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Post by SissyGamer on Thu Jan 07, 2016 10:04 pm

thought i'd go ahead and put this here as well.

Alrighty, so this is a adventure set packed with most of my recommended adventures. I have made many over the year so i hope you enjoy them. I am obviously not the best adventure creator, so don't expect it to be the best thing ever.

Sissy's Adventure Collection 501015288537_lrg

Being one of my most favorite adventures, in this adventure you must apply stealth because the Oscobers deal large amounts of damage which was on purpose. Your goal is to get the Saz out and destroy the base.

Sissy's Adventure Collection 501021836482_lrg
Turbo Kart Racers Series:

In this adventure series you are a racer that wants to gain the Golden Kart Trophy, currently the series only has a preview, since the first race is on a pause due to technical difficulties with the AI.

Sissy's Adventure Collection 501012663534_lrg
Don't Escape:

This adventure is mostly a puzzle and you must find items to unfold the story. Since i do not want to spoil it, the story contains a Werewolf in which needs help before he transforms under the full moon. This being a more older adventure this was back a few months ago, keep in mind some of these are older while some are newer. So you may notice a difference with how the adventures were made.

Sissy's Adventure Collection 501010534237_lrg
The Saz Temple of Treasures:
otherwise known as TSTT.

The name being unusually long since i could not think of one very well, in this adventure it is a more harder one that has been one of my favorites for a long time. It is a puzzle in which you must figure out the puzzles while trying not to get killed. Many have failed, many have never came back. This is another older adventure, to keep in mind. But since people kept complaining on the previous one that they couldn't figure out the puzzles probably because they're braindead, i have added a sign which contains a tutorial at the start and completely gives out the answer to all the puzzles. Just for people who can't complete it, i'd recommend to try and think first. If you keep failing multiple times then read the sign.

Sissy's Adventure Collection 501011100191_lrg
Mutant Facility:

Being one of the first adventures that includes an indoor environment, in this adventure it is supposed to be dark and you have arrived at a abandoned facility. You look for survivors, as you try and prevent the mutants that lurk there and who knows what you will find, you will most likely find strange things. Another keep in mind that it is a older adventure and it was my first time building a indoor place. Do not expect the walls and floors to be well put together.

Sissy's Adventure Collection 501011798158_lrg
Beachside Bakery:

This one was the spark of me improving with building indoor areas. In this little cute adventure, the only thing you do is give out treats and sweets to customers. It is another one of my favorites and there is no action what so ever. But a little note is that the cookie could get stuck inside the table, if that happens then try to reset the adventure or attempt to grab it if your camera is clipping through the table.

That's it for now, i will keep updating this when new adventures come out. I hope you enjoy them and give me any feedback for improvement.

Sissy's Adventure Collection SissyGamer
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Sissy's Adventure Collection Empty Re: Sissy's Adventure Collection

Post by Giganos123 on Fri Jan 08, 2016 3:42 pm

They look awesome. ^^ I'll be sure to check them out. Smile

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