Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by thecardiackidofDCVII on Wed Jan 06, 2016 3:01 am

"A meeting with some professor? Well, I suppose I can. What do you two think of this?" Isaac asked Ness and Lucas who were standing behind him, listening to what Robin had to say.

Ness nodded.

"We should go!" Lucas exclaimed.

Donnel, who had been looking around the city, came back up to the group.

"I'm back now. Where're we gonna go?" Donnel asked.
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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by Zerbie The Slug on Wed Jan 06, 2016 3:42 am

"The universe is collapsing....
Not enough living energy to sustain it...."

"This place seems desolate"
"I don't have enough power to invite other beings here..."

The Egotistical Slug realizes that this collabarating universe is coming close to an end...


If we can't learn...Why bother existing?
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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Wed Jan 06, 2016 6:46 am

A Huge-Arse Collaboration Post between EropsToad, cardiackid, lowfn, WeLurkInTheShadows, Mr.H, and SissyGamer


"Oh, never mind, Codsworth," Toad said. "There's Papyrus and Robin." Toad sauntered off after them, motioning for the others to follow.


Mol is always watching.


Robin and Papyrus took Isaac's entourage with them, after explaining the entire situation to Donnel.

Papyrus opened his arms to embrace Vault Boy. "VAULT BOY! NYEH HEH HEH! IT'S ALWAYS NICE TO HAVE A WARM FRIENDLY EMBRACE!"

Papyrus then listened to Vault Boy's explanation. In the end... it all flew straight over Papyrus's head. "AH, SANS. HE CAN BE QUITE CHARMING DESPITE BEING COMPLETELY LAZY!" Papyrus patted the snoring Sans's rump.

Papyrus then bonked his nasal cavity on the Terran's gun. "OH, HELLO, FRIEND! I'M SORRY, WE HAVE SOME VERY URGENT MATTERS TO ATTEND TO. GOOD DAY-- ROBIN?"

Robin had stopped with her hands in the air. "Please don't shoot us," she said.


Robin nodded. "I hate to leave you in the dark, gentlemen, but we really must be going. We can't afford to be detained right now," she explained to the two Terrans. "So... good day."

Robin and Papyrus shuffled past the Terrans.

"Alright then, we'll leave you to your business."
The two replied, walking away.

When all was free and clear, a figure stumbled out of a building, "Well that was quite a show!" Pennybags' remarked adjusting his tophat.

He gave a small tug on the diamond encrusted leash, and RinTintin pattered out eagar to continue exploring the area.

Milburn reached into his left pocket pulling out a roll of bills, he leafed through a few before turning towards the Rooski.

"There you are my good man, for your services!" the Rooski eagarly gripped the bills then saltuted The Monopoly Man, Milbrun laughed and gave a similar salute as his servnt walked away.

"Now", the Monopoly announced dusting of his hands, "What to peruse next!, RinTintin sudden started to yip and bark, pulling on his leash, Milburn curious as to what the hubbub was about followed the Metal dog.

Vault Boy

"Who is that Professor guy? Do we have to do something?" Vault Boy asked. As he followed the others.

"I'd love to go on a adventure again! They're fun!"
Vault Boy chanted, he grabbed the Probe and started walking along the others.

"I think his name was... Gadd? Right, Gadd. He has some findings he needs to share with us," Robin explained. "Since, you know, we aren't... from here."

TR-18 showed up on the scene, having gone on a very boring and arduous quest in order to find Robin. Said quest involved lots of walking, and wiping guts off of its feet that it accidentally stepped on. Needless to say, it was very relieved to have finally found its deity.

"Oh, TR-18! There you are," Robin said to the massive mechanical being, who proceeded to do the usual bowing shtick to the tactician .

All of a sudden a small metallic dog ran up to Papyrus, and started to gnaw at his leg bone.

Papyrus's eyes bugged out. "YEEEEOOOOWWWWTCHHHHH!!!!" Papyrus hollered, flying thirty feet into the air and dropping Sans. Robin caught the smaller skeleton in her arms as Papyrus fell back down. "OH MY GOD! I JUST CANNOT GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT A DOG GNAWING ON MY BONES! GET OFF!" Papyrus snapped at the dog. "CURIOUS... THAT DOG IS MADE ENTIRELY OF METAL... WHICH MAKES ITS TEETH LIKE KNIVES!"

Papyrus glowered over the dog. "NYEH! DON'T YOU DARE DO THAT AGAIN!" he grumbled.

But reguardless of what the skelaton screamed it very much looked like he was going to be bitten again as the dog readied to pounce, it was stopped however by a commanding voice, the Monlopoly man picked up the leash, and shushed RinTintin.

"Terribly sorry about that, little boy broke free"

"GOOD GRIEF! IS THIS YOUR DOG?!" Papyrus asked the diminutive cartoon man. His glare abruptly turned into a relieved grin. "PHEW! I THOUGHT FOR SURE I WAS GOING TO BE MILKBONE!"


"And this is TR-18," Robin added, gesturing to the massive robot who simply nodded in acknowledgement,

Milburn smiled and took the skeleton's hand.

"Aww! A little doggy!"
Vault Boy sighted the dog and went toward Papyrus.

"Hey! You okay Papyrus?"


"A metal dog?"
Vault Boy took closer inspection. Vault Boy then noticed the Monopoly man, who, seemingly looks like him. It ends up confusing him.

"Hey! You look like me..The style.. The..Body..Strange, is this a joke?" He thought, he then walked up to the strange cartoon man.

"Hello! I'm Vault Boy, i am the Vault-Tec mascot!"
Vault Boy let his hand out for a shake.

Mr.Monopoly looked at Vault boy than abruptly stopped, his brow furrowed with concentration, as his left hand scratched his chin in though.

He shook the boy's hand.

"Sayyyyy" Milburn began "You look awfully familier..."

"Well, you do look similar as well.. Have we met before? You're appearance and style is like mine.."

"I daresay, you could be my son, or cousin," remarked Uncle Pennybags, leaning on his cane.

"Hey!" Shouted Vault Boy.

"Lets compare our personalitys and appearances!"

"I have a gun! Do you have one?"
Vault Boy began his natural wide and happy grin again. He held out his 10mm pistol.

"Oh no, but I have in my employ people who have and use guns!" Milburn answered

"Well.. How about we compare our appearances, Papyrus, do you think you could help with this? We should measure our weight and height first!"
Vault Boy stood next to Pennybags.

"WHY, YOU TWO LOOK MIGHTY HANDSOME TOGETHER," Papyrus remarked, pulling out a measuring tape. "I'D SHIP IT!"

Robin stared at him.


Measurements were taken.

Turns out Vault Boy is what would happen if Pennybags were like 40 years younger and clean-shaven.

"Well, we should continue on."
Vault Boy said. He followed the others.

Pennybags followed, slightly perturbed by how alike they were.

Toad finally caught up. "OK, what did I miss?"


"No, POF-fins. They are sweet pastries made of-- hey, where are you going?!" Infernape stretched a hand after the fleeing Tentaquil. Infernape sighed, then dashed after the frog Fakémon. "Come back! Where are you going?!" the monkey Pokémon repeated, following after Tentaquil.

Until the ocean, of course. "HECK no I'm not going in there!"

Long story short, Infernape went and got Dawn and Dawn got back on Gastrodon and they took Tentaquil back to shore and attempted to calm it down to the best of their ability.


Elder Maxon continued to walk to the town entrance, with his two bodyguards, covered head to toe in state of the art (After 200 years, of course) Power Armor.

Hmmm. An unarmored man accompanied by two bodyguards? I smell leader! Mol thought to himself, zipping down to Maxon, creating a more detailed hallucination in front of the Elder of the Brotherhood. Instead of mere silhouettes, there was an actual middle aged man sitting down on a delightfully comfortable chair, sipping a cup of brown liquid.

"Huh?" said the Leader of the Brotherhood as the mysterious figure appeared in front of him, his guards clueless to what he sees. all three stop, due to Maxon stopping altogether.

"Care for some tea big guy?" Mol asked humorously before throwing the cup upwards, which promptly vanished in a hallucinated puff of smoke. "Meh, tasted horrible anyway."

"Who the Hell are you?" exclaimed the Elder, as the two knights stood beside him, questioning what was happening.

The figure snapped his fingers, causing a glowing halo of gold to float above his head as he replied, "The name's God. I'd show a lil' more respect for the big guy, wouldn't you agree?"

"If there was a God, then they would have stopped that infernal war. who are you really?"

Mol couldn't help but smile. "It's about time you humans showed some intelligence. Real name is Mol, take a step into my office would you?" Without waiting for a reply, the enviroment surrounding Maxon and the figure transformed into a comfy office, a large rock on the ground now taking the appearance of a chair.

Maxon slowly took a few steps into the room, sitting on the disguised rock as his knights watched, puzzled. "Sir, are you ok?" asked one of the knights, simply watching as the Elder continued his conversation with the air, it seemed to the knight.

The older man leaned forwards on his desk some, giving Maxon a gentle smile as he spoke, "Now I've been watching your progress for a long time now. Gotta say, I love how you've handled things with your club." With that, the Brotherhood of Steel insignia materialized on the wall behind Mol.

"I'm sorry, but do you think we're a joke?"

"Oh nonononono. I am legitimately impressed. But your organization could always be... Bigger, could it not?" Mol quickly replied.

Maxon was intrigued . "What do you mean?" as his knights continued to be confused.

Small figurines of most of the characters that have entered the Clash appeared on Mol's desk. "I have no doubt that your crew is quite the force to be reckoned with back home. What with that massive airship and all... But here? You'll meet guys that actually make the concept of God seem weak."

"Oh really? We held our own against that invasion pretty well, and I'm sure they were a difficult foe. So, "God" what do you want? Its obvious that you desire something."

"Lovin' that intelligence," Mol remarked, before getting up from his seat and turning around, wiping away the insignia and revealing a window that showed millions of Brotherhood knights, all marching in unison. "I want a deal, my friend. I help you make what's outside this window a reality, and you get your boys to shoot me."

"Wait. Shoot you? I thought you had better things to do than kill yourself."

Mol couldn't help but laugh at Maxon's reply. The man vanished from his spot, only to reappear by Maxon's side as he spoke, "Trust me, my friend. That is the last thing I have on my mind."

Maxon jumped up, startled by the sudden teleportation of the man. "What the hell are you?" He asked, sounding slightly scared.

Mol relished in this. It had been so long before he struck fear into the heart of a human. The office around them crumbled and faded away, leaving the two in utter blackness, yet their bodies were still lit somehow. "I'm a powerful guy offering a deal. I don't recommend denying my offer though." With that, a disembodied floating hand appeared in front of Maxon, awaiting to be shaken.

Maxon swallowed his fear, and shook the disembodied hand, knowing that the deal was too sweet to pass up, as recruiting for the Brotherhood was extremely hard, since nobody was brave enough. "Alright then, Mol." Maxon replied, "You'll get your shot. No pun intended.", as he pulled out his laser pistol, and yelled "Knights, fire here now!" the knights had no idea what he meant, but begin to rev up their gatling lasers. Maxon yelled "What are you waiting for? FIRE!!" as He and the knights opened fire on where Mol was "standing".

Each fire from the laser stopped before reaching Mol's figure, orbiting around him in an unstable manner. He made himself visisble to Maxon's butt buddies as the laser ring grew ever more intense.

Although the two Knight's faces were covered, they were indeed terrified. But they kept firing, as told by their leader, whom they had sworn to follow to their death."What is that?!" one of the Knights exclaimed, trying to sound as if he wasn't terrified.

For pure dramatic effect, Mol's figure rose into the air as the ring of lasers grew in diameter. He let out more laughter then than he ever had in his entire life. He finally had something physical he could control! He could cause things to happen without relying on mortals! "The name's Mol! But if you'd like, you can just call me God!" he called out to the knights as the world around them too turned to blackness, with only the four characters in the area being illuminated. "Keep it coming, pals!"

Maxon stopped, as the two Knights had their weapons firing energy out as fast as possible. The two bodyguards were obviously scared, slightly shaking and quivering.

The ring soon morphed into a sphere that enveloped Mol's figure, before the middle-aged hallucination lowered himself out of the chaotic ball in order to speak with the three men in front of him, "Thanks a ton for your help fellas. And don't worry big guy, I'll hold up my end of the deal."

"Good. I hope we continue to maintain this agreement." Maxon replied as the two knights ran out of ammo, as the guns rapidly clicked.

"Yes you do. Well it's time for me to hit the road! See ya later!" Mol exclaimed, before he and the ball of energy simply popped out of view. The blackness surrounding Maxon and the knights faded away, revealing the real world around them.

Maxon, looking unfazed by the events in order to try and reinspire some amount of courage back into his bodyguards, simply said, "Let's go."


"A little trip huh?"
Zalgo thought to himself.

"I guess they could have a little visitor.."
Zalgo followed him, teleporting behind the group and turning invisible.

Zalgo would notice that he would start to smolder. Badly. Palutena's blessing was not kind to evil.

A small four-fingered cartoonish white glove, tapped the demon on a shouler.
"Its none of my buisness, and I'm not sure who to blame" Spoke a slightly English voice
"But I suggest you that leave, lest you go up in flames"

With that the voice(and its owner) departed.

"Agh! I'm burning!"
Zalgo yelled.

"Fine.. I'll leave."

Pi'illo Castle Conference Room

Actually, it was more of a lobby than anything else, since, you know, giant bird-dinosaurs. At this point, Sans had woken up (it took a couple shakes and the smell of a quiche). Everybody (who could sit) sat at a long conference table. Of course, after that long, timeskipped bus ride where the group had their rendezvous with Mario and Luigi, and Big Band, Kiki, and Dawn, they weren't eager to sit down more, but it had to be done.

Professor E. Gadd stood up at the head of the room, presenting a PowerPoint slideshow on a screen. "I'm sorry that I have to show you this boring PowerPoint, but it's the only way I'll be able to present this information to a large amount of you at a time. I put it in a 'fun' font."

The first slide appeared.

In Comic Sans MS.


"haha. it's right up my alley," Sans remarked.

"I agree with Papyrus," muttered Dave, having utter disdain for the font after its overusage in the world of the internet. It seemed the whole 'knowing-people's-names-without-meeting-them' still did not strike Dave as creepy.

"hey, secret admirer," Sans said to Dave, "how is it that you know papy's name if we haven't met properly?"


"Maybe because we had a timeskip," Toad suggested.


"Never mind."

Mol is always watching.

"Can we please quiet down?" Robin asked. "Professor Gadd is trying to tell us something important."

TR-18 had intense focus on the slideshow presentation. Mostly because it had never seen a power point before.

"HEY! SHUT UP!" Big Band bellowed, abruptly standing up. The room went quiet, and the murmuring stopped.

"Thank you, Ben," Professor E. Gadd said, before pointing to the powerpoint and reading off his notecards.

"Dreams are an integral part of consciousness, a sort of extension of the consciousness into the realm of sleep. They appear to bring the recesses of the imagination to the reality, at least for a few moments.

"The activation-synthesis theory of dreams is the theory that our memories and knowledge of the day's events and the world around us influence what appears in our dreams. I assume that most of you know about the Dream World, as you have all come from it into Wakeport.

"The Dream World is the amalgamate of the sleeping subconsciousnesses of the people in the area. An area must have dreams to have a dreamy counterpart. Conversely, there are dream worlds that do not have real-world counterparts as they are formed solely from imagination.

"Back to the activation-synthesis theory: the Dream World's development is closely tied to the phenomena of daily events and memories influencing dreams. Therefore, an area's dreamy counterpart consists of the activation-synthesis constructs of the residents as a whole.

"Recent studies by Professor Elvin Gadd and Dr. Snoozemore (Pi'illo Island's premier researcher on dream science) show that some instances of dreaming are powerful enough to influence reality itself via neurological fabric manipulation. The dream is a bridge between our world and the dreamy counterpart. Sometimes, this may lead to the creation of Dream Portals, as seen in the case of Luigi."

"Oh, you all must be getting somewhat bored... And tired, too. I did initially promised dinner. This is no hotel buffet, but it'll have to do..." Professor Gadd said.

On cue, several Toads and Koopas carrying armfuls of piping-hot pizza ran in, rushing to place them on the table.


Robin took a modest slice and studied it. "I've never seen food like this before."

"it's a pizza. it's good," Sans said.

Dave's eyes widened as he realized how empty his stomach was. He snabbed as much pizza as his hands could grab and ate the food like a madman.

Professor E. Gadd continued his lecture as he eyed Dave. "Perhaps I ought to give a lecture on table manners next," he remarked.

"In some cases, however, the reality-warping property of the interaction between dreams and reality may cause disturbances within the time-space continuum as a whole, resulting in the crossing of dreams, or even in some cases, the dreams manifesting in reality. Ever heard of a dream coming true when you wish upon a star? A dream being a wish your heart makes? Turns out the most powerful dreams may have the power to take form and influence reality, which may, in turn, affect people like you.

"In addition to that, there are also worlds that may have been pulled completely into a state of dream. A sort of 'sleeping' reality. Neither I nor Dr. Snoozemore know the cause of this, but we speculate that it might have to do with the light/darkness equity or something.

"Now, dream realities exist in a plane parallel yet alternate to ours, and therefore, warrant their own name to match the sheer multiversal scale that these realities take. So I propose that we call this reality the 'Somniverse'. From Somnus, the god of sleep, 'omni-', meaning all, and 'multiverse'."

"So you see, you were all apparently pulled from your realities through the power of some phenomenon within the dream world," Professor Gadd explained.

Robin thought to herself. Is that why my memories felt... so hazy?

"Any questions?" asked Professor Gadd.

Big Band raised a tong.

"Yes, Mr. Birdland?"

"Are you out of your goddamn mind?!" Big Band asked. "None of this makes sense!"

"I would prefer to think I'm not out of my mind. It's not good for the inventing business," Gadd replied. "But Dr. Snoozemore and I did several studies on dreams, and these latest phenomena--that's you folks--did create some links that I'd never dreamed I'd see."

"maybe you oughta have slept on it a bit more," Sans said. Papyrus looked about ready to explode. "but hey, you're a scientist. i trust ya judgment. i mean, it's the 21st century."

Dave ate too much pizza. But it was worth it.

Mario licked his gloves and glanced over at Dave, asking if he was gonna eat the crumbs.

"Mario, that's-a disgusting!" Luigi snapped.

Mario said he was kidding.

"I LIKE THOSE TWO," Papyrus remarked, of Mario and Luigi.

"So, we're in this world called the 'Somniverse'?" Vault Boy asked.

"Uh-- No," Gadd explained. "The Somniverse is the amalagamation of all the realities caused by dreams. We're currently very much in the real world. You just came out of the Somniverse when you left Dreamy Luigi's dream portal. 'World' doesn't begin to describe the scope of the Somniverse. It's basically another multiverse composed of dreams!"

"Wow..It seems to be complitcated."

"I dunno, I get it," Toad said with a shrug.

"So what should we do now? Also, i guess i am a little hungry.." Vault Boy questioned.

"hey, v.b., ya might wanna grab some of that pizza," Sans suggested. "a pizza a day keeps the demons away, that's what i say."

No, he is never going to let Vault Boy go for that.

"Never heard of this "pizza.." ..i'm not in your present day.."

