My theory of Spore reproduction

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My theory of Spore reproduction

Post by DarkMagickan on Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:10 am

I posted this a while back on the Sporum, but it didn't spark the intelligent discussion I had hoped.

Basically, someone had made a thread called "Invent a method of reproduction" or something like that, and I wrote:

DarkMagickan wrote:How about this?

What we perceive as "hearts" above the heads of the two creatures mating are actually spores released into the air. But it takes a combination of male and female spores to impregnate the female. Essentially, I see these spores as being breathed in during the mating dance, and caught in a special organ at the back of the female's throat. This organ leads to a tube that directs the spores downward to fertilize a waiting egg cell, which then develops at an accelerated rate, descending downward, and being laid in the usual fashion.
Nobody responded, so I gave the theory its own thread.

One person responded with a joke, but I really feel like this deserves actual discussion. Yes, it's a silly subject, but we can exercise our intellectual abilities in a hypothetical discussion of video game reproduction, and learn something about how we think.

So how about it?
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