like to have a word with you first," Big Band said, retracting all musical appendages and stepping back.

The leader glared at the men, causing them to hesitate out of instict for just a moment, before they walked fowards, no longer seeing the man as a threat. They each took a club out of their golf bags and screamed, in unison, in their native American accents, "FOOOOORE!"

Hole in one.


"Thanks again, for getting us out of that mess, man," said one of the gentlemen, holding his bloodied golf club over his shoulder, while the other men took selfies in front of their ex-leader's battered corpse.

"You folks are savages," Big Band remarked, looking at the bloody clubs, "but that's what happens when you're oppressed for so long. If anyone asks, it was an accident."

"No yea, for sure. We're still keeping the windmill dig we got going on, maybe even the whole 'elite' thing too. But we're def dropping the shitty accents and the psycopathic golfing thing," replied the man with a laugh.

"Maybe you can ix-nay on the leader thing as well. Maybe it's good that you're all equal. Elite in technique, yes, but equal. Equally responsible for each other and for yourselves."

"Equality's all we got. That's how the militia works, and that's how it was meant to be," agreed the man just as a car exploded outside for no good reason other than this is the militia we're talking about here.

Big Band nodded. "Well, you folks take care. That's enough action for one day," he yawned. "You mind if I crash here as well?" Big Band added.

"Sheeit, you've more than earned it, man. Take whatever bed you want on the second floor."

Big Band nodded, then lumbered out the door and into the biggest bed he could find. He did a belly-flop and started snoozing while the men upstairs got to work making ammunition. After all, that was their job. Insane leader, or no insane leader.

Codsworth immediately left the premises.


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by Mr.H on Thu Jan 21, 2016 5:07 am

Collab written by WeLurkIntheShadows, Mr.H, lowfn, and EropsToad

Locust Horde

Marrows figuritivly rolled his eyes, "No,No Metal pieces, round, gold, copper or, silver"

Done of the drones smashed the rock it had, revealing many shiny ores. the others followed in his path, and then began to try to smash them flat.

"I guess that'l' work" Marrows took the ore and reached into his burlap sack, pulling out fully lit torches

the drones took their torches in a very rude way, snatching them out of the skeleton's hands. a Wretch runs up and snatches one, without paying.

"Hey pay to play buddy!" Marrows yelled shaking a bony fist

The Wretch ran off, without paying, and the rest of the drones noticed, and began to yell at the skeleton, demanding free firey sticks.

"Hey this ain't no charity!" Marrows yelled and he began to walk away not overly enjoying the buisness

A Boomer blocked his way, laughing slowly. A few wretches came in front of the Boomer, growling at the little bones.

"Hey.....now, are we going to have upleasent term?"Marrows growled

"You give us fire sticks. or we take bones apart and make a nice firepit out of you." Exclaimed a Drone, as some began to aim their rifles at the skeleton.

"Oh please" Marrows said gritting his teeth and pulling something out of his ribcage.

"I beat fuckboi's like you back in the war!".

Marrows shot his hand forward, releasing a hard metal yoyo attacked to a string, it cracked into the forehead of the boomer, dazing him.

Then like a whip he brought it back,smashing it again and again, until the locust's face resembled a soupy bloody mess

The Wretches pounced, screeching. some of the drones began to fire upon the skeleton, wanting to avenge their fallen bretheren.

Marrows was quick as he shot the rally again wrapping it around the neck of a wretch, as the monster choked Billy yanked the rally causing it to fall, he dove behind the body as shots rang through the air, using the monster as a human shield.

The rally shot again wrapping around a drone's riffile.

Billy yanked the weapon out of the monster's hands, and proceeded to pump lead into his assailants.


A Brumak begins to lumber over, sending its giant fists toward the skull of Marrows.

The merchant's size came in handy as he dodged then smashed at the monster's "Eyes' with the yoyo cracking the goggles

The Beast grabs at its eyes, roaring. as more Drones moved in, the screech of a kantus stops them. It walks up to Marrows, before saying, "Go now! We no longer want to fight such a unworthy adversary.", as the crowd moves, allowing the skeleton a way out of the horde.

Part of Marrows wanted to flee, but it was eclipced by the part that was so insulted by the accusation, "WHATSA MATTER TOO SPOOPY 4 YOU!" Marrows screamed, but suddenly before he could retailate a pair of powerful graspers gripped his coat and dragged him away.
Foamy fearing his master's safety, dragged the Merchant away.


The Locust stared at him in disgust as he was dragged away, some muttering swears and threats at him. The Wretches in the crowd jumped up and down, screeching like a laughing chimpanzee.

"I'LL SEE YOU ALL IN SKELETON HELL!" Billy swore as he struggled to break free.

But all was for not as he dissappared from the army's view

The Horde continued to prepare, beginning to fire at the bone zone with a few seigebeasts to no avail. But this was the Locust we're talkin' about, so they continued to fire at it with the catapults. some seeders began to fire nemacysts at the zone of bones, exploding on impact.

Sans's power managed to ward off the artillery, but it was just as tiring to continuously hold the protection up.

Meanwhile, a group of paranoid militiamen armed a bomb near the edge of the bone-zone, believing it to be the real-life equivalent of that dome from The Simpsons Movie. "SHE'S GONNA BLOW!" screamed an older man who quickly dashed behind a car for cover, along with several men who helped assemble the idiocy.

Several Knights tried to calm down the situation, but to no avail. The bomb went, as Explozevo would put it, "Ka-boom." Thankfully it was not something that would destroy the whole camp or anything.

The Knights sighed due to the fact that they had to stop defending the entire camp to deal with morons, and went back to duty.

Sans flinched. "hey! quit messin' around up there!" Sans yelled. "my job's hard enough as it is!"

"Damn it!" yelled the old coot who threw his hat onto the ground. "We're doomed! This here wall is gonna kill us, boys!"

"i put up the freakin' bones to keep the bad guys out, darn it," Sans explained.

The militiamen surrounding the old coot each took turns smacking him upside the head.

Some of the Locust outside the zone laughed at the scene.

"Hey! Don't ya'll laugh at me out there! I have hearing aids and I can hear your laughter! Your evil, vile lau-" screamed the old man before getting smacked once more.

"Just shut the fuck up man," said the smacker.

The Locust burst into violent laughter, one even falling to the ground."IT WILL BE EVEN MORE FUNNY TOMORROW, WHEN WE DECORATE THE WALLS WITH YOUR BLOOD!! HAAHAA!"

At that very moment Foamy came by dragging Billy into safety,"I'LL MAKE YOU EAT YOUR TEETH, YOU PALE FUCKBOIS!"

Billy stood up and dusted himself off, and tried to run back out, only to be constrained by Foamy.

"i think we need a bit more elbow room," Sans said, extending the Bone Zone a bit so that the bones would smite the one Locust who made fun.

"huh. changed my mind. liked it better the way it was," Sans mused, putting the Bone Zone back to normal when the Locust was dead.

The Drones stood away, still laughing. "EAT MY TEETH? HAHAHA!! I'LL HAVE YOUR TEETH ON A CHAIN TOMORROW! HAAHAA!"

"THEY'RE STILL LAUGHIN' AT ME! WHY I'LL! I'LL! I'LL GET YER GIBBLETS! LEMME OUTTA THIS WALL! I'MA SHOW 'EM SOME RESPECT!" screamed the old coot before someone smacked him once more.

Appropriate Listening:

"hey, guys, what do you call a lizard-shrek with half a brain?" Sans asked his friends.

"What funnybones?" Marrows asked,glaring at the locusts.


The Locust's face turned into a scowl, staring at Sans."I'M GONNA BREAK YOUR LITTLE SKULL IN BY MORNING, LITTLE BONES!", it yelled.

"what's the difference between a lizard-shrek and an elephant?" Sans asked, ignoring the Locust's threats.

A few of the militiamen chuckled some, before asking, "Sheeeit, what?"

"one's big, hairy, and really smelly... and the other's an elephant!"

The militiamen took their turn to howl in laughter, one even throwing a rock to try and hit a Locust, not realizing it would bounce off of the zone of bone. (If it even hit. Ko-Koro's in kind of deep in the chasm. Then again, when did the militia ever care about logic and reason?)

One of the Locust looked over its arms, checking its arms for hair. "IT'S GONNA BE FUN BREAKING YOUR BONES, LITTLE JOKER.'

"heh, heh. hey, guys. so, two lizard-shreks walk into a bar. and the bartender says, 'we don't serve your kind here.' so the lizard-shreks say, 'why?' and the bartender says, 'we don't serve people who don't cover their buttocks with pants. especially if they're waving them in our face.'"

Sans smirked and jabbed a thumb at the Locusts. "guess that makes 'em... the butt of the joke, huh?"

The laughter continued with even more intensity, before the old coot spoke up and yelled, "OH OH OH! I HAVE A GOOD ONE! WHY DID THA LEZURD-SHREK CROSS THE ROAD?"

"i dunno, why?"

"CUZ HE'S STUPID! HA HA!" said the old man, warranting angry and unimpressed glares from the other militiamen, who wre quick to dealiver another well-deserved round of smacks.

"that would explain why he's crossing the road. i mean, who else would cross the road when the red hand's flashing on the signal?"



A Brumak lumbered over, its goggles broken. it gave out an angry growl as it looked at the skeleton with a hoodie, completely mistaking it for Marrows. it roared, shaking the ground.

"whoops. speaking of which, you caught me... red-handed." Sans shrugged. "say, which reminds me of another joke. knock-knock."

The militiamen were quick to happily yell out, in unison, "WHO'S THERE?"



"lizards reckon they ought to knock before entering. heh, guess that makes this one particularly smarter than the rest."

The men laughed once more before a loud voice from nowhere asked, "How many 'lizard-shreks' does it take to screw in a lightbulb?" Mol obviously wanted in on the fun.

Sans smiled. "gee, i dunno. enlighten me."

"None, they couldn't figure out what the lightbubl was in the first place," Mol said, before blinding the Locusts in darkness.

"ohhhhhhh!" Sans hooted. "sick burrrrn!"

The Locusts now had a hefty crowd of brutish drones, yelling threats and obscene things at anybody who laughed. the Brumak roared as loud as it could.

"Don't worry, don't worry. I'll fix that lightbulb for ya," Mol remarked before letting a blinding flash of light smack into the eyes of the Locusts.

"hey, hey, i got another one. what do you get when you cross a lizard-shrek with a great white shark?" Sans asked.

The militiamen, once again, were dying to know.

"as far away as possible. as soon as you smell the breath, it's all over."

Not as many laughed at that one. The joke was too complex for most of the militiamen. Those who didn't laugh were quick to go along with the others laughing to not seem like a bunch of Debby-downers.

The Locust continued to berate the militiamen with gory threats, firing a few shots into the air which only encited more laughter from the militiamen. If there's one thing that can bring these hooligans together, it's a good laugh at someone else's expense.

Artillery fire continued to pummel the dome of bones, as more and more units fired upon it. some Reavers even began to make runs, firing upon the bone zone with everything they had, before turning around to do it again. The crowd cheered the reavers on, some still berating the people inside.

"Dude, I have the weirdest boner right now," joked one of the militiamen, enciting playful shoving and laughter instead of smacking and insults. It was quite a good day for the militia.

"i always have a boner. 206 of 'em," Sans quipped.

Laughter intensifies.

Artillery also intensifies, along with angry yelling.

"i'm sorry, your mother is a what now? oh, my. please don't say that about your poor old mother," Sans called, with a wink.

The crowd of militiamen at that one spot grew along with their laughter and jeering, many of them attempted to come of with clever jokes to insult the Locusts. and while most of them failed miserably, everyone in the crowd still had a good laugh at their enemy's expense.

The crowd of drones began to walk off, yelling obscene threats as they walked off. The artillery continued to intensify, as more locust weapons fired at the shield.

"thank you, thank you, i'll be here all night," Sans said, putting up his palms.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by lowfn on Thu Jan 21, 2016 11:43 pm

Collab Post written by a lot of people.


Undyne  was left sitting on the couch back in the trailer, holding an ice pack  on her wounded knee. The ice would start to become red, absorbing blood.  The blood was dripping all the way down to her foot. Vault Boy was  keeping an eye on Undyne, making sure she'll be alright.

Due  to Trashcanhead being asleep on the coach, he was woken up by the new  weight being added. "Huh? Is it morning already?" Trashcanhead mumbled  with a yawn, peering at Undyne, eyes blurry from sleepyland.

"No,  it's not morning..I think anyway.." Vault Boy responded as Undyne was  getting tired. "Undyne got shot in the knee, so i'm helping her here."

That  woke Trashcanhead right up, literally springing him off of the coach so  he could look at Undyne. He was about to yell, but realized Explozevo  and whatsherface were asleep, and instead loudly whispered, "SHITASS! OH MY GOD WHO DID THIS!? WHO IS THE FUCK THAT IS SHOOTING SHIT AT YOU?"

He looked around a bit, before hefting his assault rifle into his grasp, ready to ruin someone's day.

"This  eyeless sponge wearing a brown shirt with a white stripe and a red tie.  He had a gun and when Undyne tried to hit him with her spear, she  missed and that sponge shot her.." Vault Boy responded.

"The  fucking Spongebob Brigade.. OF course it would be those cooky pieces of  shit," Trashcanhead angrily muttered, donning his iconic trashcan  helmet.