"WHAT?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!?!?!" Sans screeched. N...Never had pizza? Ever?

"No.. Like i said, i'm not even in your present days like in a normal universe.. I'm in a world where technology is stuck in the 50's.."

"dude. what rock were you living under? pizza was invented in like the 10th century, man!"

"It was? Pizza doesn't exist in the wasteland..Not anymore anyway.."

"you must have had a sad, sad existence."

"..What does it look like?.."

Sans pointed at the pizza box, at the cheese-covered flatbread sitting in that box.

"That stuff?"


Vault Boy grabbed a slice.

"Whats the yellow stuff on it? Whats the red?! Is that blood?!" Vault Boy freaked out, new things that no longer existed in the wasteland were discovered.

"you can't tell me that you don't have cheese or tomato sauce."

"..you sure that isn't blood?"

"does blood have bits of basil and parsley mixed in it? i don't think so."

Vault Boy took a bite out of it. "Golly! This ain't any of that gross stuff or blood! Its actually pretty good.."

Sans nodded. "ya see? ya missed out!"

"Sorry.. Its just that in the wasteland, no such thing existed.."

"hey, it was an expression of pity. i can't imagine life without pizza anymore. not since i left the underground."

"The Underground?"
Vault Boy asked.
"Okay, now you're confusing me."

"what? it's where all my fellow monster friends came from. don't think too much about it." Sans winked. "besides. it makes sense. a human skeleton must be dead, and therefore, may be buried in the ground. ergo, it is completely valid to say that a skeleton came from underground."

"You're from the underground? Its just like how the vaults are actually underground aswell.. Im interested in your story.."

"maybe another time. papyrus was there, too, him being my brother and all. but i've got to tell you the tale. of the under."

"So again.. What do we do next? Whats after this?"

Isaac, Ness, Lucas, and Donnel, who had all been listening to what Gadd had to say, were now eating some of the pizzas that had appeared.

"So... What is this stuff?  I'm not sure we have it back where I'm from."  Isaac explained.

"I don' reckon I've ever seen it either..."  Donnel said.

"This is pizza," Ness explained, "it's cheese.  With sauce.  Do you like it?"

"Yes, actually... This is good stuff!  I'll have to find more of this pizza sometime...  Maybe we can order some more another day."  Isaac mused.

"I sure wouldn't mind that!"  Donnel exclaimed.

Toad turned towards them. "Heh! I'm sure we'll have a bunch of other opportunities for pizza. Some places do it better than others, though. Pizza Hut... It's alright, I guess. Domino's is good, too. But when you know a couple guys from Brooklyn like I do... Well, it raises your standards a bit," Toad said.

"Pizza is actually delicious! I guess I was literally living under a rock before.."
But then, suddenly Vault Boy slammed his face into the table, apparently he fell asleep..

"SANS! YOU ARE A TERRIBLE INFLUENCE!" Papyrus snapped. Papyrus turned back towards the Dodorex and held up a pizza box. "MEAT LOVERS," Papyrus explained. The pizza had sausage and bacon and the works peppered all over it.

The DodoRex quickly snapped up the tasty concoction, and immediately fell in love with the meaty food.


Robin got up and walked around the table to Donnel. "So, uh, Donny," Robin said, placing a hand on Donnel's shoulder.

"Robin...  Do ya know how I got here?  I can't seem ta remember anything..."  Donnel sighed.

"The last thing I remember is a giant battle... in the middle of a forested world..."

"Sure didn't seem very nice, ya know..."

Robin seemed to struggle with that memory as well. "I remember something about... a hype bus?" she replied. "Presumably, you got here the same way that we all did: through a rift in the fabric of reality caused by dreams."

This reminded Robin of something. "Hey, Toad... How come your memories don't seem to be hazy at all?" Robin asked.

Toad shrugged. "I dunno. There was a bunch of creepy dudes named Smith after me, and then these elves showed up, and then... Well, poof, I'm back in the Mushroom Kingdom for some reason."

Perhaps it was some phenomenon involving passage through the dream world (sometimes dream and reality were difficult to distinguish). Whatever it was... Robin didn't question it much.

"I seem ta remember this big 'ol ship made from some sorta metal crashin' into this big guy in the middle of a forest...  Tons'a people were fightin' him too... I remember myself bein' there, and that's just about it... There was some weird flash of light and poof!  Everythin' was gone."  Donnel sighed.

"That's the long and short of it, Donny," Robin agreed. "It's... strange. I remember there were other people from other universes there as well, but all of the memories... It's like there was some sort of haze put over me. I clearly remember Toad, though. He kind of sticks out like a sore thumb."

"OH, GEE, THANKS!" Toad snapped.

"Not sure I remember you all that well... Do ya remember what happened while I was there?"  Donnel asked Toad.

"Loads," Toad replied. "You had this love triangle affair between you, this sexy 16-year-old Pokémon trainer named Brendan, and this hot chick who had this farm or something."

"I did?  That sure don't sound like somethin' I'd do...  Where're they now?"  Donnel asked, curious as to what happened to his partners (in love.)

"I dunno. Presumably stuck in the interdimensional nether," Toad replied with a shrug. "Don't think too much about it. You ended up kinda being the third wheel anyway."

"Well... What's with this big thing I remember that crashed into that giant man?"  Donnel asked.

"Oh, you nearly got trapped on that thing if I'm reading this correctly..." Toad replied, putting on a pair of reading glasses and glancing over a thread on a forum.

"Sure sounds like I had a rough time there... I hope this place isn't as dangerous..."  Donnel remarked.

"Oh, judging from the giant alien attack that we just witnessed, it's probably gonna get worse. Fun times!" Toad replied.

Robin elbowed Toad harshly. "Don't scare him!"

"I'm not scaring him, I'm telling him the truth!"

"Well, I'll be ready ta fight again, whenever it's necessary!  I ain't scared of some weird creatures!  If I survived all that stuff ya told me about, I bet I can make it through this!"  Donnel exclaimed.

Robin silently wished she had on her person a Second Seal.

Isaac approached the trio who was discussing the events of the past clash.  He looked up towards the sky...

"Well... I suppose we may see more of these strange dream universes?"  Isaac proposed.


"That's called sarcasm, by the way," Robin said to Isaac (elbowing Toad again).

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by SissyGamer on Wed Jan 06, 2016 6:14 pm

Vault Boy

Vault Boy woke up, wow, he forgot something!
"Hey, Sans!"

"I got something for you!"
Vault Boy held out the small probe, and one word it said was "whirr"

It couldn't say anything but beeps and strange whirrs, but it was useful for warping in barriers and photon cannons.

The Probe slipped out of Vault Boy's hands and warped in two Photon Cannons next to Sans' chair.

It then kept bumping into his chair, because it can't jump, and it wants to get on the table.

"You like it? It's a robot!"
Vault Boy chanted.

Zerg Swarm

"Mol? Where are you? I sense that the skeleton is awake.."
Kerrigan said.


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by WeLurkInTheShadows on Wed Jan 06, 2016 8:24 pm

Tentaquil was not fine, in his own terrified words he was "NOT GOOD, GET AWAY, H̝͖̫̲͘U҉̺R̳̮T̨S̟ ZGGGGTABIT!". His entire being was like a exposed wound, and it felt like salt was being spread across said blistering flesh.

He let out a pained groan, and the torture faded becoming a dull throb in his head. He opened his eyes gazing at the worried party that surrounded him, "You ever have one of those days that you just can't seem to win?", he paused "I've had a few monthes of those days"

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Wed Jan 06, 2016 9:18 pm


"hehe. it has little cannons, too. adorable."

Sans turned to Toad. "so... ever get that feeling where you think everyone's crosshairs are trained upon you?"

"I dunno, but I'd feel the same way too. That is, if I were being hunted by something like... Well, I wouldn't stretch to say something random like an evil fairy, a demon made of light, the queen of the swarm we just spent way too long beating the crud out of, an evil lich king, and a green alien dude with a neck extending from his butt."


Infernape slapped Tentaquil fraternally on the back. "There's our froggy friend!" the ape bellowed.

Bronzong leaned over to Tentaquil. "You're alive and safe, thank goodness," the bell hummed.

You're quite the runner, aren't you? Infernape says you were running like a Chatot with its tail feathers ablaze!" Honchkrow laughed.

"Knock it off, Honchkrow," snapped Roserade, pushing the big boss Pokémon gently.

"I'm just having a little fun," Honchkrow replied.

Gastrodon and Glalie turned about and about Tentaquil. "What kind of Pokémon are you?" Glalie asked.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by lowfn on Wed Jan 06, 2016 11:25 pm

Dave "Stalker" Chappy

As Dave wiped off any pizza sauce that made its way to his face, he remarked on Sans' unfortunate situation, "Well Sans, you're a pretty powerful guy who ain't exactly low-key. One thing bad guys hate, is someone that is potentially more powerful than they ARE."

He let out a painful burp on that last word, putting a hand to his stomach as he readjusted himself in his seat. "Excuse me," he said, finding irony in the pain caused by eating too much food.


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by SissyGamer on Thu Jan 07, 2016 12:53 am

Collab post written by Lowfn and SissyGamer


Mol was enjoying the complexity of the series of actions he would need to perform. He held his chaotic laser sphere in a location nobody could find, nor see since he kept all light from touching the sphere. On top of that, he was split in half, with one part serving as an eye to observe those at Gadd's little clubhouse.

The main half however, had arrived at the floating meat sack in the sky, ready to have a little one-on-one with Kerrigan. A hallucination of a zergling ran up to the queen, letting out little shrieks only she could hear.

"Mol? Is that you?" Kerrigan eyed the hallucination Zergling.

The little zergling's face contorted and morphed into a human head. "Was it that easy to guess? I suppose I gotta work on my impersonations a bit more," Mol joked, knowing full well why Kerrigan did not fall for the trick.

"Well, anyway. So what is the weakness of the skeleton? Hes awake now, and he seems to be eating food. I can sense him."

The ugly zergling popped into full human form, complete with the usual deluxe sofa. Mol was a tad dissapointed in how quickly Kerrigan wanted to get to business, but he supposed it was an admirable trait at the same time.

A sleeping Sans floated around the air as Mol explained the weakness of the skeleton, "Well queenie, from what I can tell this midget stood up against your whole army and your.. Overmind.. Thing. So he's a lot more than meets the eye. Reminds me of myself. Except.... Smaller."

"He did indeed stand up, back in my world, no one stood up to the Zerg Swarm. Funny, i had completely misjudged him. I thought it was once my senses messing with me that he is very strong. I was wrong." Kerrigan explained.

Mol simply stared at the floating skeleton for a moment, finding it to be genuinely interesting and somewhat impressive for a mortal. But then again, the skeleton was just that. A mortal. "I've seen lots of fights in my day. entirely different laws of physics and species of aliens literally impossible for anyone here to comprehend. So it wasn't too hard to figure out the simple flaw in this mini-God. He's strong yet weak at the same time. You just gotta exploit his endurance. Just look how tired he got after your fight. Out like a light."

"The Overmind knew that he would faint. But during the battle he seemed perfectly fine. He'll only have his chance to beat me up like a dummy. I tried using my weakest abilites to -"

"Bla bla bla bla bla," Mol muttered. "That's the thing. You're using your.. Abilities. A guy like this doesn't block. He dodges. He expects your attack. He considers a thousand variables. Instead of doing what makes sense, do the opposite. Screw physics or something. Surprise him."

"How will i surprise him though? He expects every attack, he knows."

Mol's figure grinned, snapping his fingers to cause the sleeping Sans to explode in a flurry of dust. "Then don't attack. Simple as that."

"I stand there? Hmmm, so i just have my turn forever?" Kerrigan walked toward the hallucinations.

"Sounds good to me queenapalooza," Mol said, shrugging.

"Could you stop calling me that?"

Mol's grin literally flew away off of his face and through the ceiling, being replaced by a slight frown that grew out of his 'flesh' as he said, "Oh you mortals are no fun."

Suddenly, a shadow of a eyeball appeared behind Kerrigan. "Who is this "visitor" of yours, Kerrigan?" The Overmind mocked, like he said eariler, he sees everything.

Mol's figure smiled once more, before morphing into a blob that scooted closer to the shadow and reforming back into human shape, sizing up the eye. "He-hey! Finally, someone interesting!"

The shadow then turned into the Overmind, instead of him being connected to a giant blob he was connected to the walls. His eyeball extremely visible. "Please, could you tell me what you are doing here?"

"'Please'? Lovin' the manners big guy," Mol replied, now sitting ontop of the air in a relaxed position. "I was just helpin' your ladyfriend here deal with the guys down below."

"Ladyfriend? Do you mean Kerrigan? Shes more of my daughter, since i created her years ago. A plan, you also say? I am interested. Will we be able to kill that foolish skeleton?"

Mol held a miniature Sans in his hand, which was promptly crushed by his fingers as he winked to the Overmind. "Sure thing butter bean."

"You seem to be like a comedy organism, what do you even plan? That skeleton is a strong being, but there should be some way to-"

"Please, Overmind, can you not get too far into the details? We do not have much time. The skeleton has awoken." Kerrigan interrupted.

"Like I told your 'daughter' here. The best attack against shortstack is the opposite of what you tried before. As for my comedy routine, it helps stave off boredom," Mol quickly said.

"We do nothing? Our turn is forever our turn? Seems good enough, when is the best time to start?" The Overmind replied.

Mol's figure grew some scruff on his face, which one hand went to rubbing as he hummed, already knowing the answer, but acting as if he were thinking for a short moment. "Hmmmmm.. I'd say when he's alone. Better yet, bonus points if you can ensnare one of his butt buddies."

"Hehe..No problem, perhaps it is the best time. I'd pick one of them, perhaps even better i could infest them and make them end up like Kerrigan. While the skeleton lies as only a arm remaining. We'll choose wisely if so, and we'll pick our victim."

"Sounds like a plan, man. Welp, if that's all you meat sacks need, I'll be taking my leave. Remember, ya still owe me that favor, queenie," Mol said, winking to Kerrigan.

"Sure thing, 'God'. I'll give you that favor once this is finished. Me and the Overmind will be deciding after that. We'll see you soon.." Kerrigan grinned.

And with that, Mol's figure vanished in a puff of confetti, which in turn vanished in little puffs of smoke.


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by WeLurkInTheShadows on Thu Jan 07, 2016 2:32 am

"Well.....Its like this", Tentaquil began "What am I supposed to tell them?, That I'm a bad joke created on an internet forum that needs to get magic rainbow plates to become a real boy?", He thought

"Well I'm not a pokemonper-say....not a real one anyway, I'm more of a legend of a certain pokemon, I'm real in the sense that I exist, but I don't exist in your world", Tentaquil scratched the back of his head,"But I'm trying to change that, You see, Arecues your leader or God?, called for me in a time of great distress, apparently the thirteen plates had been lost, and he could not risk send one of his own subjects, so...he made a deal. For me to become real,I must retrive them all".

Tentaquil patted his gut, "I have Meadow ,Fire ,Dread ,Icicle ,Insect and Sky. But I have a-ways to go"

"The journey hasnt been kind, but I suppose the ends justify the means"

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Thu Jan 07, 2016 3:17 am


"huh. you have a point," Sans agreed. "better keep an eyesocket out for folks like that, eh?"

Sans's expression turned somewhat concerned (his eyesockets somehow contorted into that sort of expression, and his smile narrowed a bit). "you alright, pal? you need pepto or somethin'?" Sans asked.


"The plates of Arceus..." Infernape repeated. "Well, we'll all keep an eye out for any of 'em. What's your species, anyway?"

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by SBR23 on Thu Jan 07, 2016 3:56 am

Miles away from Pillo Island, was an underwater fortress. In this fortress was the Slaughter Me Street Gang, planning their next attack in their meeting room. Waiter and Greeter were drinking coffee, while listening to Follower as usual. "Listen up dunderheads! We're not gonna get anywhere just sitting here on our asses! We need a plan to take that boy's soul!" said the Follower as he smacked his long ruler against the black board, pacing the floor. "And since a magical force is preventing us from doing so, we need a plan to snatch the boy's soul as soon as they move! Anyone have any ideas?" Greeter immediately raised her hand. "Yes?" said Follower, pointing his ruler at Greeter. Greeter ran towards the blackboard and started drawing. "While you and the boy were in the car, delivering him to the tower, I secretly planted a tracking devise in the boy via spider bite." explained the Greeter. The drawing illustrated a robotic spider and Victor. "That way, if they move to another part of the world, or cross to another dimension, or something similar to that, we'll be ready."

"This guy's crazier than a coconut, but I like how he's thinking!" Follower said elbowing Waiter. "Duh, yeah!" exclaimed Waiter. Follower stood up, facing Greeter. "But if they cross dimensions, how will we get to them?" asked Follower. "I made an dimension traveling portal just for the occasion. It can track down the boy's coordinates and it'll recognize the dimension he's in!" explained Greeter. "It's in the Antarctic though, so we'll have to get there by nightfall, or at least lunchtime." Follower jumped up and down, bouncing on top of his chair and on Waiter's head. "BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT!" he screamed. He then sat down. "Right, it's been decided. We'll make our move when they choose to do so!" said Follower. "And luckily we have an army of glooper bloopers at our disposal to transport us there! Now we need to get everything ready! SO GET MOVING!" Soon after he said that, Greeter and Waiter ran out of the meeting room, packing up their stuff. "I love this job." said Follower as he laughed insanely.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by thecardiackidofDCVII on Thu Jan 07, 2016 4:13 am

A submarine was heading towards Pi'Illo island at a rather high speed. Its screw was beating the water furiously, propelling the submarine forward on its path towards the island. Someone was sitting at the wheel. Most of his crew had disappeared, and his companions Ned Land, Professor Aronnax, and his servant Conseil, had all disappeared.

It was Captain Nemo.

The submarine made a landing by the shore of the island. Nemo walked out onto the sand. He kicked up some of the sand.

Something odd was buried underneath it. Nemo placed it in his pocket.


Nemo looked ahead. He spotted Pit and Dark Pit who were simply walking around the city. He noticed how the stuck out here... Had he perhaps seen these people before?

"I suppose I may be reunited with them." Nemo said to himself before he started his trek into the city to figure out just what was going on...
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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by lowfn on Thu Jan 07, 2016 5:14 am

Dave "Stalker" Chappy

Dave made a strange expression as his cheeks bulged some, before swallowing whatever was about to force its way out. He let out a breath as he said, "I'm fine.. I think I ate too much... I used to have the opposite problem before all this. Heh. But thanks.."

How kind of the skeleton to offer medicine to a guy he knows was stalking him. Either this is the real way to make friends, or people aren't out to get Dave like he had previously thought...

Likely not the former.


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Fri Jan 08, 2016 5:35 am

Contributions: EropsToad, Jawlord, SissyGamer

Big Band

"Actually, Isaac," Professor Gadd continued, "that gets into the next part of my lecture. No doubt you will want to return to your own universes. While I cannot map out the precise locations of the passageways between universes within the dream world, Dr. Snoozemore and I did devise a device that eases transit between the real and dream worlds."

Gadd held up a device that looked like a KORG electric tuner. "This device is designed to phase reality into dream through a specific tonal resonance. Once it picks up that resonance, it will cause something called a 'drop', in which those who share an unstable connection to the dream world--which is all of you, since you passed into our reality from the dream world itself--will fall into the dream world through a dimensional rift."

