Introduction to myself to SS

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Introduction to myself to SS Empty Introduction to myself to SS

Post by The Darker Reblon on Sun Sep 18, 2016 12:00 am

Hello there, some people know me well as Reblon on the Sporum. Ask DarkMagickan and/or Sharples. Smile

Iv'e come here because...

Iv'e been banned for 7 days minimum for a minor offense on the Sporum, the joke passed right over the top of one of the Sporum's moderators without any penetration.

And i'm not ashamed.

So my comeback is to join SS, and if the ban time is increased for the sake of this, then whatchamacallit is butt-hurt over something that's been legally posted on FOREIGN. DIGITAL. PROPERTY. Get that through your thick damn skull before whoever staff-member on the Sporum sees this and tries to do some smart-ass move.

Again, gracious greetings to Silent Scaffold.

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