Slime, Sharples, And The Whole Story (for safekeeping)

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Slime, Sharples, And The Whole Story (for safekeeping)

Post by CaptnSunny on Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:21 pm

Sharples65 wrote:Hello all. I have been unbanned. And as I post this, I am again taking the risk of being banned. If I suddenly stop posting, I have been banned. I am only saying this for the benefit of the Sporum.

You are all in a war over Selina. To be honest, it's not worth it. But what is worth it is SporeMasterSlime. Be in a war over him, not Selina. Here is why: he banned Spode-an for seven days just for asking for me to be unbanned. He then banned AlloRaptor for the same thing. Following him came SissyGamer, who was banned not for asking for me to be unbanned, but just stating their opinion on the subject, which differed from Slime's own. Following them came the now present 7 day ban of Sharples. Do any of you see a pattern? If you need any more help understanding, go and check all of their recent post histories. Do you see any rule breaking? No. You don't.

Slime has been banning people who do not agree with him or he doesn't like for years now. However none of you have had the chance to hear the whole story because you didn't care or you didn't believe it when you did. But let me tell you where it all started.

Dragonvoid wrote:Dragonvoid wrote:
It's really hard to remember all the events that happened years ago between the ECF and the moderators. As to why it's probably a combination of many things. Ashkelon had a grudge against CopperLou, who became a moderator. We may have gotten caught up in that. We may have also gotten caught up with MinionJoe's conflict with moderation as well, and in my opinion, he was unjustly perma'd because he spoke out against EA too many times.

I've seen people do far worse things than him and not receive a ban. As for myself, I really became annoyed when Blackbird decided he was going to make up his own rules and ban people for them--particularly the rules about posting in spam threads. And then I've watched him break his own rules. I think Vilage may have been annoyed with this as well, because he was the one always involved in debates with me, but I'm not exactly sure how he felt.

As for Slime, I don't know why he hates us so much, but I've witnessed him actually insulting ECF members, which is not appropriate behavior for a moderator. Specifically, he called James a "little dog."

At some point, we started to get bans for the stupidest things. I was perma'd for one post in the beginning of a thread that was derailed, and Blackbird decided to ban everyone in it, despite the actual behavior of the individual. And that ban had reached some arbitrary number that BB decided meant I was put on the perma list.

When it really comes down to it, I think many of the ECF were banned because we pointed out the inconsistent and illogical things BB and Slime had started doing in the absence of the adminis. Some people in positions of power don't want to be told they are wrong, so they removed us. We never really spammed or trolled like Sharpy or Stupidoo. We just pointed out things we felt were unjust.

As for me, I would love to have my main (Dragonvoid) account back, but I know that will probably never happen. I don't really care what happens to the alt. My main had almost 10000 posts, but I never quite got there.

Here is my story with Slime. I left the Sporum in late 2012 because I had other communities to tend to. But I returned in mid to late 2013, just after sporemasterblackbird left. Slime, at this point, was a ghost with a banhammer. We never knew why we were banned, we just knew we were. At this point I wasn't a spammer, but I did post nonsensically and that got me put into a perma-ban straight off the bat. No warnings. No one day suspensions. Nothing. Nobody would take up for me and defend me, so I defended myself. I was a part of the ECF so that was obviously a large part of why he banned me like he did. The ECF existed as a stereotype to be fallen under in the SM's eyes.

I began attacking the Sporum in protest of this. I did not think it was fair. At first Sharples fought me off, argued me, and debated me in every meaning of the word. He defended SporeMasterSlime, however not at all long after, Slime perma-bans Sharples as well, leading Sharples to join me. I have seen users of this forum get away with atrocity just as bad then, if not worse, than now and go completely untouched. However, if you fall under any single stereotype, have any kind of history, you will suffer for it. We went banned while the true trolls roamed freely, Slime not caring. Slime only wanted to settle his own vengeance and fulfill the grudges he had with Sharples, and soon, me.

Slime began banning people for the most ridiculous things. He banned a user named Whoster for using an alt account called Inviso-Master, because he was so paranoid that it was actually me, yet there was absolutely no evidence that the alt was mine or that it even supported me. Not long after he banned OakProductions for publicly stating that he agreed with Sharples and I. Following that, he banned TorchwoodArchive for answering the question "how are they bypassing the curse censor?". Torch answered a question, and no, he himself did not bypass the filter at all when he posted this answer. Yet he was banned. Torch, Oak, and Whoster all three joined the AntiSporum when it was around. Each of them were permanently banned, placed on 7 day ban rotations right off the bat. No warnings. No one-days.

Slime would not even tell us why we were banned. In the email notification that is sent to you when you're banned, the reason he listed in the reason form was merely "Banned." We had no clue sometimes. Sharples and I both emailed Slime and apologized for all of our actions. We practically begged him to forgive us and let us back in so we could be a part of the Sporum. However, he either straight up denied us, completely disregarding all we had said, or ignored us altogether. Now some time ago sporemasterblackbird said that if we apologized for what we had done then we would be allowed to return, even if we were perma'd.

Slime eventually began simply banning users he didn't like. And I mean that to the most literal point you can process. He banned people because he didn't like or agree with them. He also began locking any thread that was associated with us. Sharples' Adventure 0 Plays bug fix thread was locked by Slime, yet it had zero rule infractions. Slime also locked the original art thread, which was made by Taupo.

Thankfully our Doomsday attack caught the attention of DOGC_Kyle, who returned and worked things out with us so we could return. Sharples proceeded to try to work out his differences with Slime (I didn't. I wanted nothing to do with him. If you know me, I just cut people off). I don't have the full conversation between Sharples and Slime, but Slime basically told him that this wasn't over and that Sharples should leave and never come back.

Throughout the following year, mostly last winter, we were banned by Slime for really anything. Kyle always had to come online and unban us. It was clear to us that Slime was out for blood. Luckily he disappeared over the summer, but now it appears he has returned. Now you know our story.

Now, Slime is going to try to delete this and censor me, just like he deleted my previous message delivered by Spode-an. It contained a warning that Slime was going to eventually push you all to this same position we are in now. He is trying to censor me. I will not have it. So screenshot this message as evidence and wayback it for good measure.


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