A Skyrim Tragedy

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A Skyrim Tragedy

Post by SissyGamer on Sun Feb 14, 2016 6:19 pm

so, i wanted to share this idea here so i can be sure this can be my first successful RP.

A Skyrim Tragedy

alright so me and Leonir have been planning this RP together that we both would be happy to share and hope that this will not end up failing horribly.

so this is called a Skyrim Tragedy, where this takes place in a alternate skyrim universe where there is no dragonborn, and Alduin is likely to be successful on destroying the world. you can put your own skyrim characters into this, no dragonborns, and you will start out with all of the holds would be seperated. as the RP slowly goes on, the void cracks that seperate the holds will be filled in with different things from different universes like a part Clash. and inside of the Throat of the World, a oblivion gate lies there only opened with a daedra's heart. once the heroes get inside, they'll be met with a large dungeon that is full of puzzles and monsters. Dawnbreaker in this is a extremely powerful weapon, strong enough to kill Alduin. it lies in this dungeon, at the end of the dungeon is where Dawnbreaker is. in order to break the spell that keeps it protected from being held, someone must sacrifice themselves. once they break the spell and get Dawnbreaker, the heroes will arrive at Sovngarde, where they will meet and kill Alduin once and for all.

this is part Clash and mostly Skyrim, it is sandbox as well so you can do funny stuff, serious stuff, exploration, problems with others being lost or a monster encounter, included with boss battles. i want to make sure that this is a good idea and interesting, because i don't want this to fail horribly. Leonir has helped me with the plot, so please tell me if this is interesting enough for you to join in.

this roleplay will be set into the Sporum, so be sure to check that if you're interested into this. keep an eye out for the OOC as well.


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