"Spongebob  Brigade? No idea what you're talking about here, but for all i know it  looked real. And he felt real..As if he was a real living sea sponge, it  was strange.. And then there were these melted monsters that attacked.  They were super creepy.." Vault Boy said.

"Nah,  it's this piece of shit who goes around dressed as a cartoon character.  He kidnapped a shitton of kids awhile back, but he always helped with  the terrorist shit so we let him do his thing. But fuck that if that  cunt thinks he's gonna shoot up Undyne," Trashcanhead said, far louder  and angrier than a whisper. He was all set and ready to leave the  trailer and avenge Undyne's knee.

"Cartoon  character? That's weird.. But i swear, the sponge didn't feel like some  kind of suit.. His eyes would actually move and they would twitch like  crazy. The fingers worked well, i didn't see any man inside of the  holes.."

"Real  shit or fake shit, I'm taking him down. No cartoon cunt is shooting my  friend and getting away with it," Trashcanhead stated.

"I  think i heard that his name was... SpingeBill. But i have no  idea where the sponge went.. I don't think you'd be able to find him,  for all i know." exclaimed Vault Boy, Undyne was relaxing with the cold  ice pack.

The  knowledge that he could not find this 'Spongebill' filled Trashcanhead  with rage. He simply slammed his fist into the wall near the door,  breaking the wood and slightly bending the exterior metal. He then  brought his hand close to himself and squealed, "Owwwwww! Fuck!"

"Splinters? I hate those!" Vault Boy said.

There  weren't actually any splinters, the pain came moreso from the fact he  just punched a metal wall with all of his strength. He settled over by  Undyne, holding his hurt hand with the other after slinging his  multitude of firearms onto the floor, along with his helmet.

"Undyne  just needs some rest, after all. Might wanna leave her alone for now,  just so she can have some space and some quiet time." Vault Boy  recommended as he was holding Undyne's ice pack.

Trashcanhead  reluctantly left the room to go to the one with a toilet, where he  could do some thinking, which was not something he did often... At  all...

Vault  Boy looked at Undyne, with a smile but yet a sad look. He could only  hope that Undyne didn't get posessed from that moment where she was busy  and wounded. Who knows, Zalgo might've been included with this. He  stayed close to Undyne, sitting next to the sleeping fish and patted her  shoulder just to make her confortable.

"What  a shame, right?" said a voice that only Trashcanhead could hear. "Ah,  ah. Don't speak. Wouldn't want the others to think you're crazy for  talking to yourself."

"Who  the fuck is there?" whispered Trashcanhead, looking around the small  bathroom, moving the shower curtain to reveal a middle aged man floating  in mid-air, which was mild compared to some of the acid trips  Trashcanhead has seen.

"Who are you?" mumbled Trashcanhead quietly, the rage from the events that have transpired flowing through his veins.

"Oh  that's not important buddy. What is important is where that guy who  shot your woman is.. Or well.. She isn't your woman is she?" said  the man with a short laugh, hovering about the small bathroom freely.

"What  do you want? Where is the cunt who shot her? Why the fuck are you  floa-" Trashcanhead whispered loudly, interrupted by the stranger who  said,

"Shush  now. All your questions will meet their resolution, more importantly,  the one concerning the location of this 'Spongebill' fellow. All I ask  for return is a liiiiiiiiittle little favor."

"...What do you want," Trashcanhead repeated, looking at the floating man with disdain.

Suddenly, there was screaming. A shouting of "NYAAAAAAHHH!" was heard. A door was heard violently opening and then closing.

"We'll  talk later, chum. Better go see what the lovely lady is screaming  about," said the man, before vanishing in a puff of smoke.

Trashcanhead burst out of the bathroom,  to see Undyne missing, a trail of blood was seen from the couch to the  door. Vault Boy was terrified to what he just saw.. Vault Boy clearly  had a large cut from his shoulder that was bleeding. It would seem that  it was from a spear.

"Holy  fuck! What the shit happened!?" Trashcanhead screamed. From in the  master bedroom there could be shuffling heard. What they could not see  was Explozevo wanting to leave the room, but the power of woman was too  strong.

"U-Undyne  just escaped.. I-I was conforting her.. Then she just got up with red  eyes and stabbed me with her s-spear.. Then she just ran out of the  door.. W-W-We have to go find her!" Vault Boy explained in a terrified  tone.

"Mmmm..  I don't think that's a god idea buds," said the voice as the man  floated into the room through a wall, relaxing on the bed of air. "As  much as I would looooooove for you to go on a wild goose chase,  this is far beyond your scope of comprehension."

"But she could've gone somewhere dangerous.." Vault Boy said.

"Yadda  yadda, worry worry. Look chum, what she's got is a nasty case of the  Zalgo. Same guy who did that Paranormal Activity shtick on you a while  back," said the guy we all know is Mol at this point, giving Vault Boy a  wink.

"Zalgo?..Hes the one that me, Undyne, and Victor were fighting eariler.. I didn't know he could possess people! He even possessed me? Since when?!" Vault Boy asked.

"Oh  don't worry about it," Mol said, waving away Vault Boy's concerns.  "Just let Zalgo do whatever pervert stuff he does. Undyne'll be fine.  Besides, Zalgo's gonna have some fun later on. And by fun, I mean the  exact opposite of fun."

Vault Boy disappeared, again.

"Ooooh, that stinks," Mol said, booing the sudden vanishment.

"Man  fuck you! I'm gonna go find Undyne!" yelled Trashcanhead, running out  of the trailer. He would not let some Zogla possess Undyne.

Meanwhile,  Undyne was behind the trailer, hiding from the group inside of it.  Vault Boy was looking everywhere around the bone zone but no avail. The  only place was behind the trailer..But he didn't think about that.

"UNDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYNE!"  Trashcanhead screamed out at the top of his lungs once he left the  trailer. Even after nearly being blown up, getting addicted to cocaine,  and having been shot in the stomach on several different ocassions  because his vest was too short, this moment was the worst one of his  life.

There  was no response, but the footsteps of snow could be heard somewhere  near the trailer. But then, out of the back of the trailer, Undyne  jumped out. Or..Was it Undyne? She had her spear out, glaring at  Trashcanhead and Vault Boy.

"UNDYNE!  Okay! Fuck! You're possessed by Zoogaloo! Guy person!" Trashcanhead  yelled pointing at Vault Boy, "Go get some holy water or some shit!  Quick!"

"I-I don't know where holy water is!" Vault Boy said, shivering.

"Just  go to the tent where that creepy old lady is by the van where the  toaster fucker is!" Trashcanhead screamed, as if this were a normal  sentence.

Vault Boy didn't do it, he had to stay with Undyne. Suddenly, Undyne was running toward the spot of the card game, charging at Frisk with her spear.

*Your elevated sense of responsibility fills you with determination.

Trashcanhead  could have easily taken a shot at Undyne and save Frisk, but.. Then he  would be shooting Undyne, the whole reason he was no longer doing  cocaine. Trashcanhead did not like moral dilemmas, and simply tried to  reach out to Undyne by screaming, "UNDYNE NO!"


Frisk dodged out of the way.

Undyne then throws out multiple fast mini-spears at Frisk, mixed with normal and blue ones. "You can't escape me! You won't escape from me anyway!" Undyne shouted.

Wait, what? Whatever happened to giving them the shield to guard?

Frisk noticed that their SOUL was not green. They realized... It worked before. But what did Undyne want?

*I'm outta here.

Frisk fled.

Undyne began to chase Frisk as they were running away, being faster than them Undyne catches up with Frisk.


*Smells like evil possessed sushi.



Undyne HP 40 DEF 40 Something's definitely wrong here! Maybe running is good exorcise.

Undyne then uses her spear to turn Frisk's SOUL green. Undyne then uses more mini-spears to shoot at Frisk.

Frisk could only turn in four directions, but that was where the spears were coming from anyway. But they seemed way too aggressive for a simple spar. Frisk knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that something had Undyne under its control.



*You do jumping jacks.

*Undyne ends up twitching a bit but then stops and focuses on defeating Frisk. Spears come out once more mixed with blue and orange.


Frisk took heavy damage from Undyne's attack, mostly because of the orange attacks and the fact that they couldn't move horizontally or vertically while stuck in green mode.

Undyne continues to throw normal spears at Frisk.

*You tell Undyne that that isn't fair, she's not letting you take your turn and she's using orange attacks when you can't move.

*Undyne ignores what Frisk said, only continuing to throw the spears at Frisk. She doesn't care, it wouldn't seem to be actually Undyne.

Frisk frantically moved the shield accordingly to block the blows. Undyne usually had a better sense of honor than this.

Undyne stops, she looks down for a second.

*You attempt to will your SOUL back into red mode...

*And you succeed!

Frisk dropped the shield to the ground and looked up at Undyne, who had suddenly become quite more interested in the snow.



*You call out to Undyne. Something in the recesses of her SOUL is blocking you out.

"You will not be spared." Undyne said, she then threw more spears at Frisk mixed with blue.

Huh. Usually Undyne is hammier than that. Like, "I'M GONNA FREAKIN' KILL YOU!" and stuff. Frisk continued to dodge, seeing that the spears were getting even more unfair (if that was even possible?). It would seem that the bullet patterns were becoming quite impossible.

Undyne leaves Frisk with their turn, unsure of what to do next.



*You plead with Undyne.

*Undyne twitches, but then repeating the same thing. "You will not be spared."

*The bullets get unfair.

*Undyne glares at Frisk, looking angry but slightly anxious. "I don't want to do this." could be heard as small whispers.

Frisk dodged again, and spread their arms out wide.

*You tell Undyne that she doesn't have to. You plead for Undyne to come back to her senses...

"You will not be spared." simply stated Undyne.

Undyne then stabbed Frisk with her spear. Frisk was already at critically low health to start, so...

*I thought we were...


Frisk immediately got impaled and died.

*Undyne drops to the ground, looking at Frisk in a sad way. Undyne gets back up, looking at Frisk's corpse.

You can't give up now!

Stay determined!


"UNDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYNE!"  Trashcanhead screamed out at the top of his lungs once he left the  trailer. Even after nearly being blown up, getting addicted to cocaine,  and having been shot in the stomach on several different ocassions  because his vest was too short, this moment was the worst one of his  life.

There  was no response, but the footsteps of snow could be heard somewhere  near the trailer. But then, out of the back of the trailer, Undyne  jumped out. Or..Was it Undyne? She had her spear out, glaring at  Trashcanhead and Vault Boy.

"UNDYNE!  Okay! Fuck! You're possessed by Zoogaloo! Guy person!" Trashcanhead  yelled pointing at Vault Boy, "Go get some holy water or some shit!  Quick!"

"I-I don't know where holy water is!" Vault Boy said, shivering.

"Just  go to the tent where that creepy old lady is by the van where the  toaster fucker is!" Trashcanhead screamed, as if this were a normal  sentence.

Vault Boy didn't do it, he had to stay with Undyne. Suddenly, Undyne was running toward the spot of the card game, charging at Frisk with her spear.

*Your elevated sense of responsibility fills you with determination.

Trashcanhead  could have easily taken a shot at Undyne and save Frisk, but.. Then he  would be shooting Undyne, the whole reason he was no longer doing  cocaine. Trashcanhead did not like moral dilemmas, and simply tried to reach out to Undyne by screaming, "UNDYNE NO!"

Frisk turned and saw Undyne. Their eyes widened (yes, they do have eyes, they're riGHT UNDER THEIR EYEBROWS!!!!) and they dove into the snow, just as Undyne recklessly charged past.

*You cry for help. Very loudly.

"OKAY, OKAY, JEEZE, KID, I HEAR YA!" Toad shouted, running over to Frisk, still clad in chef's attire.

*You tell Toad that Undyne is freaking possessed!

"WHAT?! Oh, no! This means that we're stuck in a fight in collab limbo!" Toad cried.

*Say what?

"Don't worry about it."

*You tell Toad you needed some holy water or something.

"Holy water? Um... I got it!" Toad said, before bringing a pot full of snow.


*You boil the hell out of the water.

"HEY! We're tryin' to advance a story here, pal!" Toad shotued to Mol. "Cut us some slack, we're behind by several days now!"

*You ask Toad what the HECK he means.



until the holy water is done.

"Eh, don't worry about it."

Frisk folded their arms and sighed, staring at the pot.

"Don't watch it. A watched pot never boils," Toad said.

Trashcanhead covers the eyehole on his helmet, taking what Toad said at face value.

*You turn away from the pot.

The holy water

is done.

"Wow, that actually worked," Toad said, scratching his head.

Frisk wasted no time. They threw on a pair of gloves and grabbed the pot of holy water and chased after Undyne.

*You throw the holy water onto Undyne, then pray to God since He seems to be the best type to deal with these kinds of situations.

Mol then comes down from the clouds as a spotlight shines down from nowhere, an angelic chorus can be heard as he floats down with his arms outstretched. "Someone called?"

*Wow. That actually worked.

*You point at the demon-possessed Undyne. For some reason you know she would have killed you on the spot if you hadn't been so quick to dodge.

Mol looked over at Undyne, folding his arms and simply saying, "Zalgo quit throwing a temper-tantrum just because you're about to get killed later. It's really embarrassing and you're being a huge cock-block for that trashcan guy right now."

