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Helpful Links
*Note: I did not write any of the following articles. Credit goes to the original authors. I am merely listing them

Stickie A: A Guide to Realistic Roleplaying - SporeMaster Endorsed (OsakaSun)
Stickie B: On Quality Roleplaying (Eochaid1701)

-General Advice
The Terms Every Roleplayer Should Know
List of RP terms
The RP Dictionary

-Character Related
The 100 Most Important Things to Know About Your Character
365 Character Questions for Writers and Roleplayers - Errant Dreams
Getting to Know your Character: 1000 Development Questions
The Protagonist: How to Center Your Story
How to Create Unforgettable Protagonists
10 Traits of a Great Protagonist
10 Ways to Make Everyone Root for Your Amoral Protagonist
5 Steps to a Great Female Protagonist
How to Make a Sympathetic Protagonist
How to Make a Boring Character Interesting
6 Ways to Write Better Bad Guys
25 Things You Should Know About Antagonists
10 Traits of a Strong Antagonist
Ten Tips for a Terrific Antagonist
Antagonist: The Bad Side of The Story
Here's How to Give Your Antagonists a Little 'Oomph'
3 Traits Your Hero and Villain Should Share
Relationship between Protagonist and Antagonist
Top 10 Storytelling Cliches that Need to Disappear Forever
Character Cliches to Avoid
How to Avoid Romance Cliches
How to Avoid Making a Mary Sue
The Official Mary Sue Manual
Writing Characters with Disabilities
Quiz: Is Your Character Overpowered?
Springhole: The Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test

-Plot Related
The Worst Ways to Begin your Novel
Five Plot Devices That Hurt Your Writing
10 Worst Cliches of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Dramatica Theory: How to Create a Plot in 8 Easy Steps
Creating a UNIQUE Plot
11 Plot Pitfalls and How to Rescue Your Story from Them
Writing a Plot from Beginning to End
You Sue You Lose - Writing a Tragic Backstory
Top Five Ways to Screw up Characters with Backstory
Dramatica Theory - A Theory of How Stories Work
How to Write a Romance Plot
How to Write a Horror Story
How to Write Horror and Avoid Typical Horror Cliches
25 Things You Should Know About Writing Horror
H.P. Lovecraft's Five Tips for Writing Horror or any Piece of "Weird Fiction"
Stephen King: The 'Craft' of Writing Horror
How to Write a Creepypasta
Springhole's Better Creepypasta and Horror Tips
Guide to Building a Fantasy World
List of Occult Terms (often used when writing dark fantasy)

-Helpful Generators
*Note: Do not overuse these. These are meant for writers who are going through extreme writer's block. I make a goal to only use them when I absolutely need to. Please, for the sake of all original writing, do the same.
Chaotic Shiny
Fantasy Name Generators
Greek-ish Divine Name Generator
Seventh Sanctum Generators

-Miscellaneous Links
List of Thousands of Gods and Goddesses in Various Mythologies
Medieval Demographics Calculator
Defending a Castle
Medieval Terms and Phrases
Medieval English Terms

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