A Tale of Four Clans

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A Tale of Four Clans

Post by Treetrainxl on Sat May 21, 2016 3:58 am

In an unknown world, far away...there were four clans. As the title suggests. *throat clearing* They were all of different races, and they were all made of light. A shell of light, filled with green "blood" and a central core within. No organs, only a core.

Also, just going to put this out there, the world is an odd, mostly flat, slab of land with a couple mountains, volcanos, lakes. The slab is massive, thousands of miles on each edge. Beyond it is more random land, and beyond that is just...the atmosphere.

There was the Solar Clan, honorable and medieval in appearance. They have the strongest military in terms of capability! A very famous Solar tale is that off the Electra, a legendary sword known for its mysterious strength. And it just so happens that I, Corporal Arcnell Corsec, happen to wield it. It's actually pretty cool!

Then, there's the Vortex Clan. Elegant and futuristic. They have the most money and the strongest economy, but they're often kind of greedy. They can still be pretty decent people though, like the crown prince Toraen Carbyne. He has a rather gaudy fashion sense but I heard that he's no spoiled royal. There's also Arian Bedaton, who owns a weapons manufacturing company. She really likes money, but it's not her top priority and she has great manners.

Then, there's the Nebula Clan. Biggest military. If all of their soldiers lined up, the line you'd make could be a few 100 miles long. They lack manners and are often rude, but they aren't all bad. There's Verin Noctin, a Nebulan assassin who betrayed his clan after meeting with a Solar general. There's also Farene Diaan, a timid dancer who's mother was a slave. She was too, but the totally cool Solar Clan raided. She's very nice, I must say.

Then, there's the odd Stardust Clan. Nobody really knows what they do. They all wear hooded cloaks and walk around. They don't ever attempt to claim territory and they don't contact other clans. Mysterious.

Here's a map I put together last night, but it's rather lacking, I must say. I'll get a military-grade map later. Also, the swords mean warzones!

For now I'll just describe some of the land. The Vortex Clan has a lot of plains. It's very flat. Us Solar people live in more country-like, hill-ridden lands. The Nebulans plan and fester in many mountains and volcanoes, and the Stardust Clan seems to live in a marshy area. Saren Springs is hilly. There are a couple lakes and small seas literred around but the maps kind of at a huge scale, so....

Character App:

Clan: (Any clan is good! Except Stardust. Don't play those guys just yet. Also, Nebulan rebels exist!)
Appearance: (Unnatural hair colors and eye colors and such are welcomed, and anime hairstyles aren't prohibited as everyone's made of light. Quick notice: All Nebulans seem to have elf ears.)

Once you're done, post it here!
(OP or excessively powerful characters are welcomed as long as they aren't annoying!)

Also, I forgot to explain the story, sorry! Essentially, I, Arcnell Corsec, am leading a company on a venture to find the tomb of a legendary hero, known as Arcturus. It's said that he lead a massive attack on the Nebula Clan 2000 years ago accompanied by 8 other incredibly talented and mighty warriors. Cygni, Sirius, Cephei, and of course Arcturus were the most famous. Of course, Arcturus is the definite coolest! So we're going to find his tomb.

Also, keep conversations that are out of character on this thread, seriously!


1. Don't be obnoxious.
2. Realism isn't too enforced!
3. Keep OOC out if you can! If it's just a quick question under an IC post, it's fine!
4. Please ask if you're going to create a legendary weapon/hero/toaster/whatever!
5. Try to work with people, don't exclude anyone from the plot!

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Re: A Tale of Four Clans

Post by Treetrainxl on Sun May 29, 2016 3:05 am

A peaceful, sunny morning in the Solar Clan. Merchants made deals, soldiers marched through. The soldiers broke their ranks for a quick break in the town.

One of them was Arcnell Corsec, a Corporal known for discovering the legendary blade, the Electra!

A small child possibly straight out of preschool walked over to Arcnell and said, "Mister, what's an Ah-feen-siv?"

Arcnell crouched down and smiled. "Well, friend...An offensive is essentially...." He couldn't figure out how to explain an offensive without sounding like he was an alien to this kid. "It's a bunch of missions to attack the bad guys!" He chuckled.

The child nodded. "Cooool!", the child said as he walked away from the tall soldier.

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