Frisk stared at Mol's figure. Toad gently walked over and put his hands over Frisk's ears. "Pretend you didn't hear that."

*You will never let Undyne live this moment down.

Toad glanced awkwardly up at Mol. "Should we, like, go?" Toad asked.

Mol shrugged. "Hell if I know. What do I look like to you? God?" At that moment a halo appeared above his head as the angelic choir became more intense for a moment while it rained sparkles briefly.

"Well, you look like a dude putting on a lightshow, but hey, you're keeping the kid from getting axe-murdered by a possessed fish lady. Anyways, yeah, we probably owe you for this. In fact know, I'll probably owe ya two since I don't want the kid to have too much on his (her? their?) shoulders. Gotta look out for the little ones, eh? Just to be clear though: I don't do killing or stealing. That's illegal. Unless the victims in question are creatures of darkness who definitively have no moral compass as agreed upon by multiple viewpoints."

"..Sure thing, butter bean," Mol simply said, still able to see Undyne without looking at her.. Since.. You know.. Light.

Toad shrugged. "Alright, Frisky, let's blow this popsicle stand. Unless you want to become a popsicle yourself. Since that fish lady's holding spears and stuff."

*You say you have no intention of becoming a Frisk-kebab.


Undyne chases Frisk once again, but being slightly slower from exhaustion and the weight of her armor.

Mol was quick to try out one of his new moves on Undyne, ensnaring her in a cage of bones as he floated into her field of view. "Like my new digs, Zalgy?" he said, laying down on the air as usual.

"Of course i do, it's impressive." Zalgo said sarcastically, before making Undyne's body no longer physical in which she walks through the cage of bones.

"You know you can't stop what's coming, right pal? You're not proving anything by possessing helpless fish people," Mol mocked, floating alongside Undyne.

"I know that, I just want to cause some harvoc for some fun. I'm having fun while doing this in my last moments, I don't care and I won't plead."

Mol let Zalgo get a little bit ahead of him before he said, with the biggest smile, "But I can stop it from coming." He twisted around in the air to face Undyne's back.

"How would that be possible? I don't care if i die, I don't care about anything anymore. I don't even care about becoming a god or destroying this world anymore."

Mol slithered up in front of Undyne as he said with a grin, "You obviously do care... You are inhabiting this body for the fun of causing mayhem. I can ensure, that you will always be able to cause that mayhem... Eternal fun instead of the eternal nothing of death."

"I don't, I'd be freaking out like an imbecile if i was one. I just want some fun on my last few hours, or days."

Mol then shrugged and very, very slowly began to float away as he said, "Okay then. Well then I'll leave you to your very short fate. But don't say I never offered."

Then, Zalgo left Undyne back to her control. Undyne dropped to the ground and onto the snow, Undyne seemed to have fainted before Trashcanhead quickly came to her side.

"You owe me one, Trashy," Mol quipped before vanishing.

"Wait, I.. What?" Trashcanhead sputtered, looking around befoe turning his attention back to Undyne. He attempted to carry her, but found that the armor was far too heavy to do so.

Trashcanhead looked around before slipping Undyne out of her armor in order to carry her inside the trailer, hoping she won't hit him and accuse him of being a pervert.

Vault Boy was inside the trailer sitting down and staring at the wall for some reason. Apparently he was there the whole time, and seemed to have forgotten about what happened.

Trashcanhead nudged the front door open with his foot as he carried Undyne into the trailer and towards the bedroom she had claimed earlier, before gently flopping her onto the mattress inside. He then placed the bed's blanket on top of her and tucked her in. Then, after ensuring her head was in a comfortable position on her pillow, he sat down in a chair in the room, prepared for any Zolgas that may try to come in and do some black magic possession bullshit.

He took off his trashcan hemet, placing it on the ground to use as a footrest while keeping one hand near his pistol's holster.

Secretly, Flowey had been watching. He was next to the door of the bedroom where Undyne and Trashcanhead were. Flowey peeked inside for a moment with his head, before quickly moving back next to the outside of the door. The plan was going perfectly, he just needs 6 SOULs to release his 'special form'. Those SOULs would be from 6 militia soldiers.

He just needed time though, he needed to wait for a better moment.

Meanwhile, Trashcanhead stayed by Undyne's side. He will not let something like this happen to her again.


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by SBR23 on Fri Jan 22, 2016 1:30 am


"What the hell?!" yelled SpingeBill as he saw the floating head. "Not another annoying floating head piece of shit!" He grabbed a megabuster from his pants and started shooting at the head with blasts of electricity. The electricity stunned it long enough for SpingeBill to drive away.

Back to the present...

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU COULDN'T KILL THEM?!" yelled Follower, red as a beet. "I mean I couldn't kill them you chuckle-fuck!" insulted SpingeBill. Follower was spazing out in anger because of SpingeBill's comments. "And WHAT specific reason do you have of not capturing the clashers and the boy?" asked Follower who had slightly calmed down from his overflow of rage. "Weegee was in there!" said SpingeBill. Follower's face was turning red again. "And this Weegee is your friend?" asked Follower. "Yeah, we've been friends since Elementary! We've been blowin up houses, taking over continents, selling illegal items, all that shit!" said SpingeBill. "We're friends, and friends don't kill each other! Unless they're cool with it, then it's okay!" Greeter and Waiter were in tears, touched by SpingeBill's "beautiful speech". Follower conked both of them on their heads.

"Okay, you can go." said Follower. "Huh?" asked SpingeBill, with a confused look on his face. "You're seriously letting me off the hook after I fucked you over?" "Yeah, sure. Go ahead. Be free. Live long and prosper." said Follower calmly. "Huh. Okay then." said SpingeBill, shrugging his shoulders. He began to walk towards the exit. But then, after getting a quarter down towards the exit, he slowed down, then stopped walking altogether. He stood there for about a minute before falling flat on his face. It would seem that Follower shot a tranquilizer dart at SpingeBill. "Get the mind control device. I need to make another call." ordered Follower. Greeter and Waiter carried the collapsed sea sponge to the secret lab underneath the fortress. Follower proceeded to his office.


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Fri Jan 22, 2016 8:09 am

Collaborative post written by EropsToad, Jawlord, and cardiackid


"Now, wait just one gosh darned second here.  Yer accusin' us of workin' with those people?  This... er...  Whatever they call themselves."  Donnel shouted at Pohatu.

"We have nothing to do with them.  We're peacful people.  I fought them!"  Isaac exclaimed.

"They ain't very good people, ya know, but we are.  We were gonna come here ta help ya out but then ya just treat us like this?  What kinda greetin' is that now?  If you wanna beat these guys, you gotta have us."  Donnel looked up at the sky.  He knew they could defeat these people.  It wasn't impossible.  He needed to find Robin again.  He knew that Robin would have a plan.  She always did.

Pohatu lowered his climbing claws and stared at Donnel. "And what worth are you to Mata Nui? Do you have honor to your duty?" the Toa asked. "Are you true to your word? For the voices above... They are duplicitous, honorless. They dare threaten Mata Nui, and I cannot be sure that dimensional travelers do not all harbor the same threat. So... We shall test your honor! Nothing too deadly... for now. Are you familiar with the sport of Kolhii?"

Mister Monopoly grinned and nudged his cohorts, "Oh this is going to be fun!"

The Matoran stared incredulously at Pohatu. "They... They bring these unimaginable horrors to Mata Nui... And your solution is a game of Kolhii?"'

Pohatu shrugged. "If they do not keep their word and play on our terms, then they are honorless villains who must be struck down," the Toa of Stone replied. "But if you play the game," Pohatu added, turning to Mr. Monopoly, "then you have little to worry about."

"Oh absolutely, however I'm not the spry young lad I was back then, so I will offer my support in the stands!"

Tentaquil gave a glare that Milburn didn't notice

Pohatu sized up Pennybags. He seemed in about as good of a physical condition as a Turaga. Meaning that he was quite old, and unable to play sport.

"Hm! That... is a problem..." Pohatu observed. "Perhaps you should sit this out."

Pohatu had an idea. "Perhaps you can keep the score! There's an idea! For I am testing your honesty and honor, and fairness is a part of that, isn't it?"

Milburn chuckled, "My dear boy, I'd be honored!"

"I suppose we can play your game."  Isaac agreed.

"It is settled!" Pohatu declared, raising a climbing claw into the air. "We shall judge these interdimensional travelers over a round of Kolhii! We shall explain the rules when we arrive at the stadium! Come; we have sport to play! And play fair, and we will not lay  finger on you! Unless you win. Then we shower you with praise for being exceptional beginners at kohlii!"


The light crystals were glowing yellow, and a small crowd of Po-Matoran unable to join the outskirts clashes against Makuta's corrupted Rahi sat in the stands, calling and cheering hollowly in the vacant, masoned stadium.

"Kolhii works like this!" Pohatu bellowed. "Teams consist of two players each! One player may hold a shield and guard their own goal, while the other must hold the Kolhii staff and attempt to score goals! Both teams must agree on how many goals are required to win! Number of balls in play must be less than the number of teams. In this case, we will have two teams, the Po-Matoran and the dimensional travelers, so there may only be one ball in play at a time. You may not purposefully strike another player in any way! Any goal is good, except for goals made upon your own net! Those don't count! Any questions?"

Tentaquil raised his hand but was ignored.

"Then we begin! Dimensional travelers... choose your players!" Pohatu announced, looking pointedly at Donnel, Isaac, and Tentaquil. Mr. Monopoly was safely nestled in the stands.

"I HAVE UPMOST FAITH IN YOU!" He yelled down

"Easy for you to say, you aren't playing" thought the fakemon bitterly.

The odd duo clustered togather, as they made their descison

"I wanna play.  I always stick ta my honor, yessirree." Donnel beamed with pride in himself. Tentaquil gave a unnoticed sarcastic eye roll, and glanced at Issac.

"So...  Who else?"  Isaac asked.

Tentaquil croaked signaling he would volunteer.

"Well, do as you must."  Isaac stepped away and let his two friends prepare for the game ahead of them.

When the team made its decision, Pohatu held out a palm to Tentaquil and Donnel. "The dimensional travelers have made their decision! You say you stick to your honor, boy? Well, how are you at holding a stick?" Pohatu rummaged behind him and pulled out a Kolhii stick: a staff that had a scoop at one end, and a hammer on the other. "Catch!" the Toa shouted to Donnel, tossing the Kolhii stick to the farm-boy.

Donnel jumped up and caught the stick before carefully landing.  He twisted it around in his hand, preparing to play this weird new game.

"Let's go!"  Donnel exclaimed.

"Do I get anything?"Tentaquil spoke.

Pohatu nodded at the Fakémon (not out of understanding of Pokémon tongue, but of the necessity of the other player to have a goalie shield), before pulling a goalie's shield and hoisting it over his head. He tossed it to Tentaquil.

Tentaquil struggled to pick it up before sucessful grasping it in his claws.

The duo marched onto the field.
"GO MONOPLIERS!" Milburn screamed waving a flag that somehow already had the logo on it.
"I NEVER AGREED ON THAT" Tenty screeched.

"Hey, why couldn't I name our team?"  Isaac groaned.  This Monopoly man was quite eccentric and full of himself.  Isaac looked forward, trying to see his friends as they prepared to play their game.

Two Po-Matoran ran in on the other side of the field, one with a matching Kolhii stick, and the other with a goalie shield.

"How many goals shall be required for victory?" asked one of the Po-Matoran.

Tentaquil held up paw showing his three claws, made sense three in group, three points.

"Three points? Does that sound good?" the Matoran asked his partner. The Matoran agreed. "Three points it is, then!"

"Three points!" Pohatu bellowed. "This will be a three-point game! And elder, if you will count the score, that would be excellent!" he added, turning to Mr. Pennybags.

Pennybags grinned and took out a notepad and a solid gold pen.

A stone ball popped out from the middle of the stadium as the two teams converged. The Po-Matoran with the Kolhii staff stared Donnel down as they waited for the signal to start the game.

A horn blew, and immediately the Matoran swung his staff's scoop and swiped the ball out of the center point, before running straight for Tentaquil at the goal.

Donnel had no idea how to play this game.  Even if they had explained the rules, there was a chance he might not have been listening.  Or it might just be an easy way for his writer to do random junk.

Donnel ran towards the Matoran, and tried to knock the ball away from him.  He really didn't know exactly what he was supposed to do, but if it worked, he'd try to do it again.

The ball jerked out of the Matoran's scoop, and bounced away, rolling off to the side. The Matoran immediately kicked off and tried to retrieve it, spinning his staff around to the hammer side.

Donnel jumped up above the Matoran's staff.  The Matoran did strike the ball with his hammer, but Donnel managed to quickly land, catching the ball in his scoop as he made contact with the ground.

Donnel wasn't sure what to do now that he had the ball so he just ran away from Tentaquil's goal.  He presumed that he would have to try and get the opponent's goal.

The other Matoran, holding the shield, braced himself to guard the net. The Po-Matoran in the stands held their breaths; already the dimensional travelers managed to wrest the ball from the champion players of Mata Nui! This could turn out more interesting than they initially thought...

Donnel flung the ball out of his scoop as fast as he could.  He aimed for the area under the Matoran keeper, hoping to let the ball soar under his opponent.