Big Band stepped up. "So you're sayin' that to go between dream and reality we gotta play the tuner a lullaby?" he asked.

"In layman's terms, preciselly!" Gadd replied, holding up the tuner. "Officer Birdland, I couldn't help but notice your affinity for music, so I designed it specially so that you can wield it."

Big Band blinked. "Huh? Why am I so important all of a sudden?"

"You're the one with the tuba body."

Big Band lumbered up to Gadd and pinched the device in one of his tongs. "So... I just play a lullaby and we dip?" Big Band asked.

"Well, I did program it to respond to a specific tonal resonance. Here. It's sheet music," Gadd replied, handing a piece of paper to Big Band.

A small music stand extended from Big Band's trench coat and received the paper. Big Band read the music notes out loud. "E-E-E-E C-E D# B..." he mused. "And when I play this, the thing will 'drop' everybody out of the world and warp us somewhere else?"

"Yes," Professor Gadd replied. "But keep in mind that it needs to recharge every day, meaning that it can only be used once a day. It's not perfect, so there's no telling where you'll end up..."

"Then how does that help us get home?"

" wise, the device won't transport you properly for reasons I can't... quite understand. Dreams are a hazy field of study."

"Are ya sure this isn't just some excuse to cover up bad writing?" Toad piped up.

Big Band turned the tuner over and over in his tongs. He then let out a sigh. "Well, Professor," Big Band said, "if it's lookin' like something bigger than the Skullgirl back where I came from, then I think I'd better hold onto this thing tight."

"Well, actually..I have one question though.." Vault Boy waved out his hand.

"..Will we ever get back to where we came from?.."

Professor Gadd sighed. "To be quite frank, Vault Boy... Yes, I'm certain, but I'm unsure of how long it may take for you to get there. And until this mess is resolved, I'm afraid we've all become somewhat involved in something much, much bigger than ourselves."

Big Band closed his eyes and sighed. "Never thought in all my years in the force..." Big Band looked up. "When do we go?"

Professor Gadd turned and looked directly up at Big Band. "As soon as you can. Tomorrow morning, of course... You all need rest."

"Splendid!" Milburn announced giving a grin "My,My, this venture may be more profitable than I ever imagined!",Imagine the advertising possibliities!" he thought to himself.

"Bug/Psychic" Tentaquil responded, to Infernape, "Troll Frog" he mumbled, looking a bit embarrassed.

None of the Pokémon seemed fazed by this (there was an Ogre Darner Pokémon, why can't there be a Troll Frog?).

"But what if we end up in another world? What if its a very dangerous universe? Thats what worries me.. Like if we just go back in time to an age when war was just going really bad.." Vault Boy questioned.

"Well, that sucks," Toad quipped. Robin elbowed him.

"Wherever we go... It must be for a reason. Also don't be a wuss," Big Band figured (with that last part addressing Vault Boy).

"Like, come on! Imagine it, what if we went back to a world war or something? Nuclear bombs! They'd be bouncing on us!"

"Well, I'm not the one with the mini-nukes," Toad said with a shrug.

"Mini-Nukes? Oh yeah, those. I forgot that i ran out of them."

"Vault Boy, I'm pretty sure we can handle being dumped into a major battle, since we've already been forced into two giant random invasions in the first place," Robin said. "Besides, I'm a tactician; you can trust me to guide you folks to victory."

"One of us is probably gonna..Well, die soon.. And if its gonna be me, then you wouldn't have to worry. I can just be re-drawn..Since i'm a animated character.."

"Well, why don't you all get some rest? Pi'illo Castle has great accommodations," Gadd suggested.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Sat Jan 09, 2016 5:27 am

Your Cast Brings You: Drop from Pi'illo Island

That night, everybody slept relatively well, other than Dave. (Papyrus dreamed of driving down a long highway, wind in his hair.)

When they woke (rather loudly, to a mellow, but well-placed and articulate, bugle call, courtesy of Big Band), Professor E. Gadd, Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Peach all escorted them by bus to the Pi'illo Blimport.

Isaac, Ness, and Lucas were all going with the above group on their way to leave this universe. (But that was kinda implicit.)

When they arrived at the landing pad, everyone disembarked. There were no blimps at the moment. But then again, they didn't need 'em.

"What of the civilians and vacationers?" Robin asked.

"Fully refunded and/or reimbursed. Thankfully, the buildings here cannot be damaged," Professor Gadd explained.

"Hey, Prof. Gadd," Big Band asked.

"Yes, Officer Birdland?"

"You sure this gonna work? I have some doubts and reservations."

"As you should; this is new technology, after all," Professor Gadd replied.

Toad turned to Mario and Luigi and nodded, then to Peach.

He then walked straight up to Robin and declared, "Alright, you know what? I'm gonna dive headfirst back into this whole crossover mess. 'Cause if there's one thing I know about this thing, it's that interdimensional bad guys are no bueno and will inevitably show up (like those frickin' bugs), and I don't like that."

"So out of a sense of justice you are going to risk your life to aid our quest? (Again?)" Robin asked.

"Nah, I'm just bored. I never get put into any good adventure games," Toad replied with a shrug. "And 3D World doesn't count. Do I look like a blue Toad to you?"

"Please be careful, everybody," Peach said, clasping her hands together.

Mario and Luigi stood rigidly saluting our heroes as Gadd gave Big Band the signal.

And as Big Band played those notes, our cast would find themselves shimmering, phasing, shining. And in a burst of purplish-white light...

Everybody started falling in the dream void.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Toad screamed, flailing his arms.

Robin did what anyone would do and spread her arms. Immediately, her descent slowed. "Spread your body out!" Robin shouted. "You'll slow down!"

Mol is always watching.

Papyrus was quite exhilarated as he accelerated. "SLOW DOWN?! HOW ABOUT SPEED UP!!! NYEH HEH HEH HEH HEHHHHHH!!! WHOOO-WEEEEEE!" Papyrus shot straight downwards.

"Oh deaaarrrrr!" exclaimed Rich Uncle Pennybags coatails billowing, clutching his tophat so it would not fall of in the breeze.

Tentaquil fell, arms spread out like a skydiver, he for a pleasent moment was not scared, because you don't fear freefall when you can fly.
And he was glad that the throbbing in his head has strangly faded away.

The DodoRex roared, only angry at the sudden change in scenery as it fell beside its master, trying to keep him safe.

"COME ON, DODOREX! LET'S FLY!" Papyrus exclaimed, before pressing his bony arms to his aides and shooting like a skeletal torpedo. Alongside him, the Zomdodos surround both the DodoRex and Papyrus as the feathers fly(literally).

"Oh my", said Codsworth as he slowly hovered downward, thanks to his rocket thruster.

"Spread my body out? Okay!" Vault Boy put his arms in a almost T-Pose. As if, his animation seemed to have glitched.

"Uh oh! I think i messed up my animations! Oh well, Weeeee!!!" Vault Boy cheered.

TR-18 looked to see Pennybags, evaluating him to be the most easily injured human, and swam through the air in order to grab the old man to help keep him from harm. After all, TR-18 is just a robot. It could handle a few hundred feet or so of freefall.

Milburn's eyes widened as he gave a grunt of suprise, as the Robot was backhugged by the automaton , "I should have purchased a parachute!" he yelled.

Dave Chappy on the other hand, was too busy doing the good ol' pants-pissing routine as he flailed through the air. Thankfully, he went the bathroom beforehand. So all the came out of him was screams of a particularly high pitch.

"Hey! You screaming guy, why not do the pose i'm doing! It'll make it fun and slow!" Vault Boy waved out to Dave.

Nick Valentine, next to Vault Boy, yelled "Because not everyone likes heights!" as he flailed about.

"Oh, yeah. I guess you're right. But to me its fun! Are you scared of heights?"

"Oh No!" yelled Nick sarcastically, with a tinge of scared in his tone.

Dave shouted out nonsensical gibberish mixed with the sounds of crying. He really missed the anarchic cespool of violence that was his world. Things made a lot more sense there.

"You okay there, screaming-gibberish guy? I think you should calm down a bit.. We seem to be falling into a endless black-hole thingy.." Vault Boy told Dave.

"Oh, I hope not" says Codsworth, quickly catching up to the group as he flipped over and shot to them, before flipping over and turning off his thruster,"I don't think I can wait that long."

"Didn't you say that you were lonely for 200 years?"

"Yes, but that's better than falling down an endless hole for the rest of existance until my motors break."

"WHY ARE WE HAVING CONVERSATIONS WHEN WE'RE FALLING TO DEATH WHAT IS EVEN WHY ARE WE FALLING I JFUSTPK," Dave shouted, before descending into pathetic gibberish once again.

"Hey hey! Calm down, i think we're entering another universe! I don't think we're gonna die...right?..Oh yeah, i can still be redrawn."

"Yeah, just you!" Nick yelled.

"If you spread out, it's easier to control your descent!" Robin shouted over the howling.


Kiki and Big Band were extremely lucky, as was Dawn; all of them had means of aerial locomotion.

Sans didn't give much of a sh*t about free fallin' and simply snoozed and reclined.

"SANS, THIS IS NO TIME TO BE DOZING OFF!" Papyrus snapped, braking and floating next to his stout brother.

Suddenly, the Probe was falling next to Papyrus. It only said "whirr".

"So, are we ever gonna end up somewhere or are we just falling forever?" Vault Boy asked while next to Papyrus as he was falling.

"Wouldn't suprise me with my luck" Tentaquil croaked as he sped past the cartooish humaniod.

Vault Boy only left his weird face, which was only staring at Tentaquil as he fell quickly past him.

All of the sudden, a submarine started falling along with everyone else.  It was falling faster and faster towards the ground.  Pit and Dark Pit were falling down along with the submarine.

"Alright, where we headed?" Big Band asked, hovering next to Robin.

"Presumably downward," Robin replied. "Maybe we could get some hints as to where we're going by looking around???"

The tactician scanned the surroundings. Strangely, despite traveling at gods-know-what  per hour, Robin could make out various ethereal details.

Primarily, six colors whirled by: red, green, blue, brown, black, and white. Robin could make out chunks of igneous rock, clouds of sand and/or ice, floating bubbles of water, and large--

"Yikes!" Robin yelped, rolling out  the way of a large brown Boulder headed straight for her (while gathering no moss).

"I never was big fan of rock," Big Band muttered, making a loop-the-loop and letting the rock pass.

"So where are we now?..This isn't a place i recognize.." Vault Boy said, in a scared tone.

"falling in mid-air," Sans said, opening one eye, before shutting it and going back to sleep.

"..I think i'm hallucinating again..Papyrus, what are we gonna do in the meantime while we seem to be endlessly falling?" Vault Boy asked and turned to Papyrus.

"REST ASSURED, VAULT BOY! I HAVE JUNIOR JUMBLE RIGHT HERE WITH ME!" Papyrus replied. "NOW, LET'S SEE..." Papyrus folded the Junior Jumble puzzle into a paper airplane, and tossed it to Vault Boy. The paper plane quickly sailed out of sight.


A sharp cry came from above. The paper plane had abruptly smacked onto Honchkrow's face.

"SQUAAAWWWKKKKK!!!" Honchkrow screeched.

"OH MY GOODNESS! MY APOLOGIES," Papyrus shouted.

"What was that?" Vault Boy noticed the squawk.


"..Did you just hit it?.."


"Hey! Where am i?!" Shouted a voice, seeming similar to Undyne.

"UNDYNE??! UNDYYYYNNNEEEE!!!!!" Papyrus hollered, spreading his arms and whirling his head around in search of his friend.

"Hey! Papyrus! Where are we?! And who are these people! I see humans!" Undyne apparently is above Papyrus.

"WE'RE FREE FALLING!" Papyrus replied, turning his head completely 180 degrees (his body following suit). "AND THESE HUMANS ARE WONDERFUL, KIND PEOPLE! THEY EVEN HAVE MONSTERS WITH THEM, TOO, IN SOME CASES!"

"Hello, Fish person! I'm Vault Boy!" Vault Boy reached for Undyne, he fails terribly.


The DodoRex roars, getting slightly bored of falling. Sadly, there were no poker tables on the dream drop into Mata Nui. (Somebody should really do something about this.)

"Uhh, alright then?" Undyne spread out her arms. "Okay, 'Vault Boy'. You're one of those humans? Well, i guess its nice to meet you. Now, did Papyrus say.." Undyne paused. "...we're free falling?.."

"I PREFER THE TERM 'SKYDIVING.' LOOK, I CAN DO TRICKS!" Papyrus bent his arms and did three complete 360 degree turns.

The DodoRex shook his head in acceptance, liking the skeleton's tricks. if it had long enough arms, the beast would of clapped.

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" Papyrus shouted over the howl of wind, taking a mid-air curtsy.

"I guess i could do that too!" Undyne did a flip, and then spinned. Vault Boy did the same. "I like this! Its fun!" Vault Boy shouted.

Meanwhile, while all of this was happening, the Marionette and Headdy were falling beside them. The Marionette was waving his hands around, crying like a baby. "Oh will you calm down!" yelled Headdy. "We're fine!" The Marionette stopped overreacting. "Oh." said the Marionette as last. He looked down at the island below. "Looks like it's a long way down." said Headdy. "Better make the most of this time by finally catching up with this!" Headdy took out a huge book with a basketball on it. He started flipping through the pages and reading.

"So, Papyrus. Where is Sans?" Undyne asked.

"yo." Sans winked at Undyne and waved to her.

"Oh, there you are you lazy bones. I've been wondering where you were as well." Undyne stated. Vault Boy, noticing the Marionette and Headdy. "Hey! You guys okay? Its not a long way down! Its endless! Hahaha!" Vault Boy chuckled.

"Not to break up the reunion, Ms. Undyne, but I'm afraid we have the matter of falling to our dooms." said Codsworth, as he began to slow down with his thrusters.

"WHEEEEEE!!!!!!" Papyrus whooped, completely oblivious to the ground. Then again, nobody could see the ground in the first place.

"To our dooms? Well.. Looks really endless, do you mean we're stayin' here forever?" Undyne replied, as she was doing 360 degree spins.

Robin soared towards Undyne. "I should hope not. Apparently there are worlds to save out there," Robin called.

"We're fine!" yelled Headdy to Vault Boy. "Wait. Where's the kid?!" panicked the Marionette. Both puppets looked at each other. Then at the same time, they started screaming.

"Uhhh, what kid?" Vault Boy replied. "So who you are you, cape women? I am Undyne."

"VICTOR?" Papyrus asked.

"My name is Robin. And I think it's more of a cloak than anything," Robin replied.

"Nice to meet you, Robin! Now, are we actually getting lead to our ultimate demise or are we going to another 'world'?"

"I don't think so. I think this is something called a 'drop,'" Robin replied. "What that constitutes, I don't know... except for the fact that it contains a rather long free-falling session."

"Guess that explains it." Undyne replied.

All of a sudden, a figure swooped past the group. "What the?!" screamed Headdy. To everyone's surprise, it was Vic. His angel wings were keeping him from falling.

"Whoa! That kid has angel wings? I thought angels didn't exist!" Vault Boy shouted excitedly, but also in a slightly shocked tone.

"Well techniquelly according to Weegee he's a....a....what did he call it again?" asked Headdy.

Then suddenly, a protoss Zealot just came falling past the group. Apparently the zealot is being a wimp, and hes screaming.

"Oh, be quiet," Big Band snapped, floating next to the Zealot. "It's not that bad. We ain't fallin' to our deaths."

"...We think,' Robin added sheepishly.

"Hopefully not! I wouldn't like to stay here forever.." Vault Boy replied. A couple more zealots came falling. One of them joined into the group, hes really calm and the rest were too.

"No. You people do NOT understand the FEELING of your STOMACH FLYING INTO YOUR FACE--" Toad shouted.

He then got plastered with a boulder.

Kiki, as she passed by, peeled Toad cartoonishly off the boulder. "Thanks, kiddo," Toad said to Kiki.

"No problem," Kiki replied. "Can I let you go now?" Toad swallowed a lump and nodded.

"OK, but please don't scream."

Toad dropped. And he didn't scream. (He was trying very, very hard not to.)

"Pretty sure he said he was a Nephilim." said the Marionette. "Oh! Right!" said Headdy. "That's what he called it!"

"I'm getting a little bored.." Vault Boy yawned, he was about to fall asleep as his dotted eyes were getting smaller as his eyes were slowly closing.

"How can you be tired, Mr. Boy?" replied Codsworth, as he slightly nudged him with his non weaponized arm.

"Its been awhile, you know? I think staying in here falling is quite boring." Vault Boy replied.

"Come on, Vault Boy! Stop being a little wimp!" Undyne was behind Vault Boy, she slapped him and tried to get him up.

"VAULT BOY, IT'S ONLY BEEN..." Papyrus checked his wrist (sans watch) and looked back up. "SIX MINUTES? SEVEN? MAYBE EIGHT?"

"..Yeah, like Papyrus said! Its only been like..Seven minutes! And i was only here for one minute!" Undyne replied.

"And i'm getting a little hungry!" Vault Boy complained.

"Wait. I just realized something else." said the Marionette with shock in his face. "Where's Weegee?" All three of them looked at each other and at the same time screamed.

"Is there an ETA on when we're gonna splat on the next world? because I'm getting tired of this." remarked Valentine, now completely fine.

"VAULT BOY, IT'S ONLY BEEN..." Papyrus checked his wrist (sans watch) and looked back up. "SIX MINUTES? SEVEN? MAYBE EIGHT?"

"..Yeah, like Papyrus said! Its only been like..Seven minutes! And i was only here for one minute!" Undyne replied.

"And i'm getting a little hungry!" Vault Boy complained.

"Wait. I just realized something else." said the Marionette with shock in his face. "Where's Weegee?" All three of them looked at each other and at the same time screamed.

"Is there an ETA on when we're gonna splat on the next world? because I'm getting tired of this." remarked Valentine, now completely fine."

"Wait splat!?" Dave said with the routine fear in his voice as he peered into the void below.

Robin heard a whistling coming from behind her. She turned towards the direction of the sound. "I don't know, Valentine," Robin replied, drawing both her swords. "But if you're tired, then you're about to get a really, really bad awakening."

Suddenly, a horrible screech filled the air as a mass of tentacles and blades whistled past everybody, throwing most of them off-kilter (Robin held her ground--er, her air.)

"SQUIIIIIIIIIDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!" Toad screamed.

"Ahhh! What is that?!" Vault Boy shouted and screamed.

Toad stared at him. "Did you not just hear my screaming?"

Well, if Vault Boy didn't hear Toad scream "SQUIIIID!!!!!" then the appearance of the Brawlamari Nightmare made it perfectly clear. A dark-gray/purple cephalopod zoomed in front of our heroes, its tubular mouth squirming and its tentacles flailing. Whatever it was, it didn't look like it wanted to play Turf War.

The Brawlamari's longest tentacles had bladed tips, fringed with gold, and its red eyes looked tired, but still menacing (for the fact that they were glowing and red). Four laser beams blasted from its smaller tentacles, as a showing of "I'm gonna fry you with freakin' laser beams".

