Solving the moderator inactivity problem.

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Solving the moderator inactivity problem. Empty Solving the moderator inactivity problem.

Post by Sharples on Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:53 pm

For quite some time now moderators on the Sporum have started to become more inactive inside the Sporum. I expressed my concern of this a month ago as shown in the image below.

Solving the moderator inactivity problem. JMwKrgn

This has not really been improving. As of late responses are now getting delayed in the Town Hall thread. I have requested that a thread be unlocked in the general discussion, it's this thread: Photobucket discussion. This thread was locked by SporeMasterSlime. I have appealed on the Town Hall thread to get it unlocked from this time: 07/16/2017 01:10:38. At time of my typing this it's now 07/19/2017 21:38. Almost four days after the appeal and it's still continuing.

We also have proof that a moderator has been logging in to the Sporum, but that no action has been taken, which can be found below.

Solving the moderator inactivity problem. Hzo2Y21

Furthermore, I can testify that I have sent SporeMasterxDoomsoulx two PM's. One which admittedly could've been ignored, but the other one was a genuine request. I believe this happened two days before I requested the Photobucket thread to be unlocked, but I don't have proof of that unfortunately. If it's true, it means that xDoomsoulx has not only ignored my requests, but is also showing signs of being inactive on a consistent basis himself.

This thread was not created to slander the Spore Masters at all. It's to improve communication between the moderating staff and it's users. You can't have communication if you're not communicating. I believe the Moderators are doing an acceptable job, it's just their consistency on the Sporum is starting to decline. I would also like to state that DOGC_Kyle is no longer a moderator, or at least, has stopped his moderating duties. Drew980 has almost never moderated.

Therefor, I am making a petition here and now to have a new moderator step up on the Sporum. Suggestions on the new moderator can be here. Once we have enough signatures, I will either create a thread giving my reasons of a new moderator with the signatures collected here or post them in the Town Hall thread. Either way, both of these will be linked to Maxis Bazajaytee via social media.

Again, this is just my idea of having a new moderator to combat moderation inactivity. If anyone else has any suggestions, please feel free to express them here. You may also share this information on the Sporum, or even let the moderators themselves know what is going on, afterall we're not here to fight, we're here to make the Sporum better.

Signatures for a new moderator


Solving the moderator inactivity problem. HwSImC3
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Solving the moderator inactivity problem. Empty Re: Solving the moderator inactivity problem.

Post by Darkel on Fri Jul 28, 2017 2:42 am

I agree totally.

The problem remains is this: they aren't going to promote any one of us.

Remember, the community pushed for me to be the new moderator. I was the most popular candidate, and nearly everyone wanted me to be added to the SM team. I spoke for what everyone wanted.

But in the end Kyle chose who he wanted, even despite me getting the most support. Now as much as I like Doom and Drew and Mob, the three of them are simply too old and too busy for the job. In the end it was Kyle's decision alone.

Since your massive PM bombing, I doubt anyone would ever consider promoting you, ever. Even if your intentions truly are righteous. And the same goes for DM, because the SMs know he's supported you and I throughout the years and remained loyal to us.

The same goes for me. Since my ridiculous perma Baza wouldn't consider me, unless I was under an account he didn't know. And that would also apply to you.

We really have no good answer. But I would much rather see the Sporum go unmoderated than have someone we couldn't trust to get promoted.


If we can gather the lynchers, we could possibly, universally and as a group, decide on a candidate or candidates to push forward. But it would take a collective effort of advertisement, public endorsing, dedication posts, and kind words.

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