The Matoran, however, slammed the shield on the ground and the boulder bounced off against it, rebounding towards the other Matoran player. There was still a lot of ground between them, though, so Donnel had a chance to retrieve the ball.

Donnel ran over towards the ball as it rolled towards the other Matoran player.  He caught it in his scoop once more and tried to use some sort of distracting manuever to catch the keeper off guard.  Donnel rapidly jerked around in front of the net.  Isaac looked down from the stands, rather confused as to what his colleague was trying to do.

The Matoran zagged when he should have zigged, and Donnel's fake-outs managed to throw him off. The Matoran blocked in the wrong direction and Donnel quickly flung the ball forwards, and into the net.

A horn sounded, signaling that a goal had scored.

"ONE POINT FOR MONOPLIER'S!" Milburn shouted.

"Maybe I misjudged Donnel..."  Isaac quietly murmered to himself.

Donnel looked at Tentaquil, a rather unusual look of shock on his face.  They actually beat these Matorans?  Well, at least once, they did...  The game wasn't over yet.  There was still a ways to go, and Donnel felt like he was beginning to truly understand the game.  He was on the edge, preparing for his next move, surveying the field as best as he could.

Another ball appeared in the center field, and the Matoran with the staff returned to the center.

The horn sounded, and the Matoran immediately smacked the ball with the hammer underneath Donnel, then dashed off to the side, before chasing after the bouncing boulder. The Matoran caught up and swung his staff's scoop to catch the ball, before dashing towards Tentaquil, tossing the ball into the air then whipping around the staff to smash the ball towards the net.

Tentaquil jumped and the ball smashed into the shield rebounding with a "CRACK!"

Donnel, who had been trailing behind the Matoran, followed the ball as it rolled away from Tentaquil.  He caught it in his scoop and took off at high speed towards the opposing keeper.  Donnel waved the stick around under his feet before making a very sudden swipe, aiming for an area off to the side of the keeper.

Donnel sunk the ball into the net, and the horn blared again.

Pohatu leaned in towards Mr. Pennybags. "They're good. You sure you've never seen this sport before?" Pohatu asked.

"All this is new to me sonny, here its like a different planet!" he grinned a sparkle in his eyes, "ANOTHER POINT FOR THE MONOPLIER'S!"

The center field produced yet another ball, and the players returned to center. The Po-Matoran stared Donnel down, determined to get a goal past the farm boy.

Donnel cleverly grasped his stick and stared at his own opponent.  He swiped at the ball as soon as he had his next chance.  However, instead of scooping it up with the scoop, Donnel whacked it away with the hammer.  The ball rolled towards the opposing goal.  Donnel ran up to the ball, keeping up with it as it rolled away.  He hoped the odd change of pace would confuse the Matoran.

But this time, the Matoran had caught on to Donnel's erraticism, and when Donnel zagged, the Matoran with the stick zigged, jumping backwards and bringing the hammer down upon the ball and sending it spinning back towards the other side. The Matoran charged past Donnel and raised the staff, before whacking a wide curveball around Tentaquil.

The fakemon lunged, just barely smacking the ball with the tip of the sheild.

The ball's path soured, and it bounced off the tip of the net, but the Matoran came in from the right and whacked the ball around Tentaquil's open side. The horn blared as the ball sunk in the net.

"Aw, looks like we missed one...  Gotta try harder...  Can't let anythin' get past me, no sirree..."  Donnel mumbled to himself, adjusting his pot hat and wiping the sweat off of his brow.

"ONE POINT FOR HOME TEAM!" Mister Monopoly shouted.

While the Po-Matoran did manage to put one past Tentaquil, the Monopliers were still ahead by one. One more goal, and the Dimensional Clash heroes would win the game. Pohatu knew that they had played honorably thus far. Perhaps they had been too quick to listen to the voices above... No, we definitely were, Pohatu thought.

In the excitement of the crowd, perhaps the skittering of Nui-Jaga went unnoticed. Yes, the other Po-Matoran were holding off the Rahi quite well in the outskirts of the canyon village, but...

These were no mere wild attacking animals, they were controlled, precise tools in possesion of a Yandere-esque A.I., and a psychopathic murderbot.

But back to the game!

Another ball appeared in the center of the field. The horn blared, and the Matoran rushed at the ball.

A slight tune drifted in the air almost unnoticeable in all the din of the stadium, Tentaquil would have ignored it, if not for the fact it was so hauntingly familier......
"Come and look at all the puppies, I have in my ro-bot van.......and I've also got some ponies...right here in my..

Tentaquil was brought back to reaility when the stray ball smashed into his head, and bounced into the goal.


"What are ya doin'?  Wake up there!  Ya can't just gaze off inta space in the middle of a game!"  Donnel exclaimed.

"But the sound!...the tune can't you hear it?Tentaquil blurbed

The horn blared.

"Don't be afraid of this little axe..."

The Matoran swung the hammer to hit the Kolhii ball.  This time, Donnel was ready.  He jumped up and hit the ball down towards the floor with his hammer, and tried to grab it in his scoop.

The Matoran's own hammer swung and missed due to Donnel's move, and soon, the farm boy was on the run with the ball in the scoop.

Donnel ran down the field, zig-zagging as he ran, hopping as if he were doing enemy fire.  Donnel jumped up and swung with great force, the ball flying over his opposing keeper's head and towards the net.

As the ball soared towards the goal, the chittering of distant Rahi suddenly seemed... not-so-distant. And the jingle of a faraway van was suddenly... not-so-far-away.

Isaac looked up.  He heard a sound.  A sound that didn't sound so good.  A rather chilling sound.  He whipped out his sword and stood up in the crowd.

"THE MONOPLIER'S WIN!" Mister Monopoly shouted unaware of any danger.

Pohatu, however, sensed the coming danger, and whipped out his climbing claws. "You have played well, travelers!" the Toa said. "But the time for celebration has sadly been delayed! The rules of Kolhii state that should a Rahi attack, the game must be postponed!"

Pohatu turned towards the stadium entrance. "And sadly, if I am correct... that clause comes into effect..."



"NOW!" Pohatu shouted, leaping from the stands and down to the stadium, climbing claws outstretched. Pohatu slammed the ground, summoning another Kolhii ball.

And the mighty Toa was presented with what appeared to be a worndown pink van seemingly abandoned, with no sign of Jaga in sight.

"Alright, now who do I have to deal with?"  Isaac sighed. He jumped out of the stands, brandished the sword, and prepared for his next battle with his new enemies.  All he saw was an old hunk of... some sort of metallic substance.

Tentaquil ran up behind the robot.

"Woooooo! I love this show."

Pohatu lowered his claws and put a foot on the Kolhii ball. "Strange... I could have sworn I heard the chittering of a Nui-Jaga just now..." Pohatu muttered.

"Now, what in tarnation's all this about?"  Donnel looked at the weird machine in front of him.  What was going on?

"Ha-ha-haHA, I'm only jo-king creapt a sythesized voice from nowhere

Pohatu's senses immediately sharpened.

"Wha-  Who said that?  Come on out!"  Isaac shouted.

The sand underneath the group exploded, as a pair of red eyes glowed as a blade sliced through the air and smashed into the Toa's arm, sparking violently against his armor. Pohatu, surprised, jumped back and kicked the ball at his assailant. It struck with a CLANG, but left not a scratch...

Puppybot swiveled his body, setting his crosshairs on the Toa.
"I will MUR-DUR YOU!"

"Yeowch!"  Donnel shouted aloud as Pohatu was struck by the strange figure that appeared from under the ground.  He jumped forward and struck the creature with his lance.

"plink" Puppy turned his cold dead gaze on Donny, suddenly the sand erupted again as two massive writhing Nui Jaga appeared.

The creatures hissed and spat venom out of their tails striking at the heroes.

Donnel blocked a hit with hit lance, but the lance nearly broke.  He pushed against the creature's force.

Pohatu dodged out of the way and smashed the ground, bringing up a stone slab and kicking it at one of the scorpions.

The creature screeched its earbleeding cry as the stone hit, it fell then righted itself,

The two as if sycchronized, turned and began to close off the left and right escape routes, while Puppy slowly and methodically stalked forward

Pohatu glanced left and right at the Nui-Jaga. "Something feels different about their movements," Pohatu mused. "They are coordinated, as if... under some other form of control. They don't have the masks of Makuta..."

"You're pretty smart for a metal-head!" spoke a voice that seemed to emenate from both of them.

Tentaquil stepped back. something about that voice rubbed him the wrong way, it was too cutesy?, too innocent?

"Hi Tenty nice to see you again!"

"The heck does it know me!" Tentaquil gurgled

"I don't even know what it is!"  Isaac shouted.  He unleashed his Ground Djinni, which would hold the enemy in place for him and his allies to get a chance to attack it.

Pohatu whirled around. "Who's there?! Nui-Jaga cannot speak in other than the Rahi tongue! So... reveal yourself!"

"He he if you insist!"

A bolt of lighting shot out of the Jaga and struck the Toa in the head, It coursed through his head and displayed an image of .Giffiny "Careful what you wish for!, she smiled and caused the robotic being to have a seizure.

Pohatu whirled around in anguish. "N-no! Leave at once!" Pohatu shouted. Pohatu's will was strong enough for his organic components to retain control, but .Giffany's influence was powerful.

"Yah!  There was someone there, I saw 'em!"  Donnel exclaimed, waving his hands around frantically.

Pohatu thrashed and whipped his head, trying to throw .Giffany.

.Giffiny giggled as she arched out of his body and back into the Jaga.

"Aw Toa Senpai, did I hurt you?" She said in a cutesy voice as if it were an accident, "Ill make all that nasty pain go away!"


The Two Nui Jaga leapt forward smashing at Issac and Donnel, while PuppyBot booted up his rocket shoes, and smashed into Tentaquil.

His robotic claw tore at the anphibian's flesh, as he swiped at the toad with the Ax.

Tentaquil shrieked, as he tryed to toss the malevolent machinery off of his hide.
, The blade sunk into the Anphibian's left shoulder blade.

Blood sprayed out, from the wound coating the droid in a red layer

Tentaquil rammed into the stadium wall trying to pry the metallic tick off, as Pohatu clapped his climbing claws together to create a spiked ball. Pohatu kicked the ball at full force, as it sailed towards PuppyBot and smashed into the robot in an attempt to knock it off of Tentaquil.

Puppybot fell off and struggled to get up(his body shape was not to helpful with this).
His entire torso whirred around his arms digging in the turf.

He pinwheeled forward smashing into the wall, before righting himself, his eyes flashed like demonic turn signals as he clicked his heels and rocketed forward at the Toa.

He crashed into the warrior's body.

Pohatu's Mask of Strength prevented him from taking too  much damage, but PuppyBot's strike still blew him a ways backwards. Pohatu, however, grabbed PuppyBot by the arms and hoisted it into the air, wrestling a bit with the robot.

Then he jumped and did a super suplex upon the PuppyBot.

Puppybot's eyescreen turned staticy, as he was temporaily blinded from the blow, he garbled a distored cry as he swung his ax in a wide berth hoping to strike the Toa

The flat of the axe slugged Pohatu in the jaw, spinning the Toa's head completely backwards. Pohatu stumbled off to the side, righting his head and whipping around to stomp the ground like a floorboard and cause a stone slab to catapult PuppyBot into the air.

Tentaquil took this opportunity to tear a rock out of the ground and leap up.
He winced in pain as he used his injured arm, to chick a boulder-sized rock at the robot
Puppybot's screen cleared, and his cartoonish eyes grew wide as he wa impacted into the sand.
"Tentaquil used Rock Throw!"
"One point for Tentaquil!" he mumbled to noone

Pohatu then smashed the ground and a pillar of stone erupted from where Pohatu struck, flipping into the air and landing directly on Puppybot to bury the robot.

The stone smashed driving the demented droid into the ground.

His graspers twitched, and clawed a the rock, but he could not get it off.

"One down, three to go," Pohatu said, turning back towards Giffany and the two Nui-Jaga.

Donnel ran towards the Nui-Jaga.  He jumped up before swinging his lance right at it, trying to strike it as hard as possible.

The creature hissed as the lance clanged on its flesh, it brought down its powerful metal tail intending to smash the farmboy.

Donnel was stricken by the tail.  He slid across the ground, plunging his lance into the sand to get a good grip to prevent himself from sliding.  He nearly dug a small trench in the ground from his efforts.

"Get back up, Donny.  The fight isn't over yet."  Isaac warned.

"Ya bet I will!"  Donnel jumped back up and looked at his opponent.  How could he attack something like that...

Isaac used his quake sphere psynergy.  A powerful earthquake suddenly struck underneath the Nui-Jaga and Giffany.

The force hit the metal creature , causing its circuits to spark and its metal to crack,  the monster hissed and leapt forward intending to crush Issac with its wicked claws.

Isaac quickly threw out his Granite Djinni to protect himself while striking back with his sword.  He held out long enough to allow Donnel to hit an area where the metal had cracked.

The blade sunk deep, and the creature let out a dying screech and shattered into pieces.

The monster's partner angered by this, shrieked and struck at the Granitie creature cracking its stony body.

Isaac whipped his Djinn out of the way before striking the other monster, trying to hit it with as much force as he could muster.

