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Post by Darkel on Tue Dec 08, 2015 10:09 pm

Silent Scaffold Forum Guidelines

Hello and welcome to Silent Scaffold. This is essentially a playground for all of the people in our community who just want to cut back, relax, and enjoy each other's company. The forum is mostly relaxed about things but we do have some rules that would ask that you follow. If you do not, you will be banned for the appropriate time. Firstly, the most important rule of this site.

- Do not harass, flame, flame bait, or fight with other users at any time. Please settle arguments in a civil way. If you speak to others in a disrespectful way, even if you are not deliberately insulting them, you are still liable for a ban. Using disrespectful sarcasm is also a bannable offense. Baiting is another bannable offense as well.

- Keep all spam to the Spam section. If it is posted anywhere else it is liable to be deleted and your account banned. This includes flash spam and any kind of link bomb spam.

- You are allowed to curse however you like. There is no forum word censor here. But please keep all seriously explicit content out of the forum.

- When posting about politics, religion, etc. be abundantly respectful and friendly. Have a friendly attitude and be considerate of other people and their opinions and feelings.

- Do not release peoples' personal information without their permission or they have already posted it elsewhere.

- Do not post any pornographic photos, videos, links, etc.

Chatbox Rules
- Do not derail a legit conversation if it is taking place in the chatbox.

- Do not use a font color that is hard or impossible for others to read.

- Tread very carefully when discussing politics or religion in the chatbox. Be very respectful.

- All of the above guidelines for the forum apply here as well.

The Golden Rule:

Don't be fucking idiot
Don't be dick either

Banning System
*Frequent warnings are issued before bans.

Minor Spam = 1 to 2 day ban
Major Spam = 3 to 7 day ban
Minor Flame = 1 to 2 day ban
Major Flame = 3 to 7 day ban
Information Release = 4 to 10 day ban

When a mod gives a warning, please do not lash out or argue with them about it. It is not a ban, but merely a warning that next time there may be a ban. If you'd like to talk to them about it, please PM them. Please acknowledge that most warnings are final. But we only give them out when completely necessary.


*We are still working out our positions here

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