"SQUID!? WHY IS THERE A SQUID WITH FREAKING GLOWING SWORD TENTACLES AND LASERS WHAT THE HELL AM I EVEN LOOKING AT," Dave screamed, spinning around at unfun speeds in the air in an attempt to see the squid better.

"Squid? I can take care of this!" said the Marionette. He then turned to Headdy. "Give me a boost." he ordered. "On it!" said Headdy. The Marionette hopped on top of Headdy's head, causing him to gain a boost as if it were a spring.

"Well, guess you're right. SQUID!!!!" Vault Boy shouted. "A squid?! Things seem to be getting pretty weird here." Undyne stated.

"I agree with Dave," Toad said. "What's with the freakin' laser beams?! Must every evil sea creature have freakin' laser beams?! First it's the sharks, and now..."

The Brawlamari screeched again. "It's like a badly-tuned saxophone," Big Band remarked. "We 'bout to lay down the jam on this thing."

Captain Nemo's submarine turned.  Another squid... He had dealt with giant squids near the Caribbean before... Perhaps he could do something to combat this one.

The Nautilus spun around in the nothingness.  Donnel, who had landed on the top deck of the Nautilus, was trying to hold on as it furiously turned towards the Brawlamari, coming to a rather sudden stop, like a car screeches to a stop to avoid a crash.

The Nautilus' great ram, located at the front of the submarine, was its main weapon in this battle.  Nemo was ready to fight the squid.

TR-18 shifted Pennybags into its left arm as it ARMED its electric spear in its right hand, clicking on the power. It was ready to make some sushi for its human Gods.

"Wait, a squid? Ohhh! I know what to do!" Vault Boy grabbed out his Fat Man, filled with newly built Mini-Nukes. "Whoa whoa there Vault Boy! What the hell are you doing?! Are those bombs?!" Undyne shouted. Vault Boy simply didn't respond.

"Now this is more like it"

"I'm am going to f**king die", Murmered Tentaquil as he tried to put distance between him and it.

Dark Pit and Pit both looked at each other and drew their weapons to fight this squid alongside everyone else.  Isaac, Ness and Lucas spun around in the air to observe the battle.

"I think they have this one under control..."  Lucas said.

Well, yes, but I have an idea..."  Isaac smiled.  He took out his Granite Djinn and unleashed it.  A small barrier of Venus Energy encapsulated his allies and himself.

"I can't even acknowledge whats happening right now! But whatever it is, this is epic!" Vault Boy shouted. Undyne just shrugged, shes just confused with what Vault Boy is doing.

"EPIC!? WHAT THE FGJLKH" screamed Dave before it seemed like some foam might be coming out of his mouth.


The Brawlamari turned towards Papyrus and fired four shots of lasers at him.

Suddenly, Papyrus found himself at Sans's side. "you almost tripped there," Sans said to him, not moving from his reclining position.

"SANS! I WAS ABOUT TO SHAKE ITS TENTACLE!" Papyrus snapped indignantly.

"that thing wanted to shake you, too."


The Brawlamari fired more lasers at Sans and Papyrus. Sans thrust out his hand and shielded Papyrus from the lasers. "OH, DEAR," Papyrus remarked. "YOU'RE COMPLETELY UNREASONABLE, AREN'T YOU?"

"YOU DON'T SHAKE TENTACLES IT HAS SWORDS LASERS WHAT IS.. WHY WOULD YOU..." Dave screamed, simply not comprehending Papyrus's logic of friendship.

"Papyrus! Its a giant squid! Just look at it, it's gonna try to murder us!" Undyne shouted at Papyrus. "Sans! What are we going to do now? Theres literally a giant squid going to kill us!" Undyne yelled, shes heavily irritated.

Vault Boy is shooting out Mini-Nukes at the Brawlamari. Like a maniac, of course. "Hehehehe! It feels SO good to throw bombs again! Hahaha! Ha...Hahaha!!!"

"Vault boy, I thought you said you were outta those?" Toad asked.

"I made some last night! Hehe, atleast i had the materials in my pockets. That reminds me, im carrying my power armor, my machine gun, and everything else in my pockets! And appearently i can still move and it looks like there is nothing in my pockets! Physics rock!" Vault Boy replied.

"WE'RE IN AN ENCLOSED SPACE YOU ABSOLUTE MADMAN!" Tentaquil screech/croaked. Spiraling around like a fly on a sugar high.

"I'll tell you what THIS guy will need after this! BANDAGES!" yelled the Marionette. Sadly, he missed the Brawlamari by a long shot. He came spiraling back towards the group. "HOW DID I MISS?! I RIGHT ON HIM!" screamed the Marionette.

The Nautilus took a sharp turn and Donnel was lurched off of the ship.  Isaac twisted in the air and grabbed Donnel.

"Whowee!  Ya sure did save me there," Donnel exclaimed, "I hope that ship knows what its doin'."

The Nautilus jerked forward through the emptiness of the space that our heroes were falling through.  Nemo expertly piloted around the squid, trying to spear it with the front end of his ship, where a large spear-like weapon was located.

The Brawlamari crossed its tentacles and the Mini-Nukes exploded against them, doing it no harm, while parrying the Nautilus's bow with its sword-tentacles. The Brawlamari turned around and lashed out its tentacles at the Marionette.

Vault Boy just continued to shoot and shoot, he kept laughing like a maniac and seemingly..Acting strange and unusual..

"vault boy, am i gonna have to perform an exorcism?!" Sans called.

"No! I'm fine, i am just having fun..Hehe.." Vault Boy giggled, he stopped laughing and only did his plain, wide grin while shooting.

"Whoa! You're tough son of a bitch aren't ya!" yelled the Marionette. "For God sake." sighed Headdy.


"skip the puzzles, bro."

Robin and Big Band dodged about the dream-dive as Vault Boy's haphazard explosions rocked the endless drop. "Vault Boy, please be careful. The thing's not responding to your shots, so we're going to have to take a different approach--AAAGH!"

The Brawlamari summoned one of the Po-Koro rocks and slashed it into pieces, before sending the stone shards flying towards the crowd of heroes.

"Sorry! Its just with nuclear weapons..Thats when i get crazy! I'll put this away."

Robin hugged her arms together and maneuvered to avoid them. But Big Band was having trouble due to his sheer size. He could only repel so many with his musical moves, and even he looked like he was having trouble. Robin spun over to Big Band and crossed her swords before her. Big Band nodded as Robin cut the boulders coming towards Big Band down to a less harmful size.

"Robin, move!" Big Band shouted.

"What?" Robin ducked out of the way as Big Band converted into a massive French horn and charged straight forward, rockets flaring from the mouthpiece and bell. "Oh. That."

Big Band demolished a large amount of stones in his way, and he soared back towards Robin. "Thanks for the assist. You know your stuff, Robin."

"I am a tactician. I have to."

Pokémon Trainer Dawn sent out Roserade!

"Rocks? this I can do!", he rammmed his claws into one of the giant pieces of stone shrapnell

Roserade spread its arms out as its leafy cape billowed behind it. "I'll help you out," it said to Tentaquil, throwing its arms forward and lashing out with thorny whips.

Roserade used Giga Drain!

The whips lashed straight into the flying stones and cut them into gravel, energizing Roserade a bit as well. Roserade winked at Tentaquil.

"Apprieciate it" he grunted, He strained his muscles and the boulder shot towards, the space squid.

Tentaquil Used Rock Throw

Undyne was just watching, she was waiting for a moment where she could be useful at this point. She ain't wasting her energy.

Captain Nemo whirled the Nautilus around.  This squid somehow managed to parry all of his attacks...  Nemo had to think of a new plan.  Perhaps he could try to stun the squid and attack it while it was distracted.  Nemo quickly spun into action, his submarine whirling around the squid fervently.

The DodoRex tried to snap at the Brawlamari, but was just out of reach. The Zomdodos came to help, pushing their giant overlord closer to the evil squid, flames bursting out of the DodoRex's gaping maw.

Vic was tired of waiting. He quickly shot up towards the Brawlamari. "What the hell?! Kid! Get out of there!" yelled the Marionette. "He's gonna get himself killed!" screamed Headdy. They both held onto each other.

"What's he doin'?"  Donnel shouted out.

"I don't know, but we'd better try and help him.  I'm not sure how I can fight in the air, but we'll manage something..."  Isaac suggested.

"We're gonna fight that squid?  This is gonna be a tough fight, but we can handle it!"  Donnel exclaimed.

Ness and Lucas took out their baseball bat and stick respectively.  Lucas placed a Shield around himself, Lucas, Isaac, and Donnel.

"How are we gonna beat this squid? Looks like its gonna be pretty difficult.." Vault Boy asked.

"I have a feeling that patience will be the answer," Robin replied to Vault Boy.

Suddenly, Percy appeared falling down with the rest of them. The last thing he remembered was going through the portal in Dreamy Wakeport.

"This is only getting weirder." Percy muttered as he drew Riptide.

"Hey, Percy," Robin shouted over the chaos. "Long time no see!"

A couple of Protoss Zealots noticed the Squid attacking, they charged in and began trying to slice the Brawlamari.

Ness tried PK Flash!

A bright flash of light exploded in front of the Brawlamari.  Nemo was almost caught in the blast of light, but luckily, he had just rolled around the squid, trying to find a way to get at it.

Vault Boy covered his eyes, it was bright, really bright.

The DodoRex let a single tear escape its eyes, the beast continues its assault on the evil squid.

Brawlamari crossed its tentacles before it again, repelling the flames. The PK Flash may not have damaged Brawlamari in this state, but it did send the squid reeling straight backwards. The Brawlamari whirled in place and threw off the Zealots, before angrily whirling its bladed tentacles around, then raising its laser tentacles.

Vic held out one fist and opened it. All of a sudden, a crescent shaped light made projectile appeared from his hand. He then quickly threw it at the Brawlamari. He continued this process 5 times until he made 5 crescents and formed them into a big one. He threw the light made projectile at the squid like a boomerang and expertly caught it when it attack the Brawlamari.

Brawlamari hissed and parried Vic's crescents.

"What is that thing?!" A zealot shouted. "A giant squid!" Vault Boy replied to the zealots.

The DodoRex tried yet again to bite into one of the huge squid's arms, mainly one of the arms raising towards it.

As the squid rocketed backwards, it collided into Captain Nemo (as he had been waiting behind the squid for some sort of opportunity to attack.)  The submarine was shaken, but Nemo had not been defeated yet.

Meanwhile, Percy tried to communicate with the squid.

"Hey, can you stop trying to kill us?" Percy asked. "I'm a son of Poseidon and I think he'd be pretty ticked if you ate me and everyone else here for lunch."

"Uhh, i don't think talking to a giant squid would work!" Undyne said to Percy. "How could you even understand it?! It probably doesn't understand you either!"

"This probably isn't the best time for explanations." Percy replied to Undyne.

All Percy got was: "Devour dreams... Consume hearts..."

"Okay, reasoning with it probably won't work." Percy said.

"YEESH! THE NERVE OF THESE MODERN-DAY SQUID. I SWEAR!" Papyrus rolled his eyesockets.

The Marionette and Headdy were watching Vic fight. They were astounded at his moves And we're gazing in awe. "Whoa! Green Missle taught that kid good didn't he?" beamed Headdy. "I did't know he had those kinds of powers!" yelled the Marionette.

Kiki saw the squid raise its laser tentacles. The thing was going to torch everybody with its freaking laser beams if she didn't do something. Ethereal targeting reticles appeared around every nearby character that attacked the Brawlamari.

Kiki knew that what she was about to do was completely stupid, but if it would keep those lasers away from people (and if it worked), it was well worth the stray from common sense that she was about to take.

"I'm going in!" Kiki yelled, before revving her broom and streaking straight downward.

"WHAT THE HECK ARE YA THINKIN', KID?!" Toad hollered, incredulous.

The DodoRex continued to fall into the Brawlamari, until it slammed into the tentacles with its beak, as it yet again tried to bite the rising tentacles.

"I'm afraid i'm not even useful at this point. But hey, i'm just gonna shoot it!" Vault Boy said to himself. He began shooting the Brawlamari with a Machine Gun.

The Brawlamari clashed, blade-to-beak, with the Dodorex, using its tentacles to parry each bite and slam. The machine-gun fire bounced off of the Brawlamari's hide as its tentacles fired at the targeting reticles.

The DodoRex knew it couldn't fight it alone (or at least, go on against a single tentacle), so, without making a noise, from behind the DodoRex, came the legion of Zomdodos, with more undead avians than ever before, as they grabbed onto the attacking tentacle, hanging on by beak or talons.

"Uhh.. This guy seems really tough.."

Kiki streaked forward and all of the targeting reticles fixated on her. Good God, what am I thinking?! Kiki thought to herself, before pulling a sharp left. The lasers streaked to follow her, but Kiki did her best to avoid them. Once they homed in and missed, they dissipated harmlessly. Kiki broke a sweat as she maneuvered through the air, trying to exhaust the Brawlamari's firing session.

Percy tried to swim through the air, but he couldn't get anywhere. He did the next best thing and threw Riptide at the squid. If he missed, it would appear in his pocket again in a few minutes.

The two Pits were now trying to shoot arrows at the Brawlamari.  Isaac couldn't move easily through the air as he wasn't able to fly, but he moved towards the thing, trying to get closer... What was Captain Nemo trying to do?

"Everybody! STOP FIRING AT THE CREATURE! Can't you see it's doing nothing to it?!" Robin shouted, her commanding tactician's voice washing over the crowd of heroes. "Focus on dodging its every move!"

"I've noticed that! Apparently this guy is like a Mirelurk, its shell is really tough!" Vault Boy replied.

"Now how are we going to damage it just by dodging its attacks?"  Dark Pit complained.  He spun around in the air, looking at the Brawlamari.

Listening to Robin, the DodoRex pushed off the tentacle of the Brawlamari, as the Zomdodos returned to their overlord, biting his hide to hold on. by the time they were done, the DodoRex had an armor of Zomdodos, covering every part of his body. he beckoned his master to get behind him, to protect the master sphagettore.

Robin crossed both her swords and let out a rallying shout of "DODGE!" The rallying cry resonated through all of the characters, increasing their agility and therefore their ability to dodge the Brawlamari's moves.

"Oh boy! A boost in Agility! This is gonna get good.." Vault Boy said, as he dodged the tentacles the Brawlamari was using.

The Brawlamari had enough of this, and now crossed its tentacles once more. But this time, it formed an energy barrier before it and let out an unholy screech. Dawn thrust out Roserade's Poké Ball and recalled the Bouquet Pokémon, as she clung tightly to Honchkrow's down. Kiki hit the brakes and soared backwards, as Sans and Papyrus warped a further distance away from the Brawlamari. They, in fact, ended up on the back of the Dodorex.

"Get ready!" Robin said, bracing herself in a mid-air ready stance, her swords drawn and out.

"This thing's gonna come in like a freight train!" Big Band shouted.

"Well, better bring out my Fat Man!" Vault Boy said, as he eyed the Brawlamari.

Suddenly all three heros had a boost in agility! "Whoo! What a rush!" said Headdy. He turned toward the Marionette. "You heard her! We gotta dodge that bucket of chum's attacks if we wanna beat him!" he yelled to the Marionette. "Good idea! Hey kid! We gotta DODGE that thing's attacks! Got it?" yelled the Marionette. Vic nodded. He used his powers to make crescent shaped platforms under Headdy and the Marionette. The platforms floated towards Vic. "Give us your all you fresh out of water sea salty pile of skin!" Headdy yelled.

Donnel still couldn't move through the air.  He had been holding onto Isaac's leg this entire time and he accidentally let go.

Donnel started falling down towards the ground. (Wherever that was. There wasn't any ground.)

Tentaquil hastily moved out of the way, having no desire to did of squid impact.

Robin dashed down towards Donnel and with the crossguard of her steel sword nabbed him by the collar, before going spread-eagle and soaring back up. "Careful, Donny," Robin said with a wink.

"Gah, it's no use... How'm I s'posed to move like this?"  Donnel flailed around in the air.

"Spread out your arms when you want to slow down, and tuck them against your sides if you want to dive," Robin explained.

"Gosh, ya sure are helpful Robin!  I'll try that out," Donnel exclaimed.

He spread out his arms in the air to prevent himself from crashing down through the air.  Donnel was no longer falling as fast as he had been before.

"Oh Dear, at least it doesn't seem to be causing much of a mess" Said Codsworth, "But I must protect Miss Robin!" as he turned off his thrusters, going into a free fall towards the Brawlamari.

Toad pulled out a Cape Feather; it transformed into a yellow cape and Toad tied it around his neck. "For better maneuverability."

Just in time, too. The Brawlamari screeched again and charged straight towards the heroes.

"HIT THE FIGURATIVE DECK!" Toad hollered, grabbing the edges of his cape and soaring straight to the left as the Brawlamari's deadly barrier-charge whooshed towards him. Kiki and Dawn soared straight outwards to evade the Brawlamari (Robin's Rally made it easier), as Big Band activated his thrusters and strafed to the side. Robin thrust Donnel out of Brawlamari's way as she crossed her swords before her to block the blow as it mowed her down. She ended up spiraling a bit out of control when she blocked Brawlamari, but it wasn't too bad.

Donnel struck back, trying to hit the Brawlamari with his lance as it barrled towards Robin.  As she reeled back from the force of the hit, Lucas grabbed her to prevent her from spiraling into the squid again.

"Thanks," Robin said to Lucas. "It wasn't too bad of a blow, but I appreciate the effort."

Lucas smiled at Robin and he placed a shield around her.

"You can use this," he said, "It can help protect you from damage!"

Robin nodded.

Meanwhile, Captain Nemo's submarine was barreling forward, fast as a freight train, trying to ram into the back of the Brawlamari while it was still near Robin.  Nemo was moving it as fast as he could, the screw was furiously beating the air.  Dark Pit rolled out of the way as the submarine rushed towards the Brawlamari.


The DodoRex sees the incoming attack, and almost instantanously, the Zomdodos on the left side of his body began to flap their decrepid wings, pushing the beast out of harms way, along with his talented master (Oh, and his brother too, I guess).

Thanks to the boost given by Robin and Vic's help with the platforms, the team was able to successfully dodge every attack. (All one of 'em.) "C'mon you salty bucket of sludge! My grandma throws better attacks than you!" yelled Headdy. "I don't think making it more angry will help." said the Marionette. "Hey, worth a shot!" beamed Headdy. The Marionette face palmed.

"Whhoo! This is fun!" Vault Boy shouted, as he did flips, dodging the harm.

Considering Percy was immobile in the air, he got rammed by the squid and sent flying away. Kiki, however, saw this and turned straight around, flying after the Son of Poseidon. She grabbed him by the back of the collar of his Camp Half-Blood T-shirt and whipped him onto her broom. "Robin said something about spreading your arms out to glide...?" Kiki said.

As Brawlamari made its way back towards its starting position, Robin noticed the flashing red bulb on its forehead.

"Now, if I learned anything about video games, I'm going to have to guess that the big red thing is a weak spot," Toad mused.

"Why didn't you say so?" Vault Boy said, he aimed his Fat Man at the weak spot.

"Because it wasn't there in the first place," Toad replied.

"Yeah..Surely, hehehe.." Vault Boy giggled, he was ready to shoot a mini-nuke at the weak spot.


"You're tellin' me," Toad replied. "I'm surprised none of us caught leukemia from all those big nasty boom-booms. Thank heavens for plot armor."