The hit struck home smashing onto the monsters head and somehow making it fall to pieces like the other one.

"Hey whats going on?" Mister Monopoly asked as he walked out of the stadium.

He took a quick look around and then backed back into the stadium.

The broken pieces of the two Nui Jaga, began to vibrate ever so slightly, then neon pink lightning began to spark between the pieces.

"What... What is this?" Pohatu stammered.
"Not good"Tenatquil mutttered.

The assorted pieces levitated into the air, as if some unknown force was controlling them, then they began to slot togather, pieces of both rearanged and clanged togather lie some friekish robotic frankenstein.

The abomination quickly took shape, into a massive predatory bird, with razor sharp talons, and large powerful wings.

"Did you realllly think it would be that easy?".Giffiny's voice blared out from the bird's beak.

"Yes," Pohatu snarked.

"I was hoping" Tentaquil groaned.

"Well, this ain't good."  Donnel brandished his lance

The massive Nui Bird let out a massive caw, as it dashed forward and smashed the boulder out of the way, releasing Puppybot, the robot mounted the massive bird like a horse.

"Lets see how you do on level two!" .Giffiny mocked as the bird raised its massive wings and took to the air, it streaked into the sky and dove....into the stadium.

Cries were heard as the bird attacked the Po-matorans clawing at them with its claws inflicting pain and torment on the robotic beings.
The group ran into the stadium.
Donnel rolled around the bird and jumped onto it, holding on as tightly as he could, refusing to let go of it as it soared above the stadium.

Puppybot turned and eyed the boy's grip, without hesitation, it raised the flat of his ax and began to cruelly smash Donny's hands.

Donnel let go of the bird.  His hands were bleeding now.  He rolled onto the floor of the stadium and looked up at the bird.  What was that weird robot who attacked him?

Suddenly, a distant crowing blared from the distance. The Le-Matoran had flown quite the distance, seeking aid from different koros, hoping to find sanctuary for their broken community. Upon the backs of Gukko birds sat some of these Le-Matoran pilots; there were more Gukkos than there were Le-Matoran. And...

"A... What sort of Rahi beast...?" The Le-Matoran talked amongst themselves, noticing the mechanical movements of this new Rahi, the deliberate aggression that it showed towards characters on the ground such as...

"Toa Pohatu?!"

The Gukko squadron dove towards the stadium as Toa Pohatu attempted to fight off the amalgamated bird.

"Toa Pohatu!" the Le-Matoran called. "And... more clash-heroes?"

"These are good dimensional travelers, sky-Matoran!" Pohatu declared. "They are honest, and now they move to defend Po-Koro from the threat of Nui-Jaga and... that horrible electric vision I had..."

The Le-Matoran didn't know about that last part, but they did know that Rahi beasts under the influence of Makuta were not good things to be fighting. Especially big Rahi beasts.

The Le-Matoran whipped out any weapons they had on their person. The other Gukko birds gestured for Donnel and Isaac to hop on.

Pohatu, on the other hand, continued offering support from the ground, flinging rocks at the Nui bird.

"Tentaquil used Fly"

The fakemon manuevered into the air trying to lead the bird off.

As the birds claws closed aroound him he wondered if he had made a mistake.

"Oh Tenty risking your life for people you barely know?"....Getting cut up and beaten?", You know all of this could stop....I noticed you like a Sempie notices his lesser, you are special Tentaquil....more so than you even realize...you wish to become a Pokemon?, well every Pokemon needs a trainer.....and it just so happen's I've got quite the team Tenty, but I need someone....powerful a never-give-up sort of someone....like you...so wh-"

"Fukkin Weeb" Tentaquil croaked defiantly.

Pain coursed through his veins as .Giffiny electrocuted him.
"Tut, tut, thats a very naughty Tenty"She chided.

Isaac noticed that the bird had caught Tentaquil.  He decided to fight the thing.
Diabolical Bird Bionicle

The massive abombination hissed and jeered at the oncoming flight of the robovalkries, as the Le-Matorians swiped and stabbed at .Giffiny.

But she was too quick, too coordinated. As she continued to rise

Isaac jumped onto one of the Gukko birds. He cast his Ragnarok psynergy, and a large flaming sword cascaded from the sky before striking at the Nui bird.

"Missed me!" Giffiny mocked eaisly doged the sword,

One of the riders, motioned to the others, and togather they slowly began to cluster togather cutting off the Malevolent A.I.

"STOP IT!" she screeched "STOP IT ,STOP IT, STOP IT!"

Donnel took out his javelin and threw it at the enclosed Nui Bird. Isaac tried his Ragnarok psynergy again.

The Giant sword rocketed towards, the Nui bird, Puppy bot began to whavk at the riders trying to get them to back off, but the ax did not cut metal as it did flesh.

The Sword hit shiscabobing the robotic duo.

"Whowee! Good work, Isaac! Ya sure showed 'em!" Donnel shouted. He looked at his bleeding hands, and he began to think about how he would heal them later...

"Let's get out of here." Isaac let the Gukko bird return to the ground and Donnel's bird landed soon after his. The two stood by each other on the ground.

However, one could see that Tentaquil was still falling, so Isaac ran over to where he was about to crash into the ground, and caught the frog before he made contact with it.

Tentaquil gurgled, half in pain and half in gratefulness.

.Giffiny screeched a distored cry as the flaming Bird fell into a tailspin, smoke colored the air as they decended towards the grounds, Puppybot realized with horror that they were headed straight towards his van(which had been emptied of Puppies and ponies beforehand)

He started to sing, his vocalization module damaged from all the violence he had been put through
"Come and look at all the puppies,I.....have in my ro....bot van, and I've also....got some ponies.....right here in my van--".

The collision was soon, Puppybot's eyes changed to lines as if accepting his fate.
.Giffiny's screech was cut off as the van exploded showering the sand with debris, and obliterating her instantly in a violent boom.

Pohatu raised walls of stone to block the debris from striking him.

As the smoke cleared a form could be seen dragging what remained of its destroyed body across the sand.

Puppybot's entire lower body was gone as well as half his head, loose wires hung like detatched veins, and smoke curled from the damaged sites. All but one of his limbs, this he used to drag himself.

Pohatu confidently strode up to the wrecked PuppyBot. He pulled his leg back and...


Puppybot went sailing.

His remains shattered onto the ground, though nearby small little animals appeared from what appeared to be a hiding place, small puppies and also a pony walked up to the remains, nudging and whimpering at them.

Pohatu placed his hands on his hips. "Well, I do believe it's time to celebrate the victory of our interdimensional friends!" the Toa declared. The Po-Matoran cheered.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Fri Jan 22, 2016 8:32 am

That night...


Sans, in truth, could not sleep, lest the bone zone blink out without his concentration. As everyone was long asleep, it was Sans's duty to remain vigilant and -yawn- able to... hold up... the bone zone walls and... ceiling...

"oh, hey, kid, what's up?" Sans asked, seeing Frisk walk up carrying something in a bun. A Hot Cat?

Frisk handed the Hot Cat and a bottle of ketchup to Sans, then put their hands behind their back.

"thanks, bucko," Sans said, accepting the food with a smile.

*You ask why Sans is standing out in the cold.

"oh, don't worry 'bout me, frisk. i've -yawn- got plenty of juice for the night. you just go to bed.

Frisk sat down next to Sans. ”really, kid, i’m fine. don’t sweat it,” the skeleton insisted.

Frisk observed the Brotherhood and the Locusts firing seemingly endless rounds of flaming death against the Bone Zone.

"don't worry, kiddo. ain't no way they're gettin' the jump on us, not while the ol' bone zone's up," Sans reassured. "you really oughta tell robin about this, though. she's the one who's gonna lead us to the next village, and i think all of us getting maimed by a bunch of ugly lizard dudes will probably get in the way of that."

Sans yawned again as Frisk left, switching hands every once in a while. "i've really gotta invest in a lay-z-boy," Sans remarked, sitting down on a snow poff. He watched the Ko-Matoran mill about the village.


Robin was sleeping in her undertaleshirt, in an ice hut prepared by Nuju and Matoro. Frisk crept in, and approached Robin's bed. They gently nudged the lump of blanket that was Robin's body.

"Mmmmffff," Robin mumbled, barely stirring.

Frisk nudged Robin again.

"Not right... now..."

*You unload the Sawed-off Shotgun and fire a blank.

Robin sat bolt upright. "GOOD GODS! WE'RE UNDER--"

She saw Frisk holding the smoking gun.

"Frisk, you nearly gave me a heart attack," Robin snapped.

*You apologize and put the gun away, then comment that Robin is a very heavy sleeper.

*You explain the situation to Robin.

Robin and Frisk dashed outside, Robin pulling on her robes. "What-- Oh."

Beyond the Bone Zone, the distinctive buzzing of Reavers droned faintly. "Crap," Robin muttered.

*You point at the Brotherhood of Steel.

Robin closed her eyes for a second, then opened them again. "I can get us safely out of the village tomorrow, since Sans will leave the Bone Zone up overnight," Robin explained.

Frisk nodded.

"But right now, we should both sleep. We urgently need rest."

Frisk nodded again, then followed Robin to the hut.

*You say that you're afraid.

Robin climbed into her blanket, then left a space for Frisk. The child climbed in after Robin and snuggled underneath the covers, grasping Robin's shirt and falling asleep.

I can't move, Robin thought.


At around the Mata Nui equivalent of 5:30, Robin stirred, then awoke.

"So, you're awake," Toad said. "Are we gonna go?"

Robin rubbed her head, and yawned. "We're going to leave pretty soon. Tell Sans to be the last one to leave so that we can maximize our cover under the bone zone," she said.

Toad nodded, then took a hike to find Sans, now sitting down, still holding up the Bone Zone like Atlas and the sky.

"Boy, you're a wreck," Toad said to Sans.

"my burden, my problems," Sans simply stated.

"Robin says to tail us since you're the one holding up the bone zone."

"got it."


"Onu-Koro is underground," Nuju reminded our heroes, as they prepared to move. "The big armies must stay aboveground, as they cannot fit in the tunnels. At most, the trash-men's vehicles may pass through the catacombs in single file."

Robin nodded. "So how do we exit the koro?"

"Follow me," said Nuju.

Deeper and deeper into the chasm our heroes went, Sans, of course, at the tail end of the group. Papyrus had to start carrying him since he was really, really tired.



It certainly wasn't a lie.

The chasm got narrower and narrower until the path was about two people wide, and just barely tall enough for the Dodorex. (How convenient!)

"This is where I see you off," Nuju said. "You have been given light crystals to help you navigate through Onu-Wahi's tunnel system. The Onu-Matoran have clearly marked their paths, for I have already relayed my message to Turaga Whenua. Someone should be coming to pick you up."

"Who?" asked Robin.

"Why, the very Toa of Earth himself... Onua!"

Nuju turned back, clicking and whistling apologies as he pushed through the crowd, while Robin ushered everybody one-by-one into the entrance to Onu-Wahi. She had to press herself to the wall. As soon as Papyrus and Sans passed, she slipped into the tunnel herself, and in a flash, the Bone Zone disappeared... but our heroes had been long gone. It was quite a ways from Ko-Koro to the tunnel entrance to Onu-Wahi. All around was brown earth and the dull echo of mining tools and hammers. Onu-Matoran at work, no doubt, but perhaps there were Rahi beasts down here as well.

Robin activated a light crystal (Nuju had shown her how to) and shone it down the cavern, shuffling to the front of the group. Like an airport traffic director, she read the signs and moved her light crystal arm accordingly, signaling which way(s) our heroes needed to go.

Sans opened one eye and glanced at the nearest militiaman. "hehe, sure ditched those ugly lizard-shreks back there, didn't we?" Sans mumbled chippily.

"SAVE YOUR ENERGY, SANS," Papyrus chided gently, rocking his brother like a baby.


"Mata Nui's reckoning has only begun... You three. Unleash your forces upon Mata Nui. Do not destroy the Toa just yet... I want to see the Matoran's hopes slowly crumble. Then they shall see that they must serve under my power," Makuta ordered.

Maleficent simply smiled knowingly and cruelly before disappearing into a Corridor of Darkness.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by SissyGamer on Fri Jan 22, 2016 3:28 pm


Undyne was grumpy, tired and angry as she was dragging Vault Boy through the snow. Undyne was following the whole group as the Bone Zone disappeared.

"Damn.. Maybe i should've gotten more sleep.." Undyne quietly mumbled to herself. "I hope Sans and Papyrus will be alright.." Undyne though. it would seem they've reached the chasm that..

..oh..It's the chasm that Undyne, Vault Boy and Victor were once falling. Bad memories, Undyne shivered a bit before nodding and focusing on following the group.

Turns out, Vault Boy was awake the whole time. He didn't get any sleep, he didn't need it anyway. Vault Boy is just annoyed at Undyne for dragging him again, he hates his life right now.


"Flowey.. Since I'm going to be executed, you better find those 6 SOULs from the milita men.. You'll release your Omega form and you can crush everyone in your path." Zalgo declared.

"Don't worry, Zalgo.. I'll get those SOULs!" Flowey grinned.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by Mr.H on Fri Jan 22, 2016 3:41 pm


The Horde continued to pelt the Brotherhood, which stayed behind to fend off the brutes. Slowly, the Knights retreated to the Vertibirds, along with the patriotic death machine. The Locust then began to march into the caverns, their natural habitat. Several Brumaks spearheaded the march, as Drones and Corpsers dug at the sides of the cave, allowing more troops to attack the diminishing bone zone.


