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Post by SissyGamer on Fri Jan 15, 2016 3:27 pm

Username: NathanielRD

Name: Ultimasaurus

Weight: 15 Tons.

Height: 40 ft.


♦Jurassic Park♦ (STORAGE) 150114___ultimasaurus_by_jack_kaiser-d8dww32

The Ultimasaurus was apart of the "Chaos Effect" project which toke place a few years after the events of The Lost World, some scientists went to one of the islands of Jurassic Park. While there, desperate to recreate the park's dinosaurs by completing the DNA sequence, they mixed the DNA of the dinosaurs with other species of dinosaurs and living animals today resulting with the creations of aggressive and mostly dangerous mutants including the one listed above.

Gender: Male


Weapons include the frill and horns Triceratops, head and body of a Tyrannosaurus, the arms and legs of a Velociraptor, the back armor of an Ankylosaurus, and a spine-tipped tail of a Stegosaurus.

Bio: Born and raised on one of the islands of Jurassic Park, he was trained to be the most deadly dinosaur possible! He may not be the size of the I. Rex, but size doesn't matter when you got so many weapons that can get you out of any fight like a cheat code in a video game!

Other: None

Username: SissyGamer

Name: Spike

Weight: 192 Ibs

Height: 6.8

Image/Description: ♦Jurassic Park♦ (STORAGE) Latest?cb=20130717062201

Gender: Male

Weapons: Weapons can include the teeth and it can use his feet and head to charge and bring down things. Most of it, just the simple Dinosaur weapons.

Bio: Spike was one of the natural Tyrannosaurus Rex that was first created. Before he broke out of the cage. He was a free roaming peaceful dinosaur that ate other dinosaurs, just like a normal T-Rex. Of course, he couldn't go through the electric fence until now.

Other: Spike is smart, so hes not gonna be stupid like most are.

Username: Giganos123

Name: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Weight:8.8 tonnes

Height:9 ft

Image/Description:♦Jurassic Park♦ (STORAGE) 813266302148042132

Gender: Female

Weapons: Size, teeth, bite, and immense body capable of knocking over other opponents

Bio: Researchers at Jurassic Park have currently discovered a rogue female Tyrannosaur nicknamed Sue off the coast of Isla Nublar. She is stated to be up to 42 ft in lenght and nearly 12 ft at the hips. Some accounts even claim she successfully hunted and killed a large adult ceratopsian.

Other: None

Username: Mata Rahi

Name: Dot Lamar

Weight: 150 lbs

Height: 5'2"

Image/Description: Short and compact like a European smartcar. Her frizzled black hair hangs smartly down to her broad shoulders, flanking a smooth, blockish face, punctuated by two dark, eyes and a flared nose. Dot dresses simply in khaki slacks, wears small black glasses, and dons her shiny white coat with pride each morning.
Though unremarkable in small-talk, Dot seems to engage in nothing else. She lives as if behind a glass screen exactly like the ones in her Experiment labs, a screen that filters emotion, morality, and even common sense in favor of such abstractions as “the goal of True Knowing” and “why not?” Despite her friendliness, Dot projects this detachment in all aspects of her life, as if her mind is always somewhere else. It’s strange, but not insulting. To lightheartedness, she is logical, and to emergency, she is calm, but always she is Dot.

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Bio: Perhaps hinted at by a childhood love of dead animals, Dot’s passion for biology and medicine carried her out of university and into a workforce that offered none of what she had dreamed of in childhood as “the real stuff, like on TV.” Research was boring; lab work was meaningless. A stifled frustration boiled to a fury as the years went by, until, in the middle of Dot’s senior presentation, she was struck by a sudden and uncharacteristic detachment from it all, from the bored faces in that silent room, from each and every law of “True Science” that had settled into her mind from a young age. And Dot snapped. She was escorted, babbling pseudoscientific obscenities, from the room, and for a while it seemed that yet one more promising young mind had been ruined by stress, or drugs, or whatever else that causes old men to shake their heads in silence as they flip through the morning paper.
But Dot’s outburst of intellectual butchery had not escaped the notice of a particular attendee to that presentation (“Singular,” he called it). A letter reached her doorstep; Dot read it in earnest, pulled her things together, and in the morning caught the earliest flight to an unheard-of research base off the west coast of Costa Rica.
Yes, she thought to herself on the plane, I’m a horrible risk taker – but what a risk to take!

Other: An intern in the biology department at Isla Nublar, Dot spends her time out of the lab tending to the inhabitants' needs (feeding, cage cleaning, assisting researchers, etc)

Username: Mata Rahi

Name: Alfred Tunning (Goes by "Alp")

Weight: 180 lbs

Height: 5'9"

Image/Description: More often than not, Alp’s face is stretched by a broad, toothy smile. Small ears, a crooked nose, and two laughing brown eyes decorate his dark, unshaved face, which sports curly red hair from top to bottom. Wide but not particularly tall, he moves with a quick sort of waddle, and can always be picked out of a crowd by a noisy plaid shirt and wide-brim hat, as well as the long green case slung over his right shoulder. He wears jeans and nothing underneath.
Alp Tunning is a man who speaks only when he has something to say, which, unfortunately, is quite often. He is polite in words only, and is quick to observe if any new acquaintance is “dumber than a box’a rocks, pardon th’spression” or “walks like sh’been kicked by a horse, bless’er heart.” Alp can find anything to like and much more to dislike about anyone he meets, although he never seems to lose his overbearing optimism. He loves football, pork, soda, the “funny pages,” darts, petty theft, and eating. He chews his lip when nothing tastier is available.

Pronouns: He/him/his

Bio: Alp’s fondest memories are of afternoons spent wrestling his brothers and sniping tin cans in the woods behind the family farm. Not one to follow the beaten path, when he came of age Alp simply packed a lunch, picked a direction, and started walking. His cross-country trek ended eight weeks later in a Mississippi jailhouse. After his release, and pressured to reform himself, Alp joined the US infantry, displayed excellent marksmanship, deployed overseas, and was dismissed after five years for unspecified war crimes which caused an international scandal. Alp was saved from lethal injection on request by a certain outstanding member of the public - a man who had caught Alp between a rock and a hard place with an offer of putting his animal-wrangling skills to work. With his criminal record and nowhere else to go, Alp found himself on a plane to Isla Nublar.

Other: As an "Animal Handling Technician," Alp and his rifle are there for everybody's peace of mind. His job just got a bit more demanding.

Username: SissyGamer

Name: Delta

Weight: 103 Ibs

Height: 5.3

Image/Description: ♦Jurassic Park♦ (STORAGE) Delta

Gender: Male

Weapons: Weapons include sharp claws and strong teeth. With his fast speed, it can run extremely fast and can catch its prey easily.

Bio: Delta is one of the trained Velociraptors who is mostly loyal and peaceful. Can be commanded by voice and can also be ridden on. You can ride Delta and he is very useful for fast speeds. Delta was always one of the aggressive Velociraptors but is loyal to humans.

Other: Delta is smarter than Spike and can be commanded to be very useful.

♦Jurassic Park♦ (STORAGE) SissyGamer
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