"Get ready!" The Fat Man catapult make a loud clicking noise, the mini-nuke got closer to the edge.

"Oh not again" the fakemon squeeked shielding his eyes


"...Three! Hahaha!" The mini-nuke launched, it hit the weak spot and exploded.

"DON'T LOOK AT THE FLASH!" Toad shouted.


"Just kidding! That doesn't actually work!"

As the miniature nuclear explosion cleared, Big Band rocketed forth and extended a trumpet-fist. "You 'bout to get horn-crushed!" Big Band roared, before punching the Brawlamari in the weak point.

Robin whipped out her Arcthunder tome and hurled a ball of lightning straight at the Brawlamari, as Honchkrow cawed in triumph and tucked its wings in, streaking straight for the Brawlamari.

Honchkrow used Brave Bird!

"Come on, Tentaquil! Let's tear this Malamar to shreds!" Honchkrow crowed.

"I think they got it". Tentaquil thought opting not to strike.

Toad yelled an ululating battle cry as he divebombed the Brawlamari in the standard Cape Suit attack.

"Now that was a really unexpected fight.." Undyne said. She use her spear to hit the weak spot with the others.

"NYEH! PERHAPS A HEARTY SPANKING WILL TEACH THAT SQUID SOME MANNERS!" Papyrus agreed, before letting out a wave of bones (on skateboards, wearing sunglasses) at the Brawlamari.

The Marionette started to glow an unusual, almost ghostly glow. Headdy transformed into Bomb Headdy and four more crescent platforms appear. Four plushies of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy appear on the platforms. Vic points to all of them. All four turn into their nightmare forms. "Jumpscare! Unscrew! Toxic Bite! Peck!" yelled Vic. All of the animatronics attack the squid at once. Headdy throw a bomb at the squid, while the Marionette lunged at the Squid and scratched him, left to right.

Captain Nemo whirled his submarine into the front of the Brawlamari and he rushed straight into this weak point that everyone seemed to be attacking.  Isaac unleashed a Djinn that attacked the weak point, hitting with extreme force.  Lucas used PK Love, and Ness tried his PK Rockin on the squid.  Donnel grabbed onto the Nautilus, and as it made yet another charge into the weak point, Donnel plunged his lance right into the weak spot, and hung onto it with as much willpower as he could muster.

Vault Boy watched. He smiled a strange and creepy look. He laughed, he was seeming to have..Too much fun..

Sans pulled out two Gaster Blasters and fired at the Brawlamari, dealing punishing damage. "you sure you don't need that exorcism, vault boy?" Sans asked. "i'm feeling a bit out of shape, and it'd be a good... exorcise."


Suddenly..Vault Boy began to shoot more mini-nukes at the weakspot, multiple times. Seeming to ignore people in front of the weak spot. "This is so fun! I could do this all day!" Vault Boy then giggled. What, is he losing his mind with nukes or something?

Sans's powerful eye flashed and warped anybody close to the Brawlamari away from the blast zone.

"Vault Boy!" Robin barked. "You might hurt someone that's not a giant squid!"

Donnel was still holding on to the squid.  He jumped onto the head, and was now trying to slam his lance into the weak spot for more damage.  The Nautilus

"Hurt? HURT?! I don't think i'm hurting anyone! Except for the squid!" Vault Boy shouted. He kept shooting the mini nukes at the weak spot rapidly. Simply, Vault Boy began to not respond to anyone.

Luckily for Donnel, the fact that he had multiple shields and Robin's blessing on him kept him from being hurt.  He looked up at the Vault Boy.

"What're ya playin' at here?  Ya could've killed me!"  Donnel shouted.  

Milburn cuffed his hands to his mouth and shouted.
"My dear boy, I believe what the pot-headed chap is trying to say is, that in your process to kill this cephalopod, you have caused accidental and unneeded danger to our party!"

All the while, the Nautilus tried to burst through to the squid, ignoring anyone directly in front of it.  Nemo didn't want to hurt the innocent people, but if he had to kill this squid, he wasn't going to try and avoid them.

Pit was slammed out of the way by the submarine.

"Whoa...  What's he doing in there?!"  Pit shouted out, trying to avoid getting killed.  The Nautilus backed up and made another charge.  Pit happened to be straight in the line of sight.

"GET OUT OF THERE!"  Ness shouted.  Nemo had no control...  He couldn't stop himself.  He didn't want to hurt Pit, but he wanted to destroy this squid.

Sans's eye flashed again and Pit appeared at his side. "here's a tip, pal. don't stand in front of a moving vehicle."

"Uh... Thanks?"  Pit looked at Sans oddly.

The Brawlamari didn't take any of these attacks well at all. In fact, the final spear of the Nautilus blasted straight through the Brawlamari's forehead, dealing the finishing blow upon the massive Dream Eater. The Brawlamari's tentacles flailed in agony, going rigid, then starting to glow a brilliant white.


Big Band tipped his fedora over his eyes. Robin threw her hood on, Sans and Papyrus turned their heads 180 degrees backwards, Honchkrow turned around and buried Dawn in its downy feathers, and Kiki threw her hands over her eyes. Toad wrapped his cape around his head.

Percy, who had been on Kiki's broom, noticed his pen was back in his pocket. It had finally come back after the failed attempt to throw his sword at the squid. He pulled his pen out of his pocket and uncapped it. he was about to using the gliding trick, but then the flash came. He looked away and closed his eyes.

Isaac, Ness, and Lucas looked away from the defeated Brawlamari.  Donnel closed his eyes as he removed his lance, and Captain Nemo swerved away from the squid.

Vault Boy covered his eyes once more. Still smiling for some reason.

The Marionette covered Vic's eyes as he closed his own. Headdy looked away as well.

The Brawlamari, in a supernova burst, exploded in a blast of light that dissipated into glowing particles. A heavy wind blew past our heroes, slowing their descent slightly as the Nightmare's glowing fragments scattered in the dive.

"Boy! That flash reminded me of explosions! Sure is exciting, in fact. I might even use explosives EVERY single time!" Vault Boy giggled.

Tentaquil flew up and smacked Vault Boy on the back of the head, "NO".

Robin put her palms up. "Uhh... I don't think there's a need for that," she said nervously.

Tentaquil raised an eyebrow and tilted his head giving Robin a "There is every need in the world" look.

"I meant the bombs."

"Why not? Its fun! And its destructive!" Vault Boy replied to the others.

The Marionette, Headdy and Vic cheered and hugged each other as they saw the monster had finally been defeated. "Nice job kid!" beamed Headdy.  "Yeah! Those were some smooth moves back there! Weegee taught you well didn't he?" said the Marionette. Vic nodded. Then he remembered Weegee was nowhere to be seen. "Wait, what happened to Weewee?" said Vic softly. "Oh cr-crud! We forgot! He's still missing!" said the Marionette. Headdywas thinking for a moment. Then all of a sudden, a lightbulb appeared over his head. "Wait! I remember now!" he said. "Green Missle  he was going to the bar!" They both looked at Headdy. "Which means....he's still there! Right?" said the Marionette. Vic nodded. He closed his eyes, trying to find Weegee, alas, the reception in this dimension was low for him. It might take him a while to find him.

"How is destruction fun?"  Donnel asked.

"How is it not fun? Destroying things is fun, and having peoples heads blown off is super fun!" Vault Boy was smiling, he giggled and twitched his head very slightly.

Tentaquil very visibly inched away from the Boy, just a tad unsettled, by his demenor.

"Are ya goin' mad or somethin'?  How is chaotic destruction fun?"  Donnel was rather confused by this, because, who wouldn't be?

"How is cHaOtIc desTrUctIon noT fUn?" Vault Boy replied to Donnel.

The fakemon now situated behind Vault Boy, raised a hand and and shook it across his throat, emphasing that Donnel might not want to aggravate this guy.

Isaac looked at his friends Ness and Lucas.  They did not like this guy's behavior either.

All of the sudden, Captain Nemo emerged from the Nautilus.  He was standing on the top deck.  Nemo looked out at everyone.

"I do not believe any of us have met before... Besides you two."  Nemo pointed to Robin and Donnel.

"Uh... We have?  Yer ship kinda seems familiar ta me..."  Donnel admitted.

"NYEH HEH! HELLO, FRIEND OF ROBIN'S!" Papyrus said happily.

"We were not friends... Perhaps acquaintances.  I admire your work."  Nemo looked at Robin.

"THAT'S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!" Papyrus replied.

"Thank you," Robin replied.

"Hey lOok! a sHip! I'll taKe that dOwn for you alL!" Vault Boy aimed several mini-nukes at Nemo's ship.

Ness jumped in the way of the nukes.  He took out his bat and forcefully swung at the nukes, trying to reflect them towards the Vault Boy.  Lucas put up shields around everyone.

Nemo took out an axe.  He happened to have these from the last fight he had with a squid while with Aronnax and company.

Sans then pulled out a Gaster Blaster and blasted the nukes away. His eye flashed and Sans brought Vault Boy over to himself, grabbing the cartoon character by the collar.

Sans then slapped Vault Boy across the face. "no."

"tHats no fuN! Why? WhAt did i dO to yOu?"

Ness looked angrily at the Vault Boy.

Ness tried Paralysis!

Ness tried to paralyze the Vault Boy in place so that he could stop him from trying to kill any more people.

Sans thrust his hand out to Ness and stopped him in mid-air. "okay. you both clearly need to take a chill pill. you stop throwing bombs at random people, and he won't shut down your nervous system. capiche?" Sans asked of Vault Boy.

"̕͝Ẁ͏̡h͞y͠? ̨͘Wh͢y͝ ̛͠͠d̷̡o̧҉ ̛҉͜we͘ ̴n̶̷o̧t̸ ͞͏c͠a͏́͢u̢͞śe d̶̨̀e̸̛͜s̵͟t͝͝r̵̴ų҉̵ct̕i̸͜on͝?̀ Wh̡̀͠á̧́t͜͡ d҉̢i̸̛͜d̡̛́ ͟͡i̵͝ ̶͟d͞o̵?͟"̴̡

Toad stiffened up. "Uhhh... That's Zalgo text, right?" Toad asked. "I'm pretty sure that's Zalgo text."

Robin peered forward. "We appear to be reaching the end of the drop," she said. "Strange... We seem to be moving horizontally now..."

Big Band nodded. "Somebody keep an eye on Vault Boy, make sure he don't nuke everything as soon as we get to where we need to go," Big Band ordered.

The brilliant, warm light enveloped our heroes as they passed through the Dive...

...into the island of Mata Nui.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

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By EropsToad, Leonir, SissyGamer, SpongeBobRocks, and cardiackid


Robin rushed out of a brilliant white dream portal and onto the gleaming sand. The sun was high in the sky, and smoke billowed from a distant mountain range. Six large canisters, each about seven feet in height and four in width, lay buried in the sand.

As the Champions landed on the beach of Mata Nui, they heard the lapping of waves, the gentle rumble of a distant volcano, and... the roaring of engines?

Captain Nemo's submarine landed in the ocean.  He looked at everyone.

"For now, we shall part."

Nemo drifted off into the ocean.

Percy looked up and only had one thing to say.

"COME ON, SERIOUSLY!" Percy shouted as he noticed several giant spaceships in the sky.

"̸͘O̢o͏o̶ḩh̀͜!̀͞ ̨͟͞A ͢ne̸̢̨w̧ ̛͠ṕ͝la͏͏çe?̸̧͜ ̛R̷̢a̸t҉͟͝h̢̀e̷͟͠r̷̷͠ ҉p̴e͏̧͏a͞͏ce͢͞͡f̷͘ul͢,̧ ̶͘ ҉th́e͏͏͟ ͟͟s͏́o̧únd̨ ̶̷̡o̸҉f̶ ͏ȩ҉̢n̕͝gi͞n͏̴͘e̕͠͡s̴ ͟͡so̸̵o̴̧ţ͏h ̵҉mȩ͝.̡"̴̕ Vault Boy said, with voices echoing.

Several Star Destroyers were flying in the sky in a V formation. Right at the front of the Star Destoyer in lead was a projector which promptly activated. The giant face of a man named Grand Moff Tarkin had appeared in the sky.

"Attention citizens of this planet." Tarkin said, for they had also just arrived. "This planet is now under Imperial control."

"Oh, gods. Not this again," Robin muttered.

"JIMINY CRICKET!!!!" Toad roared. "Can we go FIVE MINUTES without some sort of conflict cropping up!?"

Meanwhile, Imperial shuttles flew out of the Star Destroyers and began to fly towards the ground. The roars of TIE Fighters could be heard even more clearly than the Star Destroyer engines.

"Now this seems like a relaxing place." Undyne said, sitting down. "Now, whats gonna happen with the Vault Boy? Seems like hes gone mad, i'd probably recommend giving him some sleep and rest."

"We are looking for the crinimals who have killed our great general by the name of Grievous." Tarkin continued.

"Grievous?" Undyne questioned.

"The Star Trek dude had friends?" Percy asked.

"i''m surprised as  you are," Sans replied.

"Aw cr-crud. Not these guys again..." sighed the Marionette.

"These crinimals are a part of a phenomenon we call a dimensional clash." Tarkin said. "This phenomenon is incredibly dangerous. If you aid us, you can help prevent it from destroying your world."

"Oh, please. The only one doing any 'destroying' around here is Male Efficient," Toad groaned.

"Looks like we seem to be part of it." Undyne said, she began to stand up.

"We will be hunting these crinimals and questioning those who live here. If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear." Tarkin finished, before shutting of the projection.

"Criminals?!" Robin seethed.

"What an insult. I am a law-abiding member of the force!" Big Band snapped.

"Us, criminals?  How?"  Isaac exclaimed.  He looked up towards the ship, quite upset by this accusation.

"The only ones doin' any criminal activities 'round these parts are those invaders," Big Band remarked.

"A little strange, but maybe it has to do with someone...killing Grievous, some of us. I don't know what happened anyway!" Undyne said.

"Hasn't Grievous died?" Said a demonic voice, Zalgo was along side the group. Vault Boy seems to have fainted. "He did, i don't think this empire is going to be very happy once they find out you are all the ones who killed him. But actually, perhaps it was Sans.."

Zalgo somewhat disappeared before Sans could bone him.

Vault Boy woke up. Dizzy and drousy. "Owww..What happened? Where am i?.." Vault Boy said, as his vision was blurry.

One of the Imperial Shuttles landed nearby. Out of the shuttle walked a large number of Stormtroopers. At the front of them stood a man clad in a dark mask and clothing. Sounds of his breathing was easily heard. Darth Vader.

"I see we have found the cause of unusual activity." Vader said, his breathing still clearly audible.

Papyrus looked around. Sans had disappeared. "SANS?" Papyrus asked.

Robin drew her Levin Sword. "These folks mean business. Bad business," Robin said.

"NONSENSE!" Papyrus replied, striding forth in front of Robin. "WATCH AS THE GREAT PAPYRUS HANDLES THIS WITH EASE!"

Papyrus strode up to Darth Vader and stuck out his hand for a handshake. "GREETINGS, LARGE, THREATENING HUMAN! I AM THE GREAT PAPYRUS!" Papyrus introduced himself.

"Papyrus, what are you doing?"  Isaac whispered.  "You shouldn't talk to him..."


"Hey! Someone gonna tell me where i am? I'm still blurry here.." Vault Boy shouted at the others.

"You were possessed by Zalgo," Toad said. "Welcome to the sunny beach. Prepare to run for your freakin' life."

Vault Boy's vision cleared up.
"..wait..WHAT?! Is there a giant monster coming to eat us all! Oh no!!!" Vault Boy began to run around, then bumping into Darth Vader.

Papyrus grabbed Vault Boy by the collar. "DEAR VAULT BOY!" Papyrus barked, "DON'T RUN INTO PEOPLE LIKE THAT! IT'S INCREDIBLY IMPOLITE." Papyrus turned to Darth Vader. "I'M SORRY ABOUT THAT! HE'S A LITTLE... ENERGETIC."

Vader regarded the group with his lightsaber in hand.

"..Sorry about that.. I didn't notice you! N-Now..P-Please don't kill me.." Vault Boy said in a very scared tone.


"Papyrus! This guy obviously looks like a bad guy! Just look at him!" Undyne yelled.


"I suppose..." Isaac sighed.  While this Papyrus seemed like a nice guy, Isaac didn't think he had very good judgement.

From somewhere nearby, a strange blue creature crawled behind the group.  He saw a Djinn sticking out of Isaac's pocket...

Stitch took the Djinn.  It attached to him.  Immediately, Stitch felt some sort of connection to the Djinn.  It looked at him.  They seemed to reach some strange sort of understanding between one another.

Vic grabbed the Marionette's leg as if it were protection. Headdy stood in front of them both and guarded Vic, while the Marionette's claws sharpened and his pupils growing big.

Robin and Big Band stared at each other.

"You are all under the arrest of the Neo-Empire." Vader said before turning to the Stormtroopers. "Campture them. I want them alive."


Big Band stepped forward. "And who the hell gave you the authority to arrest us? I'll have you know that I am an official member of the New Meridian police force. On what grounds do you have to arrest us? 'Cause impersonating an officer is a serious offense."

"This planet is under our control and you are all to be brought in for questioning." Vader replied.

"And who said that? You can't just waltz in and expect everybody to bow to ya!" Big Band argued.

Robin tried to cut him off.

"Uhh.." Vault Boy stuttered.
"..Are we gonna be okay?.."

"I-I didn't even do anything! I-I swear! I wasn't involved in any of this!" Vault Boy tried to reason with the neo-empire.

Undyne stood up. "Hey! If you're gonna take us to jail, you're gonna have to get past me!"

The Stormtroopers set their blasters to "stun" and raised their blasters.


"It's too late, Papyrus.  We have to fight."  Isaac replied to him.

"You sure?...They look pretty tough.." Vault Boy said to Isaac.

"Heh.  I've fought tougher enemies."  Isaac reassured them.  "We can handle this!  I've taken on the most powerful Adepts in Weyard before...  Now my friends and I are the best, and I'll defeat you too, to protect my friends here!"

"We are outgunned, outmanned, outnumbered, and outplanned," Robin said, making a casual reference to Hamilton and stepping backwards.

"Well, Great Papyrus," Vader said mockingly. "Why don't you start with telling us with what happened to a cyborg known as General Grievous."


"Please! I wasn't involved in the murder of Grievous! I don't wanna go to jail.." Vault Boy cried.

"VAULT BOY, IT'S OKAY... I'LL HANDLE THIS!" Papyrus said, shushing the poor cartoon character.

"..But what if you get hurt?..What if it doesn't work?" Vault Boy replied. "I'd rather just die then go to jail! I have suffered enough with pain back in my world!"

Grievous... Isaac thought to himself, was that the strange four armed creature that Sans and I fought back in that dream land?

I guess I'm responsible... Well... I won't go down without a fight!

"Grievous was a cyborg. The metalic parts of his body were a white color. He had four arms and several droid companions." Vader replied.

"OHHHH... NOPE, NEVER SEEN ANYONE LIKE THAT," Papyrus replied. (Papyrus had been focused on the Dodorex while Sans was fighting Grievous.)

"Well.. I have seen him before but i-i didn't kill him!..i...i swear!..." Vault Boy said.