The DodoRex stopped and turned around. It knew that the Locust would stop at nothing to destroy his master and his master's friends. He stomped the ground, and out of everywhere, Zomdodos began to emerge, ready to fight the reptilian ogres and save their master.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by SissyGamer on Fri Jan 22, 2016 8:42 pm


Suddenly, everything went white, Mettaton was sure he didn't transform into Mettaton EX..
He booted up in a snowy place where the rest of the group was. There was a group that was walking toward somewhere.

But then, he noticed Toriel next to him. As well as Papyrus, Sans and Undyne! Even Frisk was there.. But Mettaton has never seen a white-haired woman in a black cloak, a giant dinosaur, a blond-haired cartoon man and a guy with a trash can on his head. There were others there, he knew. But he didn't focus on them, he only focused on the people he recognized.

"UNDYNE? IT IS NICE TO SEE YOU! AND YOU TOO, TORIEL. OH! AND HUMAN! IT'S ALSO NICE TO SEE YOU!" Mettaton shouted in a deep and robotic voice.

"Mettaton, this place looks like outside of the Ruins.. I don't think i've ever seen these people except Undyne, Papyrus and Sans. Do you know where we are?" Toriel asked, before noticing Frisk. "Maybe we should talk about that later..My child, is that actually you? I haven't seen you in a while.." Toriel said, walking toward Frisk and letting her arms out for a hug.

"Toriel! Mettaton! What are you doing here? Did you get involved in this mess like us as well?!" Undyne asked, looking at Toriel and Mettaton.


"Well, you haven't seen our friends before, have you? Well, this is Vault Boy, that is Robin, that is the DodoRex..And this is Trashcanhead." Undyne explained.


"SHOULD WE FOLLOW YOU ALL NOW? ME AND TORIEL WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING, AND WHAT ADVENTURES YOU WILL BE UP TO." Mettaton asked. "Yeah, sure! Just follow us and you'll both be safe!" Undyne responded.



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A really weird roleplayer aswell, i love dimensional clash, Vault Boy, Zalgo, StarCraft..too many things to explain..
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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Fri Jan 22, 2016 10:11 pm




Mettaton? And...

*You run up and hug Toriel. She looks like she ran quite a distance down the tunnel.

"OH MY GOD!!! IT'S METTATON!!!" Papyrus squealed, nearly dropping Sans before realizing that he was holding Sans.

"'sup, tori," Sans mumbled.

Papyrus was starstruck. His favorite TV star... In the metallic flesh! "OH MY GOD! CAN YOU AUTOGRAPH MY SPECIAL ATTACK? HOLD ON..." Papyrus dug a couple of bones out of his attack stash, until he found a particular bone. He thrust it at Mettaton, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

Toa Onua

Toa Onua sensed a disturbance in the earth. Invaders from another dimension... Not like those heroes that Nuju and Whenua spoke of, but... These had a particularly dangerous feel.

Luckily, the Toa of Earth was quite in-tune with the subterranean landscape.

The great hero smashed his Quake Breakers, two powerful weapons that resembled tank tread swords, into the earth, tunneling into the ground and sensing the Locusts' movements in the tunnels.

Onu-Wahi was his turf, quite literally: Onua had control over the ground, and defended those on Mata Nui who were earth-bound.

Onua also listened for the motions of the interdimensional heroes, and when he was certain that he would cause them the least trouble (while severely hindering the Locusts), Onua raised his quake-breakers and slammed the ground, chewing at the very earth itself.

The Locust horde in pursuit of the heroes would find themselves buried and slowed down significantly.

"We can't have the heroes of the clash mauled before they can unite the Toa," Onua mused. "Now, to find them."


The very earth quaked under our heroes' feet, interrupting Papyrus as he attempted to get Mettaton's John Hancock.

"What was that?!" Robin shouted.

"WE'RE GONNA DIE!!!" Toad screamed.

"Wait!" Kjelle barked. "The cavern isn't collapsing, is it?"

Robin looked up. "No, it doesn't seem so," she remarked, scratching her head. "Huh. That's convenient... We should keep walking. There's no telling how quickly those hideous ogres could break through the Brotherhood of Steel's forces..."

Everybody agreed that this was quite a good idea. Nobody wanted to get mauled by one of those Locusts.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by lowfn on Fri Jan 22, 2016 10:47 pm

CR Militia

As stated before, the militia was driving single file, much to the displeasure of pretty much everyone. The tank was in the center of the line, shining its bright lights usefully as men marched and cars vroomed slowly.

"FUCK IT'S AN AVALA-" screamed a militiaman before he was smacked by another with their gun.

"You fuckin' stupid? Ain't you ever watched those survival shows? If you yell, then an avalanche happens!" angrily whispered Slappy McGee.

"We're underground, dipshit!" replied Loud McGee, unaware of the irony of his comeback.

"But there's snow above ground! Don't you fucking understand physics!?"

The previously loud individual looked sad for a moment as he marched before replying, "No... I failed that class."

"Of course. That's why you fucking listen to me. I know what I'm talking about."

As for the rest of the militiamen, they mostly kept quiet, keeping their guns ready for any non-earthquake threats that came their way. Except for one group of men who attempted to sing songs, but they were promptly silenced by a few rocks.


Trashcanhead went unthanked for staying up the entire night to protect Undyne. The whole night.

Oh well, at least he had this strange new feeling of independence within him.. As if the universe.. 'accepted' him in some way. It was a nice feeling to have.

Then there was mention of a quiz. "Sheeeeeit.. This ain't gonna be like some math quiz or something, right?" he asked with a yawn.


Thankfully the trailer managed to fit in here whilst attached to the woman's truck. And while she let Explozevo ride passenger with her, she did not seem too satisfied with the events of last night, despite Explozevo's explainings for why what she wanted should not transpire.

It was very awkward and lackluster for our Mexican hero.


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by SissyGamer on Fri Jan 22, 2016 11:40 pm


"OOOHH! ARE YOU A FAN OF MINE?" Mettaton shouted, happily signing the bone that Papyrus gave him. "THERE YOU GO! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY, OR DIE!!" Mettaton shouted, giving Papyrus the bone that has now been signed. "OH, AND YES! WE ARE DOING A QUIZ, AND IT WILL ONLY HAVE ONE OR MORE MATH QUESTIONS!" Mettaton replied to Trashcanhead.

"Frisk, I've been wondering where you were. I was so worried.. It's just so nice to see you again. Oh, and hello, Sans. I've also been wondering where you and your brother were." Toriel said, hugging Frisk gently. "Now i've been wondering, where are we going? We seem to be underground."

"I think we're going to Onu-Koro.. Or was it Po-Koro?.. Or are we already there?.." Vault Boy replied, still being dragged by Undyne. "Now, Undyne, can you please let me go? You're squeezing the hell out of my foot.."

"Fine, i'll let you go as long as you decide to not get in trouble.." Undyne said, letting go of Vault Boy's foot.

"Now.. Mettaton and Toriel, i need to explain what has been happening before you got here." Undyne requested. Then there was this once again long conversation while they were walking that i was too lazy to write.

"And that's what happened." Undyne finished.

"WOW, LOOKS LIKE WE'VE BEEN MISSING OUT A LOT IN THE PARTY!!" Mettaton shouted. "Looks like it was pretty bad." Toriel said.


While the heroes were underground, Flowey appeared. He was secretly stalking them in the most stealthy way he can. Once they arrived at wherever they were going, that is when Flowey begins his plan.


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A really weird roleplayer aswell, i love dimensional clash, Vault Boy, Zalgo, StarCraft..too many things to explain..
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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by Mr.H on Sat Jan 23, 2016 12:11 am


The Locust troops were startled  by the cave suddenly collapsing, but continued to go forward, as they pushed their way through the boulders, slowly smashing through the rocks with the power of brumak fists. "We get in there! If they aren't dead, make'em dead!" yelled a Drone as they hit at the rocks, making the working drones let out a war-cry, working even harder

Meanwhile, above ground....

The Prydwen flew quickly away from the Horde, followed by a plethora of Vertibirds, two carrying Liberty Prime, who still fired at the Horde, which now had reavers heading for the fleeing Brotherhood. "Defend The Prydwen, brothers!! Ad Victoriam!!" yelled Elder Maxon through the loud speakers, as several attack vertibirds split off from the group, filled with Knights armed with gattling lasers, attacked the flying octopi.


The DodoRex shrugged off the feeling of staying and fighting, hearing the war-cries of the Horde. The Zomdodos did the same, slightly quivering in their metaphorical boots.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Sat Jan 23, 2016 1:05 am


"That's not the half of it, ma'am," said Robin, pulling back a bit to greet the new arrivals. She then proceeded to tell Toriel and Mettaton the whole story from start to finish. "I think Sans can fill you in on the other details as well," Robin added. "At least, he could, if he weren't so dog-tired from staying up all night..."

Papyrus took the bone back, his eyes gleaming, but at the mention of Sans, he snapped back to his brother. "THE POOR GUY... HE STAYED UP ALL NIGHT!" Papyrus explained.

The Locust war-cries, dulled by the earth, but still quite unnerving, echoed faintly in the caverns.

"We need to keep moving," Robin said. "Pick up the pace, if we can. We need to meet our contact in a clearing... Whatever that entails in a series of underground catacombs."

Toad piped up. "Hey. How much longer are we gonna be walking for? I can tell that nobody in this tunnel's showered for at least two days. And that's saying a lot since I've got no nose!"

Robin resisted the urge to check her armpit.

"The mushroom has a point. Robin, how long is the tunnel?" Kjelle asked.

"Sadly, the map I received does not have a tunnel network chart printed on the back," Robin said.

"A shame. You can't go anywhere without a tunnel map these days," Big Band joked. Robin rolled her eyes.

"The air seems to be getting a little less musty," Kiki remarked. She was using her broomstick as a hiking stick.

Dawn sniffed the air. "Well, everyone's body odor seems to have diluted a bit," she agreed. "Maybe we're getting close to the clearing."

"I hope you're right," Robin said, rubbing the back of her head with one hand and holding the light crystal in the other.

Together, they kept moving, left, right, down, up (never vertically, Onu-Matoran ain't stupid), until finally...

"GOOD GRIEF. FINALLY," Toad sighed, slumping over as he and Robin entered a sizable chamber within the catacombs. This chamber was about the size of Central Park in New York City. It was circular, and branched off in a couple of directions, one of which led to Onu-Koro.

"Where's our contact?" Robin asked.

"Fashionably late, I suppose," Big Band remarked.

They filed into the room and spread out. Dawn sent out all her Pokémon to stretch. Bronzong made a yawn-like hum and stretched out its two arms.

"We should have a significant lead over those ogres," Robin said.


"I'm not sure how high that is on the priority list of murderous ogres," Robin said.

Toad sat down. "Well, what's next? Lunch? Crocheting?"

"How about your demise?"

"Ha ha, very funny," Toad said, to the very evil-sounding voice. "Seriously, now..."

"Toad, who... was talking to you just now?" Robin asked.

"Well-- uh, what???"

Suddenly, behind our heroes, a black-magic barrier erupted before the cave entrance, startling Kiki and causing Infernape to start growling. Infernape made furious monkey noises, stamping its feet and baring its sharp teeth.

"Infernape, calm down!" Dawn protested.

But Infernape was still angry, and Gastrodon and Honchkrow joined in the furious cacophony of Pokémon cries. They were all barking in one particular direction, and Dawn realized that the two exits to the large chamber had been sealed by black magic as well.

"What's going on?!" Dawn asked, terrified.

Robin's expression turned fierce. "If that's who I think it is..."

Maleficent's echoing laughter rang throughout the cavern. "You are not as pathetic as I thought, tactician," the evil fairy sneered.

"Hey, you're one to talk. I hit you over the head with a book once,"
Robin retaliated, drawing her sparking Levin sword.

Maleficent's sneer turned to a cruel scowl. "Perhaps you have forgotten the extent of my power--"

"Oh, is that why you were camping out in gods-know-where for like three days?" Robin interrupted. "Yeah, real powerful."

"I recall that you were not one for pre-battle drivel. So I shall spare you the pointless chatter and move right on to the part where I destroy you and--"

Robin zapped Maleficent with a lightning bolt from her Levin sword. "Good Lord, thanks for cutting her off," Toad sighed. "I was afraid she was gonna go on for, like, ever."

"So we gonna get right to taking down this clown?" Big Band asked, exposing a couple of cornets, at the ready.

"Gladly," Robin replied.

Dawn's Pokémon turned towards Maleficent, growling, as Kiki got upon her broom, rising into the air. Kiki had no combat magic, but she was ready to do whatever she could, try whatever she needed to.



"SANS, NOT NOW! UGH!" Papyrus jumped over to Sans's side and hoisted the skeleton onto his shoulder in a fireman's carry.

Frisk clung onto Toriel's dress, as Kjelle hefted her war hammer.

"I think she's very badly outmatched," Toad commented.

Then the droves of Heartless and Nobodies of various types appeared.

"I stand corrected," Toad said meekly.

"We can still beat them," Robin said.

Suddenly, two Manas crabs, extremely dangerous rectangular Rahi beasts resembling crabs on treads, rumbled into the chamber. These Rahi were both intelligent and extremely powerful, which made them all the more dangerous adversaries when under the control of Makuta.

Frisk glanced at the Manas crabs' claws, and noticed something strange about their pincers.

"Kill them," Maleficent ordered, before disappearing into a corridor of darkness.

"Runnin' away like a li'l b*tch," Big Band muttered. "Pathetic."

The Heartless and Nobodies charged. Robin yelled a rallying cry and raised her sword into the air, motioning for her friends to meet the enemy in battle.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by WeLurkInTheShadows on Sat Jan 23, 2016 1:44 am

"GET.OUT.OF.MY.RIBCAGE!" Marrows growled as the Heartless clawed at his chest looking for a heart to rend, he grabed a bomb and kicked it like a soccer ball, slamming into a crowd of them and exploding.

"I GOT A BONE TO PICK WITH YOU!" Billy yelled as he pulled out a large amount of assorted bones and began pelting the creatures with them.

Fadkiller was pissed heat radiated off of her in such an ammount that, the snow turned to steam on th ground below her.

She turned towards the fading tracks of Spinbill's motorcycle, she gritted her teeh and began to follow the trail,

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by SBR23 on Sat Jan 23, 2016 1:50 am

Slaughter Me Street Gang

Follower started pressing a series of buttons on the commander's room dashboard. The screen, which usually displayed the security cameras, made up an image of a laboratory setting. Staring at Follower through the screen, was a green, one eyed organism, wearing shower attire. It was Plankton. "Ah, Sheldon Plankton. Just the single called organism I wanted to see!" beamed Follower. "Do I know you?" asked Plankton. "Well, no, but I know you. I am in need of your assistance." said Follower. "And why should I help someone I don't even know?" asked Plankton. "Because if you help me, I can help you achieve your goal in getting that Krabby Patty Formula you've been head over heels about....or....stubs, rather." said Follower. "YOU would help ME steal Krab's secret formula?" said Plankton in a surprised tone. "What do you need me to do?"

"I need you to come over here as soon as you can. I'll explain further details there." said Follower. "Where are you exactly? It doesn't exactly look like anywhere near Bikini Bottom." asked Plankton. "We are in another dimension called Mata Nui. Bring any assistants and equipment you have with you." said Follower. "Inter dimensional travel? Interesting...I'll work out how to get to your location as soon as possible! Karen! Boot up the portal!" yelled Plankton. The screen flickered to the same creepy skulls from before. "GAH!" yelled Follower as he fell backwards. "GREETER! WAITER! ONCE YOU HAVE THAT IMBECILE SPONGE CONTAINED, GET OVER THERE AND FIX THE CAMERAS!" yelled Follower. "Yes sir!" said the puppets, yelling from downstairs. "AND DON'T FORGET TO SEND THOSE NNN EMAILS! WE NEED AS MANY SOLDIERS AND LEADERS AS WE CAN!" yelled Follower. Follower got up and proceeded to the break room.


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Sat Jan 23, 2016 6:54 am

Onu-Wahi Clearing Skirmish (part 1)

As Robin shouted her rally, the allied characters all gained surges in their prowess.

"Dude, am I high right now?" commented a militiaman who was promptly smacked upside the head by another.

"I DON'T THINK SO, I CAN SEE THAT AS WELL." Mettaton replied, looking at the militiaman.

"What are you waiting for? They're gonna tear out your hearts!" Toad shouted in panic.

Dawn thrust out her finger and shouted to Gastrodon. "Gastrodon! Head to the front and use Surf!"

The sea slug, riding a stream of brine, skated to the front, then threw its head back, summoning from underground reservoirs a whole heck of a lot of water, forming a massive tidal wave and sending it cascading upon the Heartless and Nobodies. While the Manas were able to hold their ground, Maleficent's troops were swept backwards, putting distance between them and our heroes.

After Gastrodon's Surf move, The DodoRex ran head first into the enemy, flames spouting from its mouth as usual, as it snapped its giant jaws on the Heartless and Nobodies. The Zomdodos attacked as well, but were mostly just smacked away.

Undyne used spears like usual to attack the Heartless. Mixed with blue and normal, as Vault Boy shot out his 10mm pistol. Suddenly, a loud and high-pitched voice was heard.

"Pika...PIKACHU!" Said the adorable voice, suddenly a small yellow mouse came up. It electrocuted the Heartless.

*You remark that you are glad to see Undyne back to normal, then ask Toriel to help.

"I will help, my child. Whatever it takes to defend us." Toriel replied, then using Fireballs to throw at the Heartless.

"THIS IS QUITE THE BATTLE! AND THAT SMALL MOUSE IS ELECTRIC? THAT'S STRANGE, BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER!" Mettaton remarked, calmly watching. The small yellow mouse continued to electrocute the enemies.

"you should totally film yourself zappin' these guys in first-person. you'll totally boost your ratings," Sans suggested.

"OOOHH! GOOD IDEA! I'LL GET THE CAMERA SET UP." Mettaton replied, then getting a camera stand to put in the background.




Mettaton: 999 DEF. Now is probably not a good time to turn Mettaton around.

Then, Mettaton used his laser to start shooting the Heartless as the camera was filming. "EVERYONE, YOU'RE ON TELEVISION!" Mettaton shouted.

"I am in nowhere near proper condition for that, but I'll gladly take it, Mister Mettaton." Codsworth said, gladly slashing at Heartless with what can only be called 'style'.


"Cool! Get my good side!" Toad shouted, pulling out a boomerang and tossing it at a nearbly clump of Powerwild monkeys. Toad posed dramatically.

Dramatic +100

The CR Militia, having now lost a few members before fully comprehending the situation, kicked into high gear as many members were able to do what they knew best, shoot the bad guys. At the same time they did the second-best thing they knew, get high.

The iconic tank was guarded by the majority of the militia's vehicles as it shot at the Heartless, exploding upon impact with whatever it hit while its floodlights made the battlefield very well lit.

Trashcanhead fought alongside the other militiamen, blasting away Heartless with his shotgun, however one managed to get close attempting to smash its claw to his heart, only to meet the hard barrier of his vest, causing Trashcanhead to laugh and yell, "BULLET-PROOF BITCH," before letting a shotgun round loose into the head of the monster.

The echoes of locust war-cries can still be heard.

"WE GOT FUCKIN' LIZARD-SHREKS!" screamed a militiaman, looking in the direction of the noise, which was a tad faint compared to the loudness of battle.

Robin's thoughts consisted of dirty cuss words. "They're catching up," Robin muttered.

Bursting from what looked to be a strange van that could, with some effort, be extended into the shape of a windmill, came a group of well-dressed men donning golfer's hats. They quickly whipped out their brand-name automatic hunting rifles and fired at the Heartless, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, only one taking their reload break at a time. Though they seemed less smiley and more focused on battle rather than British elite facades without their leader.

"These militia men are really weird.." Undyne mumbled, still using the spears to attack. "Wait, is it those golfer guys?!"

The calls of blood-hungry locust grows slowly louder, as the beasts slowly break through the collapsed cave.

"Are you freaking kidding me," Big Band muttered, tuba-punching a Trick Ghost in the mug.

"I really hate these locust guys! They always follow us everywhere!" Vault Boy complained, as he had suddenly got a Laser Pistol out, shooting at the Heartless. He really does have the power to make items out of thin air...Doesn't he?

"All these guns don't seem to be doing very much.." commented Nick Valentine, firing his revolver into a Heartless' dirty face.

"YOU'RE RIGHT!" screamed a man with a traffic cone on his head, throwing his automatic rifle on the ground and stomping on it repeatedly into tiny pieces before pulling out his pistol and shooting the remains of his rifle. He then threw his pistol onto the ground and began to stomp on it before pulling out his other pistol and stomping on it. He then pulled out his shotgun and tried stomping on it, but found that to be a lot harder. So he pulled out his sniper rifle and shot his shotgun, but now he had nothing to shoot his sniper rifle with.

"DAMNIT! I CAN'T DESTROY MY GUN! WE'RE DOOMED! FUCKING RUINED!" screamed the man adorned by traffic cone as he screamed to the unseeable sky whilst on his knees.

"You need that gun, you know.." Vault Boy said toward the traffic cone man.

A man dressed in a chicken suit was busy plucking apart Heartless with a large blade attatched to his beak, slashing his head around like a madman before spotting a switch on the back of the reactangular robot.

"THIS IS FUN! AND REMEMBER, YOU'RE ALL ON TELEVISION! EVERYONE CAN SEE YOU AND THEY ARE WATCHING YOU!" Mettaton shouted, as he then started using Mini-Mettatons to shoot hearts from.

At this point, the chicken man had plucked the switch in curiosity, swiveling his head around as if he were actually a giant chicken.


Chicken man ran. I can make a rhyme on a dime anytime .

((Then, this happens.))

"OHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS." Said Mettaton, as his new and non-rectangular body began to make copies of his fabulous legs to use at the Heartless.

"Wow..I-I've never seen Mettaton like that before.." Undyne quietly said.

One militiaman seemed to stare at Mettaton for a moment, having forgotten about the fight as he simply said, "I have the weirdest boner right now."

Robin simply gaped at Mettaton. "Weird..." she remarked.

Papyrus, on the other hand, was geeking out really hard over the sight of Mettaton EX.

Mol, being the invisisble sneaky sneak he is, simply watched the battle. Upon seeing Mettaton, all he thought was, "Meh, I've seen better in my third universe. Sooo..."


"Uh, anyone else hear that dude? Frisk?" Toad asked.

"WHAT? I COULDN'T HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF GUNFIRE AND EXPLOSIONS!" replied an Asian version of Rambo who knelt down by Toad in order to hear him past the noise of battle.

"Never mind. Go back to slaying bad guys."

"SURE THING, MUSHROOM MAN!" screamed the Rambo knockoff as he hoisted a bazooka onto his shoulder, firing an RPG at a group of Heartless before smashing a closer enemy's head in with said bazooka and screaming, "TO SURVIVE WAR. YOU GOTTA BECOME WAR!"

Then, in a demonstration of pure testosterone and maniless, he ripped off some off his manly chest hair and tied it into a manly rope, which he used to beat more Heartless to death with. The whole time he did this, he ocassionally glanced around to see if anyone was watching his theatrics.

Vault Boy and Undyne stared at Mettaton EX, they've never seen a simple rectangular robot turn into such a..Sexy robot, before Pikachu just jumped onto Undyne.

"PIKA...PIKACHU!!" Pikachu shouted, with a extremely adorable face. "It's so cute! Come on, mouse.. You gotta go back to killing these bad guys!" Undyne said, before Pikachu electrocuted one of the Heartless.

A Heartless took this opportunity of distraction to lunge for Undyne, ready to take the fish down to its level by ripping out her hear- Oh wait no it just got shot in the face by Trashcanhead who screamed over at its corpse, "NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL... TAKING OUT THE TRASH!"

Mettaton EX walked toward Trashcanhead. "RATHER FABULOUS MOVE THERE, VIOLENCE IS ENTERTAINMENT!" Mettaton declared.

Several Dusks shambled towards TrashCanHead and Undyne, but were intercepted by a huge punch from Big Band. Big Band crashed a cymbal and flattened the Dusks

"Nice one, Big Band!" Undyne commented, as she was continuing to throw spears at the enemies.


"What!? HOLY FUCK!" screamed Trashcanhead getting far too close to the camera with a big smile that was covered by his trashcan helmet.

"HI MO-.. Oh wait... HI DA-.. No fuck..." Trashcanhead said, trying to figure out who was still alive that he could talk to.

A speaker was on the camera. "JUST GO BACK TO FIGHTING!!" a contributor said, that was watching the show. "LIGHTS! CAMERA, ACTION!" Mettaton shouted, making replicas of his legs to attack the heartless.

Trashcanhead got away from the camera, going back to his fighting routine just in time to headbutt a Heartless before greeting it with his firearm.

Three Shadows jumped at TrashCanHead. "Look out!" Robin shouted, firing three successive bolts of lightning before the Heartless could tear his heart out. But at the same time, two Bouncywilds got the jump on her and grabbed her shoulders, only to be smashed off Robin's back by Kjelle.

"It was a risk, I could have bashed your head in," Kjelle said.

"A risk well-taken. Sometimes that's part of strategy: unavoidable chances," Robin replied.

"Hey, at least you finally did something in this RP," Toad quipped.

"Ignore him," Robin said to Kjelle. The two of them paired up, hammer and sword together.



Asian Rambo grabbed a Heartless with one hand and twisted it into a mandly jump-rope, jumping with it as it smacked into other enemies surrounding with with brutal testosterone fueled force.

As Asian Rambo did this, a Fat Bandit barreled towards him, its jagged mouth opened wide, its hat jiggling atop its head (almost in time with its gut!), its chubby hands outstretched to grab at Asian Rambo's heart. But as its fist connected with Asian Rambo, it found its hands deterred with an extremely loud CLANG and the sound of a firecracker and a distant rippling flag.

It turns out that Asian Rambo's abdominal and pectoral muscles, while made of flesh, were much too rock-hard and masculine for the Fat Bandit to phase through, as the heart of a man like Asian Rambo is protected by a hard-rock, manly man of manliness exterior.