"OOH! YOU DID? WAS HE NICE?" Papyrus asked.

"..No he wasn't..He was fighting Sans! They had this battle and stuff!"

"I remember... I was there too.  We fought against him."  Isaac recalled.


Vault Boy shrugged, he didn't care about the gibberish Papyrus was saying. He was too kind and innocent to believe in such hatred.


"Maybe i've been beaten up too much.. Hey, strange evil looking person.. Could you slice my head off? I'd just be recreated...overtime..unless someone draws me on a piece of paper.. I need myself refreshed!" Vault Boy requested.

"We can work this mystery out together aboard my ship." Vader replied.


The Marionette stretched towards Headdy. "Wherever Weegee is, he better hurry up. I can't afford to go to jail. Fazbear Inc's reputation is eating me up enough as it is." the Marionette whispered. "Relax. I'm sure they won't put usin the slammer." whispered Headdy.

"I'm afraid you don't have much choice in the matter." Vader said.

The Stormtroopers raised their blasters which were still set to "stun" and shot at the group. Large blue rays shot out that would knock out someone if they were hit by it.

Bronzong used Light Screen!

Dawn had opened up her Poké Ball to summon the psychic bell. She breathed heavily, her arm trembling, as Bronzong's Light Screen protected the group from the stun rays.

"You want a fight?  You'll get one."  Isaac growled at these new challengers.  He raised his sword.

Ness and Lucas looked at Isaac.  Isaac reached for his Granite Djinni to raise shields for his allies... But it was gone.  Isaac was searching his pockets furiously for it.

Then he spotted Granite.

A strange blue creature was running away, with Granite attached to his back.  The creature turned around and looked at Isaac.

Isaac quickly unleashed his Ground Djinni.  Stitch was trapped in place by the power of gravity.  Isaac rushed over to grab Granite, but Stitch twisted on the spot.

"Come on, please give it to me?  I'll free you if you give it to me.  I can give you this too."  Isaac pleaded.

He held out an herb.

Stitch took the herb.  He ate it.

"Well, so much for that," Isaac muttered under his breath.

Stitch let Isaac take the Djinni back.  He didn't want to keep it anymore as the Djinn was now scratching him with a small earthen foot.

"No, Isaac," Robin said. "We are completely outmatched, without the aid of the einherjar and that angel army. And I don't see any sign of them coming."

"You know what? I'll just do suicide. Someone, can you grab a piece of paper after this situation is done and draw me again?" Vault Boy grabbed a knife and stabbed himself in the heart. Obviously, he knows that he'll be redrawn on a piece of paper..right?..Vault Boy had died, and he falls over as blood squirts out.

Toad stared at Vault Boy's corpse. "Uhhhhh...." Toad said. "Oooo-kay....?"

Toad took a photograph of Vault Boy and stored it in his cell phone. "Huh. No reception," Toad muttered.

"Damn! These guys are nuts!" Big Band yelled.

"That's it, I'm gonna dip," Toad said, throwing his hands into the air and scampering away, heading past the canisters and fleeing.

"Toad has a point," Robin added.


Stitch, who was nearby, decided to investigate this scene.  He looked at Papyrus.  A living skeleton?  What was he seeing?  Sure, the experiments were weird, but this was a whole new kind of weird.

Vader used the Force and tried to grab onto Toad and bring him back. Mean while, the Stormtroopers continued to try to stun the Champions. They had already gotten Percy and had loaded him onto the shuttle.

Isaac quickly put up the Granite shield around him and his companions.  Ness and Lucas jumped up to the stormtroopers and began striking them with their bat and stick.

The Stormtroopers looked down at the little people and attempted to shoot their heads with stun rays.

Ness dodged the rays, jumping over them to try and hit the Stormtroopers.  Lucas was hit by a stun ray, but someone grabbed him and took him away...

It was Stitch.  Stitch had grabbed Lucas.  Stitch placed Lucas behind some rocks for him to hide until the stun wore off.


"Papyrus," Robin said, putting a hand on his shoulder, "that's quite enough."


"OH, MY! DO YOU REALLY WANT TO HUG TOAD THAT BADLY? NOT SO TIGHT!" Papyrus protested, thrusting his hands forward and flailing them wildly.

Vader force choked Toad for several seconds before throwing him into the shuttle. He then turned to the rest of the group. "Perhaps some of you need to be... maimed."


Toad landed face-first on the metal floor. "ACK! RUN WHILE YA CAN!" Toad shouted to his friends as two Stormtroopers returned to the shuttle and began to shoot stun rays towards Toad.

Toad was down and out for the count.

"I'm not gonna leave ya behind!  We may not know each other well, but we're still friends!"  Donnel exclaimed.  He ran up to Vader with his lance.

"Wait, Donny, no--"

Vader activated his lightsaber and turned around. He rose the blade and brought it down on the lance.

Isaac noticed the battle about to unfold.

"NO!"  Isaac shouted.

He rushed forward as fast as possible and unleashed his Flint Djinni, striking with a furious blow of venus energy, to hit Vader.

Donnel, meanwhile, had barely dodged the hit, and it cut his arm.  Donnel looked at his injury.  It hurt, but he didn't think he'd die, luckily.

As Toad said before, "Thank goodness for plot armor!"

"You know, any time the doorway to Valhalla could open would be nice," Robin muttered.

No response, no bright flash of light from the sky, no hunky einherjar swooping in to eat Stormtrooper b00ty.

"Gee, thanks."

Robin turned to the others. "We have to get off this beach!" she ordered.

"What about Toad and Percy?" Big Band asked.

"Toad said to run! If Toad doesn't have some sort of convoluted but somehow coherent plan, then I don't know who does?"

"...Maybe a certain tactician?"

"Are you kidding? My plans are not convoluted! Usually!"

Vader lunged towards Donnel, swiping towards his legs in attempt to severely damage them.  Donnel couldn't dodge, but Isaac stepped in and knocked Vader back with a fierce blast of Gaia psynergy.

Vader was launched backwards, but he quickly recovered. He reached out with the Force and slammed Donnel and Isaac together.

Big Band used his tongs to grab Robin, Papyrus, and Dawn, as Kiki boarded her broom and grabbed onto Big Band's trench coat. "WHERE'S SANS?" Papyrus asked.

"I don't know," Big Band replied. "All I know is that if we don't get outta here quickly, we're screwed to high heaven!"

Big Band opened up his trench coat and let out a blast of bugles that streaked forth and let out a loud blast of notes upon the Stormtroopers and Vader. "Sorry, folks, looks like we're gonna have to fine this gig," Big Band snapped. "Donnel. Isaac. Get out of there as quickly as you can!"

"I'll try!"  Isaac shouted.

Dawn recalled Bronzong and Big Band blasted off. "Big Band! Head towards that volcano!" Robin shouted.

"Are you bonkers?!" Big Band yelled.

"They wouldn't dare follow us there! It's too inhospitable!"

"What about US?!"

"We'll find a way," Robin replied. "Quickly, now!"

Big Band's thrusters flared. Robin thought, Toad... Percy... I trust you to come up with a plan...

"Bring the prisoners back to the Executor." Vader commanded the two Stormtroopers in the shuttle. "Send another one down once you reach the ship."

The shuttle's hatch closed and raised off the ground before extending its wings and flying off towards the biggest Star Destroyer of them all, a Super Star Destroyer known as Executor.

Upon the shuttle's arrival on the Star Destroyer, Stormtroopers quickly began to escort the prisoners off of the shuttle and into two seprate prison cells. Toad and Percy were right across from eachother.

Toad stirred. He knocked on his wall. "Hey, Seaweed Brain," Toad called.

"Yes?" Percy replied, sounding a little drowsy. His voice was muffled thourgh the two walls. "Also, where did you learn that name?"

"It seemed kinda fitting," Toad replied, "given that you were the one trying to talk to the squid. Hey, it's better than 'Water Boy.' That has all sorts of negative connotations in the sports world."

"But anyway... You got any idea how we're gonna dip? These folks aren't very hospitable. I mean, where's the shower? Where's the room service?" Toad continued.

"Have you tried knocking on your door and asking for something to eat?" Percy said. "I'm sure they'll be delighted to get us something."

Toad snorted. "I don't think stun-guns to the mouth count as nourishment."

"Have you ever had a stun-gun to a mouth?" Percy replied. "Who knows, it might be nice."

"Yeah. Probably the same way Brussels sprouts are nice."

"Hey, at least they're not trying to kill us." Percy replied. "Although I might take that over brussels sprouts."

Toad leaned against the wall. "Yeesh. Five minutes into this place and we're already sittin' in prison cells," Toad sighed. "Fortunately, Papyrus didn't get shot up into a million grinning little pieces. That would've broken my heart. And probably me, too. Since they would've gotten me as well."


"Interesting... It seems that the arrival of these dimensional anomalies has brought with them a massive army that could quash the Toa and plunge Mata Nui into shadow where it belongs," said the massive, shadowy figure of Makuta. "Perhaps... it would be time to parley. The darkness... seems to have grown quite strong."

Makuta picked up a kraata, a large, leech-like creature that slithered across his arm; these creatures served as the "brains" of the vessels Makuta calls Rahkshi. "Seven days. Seven days, and Mata Nui shall fall. And a new era of power shall rise. The unbridled power of the shadows."


"Interesting... They seem to have phased right through the dream world and into the reality of Mata Nui," Maleficent mused, hovering over the flooded Dreamy Wakeport, peering into a Corridor of Darkness. "I sense an immense darkness looming over this island. Not shrouding it, just yet, no... but a constant threat, a calculating ploy."

Maleficent smiled like a snake. "Well, I do know some that have a penchant for plunging worlds into darkness..."


"Good grief, if one more villain says 'Interesting,' I'm gonna bust a nut!" Toad yelled.

"What?" Percy shouted back.

"Nothing. Weird meta-story stuff. It's not a big deal."

"Does that mean you can tell me what they're going to do to us?"

"No, no... Didn't read that in the narration-- You know what? I'm not even supposed to talk about this. Sometimes, I can't help myself, ya know?"

"I guess." Percy replied.

Just then, the door to Toad's jail cell opened. In walked Tarkin and two Stormtroopers. With them was a droid with a large needle.

"Ah, it's about time. Didja bring my cheeseburger?" Toad asked, folding his arms. "I ordered no tomato."

"I'm afraid there is no food for you this time, little friend." Tarkin replied as the door closed.

"Oh, what a shame," Toad said, rolling his eyes. Toad jabbed a thumb at Grand Moff Tarkin and glanced at Percy, as if saying, Can you believe this guy?

Toad realized that Percy might not be able to read the narrations as well as himself.

"I have a few questions to ask you." Tarkin continued. "This droid here will make sure you only tell the truth."

"Whatever medical information you think you need, I can assure you that you don't. I already had all my shots," Toad said. "Let's see... uh... Tetanus booster, this season's flu shot... Did I get my meningitis shot, too? Yeah, got that. Ouch, that was a painful one. Hmm. Chicken pox... There's that... Do fungi get rabies? Nah, they don't."

"I can assure you that this is not a shot you have taken." Tarkin replied. The droid, a spherical objected that floated in the air, began to approach Toad.

"Okay, you got a cold alcohol pad or something? Usually the doc does that before putting the needle in. Don't want the puncture to get infected."

"Don't worry, we'll cut your arm off if it gets infected." Tarkin replied smoothly.

Toad stared at him. "What year are you from? You've got spaceships, and yet you're actin' like a doctor barber? Yeesh. This is why we can't let medicine prices skyrocket, folks. People will forget."

Tarkin did not reply as the droid attempted to inject the needle into Toad's arm.

"YOW! Hey, that hurt!" Toad shouted.

And it really, truly did hurt. Because, you know, it was a shot.

"What can you tell us about the phenomenon known as a Dimensional Clash?" Tarkin asked. He expected the truth, considering that's what the shot was for.

Toad shrugged casually. "One was caused by some idiot named Dustpan or something. But to be completely honest, I'm really just butchering his name on purpose because I have no respect for the guy. I mean, really? He was throwing a giant cosmic temper tantrum of sorts, and that was causing all sorts of trouble. Pullin' folks from their homes, trying to kill 'em just 'cause... What a loser. I swear, Dilbert needs to get a life. If I didn't know any better I'd think that he were just sitting at a computer all day or somethin'. Or, rather, I would if I didn't see him up and blah blah blah blah blah..."

Toad went on on a bunch of tangents, discussing several ironing techniques and a recipe for buttered scallops, then singing his ABC's backwards.

"Do you know anything else about the Clashes?" Tarkin asked.

"Uhhhhh..." Toad replied. "Well, if there's one thing that these things are bad at doing, it's finishing. They always leave the participants hanging in the interdimensional nether. Huh. Now that I think about it, I wonder what happens to folks like that. I mean, I was one, but I found myself back home, safe."

Toad then started talking about how he didn't immediately return to his job at Peach's castle and instead watched anime for about a week.

In the background the two Stormtroopers were furiously writing down notes.

"...and then there was this one guy that could beat up bad guys with one punch. ONE. Can you believe it? It was hilarious," Toad blathered.

"How does one create a clash?" Tarkin inquired.

Toad shrugged. "I've seen forums on the Internet where people wrote stuff about pretending to pull characters from other dimensions and, like, roleplaying as them and stuff, but I don't know jack about the real deal. Sometimes, people get their characters' personalities totally wrong. Like, for instance, that one guy from that anime I was talking about blah blah blah blah blah..."

One of the Stormtroopers got bored and drew a small picture of himself beating up Toad on the back of his paper. He showed it to the other trooper and they both chuckled. Tarkin turned to give them a stern look before turning back around.

"What do you know about the death of General Grievous?" Tarkin asked.

"Zip." Toad replied. (Toad wasn't there when it happened. And Sans didn't talk about it.)

"What do you know about those who wish to oppose us?" Tarkin asked of Toad before turning back to make sure the Stormtroopers weren't slacking off again.

"Well, first of all, Robin's breath smells a heck of a lot better than yours," Toad said.

"Who is this Robin, and what are their strengths and weaknesses?" Tarkin replied, starting to get a tiny bit irritatated.

"She's this lady who's smarter than most. Tactical genius. Probably formulating a plan to kick you guys' b00ties. Weaknesses... Well, I haven't seen anything glaring, but she's just human. She works around that quite well, I find. And she brushes her teeth more often than you do. Which is saying something, since she blah blah blah blah blah..."

"Are there any leads on her weaknesses?" Tarkin said questioningly.

"Leed's? No, no, mattresses are not her weakness," Toad replied.

"Does she seem to be the natural leader of those who might oppose us?" Tarkin replied, ignoring Toad's previous response.

"I dunno. Guess it all depends on who you decide to irk with your annoying random invasions and your whole 'HEY HEY HEY! WE'RE HERE TO TAKE YOUR PLANET!' schtick. Geeze louise. I swear." Toad rolled his eyes.

Tarkin realized the truth shot may be wearing off.

"That is all for now." Tarkin said. "We'll be back for your friend shortly."

"Make sure you dispose of that needle. That's how people get AIDS. Not that I have it, of course. I don't," Toad said.

Tarkin, the stormtroopers, and the droid left the room, with the door closing with a loud "thud" behind them. Toad slumped on the wall and let out a heavy sigh. "Phew. Yeesh. Haven't gone on that many conveniently-placed tangents in a long time," Toad wheezed. "Gotta catch my breath. Alright. Now we think about how to get the heck out of here. Is there a conveniently-placed garbage disposal that we could hop into? One with moving walls and a conveniently-placed metal pole?"

"Not inside our cells." Percy replied. "I have an idea though, but it may be a little gross."

"Dude. I'm a fungus. My distant cousins grow in people's feet. I define gross. Shoot."

"Well, a ship this big is sure to have a lot of people on it. And a lot of people means a lot of people going to the bathroom. They probably keep their liquid waste on the ship until they get a chance to dump it. If they have that many people going to the bathroom, they probably have a lot of plumbing pipes. Possibly some below us."

Toad rubbed his hands together. "Pipes? I love pipes. Keep going. I like the way this is going."

"I can control water, so I was thinking we could have the urine on this ship break through the pipes and into our cells. There is probably enough to ram the doors open."

"Oooh! Peebending?" Toad asked, rather crudely. "Man, they're gonna be pissed."

"Um. Yeah, pretty much." Percy replied.

"Alrighty then. Before Mothball Breath comes back. Let's blow this popsicle stand."

Cracks began to develop on their cell floors as urine tried to push its way out. Suddenly, pee bursted out and smashed into Percy's door, breaking it open. It promptly did the same to Toad's door. Percy walked out of his cell, more glad than ever he couldn't get wet.

Toad spilled out of the door, soaking in... well, pee.

Toad slipped on a pair of sunglasses, and pulled out two Fire Flowers, eyeing the Stormtroopers positioned to guard the cells.. "Urine big trouble, fellas," he said, cocking the Fire Flowers like pistols and hurling scores of fireballs at them.

The Stormtrooper caught on fire, but it was promptly put out when Percy slammed them to the ground with urine. Percy sent the pee down the nearby hallways as dangerous waves, knocking down the unfortunate Stormtroopers in the way.

"They do a piss-poor job of guarding these cells," Toad said. "Kidney-ven stop a couple of guys of busting out and wreaking havoc. Oh, but pardon my potty-mouth."

"I'm not sure which way is the way out." Percy said, just realizing the fact.

"Huh. Well, we'll go down the hallway, and whichever door the bad guys jump out and say 'HALT! GET BACK IN YOUR CELL' from, we knock 'em out and head up."

"I have a better idea." Percy said. He willed the pee to push against the nearest wall which it burst open. Percy stepped through the hole and did the same to the next wall. "We just make a new emergency exit." He promptly went back to wall destroying, going in a straight line, hoping they'd eventually reach the outside.

"I'll cover your rear," Toad said, holding up the Fire Flowers and pressing his back up to Percy. "I really, really need a bath. Ya think we can land in the ocean? I'm starting to smell like my interrogator's breath."

"Can you survive the fall?" Percy asked. "I know I can, son of sea god and all, but what about you?"

"Where I come from, there's no such thing as fall damage."

"Okay, madman jump to the ocean it is." Percy said as he blasted the last wall off. He looked down below, and they did seem to be above the ocean. "Who can do the most flips before they hit the ocean?"

"You're on. We had all the dive to practice," Toad replied, with a grin.

Percy jumped off the edge, doing multiple front flips as he fell down.

Meanwhile, Toad simply stood at the edge and casually fell backwards, doing multiple back flips. "One, two, three, four..." he counted.

When Percy hit the sea water, it created a huge splash that flew up a quarter of the distance he had fell. "OH GEEZ OH GEEZ OH GEEZ" Toad yelped as he saw the splash coming straight at him--


Toad gurgled as he fell down with the rest of the splash, his eyes bugging out. Mario characters could hold their breaths indefinitely, but Toad was more worried about the current.

Percy willed the ocean to quickly push Toad up to fresh air so the fungus could breath.

Toad gasped. "Guess this means you won the flip contest," he chuckled.

"Well, how many did you get?" Percy asked.

"I counted fifteen until I hit your splash," Toad replied.

"I got 21, but that was a pretty good try." Percy said. "How about we get back to shore?"

"Shore sounds like a good idea," Toad replied. "We can get there quick."

Toad pulled out an Ice Flower. "You know how to skate?" he asked.

"Can't say I've ever tried." Percy replied.

"It's all about momentum," Toad said, touching his palm to the Ice Flower. He instantly turned clear, like an ice statue, and a hexagon of ice appeared beneath his feet. "Climb on before it melts."

Percy launched himself out of the water and onto the ice. He slipped for a second, but he quickly steadied himself.

Toad grabbed onto Percy's hand (the sight of the diminutive Mario character holding the hand of the Son of Poseidon was somewhat comical). Toad peered into the distance. "Huh. I don't see a beach per se... But there's still land over in that direction. We must've traveled pretty far."

Toad looked up at the hazy blue forms of the Neo-Empire's starships. "Yeesh. If we weren't after their butts before, we sure as heck are now. They can't just bully people around like that. I don't care if their guns say otherwise."

"Yeah. Star Trek dude was at least a little better than them because he looked cool." Percy replied.

Toad sighed. "Let's just head towards shore."

"When we get there, we can figure out how to get back to the others." Percy said, agreeing with Toad.

And so, Toad and Percy headed towards the floating village of Ga-Koro...

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Sat Jan 09, 2016 7:06 pm

Turaga Nuju

The wizened Turaga stood at a cliff of ice. Turaga Nuju spoke only in the language of the avian Rahi, so at his side stood Matoro, a blue-masked Matoran who could translate everything Nuju said.

And what Nuju said sent a chill down Matoro's spine.

Nuju turned away from the cliff's edge and clicked and whistled to Matoro.

"Teridax...?" Matoro asked, stepping backwards in shock.

Nuju nodded, then clicked and whistled again.

"You mean... there are others who would come to Mata Nui? Are they friend, or are they... foe?"

Grand Moff Tarkin's message boomed over all of Mata Nui. Nuju looked up at the sky and at the forms of the Star Destroyers hanging in the air. His cold stare held an air of aversion. Click. Whistle. "Some friend, some foe."

Nuju turned towards Matoro. He clicked and whistled, his voice turning concerned.

"They... No, the Toa would not be so foolish. Would they?" Matoro asked.

Click. Click. Whistle. "I fear that this is a greater battle than the Toa have ever faced. I hope that they express some form of good judgment as Makuta's plan leers over us. Seven days. Seven days and Makuta shall rise, unless he can be stopped..."

Nuju was concerned. The corrupted Rahi Beasts had emerged once more--no doubt a sign of Makuta's wrath. What plagues could Teridax send that would tear Mata Nui's heroes apart so? Doubt is our greatest enemy, Nuju thought. Toa. Do not fall prey to its clutches...

Toa Lewa

Lewa thought the news of murderers appearing on the island of Mata Nui disconcerting. The Toa of Air pondered on this as he swung through the jungles of Le-Koro. "I've heard whispers of Makuta's brotherhood cropping up, but I never imagine-thought that he'd bring murderers through other dimensions," Lewa mused, jumping to far too many conclusions at once.

Lewa landed neatly on his feet on the dirt of the jungle. "Maybe I ought to warn the other Toa about this," Lewa thought. "I mean, no doubt they heard the message from the sky as well. But who claim-takes Mata Nui for themselves? I've never heard of this 'Neo-Empire.'"

Lewa wondered what these murderers looked like as behind his humorous bravado grew a seed of discomfort.


Big Band touched down on a volcanic rock. "Phew!" Big Band sighed, sitting down on a boulder and breathing heavily. "You guys all right?"

Kiki put up a hand and said, "Yes... But I'm worried about the others. We just... left them on the beach!"

Robin turned her head back towards the distant shore. "Gods damn it, you're right. We couldn't carry them all away from the beach."

"If we did," Big Band said, "I'd fall and you'd all die."

Robin scratched the back of her head. "So... this is the volcano," she remarked, looking up at Mata Nui's central volcano. The five of them stood in the shadow of the looming mountain. "Perhaps there may be civilization here. I saw structures buried in the sand on the beach; large, artificial capsules the size of large men."


Robin smiled. "Perhaps you will, Papyrus."

Dawn sent out Infernape. "Infernape, do you think you can check out the terrain for us?" she asked.

Infernape grunted and sauntered away, easily jumping from boulder to boulder. As Infernape explored, Dawn turned to the others. "Anybody else feeling particularly drained right now?" she asked.

"You're telling me," Big Band replied. "I'm the one who carried all of you here."

Kiki leaned against her broom. "Yes, and we're very thanful that you did that for us, Big Band."

"Don't mention it."

Kiki turned towards the sky and gazed at the hazy starships. "They're just like the ones back in the dream world," Kiki observed. "Why are they appearing wherever we do?"

"Probably because whoever owns them is a huge dick," Big Band replied. Robin elbowed him. "What? I'm just sayin' the truth."

Kiki looked back at Robin. "So, what do we do now?" she asked.

"Wait for Infernape to return," Robin replied. "Speaking of which, there it is right now."

Infernape stood at the crest of the volcanic hill and grunted for the others to come look.

The five of them climbed the hill to join Infernape, and the monkey Pokémon pointed at a clear area of ground at the foot of the hill, over the crest. Nearby a village built near a volcanic pit lay an armored form on the ground. The person looked as if they were exhausted.

"Wearing that much armor in this heat... They're going to die of heat exhaustion," Robin muttered, pulling off her robes and undoing the buckles on her belts. "Kiki, can you hold this?" Robin asked. Kiki nodded and took Robin's robes. Robin, clad in just her undershirt, tank top, pants, and shoes, ran towards the armored figure. Upon closer inspection, the figure appeared to be a knight from Robin's very own universe (which made her even more frantic in trying to help them). Robin, thankfully, knew how to undo knights' armor, and unclasped the large metal hood from the knight's back. A woman, Robin noted, as she undid the plates on the knight's shoulders and unclasped her chestplate. Robin noticed how toned and muscular the young woman was, likely from hefting the armor and wielding the lance she saw about two feet away.

Dawn slid down the rocky hill and sent out Bronzong. Bronzong's eyes glowed and the pieces of armor that Robin had pulled off of the knight began to levitate.

Robin shook the young woman. "Are you alright? Hey! Wake up," she said, vigorously rattling the knight.

The young woman's eyes fluttered open. "It's too hot here for armor like that. What are you thinking?" Robin asked.

"H-huh?" asked the knight on the ground.

Robin thought there was something familiar about the knight's eyes. "Oh, thank the gods, you're alive. Any longer and you would have died of heat exhaustion," Robin sighed.

"Where's my armor?" asked the knight.

Robin pointed to the pieces levitating due to Bronzong's psychic power. "I wouldn't advise putting that back on until you've had a drink of water," Robin said, patting the knight on the back.

"Don't patronize me," the knight muttered.

"Bad mood, huh? Heat exhaustion does that. Here, let me help you up," Robin said.

"I can do it myself, thanks--ahh," the knight replied, struggling to rise, and staggering once. Robin caught her, then helped her up.

"Don't exert yourself," Robin said.

"I'm not weak, I can handle myself," the knight insisted.

"I know you probably could under normal circumstances, but right now you're standing in the middle of a volcano and cooking in what little armor you have on. We need to get you to that village. What's your name?" Robin asked.

"K-Kjelle," the knight replied.

Robin stopped. "Kjelle..."

Robin looked Kjelle in the eyes. "Your mother wouldn't happen to be Sully, would she?"

Kjelle blinked. "Yes. Which means... Are you Robin?"

Robin nodded.

"I thought you'd be taller."

"Hold up, Robin, you know this broad?" Big Band asked, cresting the hill and walking down towards them.

Robin nodded. "She is the daughter of one of my friends. From... wow, this is going to sound completely insane. From the future."

Big Band nodded. "If I can meet you, Robin, then I'm also fairly certain that she comes from the future."

Robin turned back to Kjelle. "Let's get you into the village, Kjelle. You need to recover."

"Robin, do you want these back?" Kiki asked.

"It's too hot to wear them," Robin replied.

Big Band extended a tong to Kiki. "Give 'em here, kid," Big Band said. "I'll hold onto them 'til we get off this volcano."

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by SissyGamer on Sat Jan 09, 2016 7:47 pm


Zalgo appeared behind Robin, he touched her shoulder. "Where you think you are all going?" Zalgo said. "I think getting off the volcano the hard way is obviously..Not so easy, i have a better way. And that is teleportation. It shouldn't be too hard."

"This is quite a place, it seems beautiful. Perhaps i could be of assistance?" Zalgo asked the others, with a actually somewhat happy and innocent looking face instead of his demonic grin.

"Also, don't you remember little ol' Vault Boy? Yeah, hes dead. And hes not coming back unless you do something. But that is, if you actually want him back. I can sense into the future. If you bring him back, he won't be exactly..the same.. He'll be different."

"And what i mean by different is that hes not going to be that goofy little guy you know anymore. He'll look the same, but his personality will be more serious. He'll be stronger that way as well. He may not have magic and all that stuff, but he'll be stronger with weapons and he'll know more. He will be stronger and he will be smarter."

"If you don't bring him back, he simply won't come back. And he never will. Say, he might even become useful to all of you. He might even save a life for a living." Zalgo explained.

"Draw him, thats it. Draw him on a piece of paper. If you refuse the offering, even if you draw him again after refusing, it simply won't work."

"Now then, its your choice."


There was a large carrier in the sky. It was flying over the island. The protoss from above only examined where they were before they were warped down to the island.

A hidden Observer ship was flying as well and it was invisible. It was flying across and exploring. Scouts also came flying with the carrier.


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by Mr.H on Sat Jan 09, 2016 7:54 pm


"Now where are we?!" yelled Elder Maxon as his scribes yet again stabilized the zeppelin, and stared over the island. Maxon then noticed the huge fleet of space ships above them. Vertibirds were already heading towards the Volcano, mainly due to the sheer size, as the Prydwen slowly followed.


The DodoRex looks over the top of the volcano, and sees the incoming helicopters and blimp. It growls slightly, trying to get someone's attention.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by SBR23 on Sat Jan 09, 2016 8:05 pm

King Harkinian

As Harkinian entered the bar, the first thing he set his eye on was Weegee, passed out on the table. He approached the table and banged his hand on it in order to wake Weegee up. "Huh? Wha? What happened?" Weegee screamed as he awoke from the sound. As his blurred vision became more clear, he saw Harkinian's angry face staring him down. Weegee chuckled. "Looks like I overdid it again, huh?" he said. "God dammit Weegee." Harkinian said. "How dare you get drunk off your ass........without me!"

And within those next few hours, they were drinking heavily, cracking jokes and making complete idiots of themselves. When they got out, Harkinian was carrying Weegee. Weegee was not asleep, but he was extremely drunk. So much so that he couldn't even take a step without falling. All of a sudden, the sound of splashing and waves filled the ears of both drunkards. "Eh? What's going on?" asked Weegee in a slurred voice. "Wait, hold on a sec...." He smashed his head with his own fist, causing his eyes to glitch up before turning back to normal. He disappeared and reappeared beside Harkinian. "Okay, I'm better now." Weegee said.

Then, suddenly, a giant fortress, carried by a pod of Gooper Bloopers slowly but surely swam by the entire island. On top of the entrance pipe was the Follower of the Slaughter Me Street Gang, violently whipping the Gooper Bloopers. "FASTER YOU WORTHLESS GOOD FOR NOTHING SQUIDS!" he yelled. "WE'VE GOT TO GET THE FORTRESS OUT OF HERE BY LUNCHTIME!" Harkinian and Weegee stared at the scene before them.

"Crap! It's moving day!" said Weegee. "And what the hell does that mean?" asked Harkinian in a rude tone. "It means they found the others!" explained Weegee. "And from the looks of the supplies their taking, they're heading to the Antartic!" Weegee pointed at the huge pile of supplies the fortress was carrying behind it. "OAH! Then we gotta catch up with those bastards if we wanna save them!" declared Harkinian. Harkinian jumped into the water, transforming into the King of Red Lions. Weegee got in the boat and pointed at the fortress. "Follow that fortress!" he yelled. As soon as he said that, Harkinian speeded towards the fortress at cheetah speed, not actually getting onto it, just simply following it. It's a long way to the Antartic, so they might be following them for a while...

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Sat Jan 09, 2016 8:21 pm


Robin whirled around. "I'm not stupid," she snapped.

"Silky smooth voice, feigned innocence, tall, dark, loathsome..." Big Band mused. "He's bad news."

"I know that," Robin replied to Big Band. "Now, the only way you can help us is if you turn right around and head back the way you came. We don't need your help. So get out of here," Robin ordered, before turning back around and heading towards Va-Koro.

"Papyrus?" Robin called.

Papyrus was looking where the Dodorex was. "YOU DOING ALRIGHT, DODOREX?" Papyrus asked. "WHAT'S WRONG?"

Robin turned towards Papyrus. "Papyrus, come on, we're going."

"I'LL CATCH UP," Papyrus called back. He stood next to the Dodorex and put his hands on his hipbones. "WOWIE! THAT'S A LOT OF HELICOPTERS!" Papyrus remarked.

Robin, Kjelle, Kiki, Dawn, and Big Band walked into the village of Ta-Koro. Large stone towers made of igneous rock rose into the air. Small folk--the Matoran--milled about, going about their business, stopping at the sight of these strangers. Ta-Koro was known for its tinkers and heat.

Several Matoran ran up to greet Robin and company. "Can somebody take care of her?" Robin asked, gently pushing Kjelle forward. "She's nearly died of heat exhaustion. She needs to be cooled down."

"Then you came to the completely wrong place in the first place," said a Matoran.

"Save the sass," Big Band said to the Matoran. "Is there somewhere she can rest up?"

"Yes. First, however, we must take you to Turaga Vakama," said another Matoran.

"Turaga? Is that a term for the village elder?" Robin asked.

"In a way, yes. Vakama has been worried about this for a while, and he must see you."

"Robin, are you gonna draw Vault Boy back into existence?" Big Band asked.

"I don't quite remember his details," Robin replied.

Big Band nodded.

"Take us to Vakama, then," Robin said to the Matoran. "We'll readily cooperate."

The Matoran took the five of them to Vakama's chambers, where the short, red Turaga stood waiting.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by EropsToad on Sun Jan 10, 2016 3:55 am

Collaboration between Mr.H, SissyGamer, EropsToad, lowfn, Leonir, & WeLurkIntheShadows[


"Aww, why not? Trust me, if you actually want the little boy back, you need to draw him. Or else, he won't come back. This IS your last chance before the offering is canceled, and he ain't coming back." Zalgo said to Robin as she walked away.

Zalgo facepalmed. "You know, i've turned neutral now. I've given up, and its just useless trying to kill you all. I can't kill you all, i'll just get myself killed."

"Why should we listen to a madman?" Valentine said, pointing his revolver directly at the demons face.

"A revolver can't do anything to me. You don't know that i am not a physical creature, that is unless i possess a body. But i need to explain."

"Please, all of you slow down. I am here to warn you. Vault Boy is not coming back." Shadows began to form, it came into a shape of vault boy. "You see, if you don't do anything, hes not coming back. Hes innocent, and you're just gonna leave him dead? How heartless of you all." The shadow of Vault Boy had its face turning into a sad frown, then the shadow rips its self apart into specks of dust.

"Well, Mister Zalgo, if you have a piece of paper, I would be glad to help." Replied Codsworth.

"You can actually draw, Codsworth? I thought robots couldn't. Suprising, here, i'll give you one." A shadow formed of a piece of paper, that shortly turned into real paper that floated into Codsworth's robotic arms.

"Well, General Atomics always made the best." Chuckled Codsworth as he used his non weapon arm to begin to draw a vague outline of Vault Boy.

"Yes, it is working perfectly." Zalgo thought to himself. "This will allow me to feed on his original form. His new form is his own, his old form is my power.." Zalgo continued think and watched as Codsworth was drawing Vault Boy. "Trust me, he'll be more powerful then ever with just a few tweaks on his DNA." Zalgo said to the group.


Undyne somewhat appeared behind the group, staring at them as Codsworth was drawing something.


"Not sure, i found my way here. In a more..not needing to know.. The others are back at the beach i think. But what is happening here right now?" Undyne questioned Papyrus.


"Isn't that Zalgo?! I've heard of him! Stories on the internet!" Undyne shouted.


"Zalgo text..You mean..The Zalgo Text Generator? Papyrus! You can't trust a filthy demon! You don't understand what he can do to you!"


"Papyrus! Its a freaking demon! He can possess people and all sorts of things! He feeds on peoples.. SOULS!!!!"


"..Well, thats what i heard from the stories, anyway.. But i still don't trust him!"


"Uhh...I'm..I'm just..Uhh.." Undyne shivered, she was scared but was trying to hide her fear.


"I am trying harder! I'm just..Ugh! Fine.." Undyne walked up to Zalgo as he threw a spear at him. "Hey! You demon, you can't be trusted! You do this just to get more powerful!"

"That's what I've been saying!" Valentine commented.

"Please please, now gentlemen. Can you actually listen to me? I'm trying to help you all." Zalgo replied. "Codsworth, are you finished yet?"

"Almost, Mister Zalgo! The suit is harder to draw than I thought!" The Mr. Handy replie.

"Ugh, Papyrus! Its no use..The others will keep believing his lies! Hes a travesty!" Undyne shouted.

From behind a conveniently shaped boulder came a cough, and then a silent muttering of multiple curse words, likely directed at said cough.

Hearing something from a boulder, The DodoRex looks over, and picks up Dave with his beak by the back of his hoodie.

Dave than began yelling out multiple pleads for his life as he swung his arms and legs about in the air. Though he seemed to avoid accidnetally hitting the DodoRex in fear of angering it.

"Hey hey hey!" Undyne yelled out to Dave. "Its alright! Its just the DodoRex, hes curious.." Undyne explained.

"CURIOUS WHAT I TASTE LIKE!" Dave hollered out in reply.

The DodoRex smirked slightly at the thought of eating Dave.

"Come on, he won't hurt you! Hes just sniffing you so he can recognize your smell. Don't worry!"


"Aand Done!" Codsworth said as he put down a complete portrait of Vault Boy Onto the ground.

Dave stopped his flailing and attempted to seem as if he were not afraid. Maybe the.. Thing can smell fear. But wait, if he only looked unafraid wouldn't he still smell like fear? Did he wear deodorant today!?

"Finally!" Zalgo grabbed the paper. The drawing of Vault Boy was glowing, it was changing slightly as two straps shaped in on his chest, his height slightly taller, being almost as tall as Papyrus, and shoulder pads formed as if he looked like a Raider. He was ready to form and come to life.

"Now, it will take time for him to come to life. The process is not very fast, so be sure to watch the paper so no one steals it. Now then, i need to leave. I will see you all very soon.." Zalgo disappeared, he left the paper on the ground, and teleported to Tentaquil.

The DodoRex begrudgingly dropped Dave, who was now surrounded by Zomdodos, all staring directly at him.

Dave looked around at the abominations of nature, doing his best to put on a smile.

"Guess its too late for it now.." Undyne said, worrying about Vault Boy's new appearance.


The robot was still holding the old man, knowing how frail elderly can be. It would not let this ancient deity suffer any injuries from walking. It was actually quite funny how TR-18 held the old man. Like a mother holding an infant. But without the breastfeeding.