Seeing that this pansy creature attempted to feel him up, Asian Rambo was somewhat flattered, but knew the deception the enemy will ry to pull during times of war. He brought his fist up and slammed it down onto the Fat Bandit, squashing it with ease before smashing a large rock with his head as he yelled a manly roar.

The Heartless dissipated into a cloud of darkness. And by that, I mean exploded rather violently like in a Michael Bay movie.

"I didn't know that they did that," Toad remarked.

"IT IS A RESULT OF TESTOSTERONE COMBUSTION CAUSED BY OVER-MANLINESS COMPRESSION WITHIN A SINGLE POINT RELATIVE TO SPACE AND TIME. YEEEEEEA!" roared Asian Rambo before pulling out an oversized automatic rifle that he hid inbetween his pecs and fired at the Heartless, before firing a few into his hand for consumption in the heart of battle.

We should probably just learn to accept the fact that science in this roleplay is extremely out-of-whack.

Robin and Kjelle, as a pair, clashed blades with a platoon of Zip Slashers, armored Heartless with bladed arms that were invincible to magic. As such, Robin's Levin sword didn't seem to be dealing much damage when she fired bolts of electricity, so she simply equipped her silver sword and parried the Zip Slashers' blows. The Heartless were quite skilled with their blades, and there were many of them. Luckily, Robin was quite skilled at swordplay herself, so she and Kjelle together managed to stave off the Zip Slashers. Kjelle had changed weapons, wielding now a lance that she used to put distance between herself and the sword-arms of the Zip Slashers, but thanks to her bulky armor, she took little damage in the first place.

Robin breathed heavily as the Zip Slashers relentlessly bore down upon her and Kjelle. She ducked under one blade and slashed its Heartless's legs, before turning around and kicking another away for Kjelle to impale with her lance.

Dawn's Pokémon were all hard at work, launching powerful attacks upon other Heartless and Nobodies. Flare Blitzes, Brave Birds, Surfs, Sludge Bombs, Blizzards, and Gyro Balls all went flying at the enemy. Kiki, however, was busy trying to figure out an invigoration spel.

Meanwhile, on another part of the battlefie-.. Battle..Cavern.. The revamped Golfer's Brigade seemed like a well oiled machine in their taking turns of reloading and firing at Heartless, not needing to even speak to one another to ensure who should stand where for this position. Their leader may have been a terrible person on every level, but he was good at selecting who he allowed in his brigade.

"Let's drop the bass on 'em!" Big Band shouted to the Golfer's, who humurously replied with a, "Sounds like a jolly good idea, ol' sport."

Big Band threw out his horn and blasted a loud note that scattered the Golfers' Heartless targets, sending the creatures into a dazed state and making them easier to hit. Within seconds, each one exploded in a flurry of particles of darkness thanks to Golf Brand bullets. (Pick them up at your local windmill today!)

Turaga Nuju

"I see... darkness. Death... A plague..."

"Nuju, you seem disturbed," Matoro said to the Turaga.

Nuju clicked and whistled.

"Don't eat... the what?"

Nuju nodded. I must tell the other Turaga of this right away... Nuju turned to his hut and wrote his message to the Turaga.

The grains of death do come to Mata Nui... The armies of the dead shall rise from our villages should those grains be consumed... Do not take the bread, for the flesh shall soon rot...

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by lowfn on Sat Jan 23, 2016 8:48 am


Through the Corridor of Darkness Maleficent had created to Northrend, a group of terrified human prisoners were forced through the portal. Behind them was a large wagon full of crates. In those boxes were shipments of grain. Not any grain however, grain infected with the Plague of Undeath.

"Is that the same bread stuff you tried giving me after I fought that midget?" Jericho asked, eyeing the grain, remembering those not-so-fond times.

"This is the grain that will spread undeath." Arthas replied. "It will turn the locals into soldiers of my army."

More wagons and humans were forced through the portal. each wagon seemed to have several humans assigned to it.

"Why do you got those pansy-ass humans delivering the 'grain' everywhere and not one of the dead guys. Or turn those humans into dead guys?" Jericho asked.

"If they're undead, the living will most likely kill them on sight and not eat the grain." Arthas explained.

"Oh I got you. That makes way more sense," Jericho said whilst nodding his head. He still did not understand why it was grain and not just all food. Sure, it could be some biblical thing or something, he didn't know. But still, there had to be better ways of offing people.

"Hey big guy, I was wondering. Remember how I kinda.. Screwed up that whole invasion deal?" Jericho said, moving his hands around a bit as he spoke, hoping this wouldn't bring back any bad memories for Arthas as it would lead into his next question.

"I sincerely hope that will be your last failure." Arthas replied. "Mainly for your sake."

Jericho, raised his arms halfway to reassure Arthas of the lack of failures in the future as he continued, "Yea, yea. I was thinking... You got all these Death Knights right. Who can do all this army leading stuff. I'm better at going batshit crazy by myself killing everything.. See what I'm sayin' here? I just kill the shit, and am way better at it without leading the whole army deal. Comparative advantage and all." Who would've guessed Jericho understood economics?

"Killing things?" Arthas asked. "Then I have just the assignment for you. Go kill that skeleton that escaped us last time. Do not return until he is dead. If you attempt to defect, well..."

Several dangerous looking undead with some scary looking weapons stood up and looked at Jericho.

"Hey man, like I'm passin' up a sweet gig like this? Please. Consider the midget problem already dealt with," Jericho said with a smile... Well he was always smiling because his face was stuck that way, but you get the point.

"Very well." Arthas replied as the wagons with the infected grain were pulled out by the humans. The humans would offer the Matorans of Mata Nui the infected grain to turn them into undead soldiers.

Suddenly, while that was happening Zalgo had teleported next to Arthas, bringing Flowey with him as well. "How's it going, Ice King? I'm sure that your plan would go well." Zalgo said, nudging Arthas. Flowey was looking at him.

"Who the hell invited Satan and his garden," Jericho remarked, looking at Zalgo and Flowey curiously.

"I'm sure the actual Satan is called Diablo, Mol and Diablo want me dead really badly. This is Flowey, he's not what you think he is." Zalgo replied. "This..'Flower' is actually Asriel, a form of him that actually experiences love..I'm not meaning Level of Violence.. But love, this flower form of him is heartless. He hates almost everyone, and he has a rather special form.."

"....Well good luck with whatever it is you're talking about," Jericho said. "Now where's the exit, ah here it is!" Jericho said, meandering towards anywhere but here.

Arthas began to slowly draw the blade Frostmourne. "State your purpose." He said simpfully.

"I'm here so I could possibly help you. I know you seem to have this deadly grain plan, but perhaps If it doesn't work I have another plan. You see.. This flower is deadly, he has a form called Omega Flowey. He's not really a flower anymore.. Speaking of realism," Zalgo shrugged. "Flowey is powerful. He just needs 6 SOULs to get to his form he needs. Flowey can become even more powerful with 7 SOULs." Zalgo explained.

"As much as a fool Ner'zhul was, the plague he made is rather efficient ." Arthas replied before answering to the whole statement. "How would this 'Omega Flowey' help me?"

"It's quite hard to explain, in that form he can teleport people into these so called..'Minigames'. They are rather difficult and there would be no escape. His projectiles would be extremely difficult to dodge. If Flowey gains 7 SOULs.. That's when it's almost impossible. He becomes his true form, Asriel. Asriel Dreemurr. That is basically a god, he has control of time can he can make people forget who they are. He can even reset this whole world if he wants to.." Zalgo said, as Flowey began to have an Asriel face.

"I'm afraid I have to refuse this offer." Arthas said. He couldn't let a being with this kind of power running around. "You may also now consider yourself enemies of the Scourge."

"I knew you would do that. Its the inveitable, there is no escape. Bye-bye for now, while i just simply get Flowey to kill 7 militamen." Zalgo stated before disappearing with Flowey.


"Fuckin' B.S. sendin' me on some damn suicide mission. I'll show him who can kill a midget skeleton. I'll kill fifty fucking billion midgets right now if they were in front of me," Jericho mumbled as he walked about.

After MUCH fast walking because he hated caves, he started hearing explosions, electricity, gunfire, and.. Manly roars concerning chest hair?

After rounding a corner he was greeted to a immensley chaotic scene involving militiamen, Heartless, Robins, Insruments, and.... Manly roars concerning chest hair. (Because that was definitely the most important part. Haven't you ever seen Rambo?)

"Hell, why not have some fun while searching for the midget," Jericho shrugged, hefting 'Badass Blade,' as he had come to call the sword Arthas gave unto him, and went buckwild on whatever was closest to him. It did not matter if it were Heartless or Militiaman, they were all the same to Jericho. Behind Jericho came about a dozen undead soldiers sent as back-up, and to make sure Jericho didn't tryo to defect.

"SHEEEEEEITTTTTT!" screamed a militiaman upon seeing Jericho and his back-up.

"AAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!! ZOMBIES!!!!!" Toad squealed, screaming like a little girl.

"You guys better just hang back and watch the master show how it's done," Jericho said to his 'back-up' before strutting into the battle, shiskebabing a militiaman, warranting fire from others which was promptly blocked when Jericho pulled out his lightsaber to deflect the bullets as he progressed towards the men.

With each kill, Jericho felt... Good. As in, better than how he usually felt after killing something. This was more of a physical feeling. As if some of the pain he constantly felt was being lifted somewhat. With that, three more militiamen were slain.

"somethin' smells like traitor," Sans yawned.

"SANS, ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" Papyrus asked.

"keep me out of trouble, pap."

Just then Percy came running down the tunnel, having overslept and missing out on everyone leaving the village. He promplty stopped running when he saw the battle going on. He also let loose a few unsavory words.

Toad turned to Percy. "Hey, nice of you to show up. Some ugly dude with a zombie brigade is here and slashing through a bunch of the guys," Toad explained.

With that, Jericho backstabbed a Heartless before smashing a militiaman's ribcage in with his foot. The sick grin he always held seemed quite genuine at this moment.

"He's also killing bad guys, but he doesn't seem to be discriminate about any of this killing," Toad added.

"I guess some lizards don't drown." Percy responded.

"Wait, you know this dude?" Toad asked.

"he's a real jerk."

"I may have flooded a city in attempt to kill him." Percy replied.

Jericho caught wind of the smacktalk after finishing a clean slice through three more militiamen before kicking on of their heads like a soccerball into the gut of a Heartless. He looked over at the group containing the two people he wanted dead more than anyone else. He switched both of his weapons into his robot hand to free up his organic one to point two fingers at his eyes and then proceeding to point one at the group, as an indication of his destination in the battlefield.

"Ten points," said a humurous voice from nowhere in response to the kick by Jericho.

"UHH, SANS, THERE IS A STRANGE GREEN CREATURE LOOKING AT US AND I DON'T THINK IT MEANS WELL," Papyrus said, leaning his head to the slumped Sans.

"no duh, papyrus. now, we gonna run like squirrels, or we gonna stand here 'til i get impaled?"

At that moment, a red cage of lasers surrounded Jericho as Mol appeared within its bars. "Hey buddy... Mind if we ch-"

Mol was cut off by Jericho simply walking through the lasers towards the group containing sans and Percy, much to Mol's surprise. Well not so much surprise, but,,, Well yea surprise. The cage vanished as Mol went away with it, deciding to wait to see what Jericho would do. As long as Sans didn't get killed, Mol would be fine.

Jericho spun his badass blade in his robotic hand, before affirming it into striking position as he walked towards Sans... You know, that one guy who saved Jericho's life despite Jericho trying to k-.. Nono, don't think about that. Just. Kill.

"heya, you've been busy, huh?" Sans chuckled, watching Jericho stride up, seeming to have far less scoch marks and open wounds than before as a result of his 'badass blade'.

Percy began to pull his pen out of his pocket as Jericho approached.

Jericho chuckled, turning his tail-attatched head in Percy's direction. "You really wanna go there, kid? No water... Plus, not sure if you noticed my recent makeover, but I'm in a lot better shape than I was before..."

"Have you ever heard of ground water?" Percy asked.

Jericho chuckled as he continued his stride. "Stay out of it, kid. Take a load off and watch a skeleton get buried." He then looked over to Sans and sneered, "Though.. I'm sure he would say something like... 'Do you wanna have a bad time?' Isn't that right..."

He saved your life after you tried killing him. I don't owe him anything! Don't you? He is in my way! Jericho thought to himself in an internal war of conflicting emotions as he continued his outwardly menacing apperance.

((Before any posts in the cavern are made, let's wait for all necessary parties to be present in the PiratePad, please.))


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Sat Jan 23, 2016 1:26 pm


"heh. nah. i think that line's been way too overused. shoulda trademarked it when i had the chance," Sans replied.

"SANS... SANS! DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID... LISTEN," Papyrus said, turning to Jericho. "WHATEVER BEEF YOU HAVE WITH SANS... IT CAN WAIT! SANS ISN'T REALLY FEELING UP TO MUCH RIGHT NOW, AS HE'S HAD A LONG NIGHT. WHY DON'T YOU JUST TURN AROUND AND, WELL, NOT ACT SO... MURDER-Y?" Papyrus stepped back himself, patting Sans on the back, an expression of worry on his face.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

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