"Robots holding old men? How nice." Said Zer0, perched on a nearby rock. He had been sitting there throughout the entire situation.

"Thank you my good man...Er Bot" Pennybags said tapping the Metal creature on its arm.
RinTin yipped in Pennybag's grasp sniffing at the large robot.

TR-18 would have pet the metallic dog, but was instead looking towards Zer0, not recognizing him as human. It shifted Milburn and RinTin in its grasp, able to support their weight in its large left arm as it equipped its electric spear in its right hand. It did not click the spear on though, moreso doing this as a gesture of caution than aggression.

"Fighting won't get us anywhere, big hunk of metal." The Assassin replies, jumping down from his vantage point.

TR-18 did not change its stance,simply watching Zer0 suspiciously. It knew all too well the dangers that pollute this strange series of events. And it was not going to let its guard down so easily.

"Now now, gentlemen there's no need for this violence" Pennybags tapped Tr's arm with his cane, who quickly relaxed its stance some, lowering its spear into more of a walking stick position.

"I mean we're all in the same boat, figuritivly speaking of course!." "Whats say we sort this out like men, or rather Manmade Machines" The old man guffawed at his joke.

TR-18 would never disobey the will of the Gods. If the old man wished for zero violence, then so be it. The machine nodded at Milburn and looked to Zer0, much less hostile in nature.

"Good robot. Now we can figure out how to get outta here" Zer0 replied to the enormous machine and the elderly man in its grasp.

"Now why would you want to to that!, look at all this beautiful scenery!" Milburn exclaimed gesturing at the volcanic scenery around them.

TR-18 couldn't agree on that. It would much rather be in a lush tropical forest or something of the sort, but alas, fate was not so generous.


As the water levels finally got to a less annoying level, Jericho no longer needed his undead fish floaty, and begrudgingly walked back to where he knew Arthas was, ready to give him the bad news.In any other circumstance, Jericho would've just said, "Screw it," and ran off to do his own thing, but he'd rahter not give up the whole army thing he's got going on.

When he finally arrived to the beach, he sort of just stood there for a moment, trying to think of how to say he failed in every aspect of the word "fail."

"It seems that you need a lesson in tactics." Arthas said calmly, a little too calmly. "Your attack was a disaster from the very start. Saying 'F*** it up' is not how you command an army."

"I know. I didn't expect the people here to just.. Be ghosts.. Or whatever the hell they are," Jericho said bitterly. "Plus, the midget skeleton was in the city too, you can't do shit with him there. You saw him earlier."

"With an unbeatable enemy, all you need to do is to lead multiple attacks at different locations. The skeleton can't be everywhere at once." Arthas replied. "In the future, if we go to populated locations, Kill as many of the living as possible. You can convert the fallen into troops to be used to kill their neighbor's."

Jericho would have normally taken the advice and said "Fuck off" but again, now was not the time for his usual shenanigans. "Thanks for the advice, big guy. And trust me, next time we do a shibangle, there'll be a lot less screwing up."

"Very well." Arthas said. "Next time, make sure you prove yourself useful to me and my cause."

"Of course! Of course! Man, you'll be drowning in dead guys by the time I'm done!" Jericho said, waving his hand. Hopefully he won't have to deal with ghost people and midgets next time.

"Until our next strike, we need more information about the situation we're in." Arthas replied. "Perhaps we could capture someone who is more familiar with this and force them to give us the needed information."

"There is no need for that," said Maleficent, stepping through a Corridor of Darkness and appearing before Jericho and Arthas.

Jericho interrupted Maleficent with a massive amount of laughter as he pointed to the top of her head. Obviously finding her hat hilarious.

Arthas turned to give Jericho a very cold look.

"Yes, very funny. Let's all laugh at the horned headdress. Unless you want me to get you out of the Dream World and help you have your revenge upon this... Sans," Maleficent replied.

Jericho was struggling to stop his laughter as he held up his hands. After a scond or two he started breathing heavily as he said, "Okay... Okay.. I'm good... I'm good." He looked over to Arthas before clearing his throat and doing his best to keep his cool. "Continue," Jericho said.

Maleficent smiled. "That's more like it. Now... Those wretched Champions that stand your way have moved on from this sickening realm, to a universe where the power of shadow is great. I have means of getting to this very realm, in fact."

Maleficent opened a Corridor of Darkness. The swirling black portal of shadow opened itself wide enough to admit all three of them. "Our potential ally resides behind this Corridor of Darkness. I sense a great darkness within your Hearts, a craving for power and control. A sort of ruthlessness. I like that."

Arthas regarded Maleficent before stepping through the Corridor of Darkness. His army began to follow him through along with Jericho.


"And what's this?" Makuta asked, as Arthas stepped through the portal. "Interesting... So what purpose have you to approach Makuta Teridax?"

Maleficent followed Arthas through the Corridor of Darkness. "Makuta... I am Maleficent, mistress of all evil, a fairy of the shadows. I understand that your ultimate goal is to plunge this world into darkness?"

"How do you know? No... Never mind that. Have you come to pledge yourselves to the fall of Mata Nui?"

"Straight to the point, Makuta?" Maleficent asked. "You waste no time."

"Seven days. In seven days, Mata Nui shall see its light extinguished. The Toa, the Matoran, the Turaga... All shall die with their light, and a new era of shadow will begin," Makuta boomed.

"Sounds fun," Jericho simply said, looking up at Makuta.

"In that time, Mata Nui will slowly fall to despair. I will unleash plagues upon those measly Matoran. Rahi beasts. Rahkshi. They will bow, they will bend, they will break. And when the week ends... Mata Nui dies."

"So... What's the... Point?" Jericho asked, not sure what he gets out of this if everyone is dead. Does he get the land? Is this a landgrab? What's the point of having the land? Everyone is dead so it's not like he could impress someone with a big hotel or something.

"Power. Once Mata Nui's light is quenched, the power of shadow can only grow. Can only expand. Perhaps... you may like to share in this glory?"

"Sure thing, butterbean," Jericho said. He was rather new to this whole... Magic nonsense. Of course there was a shadow power.

"Very well." Arthas agreed. What he didn't mention was that he planned to resurrect those who died as a part of his army and his possible betrayal of his new allies.

"But what have you to contribute to the conquest of Mata Nui?" asked Makuta.

Maleficent smiled. "Armies of darkness, beyond the scope that you can see," Maleficent replied. "A taste, Makuta, of the numbers that I hold command over..." Through a Corridor of Darkness, Maleficent revealed swaths of Heartless, Nobodies, and Dream Eaters of different shapes and sizes.

"My contribution is an army of the undead." Arthas replied. "This army here as well as another. Could another portal be opened to the land of Northrend on the planet Azeroth where the Scourge resides?"

Maleficent, with a wave of her hand, pinpointed the location that Arthas described, opening a Corridor of Darkness before the armies of the undead that shambled across his homeworld.

The army was filled with the undead of many races, mainly containing undead humans and high elves. They all were equipped with weapons and large amounts of siege weapons could be seen behind the army. Other Death Knights holding similar blades to Jericho's could also be seen.

Jericho suddenly felt a lot smaller and less important in the grand scheme of things upon seeing the other Death Knights through the portal. They probably never failed to a midget skeleton, as well.

If Makuta could smile behind his mask, he would be. Everything was going as according to plan.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by SBR23 on Sun Jan 10, 2016 7:13 am

Ice Climbers

It was an average day at the Arctic Village. The villagers were busy harvesting their magical vegetables for the winter ahead. Meanwhile, on a mountain near the village, Nana and Popo were busy collecting the last of the magic veggies in a nearby cave. A few polar bears were helping them as well. All was quiet on the mountain side...

Then, it happened. The ground shook, causing some ice below the village to crack. Nana and Popo looked at each other with worried expressions. Had something caused an avalanche? Was it their day of reckoning? No, it was neither of those things. It was, in fact, a giant fortress, being carried by small fragile white squids. A gray-ish blue monster was on top of the structure, yelling and lashing out. Popo descended down the mountain to figure out what was going on. Nana helped the polar bears collect the last of the veggies to the village before following her brother. Something sinister was about to take place. Something very sinister indeed.


After hours of sailing, after hours of hunger, hours of waiting, they had finally made it to Antartica. As Weegee and Harkinian arrive on shore, they notice a few things. To the West, there was a giant inter-dimensional portal, leading to the island of Mata Nui. To the North, was a village and to the East, nothing but a barren ice wasteland. "We need to go to the village first, to see if any civilians need our help warding of the SMSG!" said Weegee. "Screw that shit! I'm going to the portal!" yelled Harkinian. Harkinian darted off towards the portal. Weegee shook his head slowly in disappointment. He then ran towards the village, where the villagers were being attacked.

Nana, along with some of the polar bears, were helping ward off Greeter and Follower, who had came into town to terrorize the village. Weegee took action and joined in. Nana used hand gestures to communicate with the two mindless puppets, however, they did not understand her. "What's she saying?" asked Greeter. "Duh, I dunno! I don't speak hand language!" exclaimed Waiter. "It's sign language you dolts." remarked Weegee. "Now, I don't know why you want to terrorize these innocent people, but nevertheless, you need to leave. NOW." Greeter and Waiter pointed their ray guns at Weegee. They shot at him, but Weegee quickly reflected the laser blasts with his force field. The polar bears punched both puppets in the jaw, knocking them out. Nana used her ice-jitsu to freeze Greeter and Waiter. The only things that remained unfrozen were their heads. Nana started communicating with Weegee via sign language.

"Thank you for saving my village."
"It was nothing. What is your name?"
"My name is Nana. I am usually accompanied by my brother, Popo, but he has gone off."
"Perhaps we should go find him."
"He's gone off to the West side of the Antartic."
"Let's go."

Nana and Weegee headed off to the West path to find Popo and, hopefully, Harkinian.

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by Leonir on Sun Jan 10, 2016 9:50 am

Collab between EropsToad and Leonir


Ice skating with a mushroom after breaking out of a spaceship using pee was not how I planned to spend my day, but it happened anyways. The fates must be laughing pretty hard right now.

"Man, this is good ice, for ice made out of seawater," The mushroom remarked, stopping to pat the icy ground with his foot. "Usually it gets all gritty and weak if I do this on the ocean."

"Maybe the urine has something to do with it." I suggested, pointing at the spaceship which still had pee leaking out of it.

"We're not discussing the subject any further," The fungus dude decided.

"I'd prefer not to think about it either." I agreed.

"Hey, I don't think you were there at Pi'illo Castle," said the mushroom. "My name's Toad. Probably should've cleared that up earlier to make the narration a bit easier-- umm, that is, yeah, my name's Toad."

"The name's Percy." I replied. I didn't question why a mushroom was named Toad. He seemed familiar, but I didn't know where I had seen him before. "Nice to meet you."


We continued to skate in silence as we headed towards the floating village.

"I sure hope the others are okay. For all I know they could be stuck in a volcanic pit, getting heatstroke or something," Toad said.

"I'm sure they'll be fine." I replied. "They seemed to put up a pretty good fight before I was knocked out. Besides, knowing my luck, there's probably some minor god in the volcano who wants their help or something. They also probably want me dead because I killed their monster nephew"

"What? Whose nephew?" Toad asked.

"The nephew of the minor god who may or may not exist and may or may not live in the volcano." I answered.

"Ah. Well, looks like we're getting close to the town," Toad said, peering at the floating village.

"I'll get us up there." I replied. I began to gather water below us before blasting up the piece of ice we were on like a geyser towards the floating village.

"Yow! Now that's what I call air time!" Toad exclaimed, as we sailed through the air and towards the docks. "Now how do we brake?"

"Simple." I said. A hand made out of water reached up and grabbedthe piece of ice below us. What I had forgotten about was physics class. I have stopped the piece of ice... but not us.

"GOSH DANG IT INERTIAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" Toad hollered as we were sent flying face first into the docks.

Toad skidded literally a quarter of the way across the docks while I was able to summon some water to land on.

"Great Mata Nui! Are you all right?" A large robot said as they and other robots of similar style ran up to Toad and I.

"I think I left my face on the impact point," Toad mumbled.

"I'm fine." I replied. The robodudes made me a little nervous. They reminded me too much of Star Trek guy.

"Thank goodness," said the robodude. "You've taken quite a hard landing, but you're here now in Ga-Koro."

"Nice place ya got," Toad said, sitting up. As it turns out, his face was not, in fact, smeared on the dock, but rather still firmly on his face. He wasn't clear anymore, either. "I take it you guys like the surf?"

"Water is our lifestyle; the Ga-Matoran, the Matoran of water, build their lives around harmony with the sea." The robodude replied.

"Hear that, Percy? These folks like water!" Toad said, amicably elbowing

"Water's pretty neat." I agreeed, nodding my head.

"Are you the vagabonds from another dimension?" An elderly robodude(?) hobbled up with a trident in hand, eyeing us with glowing yellow eyes behind a round, sky-blue mask. It had a distinctly feminine voice. "Turaga Nuju has told the other Turaga about you. I'm afraid you have arrived in a time of great crisis."

"No." I lied. I wasn't sure if the robodudes were going to try to kill us or not if we were, so I decided to stick with the safe route until we knew for sure. "We come from a land to the east."

"I see..." the elderly robodude replied. "If that is the case, then I am inclined to believe that you rose from the sea, for there are no lands to the east of here. But worry not, travelers. Ga-Koro welcomes you with open arms, even though the voices above tell us otherwise... I am Nokama, Turaga of Ga-Koro. You will find that the Ga-Matoran are a wiser, more level-headed sort. Be thankful that you landed in Ga-Wahi, travelers, for I know not how you would fare in the other villages, other communities of Matoran that may be so easily swayed by fear."

"Thank you." I replied, not sure how to respond.

"Oh, thank goodness, somebody who's not listening to the idiots up there," Toad sighed, relieved. "Not only are they totally, irredemably villainous, but they also have really bad breath."

"Quite quick to be thankful, I might say," Nokama replied, her eyes glowing a bit brighter from behind her mask (perhaps out of amusement?).

"I'm always polite to people who don't want to kill me and aren't flat out rude." I responded. "It's a nice change."

Nokama nodded. "However, I must convey to you Nuju's fears and convictions. Not of you, of course; Nuju, in fact, told the Turaga to extend a hand to the wayward dimensional travelers. I fear that the Brotherhood of Makuta plans to end Mata Nui as we know it by the end of the week."

"Wait, did you say 'hakuna matata?' Then what's with the worry?" Toad asked.

"No. Ma-ku-ta. And we have every reason to worry about him." The old robodude explained. "Makuta desires no less than to plunge Mata Nui... no, the universe of the Matoran... into eternal shadow. He craves power."

"Okay. Power-hungry megalomaniac? What's new?" Toad asked.

"This whole situation." I suggested helpfully.

"In addition, I've sensed some sort of disturbance in the balance of the universe. A massive shift towards darkness that I fear can hasten Makuta's ambitions to fruition."

"Would it happen to be the freakin' army of starships hanging over our heads right now?" Toad asked.

"No. Though that is definitely a problem. Hearts rent... the dead rising..." Nokama looked towards the horizon. "Mata Nui will face its greatest trials in the time that Makuta's plan flowers into its horrible final form."

"Makuta wouldn't happen to have a friend named Hades, would he?" Percy inquired.

"I do not believe so," Nokama replied. "Though what may drive Makuta to stray from his usual preferences and form alliances, I do not know. As far as I can tell, Makuta thinks that he has no equals..."

"He doesn't think the spaceships above him are a problem?" I asked.

"Makuta is prideful," Nokama replied. "He is arrogant and narcissistic, but not without cunning. For Makuta heard the very exclamations of this 'Neo-Empire', and deduced that the Toa... Well... I fear the worst for the Toa."

"The Toa?"

"Guardians of the six regions of Mata Nui. They are powerful, yet they have the flaws of personality. They may falter; they have much yet to learn, and not enough time to do so. Their combat prowess is unmatched, mind you. I worry that desperation and adamant duty may cloud their judgment."

"Hey, Nokama," Toad asked, "is there anything we can do about this 'Kakuna'--"


"Whatever. Anything we can do about this guy?"

"I do not know what the coming of Makuta bodes, but I can tell you this: Turaga Nuju is a seer. Nuju knows the future. He may not be able to help you change the course of fate directly, but he will do everything in his power to give you the information that you need to prepare for its coming," Nokama explained.

"Where can we find him?" I asked.

"Turaga Nuju resides in the village of Ko-Koro. Cross the icy mountain range to the west of Ga-Wahi (where we are). There, you will find the residence of the Ko-Matoran. The journey may take a while, so Ga-Koro will provide you with supplies to make the trip. Nuju... You cannot miss him. His armor is similar to mine, though he wears a different Noble Mask; the Kanohi Matatu, the Mask of Telekinesis."

"And... that looks like..." Toad asked.

"It is a square mask."

"So we travel a long way, talk to this Nuju person, and then I help save the world for the third time." I responded.

"Seems pretty normal to me," Toad remarked.

"When you get right down to it, that is probably the case," Nokama replied.

"Let me try something real quick." I said. Yo, Blackjack. You wouldn't happen to be around too, would you? I looked at the sky, waiting to see if the pegasus would come.

Toad leaned over to me. "Hey, if this doesn't work, don't worry. I got a backup plan in my back pocket."

I shrugged. "Let's see it then." No pegasi seemed to have come.

Toad rummaged through his back pocket. "No," he muttered, pulling out a monkey wrench. "No." A hacksaw. "Ooh, I've been looking for this," he remarked, holding up a kitchen sink and putting it back. "Almost, I think I... GOT IT!"

Toad raised something relatively large into the air and slammed it onto the ground. It rumbled to life... its engine vibrating, its lights blinking, its exhaust pipes rattling a bit ("must've jostled it around during the dive," Toad thought). It was an honest-to-goodness Mario Kart, with air-and-sea action, and antigravity capabilities. Toad clambered into the go-kart's seat and turned to me. "I think I can squeeze you in here. It's a bit tight, but it's fast," Toad offered.

Just then, a large black horse with wings landed on the hood of the Mario Kart. It turned to look at me. Nice ride, boss. You aren't going to replace me with that, are you? The pegasus asked.

Toad looked nervously up at Blackjack. "On second thought, Percy," he said to me, "I think horsepower is a fine idea. Keeps the 'kart from getting cramped."

Blackjack stepped off the 'kart and I mounted him. Where to, boss?

Nokama clapped her hands, and two Ga-robodudes carrying two bags of traveling equipment approached us, and handed one to each of us.

"Head to the western mountain range," Nokama reminded us.

"Thanks." I said as I grabbed the bag. To that mountain range to the west. I told Blackjack.

Toad threw his bag under the seat compartment of the Mario Kart, and pressed his foot to the gas pedal.

"Safe travel, wanderers," Nokama said to us. Toad turned back to Nokama and winked... before driving straight off the pier and into the gulf.

"I'M OKAAYYY!!" Toad gurgled from underwater. And he was, too; a propeller had sprouted from the rear of the Mario Kart, effortlessly churning through the water as Toad drove westward.

Blackjack, not wanting to be proven slower than the 'kart, raced after Toad.


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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

Post by WeLurkInTheShadows on Mon Jan 11, 2016 4:45 am

((never mind))

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Re: Dimensional Clash: ☆Somniverse Rising☆

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